The Best Ever Massage Given

This is a true story of how I got introduced to the world of private message and happy ladies. About two years ago, I used to stay in the South Delhi locality of Vasant Kunj. I was working with a call center which meant that mostly I was on night shifts. Used to be picked up by call center cab at around 9 pm and dropped back in the morning. Life was good. And, then I started going to the neighborhood gym, and boy my life became better!

Let me introduce you to Aarti, my neighbor. She must have been in her mid-30s (got to know later 38, she didn’t look it at all!). If you know Vasant Kunj has apartments on different floors. I was on the top floor and Aarti stayed on the ground floor. From whatever I knew at that point, I knew that Aarti was single and used to stay with her mother. Aarti’s father had expired some years ago. Till the time I started going to the gym, my interaction with Aarti was limited to a mere hello.

When I started going to the gym, we started talking a bit, general stuff. And, it was then that I started noticing the Punjabi beauty that Aarti was. Her 5’6” body was like all Punjabi women slightly plump (in all the right places!) She has dark hair, sizzling eyes, full lips and a great rack to complement her full ass!

After a couple of week of meeting at the gym regularly, we started chatting. Sometimes we would even go in her car together to the gym. I really had no intention of trying anything cheeky because of the face that she was my next-door neighbor.

Then one day, Aarti invited me for dinner to her place. Out of courtesy I went with a bottle of wine, and joined Aarti and her mother for dinner. Aarti was dressed in a loose top and her shorts. Her full thighs and milky white legs were a sight but because her mother was right there I couldn’t feast my eyes on the beautiful sight before me.

After dinner, her mother excused herself for the night and I also got up to go. Aarti stopped me saying I should share the wine with her! That was the first time I had a glimmer of naughtiness in my mind! And, then she dashed it by saying, “You are the first man I have met in a long-long time who is not ogling at my body, who doesn’t want to get physical with me. I feel very good and we must raise a toast to that!” Must say I was devastated.

Here was this bombshell in her really tight shorts and loose top and the only reason she was talking to me was because she thought that I wasn’t hitting on her. Well, I straightaway thought this was going to be a big waste of time. Anyway I didn’t want her to see my disappointment so I hung around for my wine session with her. We got talking and three glasses down she started sharing her story with me.

She had been married when she was 22. An arranged marriage which soon went sour and she came back and stated staying with her mother, and she had decided to never marry again. She then went on to share with me that she had met other men but they had only interested in her body, rather than her. I sneakily commented, “But I wouldn’t blame them.” I had only meant it as a joke, but Aarti took offence and said that if I wanted to do that kind of talk, I was free to leave. I was like, shit, I was only joking. I apologized and she became okay in some time. We chatted normally and I took leave.

Then, a couple of weeks later, I was invited again to dinner. The things went on pretty much the same way. Aarti’s mother excused herself after dinner and we started having our drinks. This time around Aarti was dressed in a yellow short dress which did ample justice to her well-endowed legs and breasts! I was having a tough time keeping my eyes away from her assets! By now we had become more of friends and were chatting freely. Again the topic shifted to sex, and very carefully I asked her, since she was so averse to men, was she planning to turn into a lesbian. She was quiet for a while, and then said, “No, I am straight and I like sex. But I hate men who just do everything for themselves. And, since I don’t think I’ll meet any man who will be interested in pleasuring the woman before his pleasure, I think I’m going to be waiting for a while.”

I told her, “That’s not true. All men are not like that.”

Her eyes lit up with anger, “What do you know about men? All they are interested in just pleasuring themselves and that’s all that matters. They don’t care about the woman they’re with.”

Since she was very angry, I kept quiet. But a little plan was forming in my head, and I must say it all wasn’t selfish. I knew what Aarti was talking about. I knew that she wanted to enjoy her body to the fullest. I knew that she wanted to feel pores inside her which she knew existed but had never felt! And, I wanted her to get that pleasure. Seriously, I wanted her to feel every inch of a beautiful woman that she was. I wanted her to sigh and moan and drown herself in her cum! Aarti must have seen something on my face, and she asked me what I was thinking. I had to word it very carefully, so I spoke measuring every word of mine, “So you feel that a man is always interested in making himself happy without thinking about the woman.”

She said, “Of course.”

I said, “What if I were to prove you wrong!”

Aarti said straightaway, “In that case I would like to meet that man.”

I just laughed and told her it was the wine in her talking, and that we’ll talk about it some other time. Again her Punjabi anger came to the fore and she said, “I know what I am saying. I would like to meet him because I know such a man doesn’t exist.” I just told her I would prove her wrong.

Next day we were going to gym together and she raked that topic again. I knew now she was interested. So I told her that I am very capable of pleasuring a woman. She said, “I know but when it comes to your pleasure over mine, you’ll choose your pleasure.” I said, “No. Let’s have a deal. If I were to prove you wrong, you will stop generalizing about all men.” She said, “Yes. But I will have certain rules. In case, I feel you’re going after your own pleasure, I will ask you to stop, and you have to.” I very confidently replied, “That will not happen, because I will be fully clothed.” Now it was her turn to be very confused. For the first time she was on the back foot and I was enjoying it thoroughly!

