Thoroughly Enjoyed Falling A Prey For Lust

Hi Friends. This is Arun. I’m 27 years of age and I’m here to share with you my unforgettable experience on bed with a super hot chick, Radha. She is 36 years of age, oval shaped face, brownish complexion, very slim figure but a disproportionately huge boobs that attracted me the very first time I met her. She did her schooling and college in USA and was also working there till her father passed away where she came to India to takeover her father’s business last year.

Few months after she tookover her father’s business, she called me for a business discussion to take her father’s business forward. I went to her place and asked for her. The receptionist there asked me to wait in the conference hall. As I was waiting in the conference hall, after about 10 minutes, Radha walked in with a broad smile on her face. She was wearing a black kurthi top and a blue jeans with her boobs pushing her tops so forward as if a guys dick comes forward over his pants as he starts feeling horny. For a moment, I felt she was hiding two rugby balls inside her tops.

We sat and started discussing business and she started explaining me about her dad, his business and how she wants to take it forward in her American accent. She wanted some business related advice from us on that. As she kept explaining her ideas, I literally struggled to lift my face and look at her face as my eyes never moved from her boobs.

On one side I found it difficult to follow her accent and on the other side I could not take my eyes and thoughts off her ballooning boobs. She folded her hands a couple of times trying to cover her boobs which sort of embarrassed me. During the discussion, she told me that she and her mom would take turns and come to India to take care of her dad’s business. After the discussion, I shook hands with her and went back to my office.

From the time I left her place, I could not believe that I literally saw such huge balloon like boobs in front of me. Her boobs kept flashing in front of me even after I reached my office and was trying to explain the discussion I had with her to my boss. I could not even resist one day without looking at her. The very next day, I bluffed my boos saying there is a further discussion with her and went to see Radha. I had prepared a set of questionnaire to ask her where I already had the answer for more than half of the questions. I had prepared it just to stare at her boobs as much as I could as she responds to me. I would then go back to my office and discuss the same thing with no interest with my boss. I did the same for the next 2 days and felt she has no doubts on me.

On the fourth day, I again called her and said “I’m coming to meet you at your office today for certain more clarification.” She was silent for sometime and said “I’m not in office today. Will call you and let you know where and when we could meet.” I waited for her call till afternoon but she did not call me. At around 4pm, she whatsapp’d me saying “Could you come and meet me at this place at 6:30pm?” giving an address in the message. I replied “Sure mam” She further replied with a thumbs up and a winking smiley. I felt happy and smiled without even feeing that I was smiling.

I thought since its 6:30pm which is after office hours, I need not inform my boss that I’m going to meet her as I could at least avoid my boring repeat discussion with him. But suddenly some work came in between from my boss that it was close to 6:50pm when I started from my office. Just as I started and drove a bit, she called me and asked “Where are you?” I told her “On my way mam. Sorry for the delay. Will be there in 15 minutes”, though I knew its going to take an hour to reach in the evening traffic. She coolly replied “No problem. Take your time. I’ll wait.” I felt happy that she did not get angry. I drove my way and reached the address she gave at about five minutes past 8pm. It was her bungalow where she and her mother stay whenever they visit India. As it was already late, I expected her to offer me some dinner and messaged back home saying “Going for a dinner meeting with a client. I will be late tonight.”

I asked the security that I have an appointment with Radha, went inside and rang the bell for about a minute or two and she finally opened the door, smiling at me. Looking at her, I immediately got really horny. She was wearing a red sleeveless neckless single piece with a thin flat and loose strap around her shoulders. It rolled down loosely over her body till just above her knees. I was stunned looking at her in her single piece as her boobs were directly visible with her center chest exposed wide open and her nipples pressing hard over her dress. She gave a narrow smile at me and showed her hands into the house asking me to enter.

As I entered, I saw a huge living room with full lighting all around. As I was looking around, she came close and said “Lets go upstairs” in her usual American accent and showed me the staircase. I felt she was drunk where I smelt it from her mouth as she asked me to go upstairs. As I climbed up the stairs she said from behind, “We’ll sit in the room at the right.” I entered the room and boy, it had a really spongy luxurious and rich looking double bed covered neatly with a reddish maroon bed spread with the night lamp switched on at both sides of the bed. There was also a dark brown couch with a bottle of whisky, two glasses and ice placed on a table before it. I told myself that I was right. She is drunk.

