The Tattoo Guy Made It Inside

It was my honeymoon with my hubby, we are from a small town but love to enjoy things outside. I never thought of this incident which will make our life too exciting. So let’s get to the sex story.

I am with fair skin and long hairs, my hubby is also fair like me, we are made for each other. Ours is a love marriage, he is the only guy I met and we fall in love, during college. We married after he got a job. We did experience sex multiple times before marriage, he broke my seal during the 2nd year of college.

Now after 4 years of our relationship we are married and on our first honeymoon at Goa.

As I told you he took my virginity in the 2nd year of college, he also worked hard on my breast to make it like melons. I take care of my weight which makes my waist very thin. By the time we got married, I finally got 36-26-37. He is responsible for me shopping for a bra with size 36dd like Kainaat Arora.

We were walking on the streets of Goa, suddenly my hubby (Suresh) wanted me to have a tattoo, but he wants me to surprise him by this.

We are from middle-class family and from a small town, the tattoo is not our thing, but I agreed as I must get it done at parts which always covered. I usually wear salwar kameez and even on honeymoon, I got only one pair of modern dress and 3 – 4 salwar kameez.

Now the problem is how and from whom, we wanted a lady artist as we don’t want my body to be touched by any other male other than my husband. We spoke to the waiter at the hotel, he was excited and went out to get us information. After an hour, he came with two ladies and introduced them as a tattoo artist, we were comfortable.

But they don’t do here, they took me to auto to their parlor. I wore yellow churidar salwar and tight kameez, my kameez was kind of backless and my back was visible a lot. My husband stayed at the hotel with his beer.

We all three were in auto and it took 30 mins for u to reach some interior, I was bit scared as I was alone with these two ladies, but was excited for a tattoo at my hidden body parts.

We walk for 5 mins and there it was, we went inside the parlor, there was one man standing and asking about me. They replied about tattoo thing and took me inside, this man was dark and huge, might be 6.2 in height. They ask me where and what design I want to go for? I asked for a catalog.

They gave me a book, this book was having all naked photos of men and women, I was feeling shy after looking all these. I took a long breath, both of ladies left by then. I selected design for my lower back and thigh. I also like on at back but scared if it will be visible. I went out to check but only that man was there. I asked him about them,

Me: where are those two girls?He: they had to rush to the doctor, one felt sick and both left.

Me: ooh, I had to get a tattoo done but now what shell I do?He: no worries they work under me, I can help you, have you selected the design?

Me: par….Aaap… (stuck up with a man, how to say no without hurting him?)He: what happened I am professional, I did this many time, mainly for ladies.

I bit hesitated, my hubby doesn’t want me to get tattooed by any guy, I was also very shy in doing it.

He took me inside and before I realize, he closed the door and got me a seat at one single bed.He: so, which design?

Me: this butterfly with flowersHe: where do you want me to make it?

I was shy, but as I am into this, I don’t want to turn back.I told him with my eyes down, I took my finger and pointed my left thigh.He: just removes your salwar so I can make it.

I was scared, how could I open my salwar and show him my naked milky n silky thighs!!!

He was ready with all his tools to tattoo me.

I was in dilemma to make it or not, anyway my husband is at the hotel and he doesn’t know about me removing salwar in front of a stranger. He must be thinking I am getting the tattoo done with those girls.

I turned and lift my kameez to loosen my nada (string tied for salwar) and tried to lower it till knee, so not complete legs will be naked, however, he could see my panty and smooth milky thighs.

I can see my thighs shining into his eyes, he asks me to lie on the bed. Also, he put some perfume candle which was so romantic and reminding me tonight’s plan with my husband. First time I was without salwar in front of any other than my husband.

He asks me where to put the tattoo. I was very shy and thinking.

He holds my legs and made right leg straight so he can have look at inner part of the left thigh. He cleaned that part with cotton and put small injection so I get less pain.

I made bit sound and grabbed his shoulder with my hands very tightly, my nails were making their mark on his shoulder. He took his tool and started designing my thigh, he made a butterfly there, it was hurting, he gave me a pill to kill the pain, he took 1 hour to draw a butterfly.

It was so hot, he removed his t-shirt, he was having all tattooed and muscular body. I was feeling more excited now, first with the thought of a stranger touching my milky-silky thighs and now looking to his muscular body, my panty was all wet and he could see it. The pill he gave was relaxing me also getting me bit excited.

