The Incest Diaries – Part 1

Greetings to all ISS readers and wish you an amazing sex life. I am a big fan of ISS and have been reading sex stories for a very long time. I am writing my first ever sex story and hope that you all will have a great time and it will sexually arouse you at an extreme level. I will be building up the story and it gradually escalates. Since there are many diverse readers, I will narrate the story in English but will use some Hindi too during the dialogues (tharki waali feeling tabhi ayegi). Please send me your feedback at: [email protected]. So here it goes.

My name is Raj, lovingly called Raju and I live in a highly posh locality of South Delhi with my parents. I am 21 years old and have just completed my graduation from DU and am currently preparing for higher studies while working for experience as well. My father, Abhijit, a simple and charming man, aged 46 is in the trading business. He is usually out on foreign business trips. He loves us a lot and we love him. Sometimes he takes me or mom with him and sometimes he doesn’t. Well, who would like to publicly show his hot and sexy wife to everybody!

As said, my mom, Prachi is a very beautiful woman. Although 39 years old, she has maintained herself very well and carries herself stylishly. She is very fair (our family members usually tend to be fair complexioned) and not just fair but with a natural pinkish blush on her cheeks. I don’t know about her figure and all but she got perfect rounded boobs and a sizzling ass. ones to die for! She is no less than a sex goddess. She has a keen fashion sense and likes to wear all kinds of dresses; be it sarees, suits or western dresses. But personally, she looks the best when she wears sleeveless sarees and that too well below her navel all the while flashing her soft flat tummy and beautiful navel! damn that look so arousing, like a keyhole to heaven! It’s made for licking!

She, in fact, looks so young that at times my college friends mistook her for my sister. Once a friend of mine looked at her and told me, bro, would you mind if I take your lovely sister out for a date. She looks irresistible. I laughed my ass off. I told him that she is my mother. He then said sorry and I said no problem bro happens when you see a woman like that. Although I don’t express it, but I kinda feel proud of being the son of such a hottie!

One day my dad was supposed to leave for Singapore for some business purpose. The night before I heard sounds of aaahhhh aaahhhh uuuummmmmm uuuummm from my parent’s room. I overheard their conversation and even got to see them in bed through the curtain. Mom and Dad were nude in bed, wrapped in a blanket and were having wine together. The conversation:

Mom- “Abhy honey tumko bhi kal hi jaana tha mujhe akela chor ke. I am tired of fingering my pussy. She is a bitch. Dekho naa, She is always hungry for your dick. (never knew she was this kinky !) ”

Dad- “Kya karu darling. kaam bhi to important hai bas 10-15 din ki to baat hai. fir aa jaunga apni rani k pass. Aur sambhal ke ! kahi Raju tumhe dekh naa ley !”

Mom-” Tum Raju ki tension mat lo. Wo kuch nahi dekhta hoga. Sach bolo. Tum mujhe apne friends se chupana chahte because they try to flirt with me. Right? ”

Dad- “Oh come on Prachi ! I know you are too hot to handle ! But I hate the way those bastards look at you. Mann to karte un kutto ko wahi mar daluu. ”

Mom- “hahaha! Mera Jealous Jaanu ! Itna pyaar karte ho mujhse ! wo kutte kya ukhad lenge. Mere pass to mera sher hai (and kissed on my dad’s cheeks) Wese bhi tumhare un motey buddhey ugly doston se kuch naa ho payega. Do you think I am that easy. Only a charmer like you can get me ! my lover boy …. come to me jaanu”

And they kept their wine glasses down and started kissing each other passionately. I was getting a hard on on watching and hearing their talks. I wondered whether my mom had some other man in her life or not.

Next day my Dad left and told mom to look after me and monitor the office work while he is gone. Me and mom chit chatted for a while. After dinner, I went to my room to study. Bu then I saw my mom going to the room study. She was wearing a knee length velvet nightie just like those Victoria secret’s lingerie models. She turned on the laptop and opened a lesbian porn clip. I was hiding behind the wall and watching all this. She lifted her nightie and for the first time I saw her pussy; the place from where birthed me. Man it was so beautiful. Pink and shaved. Within moments she started rubbing her clitoris gently. She then put her fingers inside her pussy and let out pleasure cries. The view was a huge turn on. After a few minutes she released her cum. Man I wanted to drink all of her love juice. I quickly went to my bathroom and masturbated imagining that scene.