Again I started looking around the place and she patted me on my back and said “Sit down.” As I sat down on the couch, she came and sat beside me with one leg folded on the couch and arms stretched over the head rest behind my neck. She constantly smiled at me and though I felt that it was a dirty smile, it also kept beaming in my mind that she was drunk and she is high. I controlled myself with great difficulty in that situation where she is right next to me on the couch, clearly exposing her boobs from the side angle.

I felt so nervous sitting next to her that day and slowly opened my bag and took my diary out to start off my discussion. As I opened the diary, she asked me again in her American accent “Are you gonna ask me the same questions you were asking me the last 2 days or you are gonna talk business tonight?” I did not understand what she meant and softly asked her “What business?” She gave a narrow smile and said “I hate people acting with me. I know that you don’t come to meet me to clarify your doubts but just to stare at my boobs. I have tried my best to protect my boobs from your eyesight but the way you keep starring at it I have realized its better to end this. And that is why you are here tonight.” I felt awestruck and was looking at her with eyes wide open.

She then slowly came closer to me and said “You wanna take me? Come. Take me.” Saying that she put her whisky ridden tongue out and wagged it over my lips. I lost control, opened my mouth and sucked her tongue into my mouth and we started kissing really sloppy.

As we kept kissing she slowly creeped and sat over me and unbuttoned my shirt one by one. I placed my hands on her waist and slowly raised my hands and grabbed her boobs over her dress. Her boobs were so soft and spongy that I could not stop pressing and squeezing them hard. As I kept squeezing her boobs, she slid her shoulder straps down and took her arms out of the strap. I pulled her dress down below her boobs exposing her big and spongy coconut like boobs fully. She had really big brown mammae over her boobs with pointed nipples. I grabbed her boobs, chewed her left boobs, licked her mammae and sucked her left nipples into my mouth. Her boobs were too spongy that I could not take my hands and mouth of it.

As I kept squeezing her boobs and sucked and chewed her nipples, she kept moaning slowly hmm, mmhhh Mmm and after a few seconds she pulled my shirt down, removed it and threw it on the ground. She also immediately pulled my inner top up, and as I raised my hands, she removed it and threw that also down on the floor. I again grabbed her big tits tight and randomly licked, chewed and sucked all over her boobs.

After a few seconds, she slowly crawled down kissing my cheeks, my neck, my mammae, my belly, kneeled down on the floor and sensually rubbed my dick over my trouser. She looked and smiled at me and slowly opened my belt strap, unbuttoned and unzipped my trouser and pulled my trouser and underwear down in a flash and got me nude. My dick was circumcised and was already hard and big from the time she licked my lips at the beginning.

Looking at my dick she raised her eyebrows and said “Ohh.. This is big.” And asked “How big is it?” I said “Its just over 5.5 inches.” She said “That is fine but it is really thick.” Saying that she grabbed my dick and sensually licked the mouth of my dick and slowly engulfed it into her mouth. She sucked my dick very passionately engulfing it deep into her mouth, licking it top to bottom. She then held my dick tall and sucked my balls deep into her mouth, licking my balls one after the other. She again slowly came up licking my dick, rolled her tongue over the mouth of my dick and sucked my dick deep into her mouth. Her tongue was so tingling and tickling my dick from inside that I felt like cumming inside her mouth.

After a few seconds, I lost my control, lifted her head up removing my dick from her mouth, lifted her up, rolled my arms around her waist, walked towards the bed and pushed her on the bed. As she fell on the bed with legs spread wide, I was stunned to see her dark blackish pussy and slowly realized that she was not wearing a panty as well and it was literally a single piece covering her body. Her pussy lips were out and looked dark and a bit wet. I could not resist anymore and I stood by the side of the bed, pulled her closer [She was lying on the bed with her buttocks on the edge of the bed] and rubbed my dick over her pussy. As I rubbed my dick over her pussy lips, I realized that her pussy lips were not wet but really sticky.

