Things Get Sexier But Weirder

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore. But I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout at [email protected]. Let me continue from where I stopped last time.

We were in Chloe’s room.

Chloe: You were fun in class!Me: You too!Chloe: But we should pay more attention next time.

Me: Looks that way.Chloe: Come on, sit here.Me: Ok.

I like where this is going. I set on Chloe’s bed. My back was resting on the right wall.

Chloe: I can’t do certain things but. Other things I can do.Me: Oh? Like what?Chloe: You will see.

Chloe was on her knees in front of the bed. I was getting excited to see where this was going.

Chloe: I can. Touch you here.

She kept her left hand on my crotch!

Me: Oh. Ok.Chloe: I’m not doing it right, am I?Me: No, you’re doing it right!

Chloe: Uhmmm ok. Do you like it?Me: I do.Chloe: Good.

She’s shy about it. I can hear it in her voice. It’s so sweet that she’s trying and doing her best.

Chloe: And what if I do this.

She made me lie flat on her bed and she roo jumped and sat beside me. She pulled my pants and removed dick and was holding it in her right hand. Her left hand was playing with my balls. Gosh! I was getting horny!

Chloe: Is this ok?Me: Yes, it is!Chloe: It feels so hard.

Me: Mmmmm.Chloe: I’m not very good at this.Me: You need to grab it harder.

She grabbed it harder and was pushing here thumb on my dick head. Aaaah! This feels so amazing!

Chloe: Like this?Me: Yes, exactly like that! And stroke it, up and down.Chloe: Ok. Is this good?Me: You’re getting there.

Chloe: You need to teach me these things.Me: I will, once you’re feeling better.Chloe: Practice makes perfect.

Wow! She is becoming naughtier day by day. She wants to learn dirtier things. I was on the moon hear her words. She was playing with my dick! Moving her hand up and down very slowly. She is really innocent.

Chloe: Are you. Going to have an orgasm?Me: Ummm. Haha. I don’t think so.Chloe: Uhhh I’m so bad at this!

Me: Let’s just enjoy ourselves, you’re doing good!Chloe: Mmmmm. Ok. Do you like how my hand feels on your penis?Me: Mmmm yes I do!

She’s obviously new at this. I’m starting to feel bad about last night because I went all out and it was her first time.

Me: Uhhh.Chloe: What if I do this.

She got on sat on dick! She was trying to rub my dick with her pussy with still her pants on.

Me: Ohh. That’s good!Chloe: Mmmmm. I can feel it.Me: Does it hurt?Chloe: No. It hurts more on the inside. It’s getting even harder.

Me: This is very exciting.Chloe: Am I driving you crazy?Me: You’re getting there! Hahaha!Chloe: Good.

She was moving rubbing her pussy on my dick.

Me: So you do have a naughty side.Chloe: Maybe I do, but just for you.Me: Mmmmm it makes me feel special.Chloe: You are, you’re with me!

Me: Hahaha! That’s true.Me: You know what? Why don’t I play with you for a while?Chloe: Ok, you’re better at this than me, at least one of us should do a good job.Me: Hahaha!

I made her lie beside me on my right. I put my left hand on her pussy area above her pants.

Me: I’m not going to hurt you.Chloe: Ok.Me: I’ll just play with my fingers here. Is that ok?Chloe: Yes. Mmmm.

I’m touching her pussy. I must really be good at this, her breathing is faster, her heart is pounding.

Me: Do you like it?Chloe: Mmmm. Yes.

This is quickly turning into one of those boner situations.

Me: Mmmmm.Chloe: Keep going.Me: What if I do the same thing but not with my hand?Chloe: Oh?

I was on top of Chloe. She was lying on her back. She raised her legs and was pressing sides of my butt. My chest was on top of her and my dick was near her pussy over her pants. You can search for ‘Rodeo’ Kamasutra position.

Chloe: Ohhhh God.Me: Mmmmm.Chloe: I’m. I’m starting to get. Wet.