I just told her that the day she is alone at home, I will prove it to her. We went on normally then, and about two week later, one day she told me that her mother is going away to her brother’s place in Bombay for a month. I winked and told her, “Then you must invite me to your place for lunch.” She was confused and said, “Why lunch? I thought you would want to come over for dinner.” I just smiled and said, “No, lunch will be fine.” She said, “Okay Saturday lunch it is then!” I said fine. We started bantering after this. However, I could see she was nervous and excited at the same time.

Cut to Saturday afternoon, I rang her doorbell, exactly at 12 noon. She didn’t open the door straightaway. I thought she had developed cold feet. However, I could hear that she was home. She came in a while and opened the door in her knee length night suit. She said, “Why don’t u wait in the drawing room, I was just taking a shower. I’ll just change and come.”

I opened my bag and took out a packet and gave it to her, and told her to wear whatever was inside that bag! She looked at me and quietly took the packet. I also told her that after changing she should come to her bedroom, but she should knock before she enters and should enter only once I tell her! The normally argumentative lady, just said okay and took off to her bathroom.

I quickly entered her bedroom. She had a nice big and tall settee which I dragged away from the wall. I put on the massage mat on it. Then I switched on the air conditioner, and switched off all the lights. Then I took out the 10 scented candles from my bag and lit them around the room. Suddenly the room was looking more sensuous and when I hit the button on Tony Bennett album on my iPad, the setting was complete!

A few minutes later I could hear her outside the bedroom. She knocked softly. I walked up to the door, opened it and gently brought her inside with my hand covering her eyes. Then slowly I let my hand withdraw and I could hear her a deep breath escaping her mouth as she looked around her bedroom. All she said was, “This is so beautiful.” I whispered in her ears, “But this is not a patch on you.” She just stood there transfixed. I took a look at her and she was wearing the black silk thigh length robe I got for her. I told Aarti to lie down on the massage mat, face down.

She started to lie down with the robe, and I reminded her to take off her robe. She stood for a moment undecided what to do. I walked up to her from behind and whispered into her ears, “Remember Aarti, I will not do anything which will not be about pleasuring you.” As I was saying this to her, I slid off the robe and saw for the first time the generous beauty that this gorgeous lady was. No wonder no man was able to control himself. She was like a Greek goddess who is just so ready to be pleasured! I quickly forced myself to focus on the task at hand. Did so with quite a lot of difficulty, as you all can guess!

Once she lay down on the massage table, I realized she was still wearing her red lingerie. I didn’t say anything and let it be. I picked up a small piece of silk cloth that I had got with me over her hips. I went down to the end of the table and held but her feet, opened them up a bit. I could feel her shudder. I started with massaging her left foot, went up her beautiful calves and onto her knees. When I reached just above her left knee, I could feel her thighs tighten. I left the left leg and got to work on her right foot, calves and knees.

She was absolutely quiet all the while. But I could see her twitching the insides of her thighs. I know she was enjoying the attention every inch of her legs was getting. Once I was done with both her knees, I came and stood beside her and gently slid off the cloth that I had laid on her hips. She drew her breath in sharply. I then asked her if she wanted me to take off her red undergarment. She didn’t say anything, but a few moments later, lifted her hips, just enough for me to slide off her red undie. And, boy, what a sight it was…beautiful, pink, clean shaven moist pussy glistening at the lips! My massage had been giving her pleasure already! She buried her face even more in the massage mat! I smiled to myself and again reminded myself to not lose focus!

I then began massaging her outer things followed by her inner things. I could see her pussy lips glistening even more. I took great care to just brush the tips of her pussy lips but never to touch them directly. My constant brushing was causing her to becoming more and more aroused. I could feel her breath becoming deep and an occasional moan escaping her lips. I was having a tough time controlling my junior who was by this time in a state of attention!

Forcing myself to take my mind off my junior, I, in a sudden movement, caught and crushed both of Aarti’s ass cheeks! She suddenly moaned and lifted her hips. In a low whisper I asked her if she had ever got a bum massage. She just shook her head sideways. I told her I’m going to get some warm oil from my bag and that she should lie still. I went to my bag took out a bottle of scented oil and poured it in one of the scented candle’s bowl. Since the bowl was already warm, the oil became warm very quickly. When I turned I saw that Aarti had brought together her legs and was rubbing them against each other slowly!

When I reached her, I put my hand and separated her legs and then while running my finger along her pussy, I told her, “No Aarti, today it’s about me pleasuring you. You don’t get to pleasure yourself.” She let out a small laugh, like she had been caught jacking off! I could see her pulsating pussy and throbbing lips letting out her wetness. I ran my finger along her pussy and slightly parted her lips and touched the insides of her pussy wall lightly. She said, in a hoarse voice, “I like that.” I kept quiet.

I, then suddenly again, poured the warm oil over her bums. The cold room and hot oil made her gasp. Some oil trickled down to her lower back and over the sides of her beautiful bums, but some bit of it went through her crack and slithered down her pussy. The moment the warm oil hit her pussy, her body tightened and she held the sides of the settee very tightly. I realized that Aarti’s cum fest had begun. I gently asked her, “May I give your pussy a nice massage?” She was beyond talking but she nodded her head vigorously. I opened her legs further and got to play with my fingers.

