The Wife Who Cheated Me

My wife and I met in college. We are both lived in Chennai and quite conservative. Swati wanted to save virginity until she’s married, so for years we’ve only gone so far as masturbating each other.

Finally we had our first intercourse when we got married at 25. We were both inexperienced and it was a mess. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to push my penis into her vagina. By the time I figured it out, Swati’s pussy was all tight and dry.

I took her virginity almost in this lets-get-it-over-with mentality. I grabbed her shoulder and forced my way in. She bite her lips tolerating the pain, but couldn’t stop her tears coming down. It was tight and bloody down there, and the first time I felt a tight pussy wrapping around my cock. I couldn’t help but shot the whole load of cum in 10 seconds.

Our first time was over quickly. And to say it modestly, not pleasurable other than that 10 seconds for me. As time went by we figured more things out, but our sex life was far from ideal.

I’ll admit my cock’s probably below average size. 6 to 7 inches at most when fully erected. I’ve always thought it was big for Swati, who’s only 5 feet tall and has a very tight pussy. At least from my perspective I thought my cock fills her up good.But as we do it more I’m starting to realize Swati tended to fake her orgasm. Sometimes she masturbated me till I got on the verge of cumming, then she would ride me for 10 seconds and start faking it, “oh my god you’re so big I’m gonna cum … oh my god oh my god …”

She didn’t enjoy the sex at all, she was definitely not passionate about it. Sometimes I came home late and found her sleeping, the last words she searched on her computer was usually “giant Black penis” or “11-inch monster cocks” and a dildo hiding in her purse.

About a year into our marriage I started to notice some changes. Swati started coming home late. And every night she came home late she acted more aggressive than usual, talking dirty and initiating sex. She got wet much faster, and after sex she seemed more satisfied.

I thought that was great. Changing for the better, right? But as time went by I started to notice Swati’s pussy wasn’t as tight as before. And once in a while I noticed bites on her neck that I wasn’t sure if I left them there. Still, I enjoyed hugging my pretty and sexually satisfied wife to sleep.

Until one night, Swati came home and started riding me on the couch with her work clothes on. As that tight little pussy slipped down to absorb my cock, I realized Swati never took off her panties – she wasn’t wearing them coming home from work!

I was suspicious because in the morning I saw her putting her pink panties on with my own eyes. And this started to happen more and more often, and sometimes she was missing her bra, sometimes her stockings were gone.

Three weeks later I decided to find out. I forgot to mention one thing – Swati and I work at the same company. She’s a marketer and I’m a lawyer. We work on different floors, but we would visit each other once in a while with little surprises.That night when I decided to find out what was going on, I was really surprised. I emailed her at 7 to tell her I was heading home. She told me she would have to stay late for a few more hours, probably heading home at around 11. So I headed down to her floor at around 9.

The floor was quiet. I walked around, couldn’t find Swati. Maybe she went out for dinner? I paced around a bit, and then went to the bathroom. As I walked in, I heard a man’s voice, “oh yeah baby, suck it, take it down your throat … hemmmmmmm …”

I bent down and looked through one of the stalls. Clearly a man’s sitting on the toilet, and a woman’s kneeing in front of him giving him a blow job. Looking at the woman’s high heels and the skin color of her legs, I was almost sure it was Swati.“Oh yes Swati, suck my cock and make me cum! You’re swallowing one load of cum every night you slut!” – that was my wife! And that was why she started brushing her teeth the first thing every time she came home late!

That man let out a long moan, sounded like he was cumming forever. “It tastes so good,” then came Swati’s sweet voice, “I hope that didn’t exhaust you because my pussy’s all hot and wet now. Take a break, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

Where? I didn’t know but I’d better get out fast. I ran out of the bathroom and hide at the corner of the hallway. I saw Janice walking out, licking her lips and seeming to enjoy the taste of the man’s cum. Then a Black south indianman walked out, probably in his early 40s, handsome, tall, and muscular.

Half an hour. I decided to wait on my floor and then came back half an hour later. I went back to the bathroom. No one there this time. I looked for Swati at her desk, she wasn’t there either. So I decided to search around the floor.

As I walked around, my heart started pounding as I thought back to what I heard in the bathroom. I felt confused. Was I sad? Angry? The only sure thing I noticed was that I was feeling my cock getting a bit hard in my pants.

Finally I stopped at a conference room. And I heard noises coming through the door. The door was locked, but no doubt the noises came from a rigorous fucking session. I couldn’t go in, but I knew another way around. All the conference rooms in the firm are connected by video conferences, and the camera in any room can be activated remotely from another.

I stepped into the conference room next door, connected to the camera next door. When the image showed up on the big screen, my cock went instantly hard.

Swati was bending her body over the large conference table, facing the camera, her tilts dangling and shaking. That large white man, also facing the camera, was standing behind Swati, his hips moving back and forth, clearly humping my wife from behind.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!!! AHHHHHHHHHH … you’re so big … AHHHHHHHHHHHHH …” Swati kept moaning the same words she used with me in bed, except that the tone was very different. I’ve never heard that tone of voice, nor seen that facial expression. She was horny!

The man pulled out after 2 minutes of humping. As he picked up my wife’s petite body and turned her around, I got a glimpse of his cock. Wow. Being someone my size I would never have imagined how big a man’s penis could be. It had to be more than twice the size of my Indian dick! How did that even fit into my wife’s tiny pussy?!

Swati’s now sitting at the end of the conference table, now I could clearly see she was completely naked. Her tight round ass pressing against the cold hard wooden table. She leaned backwards at an angle, her arms supporting her petite body, her legs now spread.

“Oh please don’t stop Rangan. Fuck me! I’m all yours. Fuck me now!!!”

That guy, Rangan, didn’t hesitate. He leaned forward and started pounding my wife like an animal, kissing and sucking on her neck, “oh you fucking NorthIndian slut, you like your boss’s Black cock, huh? Oh fuck you’re so tight … ahhhhhhhhhh …”

“Oh yeah … you’re so strong and so big … AHHHHHHHH … it feels soooo good Rangan, fuck me harder, fuck me harder with your big white cock!!!”

“Oh yeah you love my big white cock huh?! Is that what you think about when you go home and fuck your loser NorthIndian husband?! Huh?!”

What a humiliation. But instead of feeling ashamed, I found myself stroking my now rock hard cock through my pants. Swati was moaning like there was no tomorrow.

“Tell me you slut! Is that what you think about when you go home and fuck your husband???”


“Say it out loud you Indian whore! What are you thinking about when you fuck your husband???”


“My cock? Just that???”


Now both of them were out of control. Rangan pushed Swati onto the table and climbed on top of her. They started frantically kissing each as Mark continued to pump his giant cock in and out my wife’s tiny pussy.

“OH Rangan! OH Rangan !” My wife’s yelling out her boss’s name with each strong thrust he delivered. Her short but shaped legs now wrapping around his waist, her arms grabbing onto his broad shoulders.

“Oh fuck you’re so fucking tight baby! Oh God … tell me what you told me yesterday Swati … hemmmmmmmmmmmm …” Rangan started licking my wife’s boobs now.

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