I slowly spread her pussy lips with my fingers and her pink flesh inside looked really juicy with a tiny little hole at the bottom. I got too tempted looking at that and I immediately placed the mouth of my dick over her pussy, rubbed my dick up and down on her pussy and slowly placed my dick over her pussyhole and pressed it in. Her pussy was too tiny for even the mouth of my dick to penetrate. I held my dick and kept pressing it into her pussy a bit harder and harder that I managed to penetrate the mouth of my dick into her pussy.

As I pressed really hard, the inner flesh of my dick went inside her pussy with some force as she gasped loud Aaaahh fuck Mmhhh. I then slowly penetrated my dick deeper and deeper into her pussy and with every push she kept moaning aaaahhh yaaaa yaaa fuckk yaaaa in her usual American accent.

Her pussy was really wet and hot inside that I started to sweat inspite of the centralized air conditioner which was running from the time I entered the house. Her pussy was also too tight and gripping that I loved the feeling of my dick brushing her flesh inside her pussy.

As I kept pushing my dick harder and harder into her pussy, I slowly managed to penetrate deep with my dick completely dipped inside her wet pussy. Standing besides the bed with my knees pressing on the sides of the bed, I slowly started to fuck her by moving my dick up and down inside her pussy. She closed her eyes, grabbed her big tits and started to moan Mmmhhh,, Hhhhm Haan Hhhho eahhhh babyyy Mmhhh biting her own lips every time I pulled my dick back and pushed it inside her pussy.

Her pussy was so tight and gripping that it felt electric every time my dick rubbed her flesh inside her pussy. Also, it was really sticky inside that every time I moved my dicj inside her pussy it was making a lot of hichkich sound. She kept moaning sensually haann yeaaahhh yeaahhh Ohhhh Aaaah and that made me feel so horny that I wrapped my palms under her buttocks, lifted and pushed her deeper into the bed where she herself also crawled back a bit on the bed, slowly climbed onto the bed, bent myself over her and by pressing my palms and knees hard on the bed, I started fucking her rough moving my dick hard and fast inside her pussy.

She started to moan louder and continuously Haannnaah Ouchhh aahhaaann Yeaahhh yeaahhh yeahh Aahaaann. The louder she moaned, the more erotic started to feel and kept crushing her pussy really hard that the bed also moved along with us making some noise. Inspite of the centralized air conditioning both of us started to sweat where I first felt my underarms getting a bit moist and then slowly there were visible drops of sweat running down both our bodies.

After fucking her really hard for sometime I felt a bit tired and my lower back started to ache a bit. I slowly stopped fucking her with my dick deep inside her pussy and started to breath a bit heavily. Radha immediately got up, wrapped her hands around my neck, licked my lips again and put her tongue inside my mouth. As I slowly started to suck her juicy lips, she pulled me down and we rolled over the bed kissing each other with my dick deep inside her pussy and reached the head end of the bed. We slowly got up kissing each other sloppily and I sat resting my back on the back-rest of the bed and she sat over my waist continuously sucking my lips by rolling her tongue into my mouth for some time.

After a few seconds of smooching, she slowly pulled her head back and looked at me. I was breathing really heavy and her breath was also a bit heavy as I could feel her breath on my face. Looking at me breathing heavily, she slowly rubbed and kissed my cheeks. I felt like I was in seventh heaven with my dick still stuck deep inside her pussy.

As I was taking my breath back, I told myself that she seems to be in much deeper lust than me. I was only desperate to see and squeeze her big boobs but she has taken it to a wild affair with me in her bedroom. But after sleeping with her I felt it was stupid to have just gone behind her boobs thinking of the unimaginable pleasures I had fucking her.

Just as I was thinking about my experience with her she slowly rotated her buttocks over my waist causing a tingling sensation on the mouth of my dick as it brushed the flesh inside her pussy. She then grabbed the back-rest of the bed behind my head and slowly raised her buttocks and started to move up and down hitting her buttocks hard on my waist pat pat pat. I felt the same electric sensation as my dick rubbed her flesh every time she moved up and down squeezing my dick tight and hard inside her pussy but without any effort my end. I just loved that feeling. I grabbed her wet and sweaty waist, closed my eyes and kept enjoying the electric sensation.

