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Hi everyone, this is ‘the average Delhi guy’. I have been on indian sex stories for over 10 years I think and I love reading the stories here. So about me, I am an average looking guy, I do not have a flat stomach or abs or anything, I do not have a 7inch dick. I have actually never measured it.

So, I have been with a few girls and this is a story one of the stories I wanna start with. Would tell you my other stories after I get your reviews of this story.

So, last year in march, one of my friends introduces me to Anjali, one of her friends from Mumbai. I was instantly attracted towards her. She had long curly hair, a cute face and a very cute and not so big ass. We all attended a music gig in Delhi that day and since then I and aanji started to chat on a daily basis. We used to share our pics with each other daily and even talk at night. We both were attracted to each other and we both knew this, but she was already dating someone for a year and she didn’t want anything more than friendship from me.

After a few months, aanji told me she was coming to Delhi for a meeting and would be here for a week. I was excited to see her again and try my luck despite knowing she dint want anything with me. She arrived in Delhi on Monday morning. We couldn’t meet in the week as we both had work and you all know after office Delhi traffic. So I had asked her to stay the weekend as well and she had agreed for that.

I went to meet her on Saturday around noon. When I reached, she had just stepped out of the shower. She let me in and I was dumbstruck seeing her. She had wet hair (a massive turn on for me), her body was also wet and she was wearing just the bath robe. I could see her cleavage and the water droplets on her chest. I was instantly hard.

Aanji – mav, can you come inside and be dumbstruck, I don’t wanna stand at the door like this.Me – (it was like waking up from shock and being embarrassed at the same time) I.. I am sorry, you just look really beautiful.I came inside the room and took the sofa.

Aanji – I am sorry, give me a few minutes and il get ready really soon.Me – well as for me, you can stay like this, I don’t mind. (trying to flirt)Aanji – well I wouldn’t want you to be all uncomfy in your pants through the day (she said this with a wink)I was taken aback by her bold reply, we had discussed sex-related topics but had never been this bold with each other.Me(trying to be cocky)- well, then u can help me.Anjji threw a coaster kept next to her at me and went to the bathroom.

After a few minutes, she called me saying to close my eyes as she forgot her top outside and she was coming out. Like a good nice guy that I am, I closed my eyes waiting for her to wear her top.But, to my surprise, I felt her sitting in my lap in the bathrobe. As soon as I opened my eyes, she started kissing me. I was kinda in surprise. I dint think she would ever do something like this.We both started kissing each other and I was feeling her body over the bathrobe. Now I opened her bathrobe and took it off and she was stark naked underneath. My dick was in its full glory. We were kissing and I was mapping every inch of her body. The heat was increasing between us. We were not even stopping to take a breath.Suddenly she stopped kissing me and got off my lap. She was standing naked in front of me like a sex goddess and she knew I was under her spell now. She came towards me, sat with her knees on the floor, unzipped my jeans and took out my dick and started stroking it. She did all that slowly and maintaining eye contact. I was actually breathless and couldn’t speak anything.

She then took her tongue and licked the whole shaft and instantly “aaaaahhhhhhhhh” left my lips. She started to take my dick in her mouth and give me one of the best bj I had ever got. I was only gasping for air throughout. She was also playing with her pussy while blowing me and I could see that in the mirror. I held her hair and started to fuck her mouth, she was also turned out by this and started fingering herself more aggressively.

She then got up, walked to the bed and bent down said: “mav, fuck my brains out”.

I got up, dropped my jeans and went and straight up inserted my dick into her pussy. She was soo wet that it went in easily. She let out a loud moan. I started ramming into her like a beast and she was moaning like there is no tomorrow. I kept fucking her and she was saying things like “yessss.. Fuck me hard. Make me your bitch… harder.. Deeper…” this made me hornier and I started fucking her with full force. I started to pull her hair (I love doing that) and spank her.

Me – do u like it bitch

Aanji – yess.. Ahhhhh.. Yaaaa… Fuck me like that..I kept fucking her.. Her moans were making me more and hornier. Our bodies were covered in sweat now.Aanji – don’t stop. I am cumming>>> don’t stoppppppp… ddddooooooonnnttt stttttooooooooooo…

She came with a loud moan and then there was silence from her as if she was catching her breath. I was also close and told her this, she asked me to cum on in her and cum while fucking her really hard. I pounded her really hard and I again felt her pussy tighten. I knew she was also gonna cum. She was again shouting me to fuck her hard and make her cum hard. As soon as she came, I could feel her pussy tighten so much that I couldn’t control anymore and came in her.We almost became stationary for a few seconds and then I collapsed on her over the bed. We both cleaned ourselves and were cuddling in the bed when I asked her about this surprise and she told me that she found out that her bf was cheating on her and she thought if he doesn’t care, then she also wanted to enjoy with someone she was attracted with and hence she had planned this out.

What happened the remaining 1 and a half days, I will share after I get reviews from this story. If you wanna get in touch with me, mail me at [email protected]. Ladies and girls who want fun and discretion, you are very welcome to contact me.

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