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Hello all, hope everyone are enjoying reading various experiences from different people. Now I am here to share my which happened few months back. This one will be a bit long and I am planning to share everything in parts. So Please your comments and feedback to my mail id [email protected]. I am open to suggestions which boots me to write more .

About me, my name is Karthik (name changed). I used to live in Bangalore as a software professional and later moved to my hometown vijayawada due to some family issues. My father used to do real estate business and I started working under him. After a while where we started huge I got married to a local girl. Post marriage everything went fine until my wife delivered a baby boy. Post delivery my wife become bit fat and also due to my son we are not able to enjoy much of sex. In brief that’s about me.

Now coming to main story, one day while I am trying to buy a land it came into notice that a landlord is in huge debts and trying to sell off one of his property for a huge price as real estate skyrocket because of the new capital. I above gone through all the documents and went fine until I found out some issues in the documents where I need signatures from their other cousins . I told them the same and asked them to get their signatures in order to sell the land to me. While all these going on I used to go to their house very frequently. There I noticed that this guys wife died long back and had 2 daughters who are twins and he is selling the land to do their weddings after clearing his debts. Elder one is tejeswi and her sister name is yesaswi. They are 22 years old with quite an attractive skin tones. Their stats are 34- 28-34 and 32-28-36 respectively ( which I came to know after).

During the visit to their I used to stare at them. Sometimes they used to notice and ignore it with a small smile on their faces which made me confusing . Ok now coming to the point while enquiring about the land I got to know there is more litigations than usual which I told them that I am dropping off.

After 3 months where the whole incident ended I got a news that Ramakrishna (landlord) died of heart attack. So I gone to home to visit and console them, given my number and told them that if they need anything give me a call and came back. couple of weeks after that I got a call from tejeswi that they want to meet me and if possible to come to their home. K thought for a while and said that I will meet them the next day as I am bit busy that day.

Next day I went to their home to talk. They told me that the land which I thought of buying was grabbed by her uncle and they what my help to fight for it legally.

Me: ok I can help you with it but do you have any supported documents for it.

Tejeswi (T) : you have seen all the documents associated with it.

Me: yeah I have seen all those documents. Bit shady but we can fight for it if we can hire a proper lawyer.

T : that’s why I have contacted you. As me nor my relatives have no idea about them. Please help me. It’s a lot of worth. Our both life’s can be comfortable after clearing the debts.

Me: ok. But it takes lot of time if we go legally and also a good amount to afford.

T: how much does it cost us? We above our gold which is worth around 50k. Will that be enough?

Me: I don’t think you know the real world. It takes atleast 3-4 lakhs to win your case and how are you planning to manage the debts and your leaving?

T: we will do some work to survive ourselves and if we win our land I can clear all the debts once for all including interests.

Me: do you think that the people whom your father had taken money will wait till you win the case? And what about the lawyer fees?

T: (silence)

Me: ok let me think of it and will come up with a solution. Give me sometime.

They said ok and I left home.during night while watching porn I got a evil idea that what if I convince them for a threesome? I thought the idea is good and planned a nice proposal for them and went to their home next morning. I told them that I thought on their problem a lot and told them that I can bare all the expenses till the case finishes.they are very happy to hear that. But before they say anything I told them that I have some conditions if they accept it only I can proceed.

T: sure please tell me what are those.

Me: 1) that land should be selling to me only once all the hurdles are cleared.

2) until the time the case finishes I need physical pleasure from both of you.

3) I have a desire of threesome and nothing will be great if it is coming from sisters and that too beautiful twins.4) the matter should be confidential which should be between three of us only. If the news gone out or someone knows about it the deal is off.

5) once the case finishes I will be arranging money for your marraiges also so that you don’t need to spend any penny on it.6) I will also clear all your debts as well.

After hearing that both the girls are shocked. They told that they didn’t expect such type of things from me as I am very big person in the city and asked me to get out of his house. I told them it’s upto them and my offer is available till this weekend only and I left the house.

Even though I didnt contacted them I secretly enquiring about their trails to get out of this mess. All the people whom they tried rejected them which made me happy and kept my fingers crossed hoping that they will come back.