After a few seconds, as she kept fucking me hard jumping over my waist, I slowly opened my eyes and boy, I was amazed to see her big and spongy boobs jumping up and down right in front of my face. I could not control myself seeing that and immediately took my hands off her waist and grabbed her boobs.

I then slowly dragged her closer to me and tried licking her nipples. She slowed it a bit and stopped fucking me for a while and I wasted no time and engulfed her left boobs, chewed it licked all over her boobs and sucked her nipples ferociously. I coukld not control myself and kept sucking and licking her nipples hard. After sometime she grabbed my head and pulled it out of her boobs and pushed me back to the back-rest of the bed.

As I sat back I suddenly noticed her dress was still lingering like a tube around her waist. Though it did not make much of a difference I wanted to take that off her body and pulled it up. She raised her arms and I removed it completely off her body and threw it on the bed besides me getting her completely nude. She then started it all again, came close to me, kissed me sloppily, grabbed the back-rest again and started to move her buttocks up and down hitting my waist hard again pat pat pat. I grabbed her sweaty waist again, closed my eyes and kept enjoying the sensation of my dick rubbing hard against her flesh.

As she kept fucking me hard, suddenly, I felt a strong tingling sensation and realized that I’m about to ejaculate. I immediately grabbed her hands, pushed her down, made her lie on the bed, slept over her pressing her boobs tight with my chest, locked my fingers with her fingers over her head and as I pulled my dick back and pushed it again inside her pussy once, my dick erupted. This time I started to moan Aaaaahh Haaaaaaa Sssshaa hhhhaaaahh hhaaa as I splashed my semen inside her several times. I had a feeling that my dick would splash my semen 3 or 4 times whenever I masturbate but here it splashed much more than that. I literally enjoyed the feeling of ejaculation as it gave me the most extreme pleasures of sex where I felt ejaculation during masturbation was nothing compared to this.

I felt really drained and tired. My dick slowly became soft and shrinked after ejaculation and slowly oozed out of her pussy. I rested over her taking my breath back and after a few seconds she slid me down on the bed, got up, took her dress from the bed, got down the bed, wore her one piece back, sat on the couch and started to booze again. I was dead tired and lied on the bed for some time.

After a few minutes, she took my dress, threw it on the bed and said “Wake up. Put your dress on and leave. It is 5 minutes to 10pm now.” I slowly got up, turned back, looked at her and smiled. But she showed a very serious face asking “What? You got what you wanted right? Now leave.” with a glass of whisky in her hand. I did not understand why she was showing too much attitude when she was on bed with me for the last 2 hours.

I slowly got up put on my dress one by one and as I was wearing my dress she again in a commanding voice said “Look. Do not expect this next time. I accepted this once because I wanted my work to proceed where you keep calling me for the same set of questions as an excuse to see my boobs. In fact I have given you more than what you wanted. You were looking at my boobs and I ended up having sex with you.

Any further interactions will be over the phone only and let me know once your initial reporting is done.” I nodded my head and suddenly it struck me that I fucked her without a condom. I did not know how to ask but still with a lot of hesitation asked her “Ahh.. Actually I did not plan this tonight and did not bring any condoms. Do you have contraceptive pills with you?” She starred at me and asked “Why? What difference is it going to make?” I said “We neither used condom nor you are taking birth control pills. What if you get pregnant tomorrow?” I got a bit roughed up and said “Look. I have slept with three other guys back in USA. One single intercourse is not going to do anything. Clear? Now leave.”

I was not convinced but still with the height of her sudden attitude I did not feel like asking her anything more. As I slowly came out of the bedroom she came along with me to see me through the main door.

As I climbed down the stairs, I was confused as to the sudden change in her mannerism. Suddenly it struck me that actually it was she who invited me to her place, when I got late instead of getting annoyed she calmly said “Take your time. I’ll wait.”, took me to her bedroom, she came close to me, the way she licked and kissed me, the way she saw my dick, got excited, raised her eyebrows and said “Ohh. Its big”, the way she sucked my dick, my balls, the way she lied down calmly on the bed as I carried her to the bed and started fucking her, how actively she involved herself during the intercourse, the intensity with which she fucked me as she repeatedly banged her buttocks over my waist moving her pussy up and down over my dick.