She’s still shy when it comes to sex and sex talk. I can hear it in her voice.

Me: That’s a good thing. It’s working.Chloe: Oh yes it is! You make me feel things that I never felt before.Me: And we’re just starting.Chloe: Uhhh I feel like having sex. But I can’t. This sucks.

Me: We can wait a while longer, this is fun too. When you feel better. We can do it more, for the times we couldn’t do it.Chloe: I agree 100 percent with you!

Me: We’re on the same page.Chloe: Mmmmmm. We are!

I then asked her to lie on the stomach. I sat on her thighs and placed my dick in between her butt cheeks. This is all happening with Chloe’s pants still on. Only my dick is naked. I was humping my dick on her ass.

Chloe: I feel like I never want this to end.Me: That makes two of us, I feel so good around you.Chloe: Me too. And it all happened so fast.Me: We have the entire summer ahead of us.

Chloe: This is going to be the best summer of my life!Me: Uhhh. You’re Killing me here, I’m so turned on!Chloe: Hahaha!

Suddenly Rose barged in. Looks like we forgot to lock the door. She saw my dick humping Chloe’s ass. Her mouth was wide open in shock.

Rose: What. Oh my!Chloe: Rose!

Oh, busted! I quickly pulled my dick inside my pants.

Rose: You guys. Are you doing it?Chloe: What? No, we’re not!Rose: It sure looks that way!Chloe: We are not doing it, alright?

Rose: Why are you turning all red?Chloe: I’m not!Rose: Yes you are!Me: To be honest, we were not doing it.

Rose: Ahhhh! I saw your thing!Me: And now I’m turning red.Chloe: We were just playing, that’s all!Rose: Oh, you and I are going to have a talk, this is against the rules.

Me: You don’t mind if I go away. Do you?Chloe: We’ll talk later Aafi. Sorry!Rose: I can’t even look at you Aafi. Hahaha! I saw your thing!

This quickly turned awkward! Time to get out of here! I was walking in my room. That went sideways really fast! Worst timing ever, Rose! There we were, having a good time, one thing leading to another. I know Chloe can’t have sex but it was heading in a good direction.

Maybe a handjob to release all this pressure. I have to remember to lock the door next time! I was in my dorm rooms corridor. I saw a girl standing at her door, opposite to my room.

Girl: Hey!Me: Hey?Girl: Can you help me out with something?

Me: What with?Girl: I can’t really say here. It’s about you know what.

About I know what? What?

Girl: I’m ready, let me do it!Me: You’re ready?Girl: Yes! I know it’s early but I’m ready!

Ready for what? Does she know me? What is she talking about? And I really need to go to the bathroom! I was in a dilemma about whether to help her or not. I looked at her from top to bottom. She’s one hell of a hot girl. She has black blonde curly hair.

She was wearing a green and white color skirt which covered till her pussy. There’s a hole on her chest exposing her cleavage and half of her tits. Girls like to look hot and expose their cleavage in this school. I was really feeling like I was living in a paradise.

I couldn’t say no to this young hot chick! So I decided to help her.

Me: Ok. Let’s see!Girl: Ahhh good! Thank you!Me: You’re welcome.

I’m so curious. I went inside her room. Her’s was very colorful and neat room. These girls like to keep it clean.

Girl: You might not remember my name. I’m the new girl you might have heard about, Sunny!Me: Right.


Sunny: I know it takes time for these things but I am prepared. The whole reason I came to this Boarding House is this! I know I am ready! Just please give me a chance!

At this point, I’m so curious that I’m just going to play along!

Me: Ok. Prove it!Sunny: I will! I won’t let you down! I know there are more ways to do this but I’m saving myself for the final stage! Yes, I’m a virgin.Me: Ok, good!

Sunny: Are you not happy about it? Do you want to do it the other way?Me: No, no. Keep going.