First I massaged the outside of her clit, then moved on to her pussy lips and then gently took some warm oil and inserted my fingers inside her. The moment I did that she screamed loudly and came…just sprayed her cum all over my hands. I kept on massaging the insides of her pussy and she kept on coming. The only difference was that this time she wasn’t quiet. She kept on screaming, “Fuck, fuck…awesome…pls don’t stop…” After about 5 minutes she was completely spent. She was taking deep breaths. My hand was completely wet with her juices flowing down every finger. I wanted to taste her cum, but I knew if I tasted her cum I won’t be able to control myself. And, today was all about Aarti!

I let her be for a couple of minutes. Then I took some tissues out of my bag and I started cleaning her pussy. Once I cleaned her pussy, she turned around and said, “Thanks.” I told her that she should thank me once I am finished. Bewildered, she asked me, “So, we’re not done yet?” I told her, “We’ve not even begun sweetheart.” I could see a dreamy smile come over her face. She put her head down again on the massage mat.

I then got working on her back, but the only impediment was her lovely red bra… This time I just unhooked it and she lifted her breasts and slid out the bra. Now it was my turn to be transfixed. Her milky white breasts just overflowed on to the table. Since she was lying face down on the table, once I took off the bra, I could see them jutting out of her sides. I loved the view. For a moment I was tempted to hold them and push my face into those gorgeous globes. Then I steadied myself. I massaged her back and whenever I would reach her sides I would lightly rub her breasts.

After about 10 minutes she was hot again. I could feel her shudder every time I touched the sides of her breasts. Her eyes were closed but I could clearly hear her moaning. She wasn’t able to control herself. I then took some warm oil and gave her a gentle neck rub!

Following which I asked her to turn around! She waited for a moment and then turned around! Oh, what a sight it made for! There was this 5’6” slightly plump full breasted with wonderful thighs beauty lying in front of me! This time it was my turn to gasp… She heard my gasp, opened her eyes, and in a very naughty tone asked me, “So Akhil, losing control!” I wanted to devour her lips and lick her from head to toe…but I controlled myself, and just said, “It’s very difficult.”

She then closed her eyes and had a naughty but satisfied smile on her face! I stood beside her and started paying full attention to her left boob. I started by encircling the base of her boob with my finger and taking it up in a circular motion towards her nipple and ending up by gently massaging it! By the third time her moans had begun again! I gradually traced my finger to her right boob and did the same.

And, after about 5 mins started doing both her boobs with both my hands. Boy, she was in heaven. She started moving her breasts like she wanted me to devour them. I just continued massaging her boobs. Her body again went very still and I thought I heard us say, “I’m coming.” And, then she came in torrents. I could see her lowed body stiffening and then shuddering uncontrollably. The moment she started coming, I started massaging her boobs really hard. She just opened her eyes, gave me a helpless look, and just started screaming again! She was loving it! Sometime later when she was totally spent, she opened her eyes and I saw tears trickling down the sides of her face and she said, “Thanks Akhil. I never know this side of my body. Thanks for this.” I just shhhhed her and asked her to lie down for the next stage. All she could do was whisper, “More!” This time it was my turn to smile!

I picked up the nice small black cloth and put it across Aarti’s eyes and told her that she was not to remove it. I then walked to my bag and took out a remote control vibrator with a big head. I walked back to Aarti and made her hold it in her hands. I asked her if she knew what it was, she just nodded yes. While she was holding I could see her tracing her fingers around the big head! I asked her if she wanted to taste it! She said, “Of course”.

I took it near her lips and she opened her mouth. Oh it was such a sensual sight! I pushed it inside her mouth and then quickly traced it down her breasts, stomach to her wet pussy. And, then with a thrust I shoved the whole of it inside her. She screamed and almost sat up… I told her to lie still and started the vibrator with the remote. The moment I started the vibrator she started sobbing and screaming at the same time, “Oh don’t stop. Oh fuck this is fucking great. Oh I’m cummiinngg ..” I left the vibrator in heaven for some time and went and sat at a distance. Aarti was playing with her breasts, rubbing her clit…and enjoying her cum fest! I was seeing a woman who had cum through every pore in her body and was asking for more! After some time, Aarti had a massive orgasm, she screamed so hard I was scared the whole neighborhood would hear her deep throated groan! And, then she just went still!

I walked up to her, took out the vibrator of her heaven. It was dripping with her cum. I brought it to my mouth and tasted her cum. It was heavenly to say the least. Then I took out the scented wipes out of my bag and cleaned her body from top to bottom. She was blissfully unaware having slipped into deep sleep, the kind you get when you’ve had the fuck of your life!

I looked at the watch and realized our massage session had gone on for over 4 hours! I gently picked her up and made her lie on the bed. Quietly picked up all my stuff and left the room. I wanted her to sleep well and wake up and remember all that had happened! I just left a note next to her pillow, “Call me when you get up. I’m going home.” And, she didn’t call me…instead she paid me a visit that evening! (More about that later!)

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