Adding to all these, she was drunk and was feeling high as I reached her place. Thinking of all these, I finally realized that I had actually fallen a prey to her lust and once she took all the heat out of her body, she now wants to chase me out of her place by turning the plate saying she compromised my showing me her boobs, allowing me to grab, lick and squeeze her boobs and suck her nipples and even went further to spread her legs for me and take my dick inside her.

However, though I felt that I fell a prey to her lust, I also thoroughly enjoyed every bit of her from top to bottom and the unforgettable feeling of having your dick inside a woman and ejaculating inside a hot, wet, sticky, tight and gripping pussy. Thinking of all these I started to smile unknowingly. She noticed me and asked “What happened? Why are you smiling?” I said “Nothing” and climbed down the stairs fast, reached the door, stepped out and as I started to walk she said “Let me know once your reporting is done. Bye.” Even before I could turn and react she closed the door.

I started to walk telling myself that it was actually fun for free and again visualized her assets like her dark pussy, pussy lips, her coconut sized big and spongy boobs, her slim structure and came out smiling all alone. As I reached the gate, the two security guards were looking at each other and then they looked at me and smiled. I asked them “What happened?” One of them said “Nothing sir. I will open the gate for you.”

But they continued to smile broad looking at each other. I felt something was really wrong, stopped him and asked him “No. There is something for which you are controlling your laugh at me. Whatever it is please tell me. I will not make a fuss of it.” They looked at each other again and one of the guys came close to me and said “Sir, whatever happened has happened. But you could have at least closed the window screens in the bedroom before you both started.” Saying that he hinted to the first floor. I turned and saw up and was stunned to see the couch where I was seated and the bed in front of the couch clearly visible through the window under the night lamp lights.

He casually asked me “Sir, are you madam’s boy-friend?” I got really pissed off and scared and said “No. But what did you see up there?” The security controlled his laughter and said “Everything sir.” I got even more scared and asked him “Please. Everything means? Could you specifically tell me what all you saw up there?” He said “Everything sir.

From the time madam climbed over you on the couch, undressed you, went down, sucked your dick, you carrying madam to the bed, the way you fucked her first standing on the ground and then climbing on the bed, both of you cuddling on the bed and she getting on top of you, madam fucking you jumping on your waist and lastly you sleeping tight over madam on the bed. Sir, so is that when you ejaculated inside madam?” I turned and starred at him and he stepped back and said “Sorry sir. Just wanted to know. Because after that both of you got up and dressed up and you came out.”

I thought for a while and asked him “Are things visible both ways through the glass? Because I could not see any movement outside when I was inside the room. That is why it did not strike me to close the window screens.” He smiled and said “Sir, these are sun-ban glasses where during day time when it is bright outside, things are visible from inside.

When it gets dark and you switch on the lights inside things are visible from outside and you can’t see anything from inside as it is pitch dark here outside.” I was a bit scared and asked him “Anyone from outside could also have seen it?” He said “No way. Nothing would be visible from outside the gate beyond the tall trees inside the compound. If anyone has seen it, its only both of us.” I asked him “By any chance did you take any videos?” He smiled and said “Both of us do not have a camera phone.” I was still worried and looking at me the security said “Sir, you go back home tension free. We only saw what happened inside. Nothing more than that.” Saying that, both security guards gave a pleasant smile at me.

I started walking and as I approached the gate, the security guard opened the gate for me and wished me good night. I signalled them good night with a salute steeped on my motorcycle and went back home. I kept thinking about it for a couple of days and slowly came out of it thinking that I’m not going to visit Radha anytime in the near future that too in her bungalow and if at all anyone has to worry about the security guards, its her.

So friends, this is my unforgettable real life sex experience with a super hot chick, Radha. Hope you guys enjoyed my story “Thoroughly Enjoyed Falling A Prey For Lust”. Your comments are most welcome.

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