The Magic Of Being Loved, Pampered – A Feeling Like No Other!

Hello readers.. Overwhelmed with ya feedback and comments.. Well it’s just not letting me get away from this world of  ISS . I’m loving it..

So here I’m posting my another experience with a reader of ISS.. She was too horny and got in touch with me when I posted my first story..

So if even you wish to get in touch or wish to have some fun on chat then you can reach me on [email protected] or on hangouts directly without even sharing ya number..

Well new readers, if you don’t know anything about me then let me tell you. This is Rohan Sharma. Age 27 years.. And I love to spend some quality time doing all my innovative and creative things in love making..

Well guys, when I posted my first story I had no clue that all this for real. I thought people from iss post all these stories and never knew why people shared their email here on this awesome site..

I posted my first story and I received a mail the next day around 10 pm saying hi. I replied with a hello as this was the first mail from a girl or a lady. I was very excited and replied her instantly, which I always do. I guess most of you know this, as I have replied to all ya mails and queries instantly. That too may be in minutes or few hours!!!

We chatted a little and she told me that she liked my story. The way I pamper woman, the way I show my love using my hands and lips. She said that she missing all this fun since a long time. I asked her why? Are you still single? And I got a shocking reply from her. She said she is 38 years old and it’s been a long time she had sex with her husband as he doesn’t like it anymore and is just busy with his business.

I was surprised that how could a lady who is 38 years old be so horny. And I still continued to chat and we started having long chats. We started to know each other and we literally knew everything about each other in weeks time. I know what you must be thinking. you must be thinking why the hell dint I share her sizes.. Here you go horny guys, her size was 38D 36 38.

As we got close to each other, we shared our numbers and we started to talk over the phone in the day times when her hubby and children were out.. And 1 day we had a very horny talk and I said I wish I can see you. She just said hhm. And after sometime we hung up and I recieved a message instantly on WhatsApp. It was her and she suddenly started sharing her horny nude pix. Guys I can’t describe those pictures in words. But I couldn’t believe my luck. She shared some very horny pictures in very horny way. Like keeping her boobs on a table and took a pic. She put some soap on her tits and hid them using her hand. She was only good enough to hide her nipples as her breast were huge.. I was speechless and shared few of my photos with her..

This continued for a week, and she seduced me by sending her seducing hot pix slowly revealing her sensuous bod.. And then finally we decided to meet. She used to stay far from me. Say opp side of India. But I was in no mood to leave this lady go as I love making love to woman who are elder to me.. Age and size doesn’t matter. Al what matters is how horny she is. And I love it if the pussey is dripping with love juices so that I can drink it all..

As we decided to meet after 2 days. I couldn’t control myself and was wondering when would my flight land and when would I get my lips on those juicy pussey lips.. I finally landed and when to the hotel i had booked. I quickly took my shower and was waiting for her..

And just then I heard my doorbell. I had butterflies in my tummy and I was still in towel with nothing beneath.. Water dripping from my body and my hair all wet.. I opened the door and there she was.. She was shocked to see my like this and gave me a big smile. She gave me a small hug and I was already hard thinking so much about her.

I asked her to come in and she sat on the sofa and was staring at my body.. and I asked what is she looking at? It’s all your today. Eat it. Bite it.. Do whatever you cud to me. I’m here to love you honey.. Make you cum.. She blushed and I asked her to come on to bed and sit with me..

I offered her my shoulder and it was too romantic for both of us. We started talking while she rested on my shoulder and was playing with my chest. I slowly placed a small kiss on her forehead. She felt shy and started looking down. And just then I told her stop staring at my boner. you gonna eat it soon. She suddenly turned towards me and while doing so her head hit my lips and I started bleeding.

She got scared and saying sorry.. I said it’s time for you to pay for it. She understood and placed her lips on mine and started kissing me.. sucking all the blood on lips and I never felt the pain again. her lips were so so soft.. I slowly started responding to her kiss and hugged her tight..

Slowly our kiss became wild and we started smooching each other… While smooching her, I started playing with her lovely hair and pampering her.. she felt the love for her and started to bite my upper lip.. It was so arousing and then I took the pleasure and started sucking her lower lip.. And then what I love the most.. The tongue fight.. I love long and romantic smooch lemme say a French kiss..

I put my tongue in her and started to explore her cheeks from inside. And then she got naughty and started the tongue fight.. We started playing with our tongues and she looked in to my eyes while doing so.. I fell in love with her falling for her beautiful eyes filled with love..

I slowly make her sleep on the bed on her back and started to kiss her cheeks. Then on her beautiful eyes. She loved this feeling of being loved and hugged me. I then slowly moved towards her ears and started to take that soft part just below ears into my ears. I started playing with it with my lips and tongue.. And then I put my tongue in her ear and licked her whole ear.. This is so arousing and she was turned on with this..

I slowly placed my hand on her breast and started cupping it.. it’s just an amazing feeling to press, to squeeze a woman’s breast as it’s 1 of the most sensuous part in her entire body. I slowly started pressing them and started moving down towards her neck and placed many kisses and made sure she could feel the warmth of my saliva all over her neck..

Slowly moving down I started to kiss right in between just below her neck which would be ending right in between her cleavage.. I slowly moved down with some kisses and I reached her cleavage. I placed gentle kisses and pulled her top down to see more of her cleavage. I’m so crazy for a woman’s breast and I loved to see her big cleavage. I started to kiss her breast so fast. Kissing and licking her cleavage everywhere without missing a single millimeter..

I then slowly started moving down pressing her boobs and then raised her top ever slowly so that she could feel her top being raised on her skin.. She felt ticklish there and she loved this feeling and just then I kissed her on her navel.. Gently placing few kisses on her navel I moved towards her tummy and again started to slowly licked her tummy and gave small bites here and there.. I love to tease my woman as this turns her own..