He: I see bit uncomfortable and it is critical design now. Can I come little closure?Me: yes please (this was a mistake)

He lifted my right thigh and kept on his lap, he positioned himself in between my thighs. My salwar was removed completely because of this action. He used his rough hands to make this position, I could feel his hands on my leg and thigh even after he moves to my left leg.

He was not touching my panty at all, which makes me comfortable with all his acts. He now asked me to fold my left knee so he can access my inner and back part of the thigh. He then bends his knee in a vertical position and kept my left leg on it.

So, the position is, my left thigh is in air and leg on his thigh, right thigh on his left thigh.

He said,” I finished this but it will be great if I make flower at the start of your thigh”. He was pointing above my panty line. I was breathing heavily with a high heartbeat. I was not in a position to move. I said okay.

He lowers my panty from one side, I was feeling shy and closed my eyes. He said

He: look if I move it side it might touch the butterfly tattoo and it might pain. Shell, I remove it so it will be comfortable?I didn’t react, I can’t say yes to a stranger to remove my panty.He didn’t wait for more, he pulled it slowly, unknowingly my hips lifted in air (inviting his action). All the time he was touching my silky legs from thigh till foot. He must have got my juice at his fingers, because of the wet panty. He licked his fingers like he was eating gulab jamun (Indian sweet with sugar syrup)

He started making the design at one side, starts from lower back at panty line till upper part of the thigh. I was covering my pussy with kameez and now my kameez was wet with my juice. My face was red with shame and desire. After 30 mins, he was done. He asks me not to wear panty for 2 days. I was feeling shy and super excited. Now he said,

He: you should go for another tattoo near your breastMe: no I am okay,

He then insisted me to have a tattoo on my breast, I was not sure. He holds both of my shoulders and looked into my eyes directly. I don’t know how, but I said “Okay”

I was just sitting, waiting for his instructions. But he was not bold enough to undress me. Instead of removing my kameez, the lower both shoulders of my kameez along with the bra and removed my hands/arms, pointing to my bra he said –

He let me remove this, it is very uncomfortable.Me: no, but mmh. Okay… And he removed, I was not disturbing him, after all, he was doing his job and my erect nipples don’t want to be hidden anymore. I was feeling shy as well, but my pussy juice was increasing etching between my thighs.

He kept his hand on my right breast and pulled it closure to left, so he can get access to the side of the breast. There he made another design. While making the design he was touching my both naked breasts with his hard and rough hands. He could feel my breath and heartbeat. My nipples were erect and inviting him to suck and crash.

These are like 1-inch strawberries standing straight to get access to his mouth. My body was completely wet with sweat. And my mouth was open with heavy breath.

He suddenly pressed my left breast and saidHe: your breast is a dream breast for every man. I can’t hold even one by both of my hands…I didn’t react, just bite my lower lips by closing my eyes tightly. He kept tattoo tool aside and hugged me tightly. Aaah what a comfort. I didn’t realize when I started rubbing my pussy on his strong dick.

My legs were apart and his hands were massaging my ass tightly. He was excited too and now he started kissing my lips, I didn’t waste time and started sucking his tongue. We kept sucking each other’s tongue for almost 10 mins, I had the longest kiss of my life.

By then he was massaging my boobs and now started sucking them, aaah I was in heaven aaahh. Suddenly I got a call from my husband, as he was worried about me.

Yes, he should be, I came to my senses and try to get out of his grip and grabbed my clothes. He didn’t force me. Just asked me to wear the only kameez and he gave me wraparound to wear instead of salwar. I took my bra, panty, and salwar and kept in a polybag. The wraparound skirt was bit short and looking like I am not wearing anything under my kameez.

I was too deep in kissing him a min ago and now I am leaving the place like nothing happened. I was worried about traveling alone as I don’t know the way.I asked him for helping

Me: can you help me to go to my hotel.He smiled, grabbed my hand and we started walking, I was feeling little shame holding his hand, but same time I was thinking about his poor dick, which was about to enter into my love hole.