What is going on! She just told me, a stranger, that she’s a virgin. She thinks I’m someone else, clearly!

Sunny: Give me a minute to get ready.Me: Ok.Sunny: I know that you choose the one that’s better suited and I want to be the one!

Choose for what? She went behind a curtain to change.

Sunny: I’ll prove it!Me: We’ll see about that.

Sunny: I have prepared for this on my own! Two years! You’ll see. There’s a box in the drawer behind you, can you get it?Me: Sure, I’ll get it.

I have no idea what I got myself into. Must be something sexual by the looks of it. I know this is wrong but I can stop at any time, I’m not even going to touch her. If things go too far, I can just leave. But damn! I’m so curious now! I can’t just leave!

Sunny: I’m ready! Did you find the box?Me: Yes, it’s right here.

Why did she turn off the lights? She slid the curtain wide open. There were 6 sets of candles placed on the ground in a circular shape. Each set has 3 candles. They were all lit. I noticed she was wearing a sleeveless brown skirt. There was a snake picture printed on her skirt.

Sunny: The candles are lit, they are spread the right way. How is it so far?

I’ll play along with her a while longer.

Me: So far so good.Sunny: Great!

But I need to find out more. I know just the way.

Me: So tell me, walk me through it. Show me you know the way.

Sunny: Of course, yes! I know everything must be straight by the book. I have the candles set up as they should be. I have the toy that I have always used, in the box. I always finish with my fingers. And I know the words that I must repeat in my head. Do you want me to tell them to you?

Me: No that’s ok.Sunny: And I know what to do to get ready for the final stage.Me: Good, very good.

This is some kind of ritual, a sexual ritual of some sort. But what for?She took out a huge dildo out from the box. She’s now lying on the floor inside the candle circle. She stuck the dildo on the ground.

Sunny: Ever since I read the first book I knew there was truth to it! My girlfriends said it was all fiction. But I knew it was true! And when I noticed how hard it is to get the other two chapters. I just knew it! Also, I have to say this, whoever wrote it, was a genius. It wasn’t easy to decode the hidden message!

Me: Of course not!

Books? Hidden message? This is getting weirder and weirder!

Sunny: Shall we begin?Me: Yes.

She removed her skirt and became fully naked. Oh my God! Her boobs are just like Chloe’s. Her pussy is clean shaved. She sat on her naked butt, with her legs wide. The dildo was just in front of her pussy.

Sunny: I’m going to say the words now.

Is she. Crazy? I mean that would explain a lot! But what if she isn’t? What if there was some weird cult here? There are a lot of weird things in the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case. There are so many questions! If I keep playing along I might find out more!

Sunny: I’m done with the words. I’m going to begin now.

I think this is the part where she uses the sex toy. As expected, she picked the dildo and was rubbing the tip on her clit.

Sunny: I’ll keep repeating the words in my head. Mmmmm.

Front row seat to this hot scene. Good! She was rubbing the tip on her pussy lips and moaning. Her nipples were getting hard.

Sunny: Uhhhh!

Mmmm. I’m so turned on! She’s now playing with her pussy with her fingers.

Sunny: Ahh Ahhh. Ohhh yes. Mmmmm.

She orgasmed and so fast.

Sunny: Uhhhh. Mmmmmm. Ahhhhh.

She’s shaking! Her pussy was wet with her cum!

Sunny: I never did this with someone watching me. It was the best feeling I ever had! How did I do?Me: You did good!

It’s the truth, she did really good! She stood up!

Sunny: So I’m ready for the second part?Me: Yes, you are!Sunny: This is great! I can’t wait! I thought you wouldn’t even give me a chance so fast! Why did you?

Uhmmm. Ok.

Me: Everyone deserves a chance. Even the new ones.Sunny: You are great! Thank you! In two hours, at the lake? It’s the only body of water around here.

Me: Yes, be prepared.Sunny: I won’t let you down! I promise!

