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Continuing the story, Gagana’s desperate words to fuck her made me wilder. The condom packet was on the side table beside Rakesh/Divya. I turned my head to ask Rakesh to pass the condoms. I noticed that Puneet was busily pumping Nitya in a missionary.

Nitya, with lower lips bitten by her teeth, was breathing with controlled moans. Nitya has uttered no words so far. Nitya caught my glance. I winked at her and stared at her hefty boobs. Puneet noticed this, and he started fucking Nitya harder and harder.

Puneet lifted Nitya’s legs high and banged her delicate red with his hard cock drilling her madly. I glanced at Rakesh, calling, “Rakesh, pass the condoms.” Rakesh was busy with his cock nicely caged in the mouth of dusky Divya.

By the time Rakesh turned towards me, Divya had stopped the blowjob and threw a packet of a condom toward me. Gagana stared hungrily while I slid the condom over the thick nervy cock. I held her slim thigh. I rubbed my cock head over the wrinkled pussy lips with my eyes staring right into her.

I slowly slid my cock into the warm and wet pussy of Gagana to a pleasured moan, “Ahh, Madhan.” Gagana was drenching wet with all the foreplay. With my cock totally into Gagana, I turned my head to the sounds of Rakesh.

Rakesh was shooting loads of his cum to the long blowjob from the thick red lips of slutty Divya. Seeing Divya, who was wiping her lips, I pulled my cock out of Gagana. I grabbed the small melon boobs of Gagana and drove my cock into her.

I started fucking her in slow strokes. I pinched her erect dark nipples with my index and thumb. As the volume of Gagana’s moans increased, I started to pump her harder and harder, hitting my cock into her. Gagana was shouting moans, “Ahh.”

Puneet had shot his first cum. Nitya was still horny and hadn’t orgasmed yet. Nitya stared at me, banging Gagana with her loud, pleasured moans.

Nitya’s mind voice: “Oh, Madhan, come to me. What a thick cock Madhan and Rakesh have. I want those cocks to tear my pussy sooner. Madhan is banging like a dog.”

I moved my hands from Gagana’s boobs to her thigh. I lifted Gagana’s thigh high and continued to pump her delicate pussy harder and harder. Gagana shouted, “I am going to cum. I am going to cum,” and relieved her orgasm. I continued to bang her to shoot cum.

I slid to rest in between Gagana and Nitya. Puneet sat next to sleeping, Nitya. Divya sat next to Puneet, and Rakesh rested next to Divya. In no time, the fun continued.

I switched places, with Puneet occupying between Nitya and Divya. Puneet comforted himself between Gagana and Nitya. From the start, I had my mood high on tall dusky Divya, dying to fuck her. But Nitya was the first to grab my resting cock showing interest in me.

Puneet excitedly cupped the cute face of Gagana and started sucking her yummy juicy lips. Gagana gazed at me, smiling as Puneet sucked her lips. Puneet’s hand was playing with the small firm boobs of Gagana as he continued kissing her.

Nitya had her small soft hand grabbing my sleeping cock. She was teasing, brushing her fingers all over the cock and balls. Her play with my cock created trickles and butterflies in my tummy. I liked Nitya’s round, firm ass, but she hid it by resting on her back.

I gently tilted Nitya around, making her sleep on her tummy. Oh god, Nitya had heavy thighs which were milky in colour. Her butt was round, fleshy, and firm. No man can have control over that. I uncontrollably dug my face into Nitya’s ass crack.

Nitya cried, moaning, “Ah,” to my sudden act. I rubbed my face feeling all the soft cushiony ass. I could smell her skin. I parted the round ass cheeks and locked my face into the deep ass crack. My tongue reached out for the ass crack.

The tip of my tongue licked the rim of the ass hole. My hands held the sides of her soft ass cheeks. Nitya lifted her hips. I slid my hand under her, reaching for her pussy lips. My fingers reached Nitya’s flared pussy lips which were damp with the cum of Puneet. He had fucked her without a condom.