The following day while me and mom watching TV, the door bell rang. I just went out to receive the visitor and it was my Mamaji, Vikram; my mom’s elder brother. He is around 43 years old and is a highly designated engineer in the core sector. I greeted him and he hugged me and patted my back with his iron like hands and said “Raju my boy! How are you ? Bhanje kitna badal gaya tu” I was meeting him after a long time. Physically, he is quite tall 5’10 ish and has a broad and powerful built and keeps a strong beard. His personality literally oozes out manliness. ( i am not gay though lol … no offence to gays anyway).

Then Mom met him and welcomed him. He then asked – “Jija ji kahan hai ?”Mom- Kya batau Bhaiya. Unka har baa ki tarah business trip. So busy you see”

Mamaji- “Hell no. Unke saath baith ke Beer peeney ka maza hi kuch aur hai. Chalo koi baat nahi. Kuch quality time spend karunga tum logon ke saath.” (Until now I had no idea what his quality time actually is!) ”

Mom- “Bhaiya chaliye kuch kha lijiye. Thak gaye honge aap itni lambe journey ke baad. ”

Mamaji- “Behna. Kitna chitna tujhe apne bhai ke liye. Teri Bhabhi tho bas kaam karati hai. (sarcastically).”

We then sat on the dining table and Mom asked about Maami, his children and all those family talks. He asked me about my work, future plans etc etc just the regular conversation. In the night we had dinner, enjoyed a football match and at last I went off to sleep. It was weekend so I usually take a break from studying and sleep early. I had forgotten my book in Mom and Dad’s room. But Mom was not there and the door was latched from the outside. I grew suspicious. After all where is Mom at 11 in the night. I went towards the kitchen and she wasn’t there too. There I heard her voice from the guest room. I peeped through the open window and what I saw blew my mind! I never believed I would see this. My suspicion was true. Mom did have another man in her life. But not just some random guy. It was my Mamaji ! Her own Brother! This was my first ever incest encounter. I stood there and watched quietly.

Mom was in Mamaji’s powerful arms and they were embracing each other like some long lost lovers. First time I saw her with another man. Although it was a little uncomfortable for me but since the man was not unknown and very close to her. There is no closer relation that of brother and sister. Mom was dressed in a hot red nighite that exposed her deep cleavage and milky white thighs. Mamaji was grabbing her through the waist whilst she fondled with his beard and moved er fingers through his bare chest. They seductively looked into each other’s eyes. Now begins their foreplay sex talk:

Mom- “Vicky Bhaiya. Itne time se mujhe bhul gaye the. Me bahot naraz hu apse ! ” and made a cute sad face.

Mamaji- “Meri pyaari behna. Meri Pari (Mom’s nickname) kyu apne bhai ko guilty feel karana chahti ho. Aa gya hu na mai. Tera dhyan rakhunga. I love you more than anyone in this world. More than any brother can love his baby sister.”

Mom- “Acha! This flattery won’t work. Even more than Bhabhi ?”

Mamaji-“Exactly ! meri behan ke saamne wo kuch bhi nahi ! Tere jaisi sexy aur maal koi bhi nahi hai pari. She has stopped taking interest in sex anyway. I work my ass off and hope that I will get something when I get back home but then … nothing! thora sa foreplay karunga aur wo mana kar deti hai. wese Jijaji kuch nahi karte kya tere saath? ”

Mom-“Aisa nahi hai Bhaiya. He loves me unconditionally. But he is usually out and I am sex starved. I love Abhijit and satisfy him like a wife should. Lekin aapke jaisa dumdaar wo kaha hai. He is a chocolaty lover but you are my brother. my all time lover. Aa jao Bhaiya aur chod do apni randi behna ko. fuck me like a worthless whore !!!

Mom and Mamaji then started kissing each other wildly. They started out gently but then Mamaji started suckling Mom’s lower lips and literally sucked out all the nectar from her juicy lips. He then inserted his tongue into her mouth and their tongues started tussling each other. He took her tongue into his and licked it passionately. They were exchanging saliva. Damnnn such a wild kiss it was.