I then again started moving towards her navel and finally put my tongue in that deep navel. This feeling was just to much for her and she left a low moan.. Oh Rohan!!!! I loved this and I felt all the love being felt by her.. Slowly licking her navel I started to raise her top and I too kept moving slowly.. I started every inch of her skin while I was raising her top and finally ended my kisses on her cleavage.

Once I took her top off, I turned her and started kissing her bare back.. I love to eat a woman’s back and I started to cup her right breast.. She couldn’t take this and felt so good that she ended up laying on her tummy.. I slowly started kissing her shoulder and moved down to her bra strap..

I slowly started kissing her just next to the bra and slid my tongue beneath her bra at times.. I then slowly started to unhook her bra. I just unhooked her bra and made it lose. Dint take it off yet. I wanted to go slow and I slowly kissed her near her straps hardly moving the bra millimeters from where it was.. This was testing her patience and she could have had the most amazing feeling.. I continued doing this for almost 3 minutes as I was kissing and the bra straps started to move ever so slowly from her back. After almost teasing her for 10 mins on the both the straps I finally pushed them aside with only my lips and cheeks..

I turned her around and again placed few kisses on her face which no woman would have ever imagined. Even you reading this now.. I love to tease a woman as I said earlier.. I dint even touch her breast and making her even more hornier. I could see her pink nipple so big and hard. I started smooching her and she was too horny now to take it.. after 3 mins of kissing she held my hair and placed it on her breast.

As I guessed this earlier, I made sure I don’t end up on her beautiful nipple. I placed gentle kisses on the dark sides just next to her big nipples. I slowly started pressing her right boob without touching her nipple. I started to lick them and suddenly gave her a bite. She screamed in pain Ouch!!!! As she dint expect this.. you got to have some surprises for ya partner else love making isn’t fun. Exactly what I did with my lovely partner..

I slowly cupped 1 breast and then I finally stopped doing both for 6 to 8 seconds. Trust me guys those 8 seconds feel as if an hour. And I then I suddenly took her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck it real hard.. She was loving it and I was too aroused and started to pinch her right nipple with my left hand. She was in pain? Was it pleasure? I want you girls to tell me on [email protected], like what it could have been.

I then slowly moved to her right breast and moved my hand slowly towards her jeans.. I slowly undid the button and jz moved it a little. I tried to feel her soft skin in the tight jeans. I slowly started to remove her jeans and she raised her hips to help me do it..

I undid her jeans and placed gentle kisses on her thighs.. Then spread her thighs and got in between then and pushed her panty a little aside and with the help of my tongue licked her in between her thigh and her pussy. She shivered.. and pulled her panty up making it tight on her pussy and started kissing over her panty on. 1 of her of her pussy lips was out of the panty and 1 inside it.. I started kissing it.. and then I slowly started caressing her pussey with finger ever so slowly.. And started to tease her there for 2 more minutes..

I then came up with just my finger tips feeling her skin and slowly slid my hand inside her panty.. Making her feel my 2 fingers just on the edge of her 2 horny pink pussy lips.. Just rubbing it there. Just feeling it there.. just loving it there.. And believe me there is no worse feeling than this when you feel so close but ever so far…

I could feel myself speaking these words while am in writing it and you could feel how special and magical this feeling could have been for both of us…

After teasing her for couple of minutes I slowly started to undo her panty and I again found myself in between her legs. What a treat to my eyes.. I see a clean shaven pussy shining in front of me. Begging me to lick it.. beggng me to suck it. Begging me to put my tongue in it.. you want the same? Reach me on [email protected].

I saw that hairless love tunnel already so wet.. flowing with her love juices… I then spread her pussy lips with my fingers and blew some air. An amazing feeling it is of what is gonna come.. I slowly put my tongue on the bottom of her pussy and licked it right there moving up without putting my tongue in it. I gave a small break of 5 seconds so that she could regain her senses from that amazing feeling.. and then I again started to lick her pussy. This time a lot harder.. I finally put my tongue deep inside her and started to feel her inner walls inside her..

Feeling the walls inside her. Turning her own. Making her wet. Licking every part I could. Feeling every inch I could.. I started moving my tongue there in her. Making her moan, pull that pillow with her hands. I kept doing it and she kept loving it moaning all the time I sucked her womanhood.. Doing this for almost 6 to 7 minutes she finally had her first orgasm and I could feel it all over my mouth, tongue and faced..

I love it when I love my girl, my woman like this.. I love to pamper her. I love to make her wait. Tease her. Take it to the next level..

Don’t you think I’m too good at this? Do you think I can’t tease you guys?

No no. I don’t want you to mail me for this.. All I would love to do is continue this in my next part.. hahaha hahaha.. Plz mujhe gaali na do.. Mujhe chahiye toh sirf aapka pyar. A guy who loves being loved, a guy who can love you can no other.. I could feel myself so romantic right now.. And I hope you loved this part and felt being loved this way.

Hope you imagine this happening to you and you reach me on [email protected] or directly on hangouts(Don’t need to share ya number).

I’m waiting here for all love and wish to know whether it was romantic or just we both felt it.. I love it when my mailbox if flooding with mails. And trust me, if this happens to mail box then I shall make your dick and love tunnels flooding. It’s a promise from side.. And thanks for all ya love you have given till now. Hope it remains forever.

The concluding part will depend on ya mails. On ya love on ya feedback.

And I would love to thank the team of ISS for this wonderful opportunity of sharing our experience. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much…

This is Rohan Sharma singing off with all ya love!! Love ya loads!!!!

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