The Unexpected Encounter With My Aunt

This is the real story that happened between me and my aunt.

This incident took placed when I was in 12th class .Me (ram) very naughty boy and my aunty (priya) ..Here size is 36 32 38 an exact figure ..Are boobs are big which I would stare whenever I got the chance ..All our area boys and uncles will stare at my aunt because she is damn sexy in her saree ..She wears saree most of the time in saree she is very hot..She looks like a normal decent housewife …..Coming to the story ..When I was watching porn in my laptop my shouted ram where are you come fast …

I closed my laptop and went mom and said what mom…To that my mom said visit your aunt house and hand over the dress to her…I said ok and went in evening to hand over the dress to my aunt …When I reached her house ..The door was unlocked I went inside in search of my aunt .I heard the sound from the bathroom .My aunt was singing song and …I went there to my surprise my aunt was taking bath without locking the door she was completely nude her boobs are wet which made my tool hard and it stood nighty degree ..

Suddenly my aunt saw me and wear a towel ..And said when you came ..Get out and wait in hall I will come …I went inside the bathroom and locked the bathroom door and said when you were nude ..She said get out right now ..I said I want to bath with you .She said wtf ..Before she said a word I removed my dress and was completely nude ..My aunt mouth was wide open after seeing my tool which was long and thick ..

Then I became wet by pouring onto my body and said aunt I want just a blowjob from you otherwise I wil do what I want …She was tempted by seeing my tool and I started to tease her with my tool and said ok for only once I will do ..But you should promise me that you will not tell to anyone about this..And I said ok deal ..

She sat on floor and started to give bj I was enjoying and moaning nice ah ha ah and I removed her towel and started to press her boobs hard that her boobs are so soft that any guy want fuck her boobs ..After 5 mins I cum in her mouth she drank all the cum and she said ok leave now..And started go out ..

Then I pulled her forcefully started kiss her lips very hard and pressed her boobs for 5 mins ..First she resisted but after sometime she stared to breath heavily and moan ah ah and I made her sit on floor and I inserted my finger in her pussy she started to moan ah ha aha ah aha ha aha ah aha and then increased my speed she started to moan loudly ah ha ha ha aha ah. Then I inserted my tongue to her pussy she was heaven and she was moaning loudly ram ha ah ah ha ah ha ah ha ha ha ah

Then I made her lay and started fuck her in her pussy for half an hour my aunt was moaning loudly ha ha haaa ahh ahh ahh ahh haaa ram slowly ah ah aha ha ha ah ah ah ah ah ah it is paining slowly ah ah ha ha ah ah ah ha ah ahh and after that I made her sit in a doggie position and applied soap on her ass she got to know what I was about to do ..She said no ram I am still virgin in that place ..Please ram leave me it will be painful I never got my ass fucked by your uncle please leave me ram ..I said first it will be painful but after some minute you only will say me to fuck hard ..And then inserted my tool in ass she moaned loudly ahhhh and fucked her very hard for and she was moaning ah ah aha ah aha ha ah ah ah ah ah aha ah about 20mins I was in heaven my aunt was crying and moaning loudly ah ha ha ah ah ha and I inserted a pipe in her pussy while fucking her ass she was crying ah ha ha ah ah and she said no ram stop it is paining ah ha ahh ah ah ahh ahh ah ha ahh ah ah.Ha

I did not listen to her words and I fucked are hard and said priya aunty you’re so sexy I had a crush on you and finally came in her ass and we both soaped our body and dried ourself and I took my aunt to bed and started to fuck her in pussy and ass in 69 position and I said my aunt I want bj now ..She said no ..I said please lastly

Finally she agreed gave me best bj of my life .We both went again to bathroom and took shower and lastly kissed lip to lip for 5mins..While kissing I was pressing her boobs … Suddenly there was knock from the main door ..We both were shocked I said who is it and my aunt said maybe my daughter had came from school …We both get dressed went to hall ..My aunt opened the door ..Omg it was my aunt daughter in her school uniform..She is damm sexy than my aunt …

Then I made a plan to seduce my aunt daughter which will continue in the next part ….Any aunt ,housewives and girls want have a good chat me …Mail me to [email protected]…And send your feedback to this mail..

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