The Summer Vacation Diaries – Part 2 – Milking The Goat

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Milking the Goat!!

Being bathed by shanthi everyday had become my daily dose of intoxication. I wanted more of it but didn’t have a clue of what I wanted myself. So vacation days went on in the usual manner. We boys formed teams and played cricket either in the dried up parts of the lake or in an uncultivated farmland during morning hours. Then we go to our well which is the biggest in the village to play ‘Touch and Kill’.

The well is at least 20 meters long and 15 meters wide. It was a mini swimming pool and It was deep enough to sink 5 or 6 lamp posts they say. The well had a good structure with lot of crevices and bunds to stand on and sit. So like in hide and seek one guy becomes the hunter while all the others have to escape from being touched by him, by all means – diving into the water, climbing the steps, running around the upper wall, jumping off from the top and you have to imagine the rest. So we get to play, beat the noon heat, and also get to bathe a second time leaving us damn hungry for lunch. That’s when we rush back to our homes and I get to be with Shanthi again.

I would always be a little late for lunch due to my daily ordeal in the well. When I reach home everybody would have finished their lunch including the kids and be snoring off their afternoon nap. Shanthi as usual had one chore unfinished, me finishing lunch and her packing of the remaining food and putting away the vessels to be washed. Everyday she would scold me for being late, but in vain.

That particular day, I returned home as usual from the well drying my hair along the way with my Tshirt. It was dead silent inside with everybody asleep in the hall and I had to tiptoe myself in the gaps between their sleeping bodies to reach the kitchen. Shanthi was sitting there reading a Tamil magazine, waiting for me. She looked up and made a funny serious face to show that she was angry. I made up an ‘Errrr’ kind of face in return and she signaled me to come and eat.

I approached the kitchen when it struck me suddenly that Shanthi looked different today. Yes, today she was wearing a nightie and it was the first time because she never had the habit of wearing one. She was always in her Saree attire. I started scanning her, head to toe as I walked towards her and I was disappointed. The nightie unlike the Saree did not serve my purpose of exposing her curves which I think is its exact purpose. I could see that she was wearing an inskirt under it as would other ladies.

I was only in my shorts baring my upper body. Once I reached her I asked

“Is it new chithi??? “

“Yes da. Gowri akka bought it for me from Madras. She has bought 5 more like this. I never thought it would be so comfortable and I like it very much. How do I look in it??”“It looks good on you.” was what my mouth uttered, but my mind was cursing Gowri aunty for the crime she had committed. I felt like something mine was ripped away from me without my permission and I was boiling beyond considerable temperatures. While i was red with fire shanthi had brought a towel and started drying my hair from behind.“Won’t u wipe it properly?? It’s still wet. U’ll catch a cold if u eat with a wet head.”

My temperature dropped so suddenly I felt my knees were failing me, and my head going in circles. I just leaned backwards resting myself onto her front bumpers giving me a cushion effect and soothing my giddiness. Though it was only for 5 minutes it felt like eternity.

I came back to my senses and sat down on the floor to eat. My anger though deep inside had temporarily subsided. Shanthi laid the plantain leaf before me and I got busy wiping it with water.

Then I looked up waiting for her to serve my food. She came with the rice and bent down to serve it. Before the rice, down came two tumbling mangoes right at my face. I didn’t expect the old saying ‘when one door closes, another opens’ to come so true. Before I sensed what had happened she got up to bring the other dishes one by one. I was now waiting for her to bend down every time. This was the first time I saw the raw flesh of her breasts and immediately withdrew my curses on Gowri aunty. Her cleavage was deeper than what I had seen while bathing.

Shanthi was wearing a bra that cupped only 25% of her breasts. It only served the purpose of covering her nipples and some area around them. It was so mesmerizing I forgot I had to eat and started to munch off while we started chit chatting about the happenings of the day. My face was glowing with full brightness thinking of the numerous opportunities this newfound nightie was waiting to offer me. With my hungers taken care of for the time being I slipped off into a nap while I could faintly hear shanthi moving the vessels to the wash area. Then it was utter silence again.

Fast forward and the next day as usual I got up, went on my little poop trek and came back to find a little commotion among the kids in the backyard. It was around 6.30 in the morning with no sun and a pleasant climate. I washed myself in the bathroom and went to the backyard to find the kids enthusiastically cheering and chirping. I went closer to find them all encircling Shanthi who was showing them how to milk the goats. We had around 20 to 25 goats tied in the small shed at the backyard. Since many of the kids were from the city, they found this interesting and exciting. I joined them.