To our left, horny Gagana cleverly pushed Puneet to lick her pussy. I continued caressing and massaging the pussy of Nitya especially pressing her big bean clit. Nitya started to open up with low-voiced moans. My face was still locked onto her ass, crack licking her dirty ass hole.

Gagana had her head resting backwards with her hand tightly holding the hair of Puneet. Puneet ate her pussy clean like a hungry dog and followed her instruction like a slave. Divya and Rakesh watched the fun unfolding silently.

I pushed Nitya’s thighs up, spreading her much wider. I wiped clean Nitya’s pussy with her pant. My tongue moved from sucking her ass hole to the pussy. Nitya’s dry pussy started to release juices as my lips and tongue ate her madly.

Nitya, for the first time, was louder in expressing her pleasure. Divya was still in her blouse and petticoat. As two ladies were having their pussies eaten. I wanted Divya also to spread her legs for Rakesh to eat. I called out, “Hey Rakesh, tinno Divya pussy na” (Hey Rakesh, eat Divya’s pussy.)

He followed as I instructed by removing Divya’s petticoat and panties. Divya’s pussy was dark and drenched in juices. Rakesh climbed out of bed, positioning Divya’s hip to the corner of the bed. Rakesh dug his mouth and ate Divya’s juices clean. The taller Divya had very firm thighs.

Divya started uttering words in Kannada, increasing the eroticism of the scene. She huskily told, “Ah, Rakesh, continue licking.”

Hearing the words of Divya, Nitya spoke for the first time, “Ahh, Madhan, honey.” I gave a small spank on the shaky ass cheek. Nitya spoke again, “Ah, eat my pussy, Madhan.” I gave her a slightly harder second spank telling her, “Open your legs further wider, baby.”

Her white ass cheek turned slightly red with my spank. She spread her legs wider. My tongue jumped, licking her pussy with my thumb rubbing the clit and another finger fucking her asshole. Nitya moaned louder telling, “Ah, don’t stop.” Nitya let out a deep breath with an orgasm lowering her raised hips.

I tilted Nitya around and cruised to grab her enormous fatty boobs. I was about to undo the boobs out of her bra. I remembered that Rakesh was still with the same woman from the beginning. Puneet was with Gagana, and I ate with Puneet’s wife, Nitya.

I told, “Hey Rakesh, ivalanna haaku baaro.” (Hey Rakesh, come and fuck Nitya.) Rakesh, eating Divya’s pussy, turned his head from her heavy dark thighs. I winked at him, signalling him to fuck the short milky lady Nitya.

I was craving to have Divya. She seemed very provocative among these three women. On the other side, Puneet was licking the ass hole of Gagana and finger fucking her unfulfilled pussy. Gagana slept with her legs wide open, enjoying the pleasure.

My dick was rock hard again. I yanked Rakesh away from Divya forcefully. Rakesh moved happily towards Nitya. Even Rakesh had a huge hard-on for the second time. Nitya’s mind voice was crazily inviting Rakesh to fuck her madly with a nervy hard cock.

I could see the lust in the face of Nitya as Rakesh wore a condom. Rakesh climbed over Nitya hungrily and started kissing. The kiss went wild with the sounds of lips and tongues milking saliva out of each other. Rakesh’s hand travelled all along the soft body of Nitya.

Rakesh felt every bit of Nitya with his hand stopping at Nitya’s bra-covered boobs and soft cushiony ass. Rakesh’s hands were busy squeezing and massaging Nitya. Nitya had her hand grabbing the thick rod of Rakesh.

Rakesh hand restlessly pulled Nitya’s bra unveiling the gigantic soft milky boobs with wide dark nipples. The nipples were erect, poking rock.

“Oh, Nitya baby – Rakesh is going to tear your pussy with those thick cock of his. Your hubby next to you will be jealous of seeing your pussy torn by Rakesh devilishly.”

In the next part: Nitya’s pussy had not seen cock other than her husband, Puneet. Rakesh was eager with his nervy rock hard cock to enter Milky Nitya. I was craving the dusky hot body of Divya.

The story continues. Comments and reviews are most welcome.

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