He was having a Harley Davidson, I was amazed and excited about this. He asked me to hold him tightly, I seat behind him with both legs apart and my thighs are touching his legs. Sometimes while driving he kept his strong rough hands at my thighs, sometimes my boobs get a bang to his back, it was too much as he was excited and still hoping to get me under him.

I was worried about my husband same time want his dick inside me.

We stopped for petrol pump he called someone and spoke in private. He said,” one friend stuck in a lift with a beautiful lady, asking me what to do?”

Me: wow, what you advise him?He: I asked him to grab her, start kiss and before she get a call just dip your cook inside her.Me: hahaha… You are so bad.

We started again, reached the hotel, he saidHe; let me drop you till your floor

Me; I am worried about my husband, if he knows you done a tattoo on me, he will get upset.He: don’t worry, I won’t come out of the lift.

There was the same waiter with board says, “Lift not working” he asked us to take service lift – we both went inside lift, I pressed a 13th-floor button. We both were alone in the lift, I was wondering how this possible. Suddenly lift stopped.

Me: this reminds me your friend hahaha,,, he pulled me towards him and started kissing, I was struggling and broke, I pushed him apart.

He was looking straight into my eyes with hunger

He: I called the waiter and ask him to get service lift ready for us, I can’t let you go … I tasted you and now I need youI can’t resist, instead, I jumped on him and started massive kissing. Our tongue was fighting and saliva was getting an exchange, I desperately wanted to suck off all his saliva and he was fucking my mouth.

We both were kissing madly each other’s face/body, this was unstoppable, he pulled all my clothes. And removed his own, suddenly I felt my pussy has a visitor, ah, yesses. He started fucking me like a desperate animal.

It was already wet, making his dick easy to slide in, red hot strong visitor started fucking me, he started stroking me faster. Aah aaaaah yes, he was holding my waist and ramming his dick in and out. After 5 mins, I was on top of him, ramming my pussy on him.

He was holding my ass very tightly and slapping me like crazy, we were making loud sounds.Aaahh yesss. Fuuuck me, ahhhh mmmmhhh

I was crazy and don’t want to stop, he inserted his thick and hard finger into my ass hole. First, it was a pain but then I started enjoying it.

Aaah yesss aaaa please do it hard, I want him to insert the 2nd finger as well, but he pulled his finger out of my back hole.Suddenly lift door open and I see waiter standing and jumping inside, he closed the lift door and restated lift to the roof. I was not feeling shy at all, I was too excited to be disturbed by anyone now.

He deserves the party because he arranged this wonderful experience. He started kissing and crushing my whole body, both started sucking my breasts, I was feeding two men at a time. Both sucking each breast with both of their hands only at my breast.

Suddenly I felt waiter is naked and his dick is hard, I touched it and took it in my mouth, I never tested my husband’s dick. But the first time I wanted to suck it. After 5 mins, he slides his dick into my ass and I was filled with 2 dicks at a time. Oooh my goooood aaaa hhhhh yesss, mmmmmmhhh.

One dipped into my pussy and another screwing my ass. Ooh man, aaaahhh what the fuck. Both were fucking me hard, they both must have felt each other’s dick inside me. Aaah aaaahhhhh mmmm yesss faster… Ooohhhhhh

After 20 mins, all three of us came together, they took me to the roof, there was one room and all three of us took shower there. We had enough towels they cleaned me and ask me to be naked.

The waiter got beer bottle and they both got my whole body wet in beer. They drank each drop of beer off my body. I was excited again with their kissing sucking all over my body, I started playing with their dicks and watch them grow in my hand and mouth.

This time waiter wants to fuck my pussy, he started liking my lower vertical lips, while I was in a deep kiss with tattoo guy. He inserted his dick into my pussy. Yeesssss , it was not thick as tattoo guy but was the right length. I was ramming my pussy and sucking his dick with my vertical lips.

Tattoo guy knew it and he made me position so he can also insert his dick in my pussy same time. Oooahhh I started screaming with pain, ahh, they both tearing my pussy apart, but after 2 mins it was the sexist experience of both in the same hole.Mmmm… Oooooohhhh gggoooooddd aaahhh yyeessss sloowwwley aaaaahh after 30 mins fuck they both loaded me with a lot of cum …

They both cleaned me and I went to my apartment… But can’t forget this tattoo on my body. Especially into my ass and pussy… Thanks for reading my sex story.

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