Shanthi was sitting in a squatting position as we would while pooping in an Indian toilet. She had a medium sized vessel which was clasped between her thighs and knees. She then pulled the goat closer to her such that it’s udder was positioned right above her thighs. She then started massaging the goat’s udder slowly letting the milk to accumulate and then pulled the teats one after another using her left and right hands repetitively. When pulling the teats she gently squeezed the teats to squirt out the milk straight into the vessel. I too wanted to do it, not with the goat but my own shanthi.

The squatting position she was in made her bend forward to hold the vessel between her legs and also point the squirting milk into it. This created a vent in her nightie’s top portion. Adding to that was the movement of her hands which further raised the upper portion of her nightie and her breasts as well. The view was like it was especially handcrafted for me waiting to show it’s treasure on my arrival. I positioned myself to her right and bent myself almost resting my neck on her shoulders. Man!!!! Wowie wowie wowie.. While she was busy milking the goat, I was busy feasting her breasts, conjuring them with my eyes.

I didn’t know why, but she was not wearing her bra, and I could see her pale brown poky nipples with darker shaded areolas around them. The areolas had small protrusions around the circumference. I didn’t know then, but seems she was stimulated by the morning cold climate. It was the first time I was seeing wholesome breasts with nipples exposed. Though the view was top sided it still served it’s purpose.Every time she pulled the teats and squeezed them alternatively, her hand movements sent minute vibrating ripples to her breasts making them shiver like a pair of water balloons. I can now describe them to be a pair of partially rounded and puffy boobs.

I then and there wanted to milk her the same way she was doing the goat. I felt a natural instinct to nibble on those nipples and suckle them, bite them and keep them for mine forever. I think it was a Man’s Basic Instinct!!!

The more intriguing part of this early morning backyard seduction session was the fact that she was wearing NIL innerwear. No bra, no inskirt and no panty. I came to know later that girls remove them before sleeping as boys would do their brief. My heart was pumping so fast along with the heavier breaths i was taking, I feared she would hear it out.. I was able to view her entire frontal nudity. Right from her neck to her upper thighs. Her pussy was not visible due to the position she was in and I was least interested in it too due to the lack of my knowledge about it. But I could trace out a thin hairline consisting of tiny golden hairs running from her navel to the deep hidden valley that lie beneath.

Her tummy was a perfect blend of flesh and muscle. There was no sagging, but it was smooth enough with the right curves to ride and flip a roller blade. She was truly the Country queen(Naattu Kattai) they say in Tamil. It was the village routine and lifestyle that had sculpted her into the statue she was today. Further down I could look at the little visible thighs that were like large cylindrical shaped Milky Bars. Since she was holding the milk vessel between them legs the major portion was obstructed by the tucked in nightie.

Shanthi was interestingly and playfully showing the children the milking way, while I sat there like a vixen tearing up it’s prey, yes tearing and gnawing at her breasts in my imaginations. I screened all that was visible of her millimeter by millimeter. I captured myself Ultra High Resolution images and videos of my damsel’s curves storing them away and locking them up in the most secure safety lockers of my brain ready to be retrieved in a jiffy at my convenience.

I could feel my boner reacting vigorously, making twitching actions continuously. I think it couldn’t take any more of it. I must have come without cumming as I realize now what endurance it must have gone through because of me. Shanthi turned her head and asked me if I wanted to try it..

“ Do you want to milk it kutty??”

And I wanted to say ‘no, I want to milk you,’ but I rather nodded my head and she gripped the goat’s hind legs and told me to do as she did. I focused myself, pulled out the recently stored UHD images of her breasts, while I cupped and slowly massaged the goat’s udder letting the milk accumulate, brought the next closeup image of her poky nipples, while I held the goat’s teats with my thumb and index fingers thinking it to be her tits and started squeezing them slowly, gently with all the tenderness I would give to Shanthi. And out came the gushing squirt of milk spilling on to her nightie instead of the vessel. I lost my aim in all this sushi mushi..

“Eaiii.. Ulla vidra(send it in)” she said, and I never knew one day she was going to utter the same words when i was going to squirt my milk into her.

But I didn’t, since the devil in me was alive and hunting now. The previous squirt had already made a wet patch on her nightie. I wanted to play and started squirting the milk all over her. Her face, breasts, hands, on the other kids and back on her. She was struggling to keep the goat in control, the vessel in between her legs and me teasing her.

She finally kept the vessel down and caught my hands and locked my head under her right armpit. This was so enthralling. Her side boob was all over my face now. She tried to squirt the milk.on me now, but she couldn’t control the goat with one hand and it escaped her grip. Then she playfully started pinching and hitting me all over and finally released me. Both of us were exhausted and I had an urgent feeling to pee.

I started walking towards the house when she asked

“Where are you going now?” and I showed my little finger signaling that I have to pee.

“Ok. Get your clothes as well and be ready to bathe.” And I nodded in response.

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