He then undressed Mom. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Mamaji looked at her boobs. Even I saw for the first time. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were very shapely and perfectly round. These were the same tits I suckled when I was a baby and now my own Mamaji was screwing them. He opened his mouth and started sucking her nipples. Mom unleashed a sexy moan “aaahhhhhhh ooohhhhhhhh Bhaiya aur chuso. aur zor se. suck these tits dry !!!” All the while he was caressing her pussy lips with his finger and rubbing her clitoris. She didn’t ever wear panties. She hung onto Mamaji by pressing her finger nails on his back. Even she gave him bite marks all over the chest like a hungry bitch.

Mamaji then removed his shorts and took his dick out. Fuck it was big ! Mom got on her knees and started caressing his iron rod with her delicate hands. Mamaji intervened. “No No No. First I will give my sister the pleasure that she deserves. Pari sweety open your legs aur let jao bed bed pe.” He kissed her boobs and went down to her navel. He placed a wet kiss on her navel and licked it for a few minutes. I got madly aroused on seeing this. He then inserted two of his fingers in her pussy and started handfucking her. After a few minutes of handfucking, he inserted his tongue into her cunt and started eating it like a horny wolf. Mamaji said – “Ooohhhhh pari tu to aur bhi mast ho jayegi hai. You are delicious ! ” and continued. Mom slowly shouted “uuuuuuffffff bhaiya you’re making me crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaahhhhh yyyeeeaaaahhhh oooohhhh i am cumming bhaiya aaahhhhhhhh ” and came. Mamaji licked her love juice and then kissed her and made Mom taste her own cum.

Now Mom said “Bhaiya apka lund chahiye mujhe” she got down on her knees and started caressing his dick. She moving it back and forth she gulped his rod into her mouth and started sucking. Mamaji started talking dirty and horny. “Chus saali randi chus mera lund. Apne Vicky Bhaiya ka lund chus! Teri Bhahi ko kuch sikha chahiye tere se oooohhhhh yyyyeeeeahhhh !!!” He then blasted his cum on Mom’s face. She loved it waahhh Bhaiya maza aa gaya. After a moment he regained his erection and said – “Pari ab bahut ho gaya. ban jane de mujhe bhenchod. apni chut marne de mujhe.”Mom-“haan Bhaiya apka lund ke liye pagal ho gayi hai kya. Fuck me Bhaiya ! Fuck me ! you sister fucker. saale bhen chod Vikram ! Chod mujhe !” I never heard her talking so dirty.Mamaji- “Saali meri kutiya Pari ! pehle tujhe kutiya bana kar chodunga.”

He started kissing and biting her neck and back. Then he licked her butts cheeks and aroused her. He bent her in doggystyle and started ramming her pussy. Both were letting out sexy moans. He fucked her about 10 mins in doggy style. He spanked her ass all the while. Then Mom got up on Mamaji and started riding him. “aaahhh aaahhhh chal mere ghode aaaahhhhh oooohhhh” She came on his dick.

Then laid on the bed and Mamaji got into missionary position. And started fucking her pussy again. This was the third round and he still had his massive erection. He fucked her so damn hard that tears came out Mom’s eyes but he licked tears and put his lips on hers. After fucking her about 15 mins Mamaji- “Pari mera nikalne waala hai !!! where should I cum ?” Mom-” aahhhh uuuummmmm bhaiya mere ander hi nikal do. I want my brother’s cum to quench this bitch pussy’s thirst. uuummmmm I am also cumming !” and they both came together. At the same time, I was also rubbing my dick and seeing mom fucked I also came. Now both of them laid dead on each other. Mamaji removed his dick out and one could very well see his sperm dripping out of Mom’s cunt. He lit up a cigarette and took Mom on his chest with one hand.

Mom- ” huh maza aa gaya Bhaiya. Wish we could do this often.”

Mamaji- “Tension mat le Pari. Me Gurgaon shift ho raha hu. My new posting.”

Mom- “Wow Bhaiya I am so happy. Kabhi group sex bhi karenga Okay !!! ” Then she kissed him.

Mamaji-“haan Haan sab karenge. Chalo ab so jaate hein. Its 4 am. ”

Mom- “Haan so jaate hein. I hope Raju is sleeping well. Good night to best bhaiya in this world.”

Mamaji- “Good night my sweet Pari.” They gave a good night kiss and slept in each other’s arms.Friends this was the first incest sex I ever saw with own eyes. Now I also started having feelings towards mom. I will be back with the next part and trust me, the fun will simple double up ! hope you all liked it. I guess many would have cum by reading only. send me your feedback at : [email protected]

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