I’m way over my head here! Better get back to my room now. Before that, I need to go to the bathroom. My bladder is full. It’s weird, the more I think about going to the bathroom the more I feel the need to do sex! This always happens to me. I was in the washroom and was closing my toilet door.

Suddenly I see Abigail pass by and entering the toilet next to me. What the hell. Am I in the wrong bathroom! Crap! I think I am. Oh, man, and Abigail is here. This is the worst possible situation. If she sees me in here I’ll never hear the end of it. She’s in the next stall.

I’ll just stay here until she goes away and then sneak out. Or maybe. No, no! I could try to grab a look. But this is Abigail, I don’t like her! Maybe just a quick look, I don’t like her but that doesn’t mean she’s not hot. Hmmm.

Let me describe her. She is a brunette. Her and Eve’s clothes are similar but Abigail doesn’t have any tattoos. She’s wearing a cropped sleeveless top again with deep neck full cleavage. It was pink and white checks. She’s wearing blue jeans shorts with a belt. Oh her boobs were also pretty big similar to Rose’s. Definitely 36 size breasts.

I decided to take a quick peek at her. So I climbed up on the toilet seat and was peeping at her. She’s taking her shorts off. I have a good view from over here. It’s high enough so that she won’t notice me. But if she does. Oh man, that’s not going to be good! I’d better get down from here and wait quietly. Or.

This game again is won by my dick. I’m going to take my chances. This might be good. She’s sitting on the toilet seat. But her legs were too close. So I couldn’t really see much! She’s not bad looking at all. But she is bad. Those freckled breasts and chest. Clean shaved pussy.

I wonder how it would feel like to have sex with someone you don’t like as a person but is hot. I imagine there would be a lot of mixed feelings involved. I tried really hard to see her pussy. Too bad she’s not here to masturbate, that would have been interesting!

I don’t think she needs that, not with Jason around.. I’m sure they are having sex. I wonder. Is she a bitch with him too or is she nice and sweet? I can’t imagine her being nice and sweet. It’s not like her.

Abigail: Who’s there!

Fuck! I got down immediately.

Abigail: I know you’re there! I heard you.Me: Who is it!

There’s no way out of this now! I’d better come up with something.

Me: What? What are you doing in the men’s room! Who are you?

I opened the door and there she was waiting for me with her hands folded.

Abigail: Well if it isn’t the resident perv.Me: Get out of here!Abigail: So you’re going to pretend that you don’t know this is the girls’ room?

Me: What? It is?Abigail: You know. I was just thinking about you.Me: I thought this was.Abigail: Save the excuses and the lies. It’s good that I found you here.

Me: It is?Abigail: Mmmm yes.Me: Why?Abigail: Because.

She came closer to me.

Abigail: We can have some fun without anyone knowing.Me: What? No, no. I’m with Chloe.Abigail: Pffft Chloe. Now you’re with me.

Me: No I’m not.Abigail: Let me see if I can do anything to change your mind. I was feeling turned on with nobody around to. Play with.

Is she for real?

Abigail: But here you are, here I am.Me: I.Abigail: Shhhh.

She came closer and held my arms. I could see her cleavage up close just in front of my eyes. She hit my crotch are with her knee.

Me: Ahhhhh!Abigail: You creep!Me: Fuck. My nuts.

Abigail: That’s what you deserve for sneaking around in the ladies’ bathroom!Me: You. Kneed me in the balls! Ahhhh.Abigail: Weirdo!

I fell on the ground because of the pain.

Abigail: Next time, make sure you’re in the men’s room.Me: Ohhhh.Abigail: I’ll make sure everyone knows what a pervert you are.Me: I had no idea. New guy. Remember?

Abigail: Hmmm. You might be right. Take this as a warning! I won’t tolerate peeping toms!Me: I wasn’t. Ahhh, fuck!Abigail: You got the message!

Fuck. She got me good! I got out of that. But damn did that hurt! I will take revenge on her someday.

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