After 10 days I got a call from tejeswi that she needs to talk about my proposal. I understood that they don’t have any option left. I told them that I am not interested as I told them that my offer stands only for a week. She apologized me for that and told me that to give them a chance. After some begging from her I said ok to them that I will coming to their home tomorrow. Next day I went to their home and sat in a chair in hall. Yesaswi came to me and asked me to come to the bedroom so that no one hear our conversation.

Me: ok tell me what you girls want to talk about.

Yesaswi (y): we have thought a lot about it and we have something to discuss with you.

Me : ok I am listening.

Y: we are agreeing to all your conditions but we need one can have only me. I know we are in a situation that either one of us should sacrifice to get out of our mess.

Me: NO my terms are non-negotiable. Either having you both are get lost. Also I am including one more clause for your delay. Both should never say a “no” to anything to me.

Y: please think about it. Atleast spare one life. You are getting one of us.

Me: if you have told me this bushit proposal I wouldn’t have wasted my time coming to your house. You guys have time till evening. If I dont listen from you don’t even waste time in calling me. This time I don’t éven answer your calls.

I left the house in confidence that the they will be calling me for sure as they have ran out of all options. Around 4 o’clock I got a call from them that they are ready for my conditions. I told them to get ready by next week where our sex trip starts and before that I will move the case to court by hiring a good lawyer. After 4 days I told them all is set with the lawyer and asked both of them to get ready by evening 7 to start the pleasure trip. Also I have instructed them to clean neatly and dress as if this is their first night.

At 7 o’clock I went to their house and tejeswi opened the door. She is wearing a dark red colour saree in which she looks like an angle. Yesaswi was standing in the hall wearing pink colour saree. Both are looking tensed. I asked them to both stand together to see the beauty which I am going to own for a long time. They both obeyed me and stood together. I went to both of them and kept both my hands on both their shoulders which given me a good current passed through me. Both are looking down and not even lifting their heads. I gone in between them and and kept my hands on their asses and squeezed it hardly which both made a little moan. Then i have carried them to room like that only by keeping my hands on their asses. After entering into the room I locked the room and sat on the bed and asked both of them to sit beside me where I came in middle. Both silently came and sat on bed by keeping their heads down.i stated squeezing both their boobs with both my hands. They are very soft and felt like a that time I am fully hard-on and not able to control myself.

So without wasting any time I have removed both their sarees which came by one push. They both started to cover their assets with their hands. With a tough tone I told them not to keep their hands in between. Once they removed hands I kept my hands at the start of their blouse and with one push all the hooks are torn from the piece. Now I can see both their beautiful boobs with just a bra. I asked both of them to stand and remove the remaining​ blouse left on their body. While they are doing that I started to remove all my clothes and become nude in no time. I can see both of them staring at my body. My tool is hard rock and pointing towards their pussies. I jumped onto bed and asked both of them to come to me. I asked tejeswi to suck my cock and asked yesaswi to become nude and sit on my stomach. Tejaswi hesitatingly came to my cock and started sucking the tip. I shouted on her to take the whole cock into her mouth which she did and started stroking. Slowly I started enjoying the strokes and in meantime yesaswi slowly removed all her clothes and climbed my stomach and sat on it. I started pressing her boobs very hardly which she started shouting because of pain. I become more rough with my mood and not sparing her shouts as well. I started sucking and fingering her pussy very violently.

I mean time with her blowjob I was about to cum. I asked Tejaswi to stop and asked her to remove all her clothes. While she is removing the clothes I pushed yesaswi little back and started to enter her in WOT style. Her pussy is very tight( both are virgin’s) it is not getting into it.i asked her to adjust to my cock and asked her to come down slowly. While she is doing that I pushed my cock from up with force which half my cock entered into her pussy. She made a big cry and shouting with pain. Tejaswi was watching the whole incident with terror but I didn’t care. I started slowly giving strokes to yesaswi and slowly her shouts become pleasure. I am rubbing her clitoris while giving her strokes which made her to see heaven in sex. Because of the blowjob I cummed in 2 minutes of strokes. Yesaswi also cummed heavily. She fell on me breathing heavily. In the whole time Tejaswi is Looking at us with mouth open.

What happened next will be continued in the next part. Hope you guys like it. Your feedback is more encouraging for me. To contact me to share your feedback my mail id [email protected] to hear from you guys soon. Next part will be updated soon.

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