Training a newbie to become a Sub

All the characters in this story are 18 plus. This series is just an art of fiction and is pure imagination. It is just written for entertainment purposes. I hope you guys will enjoy it. This story contains BDSM content which may include rough sex, harsh language, humiliation, and some violating scene.

Let me introduce you to the main character of this story. Tej is a twenty-year-old boy alone after his parents passed away. About his body, he has a decent height of 5’7. He has great aesthetic physic with six-pack abs.

Along with that, he is also blessed with a humongous dick. It is ten inches long and thick enough to make a woman scream in pleasure.

Let’s begin with the story.

I am a professional BDSM dom. I have had sessions with people who have an interest in BDSM and who are willing to try it. I am versatile and can perform any role: Dom, Master, Sadist, or Bull.

Within no time, I got popular in the BDSM community mainly because of three reasons.

Because of my huge dick.
My stamina, I exercise daily. Also, I have had BDSM sessions every weekend. I have sex with them so I have reached to have limitless stamina,
The way I dominate people and because of my domination style and skills.

I got up early in the morning and quickly had a hot shower. I had my breakfast and took my bag. I left my house as today a person invited me to have a session with him.

So after travelling for more than thirty minutes, I finally reached the location where they had given the address. I went and pressed the doorbell. A girl wearing a sleeveless one-piece dress that ended just above her knee.

Cynthia: Hello Domtej, I was waiting for you to come. Please come inside.Me: Sure.

I entered the house and sat on the sofa in the hall.

Cynthia: Hi, I am Cynthia. I have heard about you from many people saying you are extremely good at BDSM.

Me: Thank you.

She just kept on staring at me for a few seconds and said.

Cynthia: Would you like to have some tea or coffee?

Me: No, I have already had my breakfast. So I would like to start with our discussion.

Cynthia: See, Domtej, I have always wanted to try BDSM for a very long time. But I was looking for a young, experienced man like you with whom I can explore BDSM.

Me: I am glad to hear that.

Me: Okay, so tell me, Cynthia, what kind of role do you want me to train you for, Domination or Submission?

Cynthia: I am into submission and masochism.

Me: Okay, Cynthia, so tell me, what are your kinks and limits?

Cynthia: I am new to this, so I don’t know much about it.

Me: No problem.

Cynthia: I want to be trained by you. I am free for the next month and have made sure that no one will disturb us.

Me: That’s great. So now tell me, what do you expect from me as a dom?

Cynthia: I want you to take complete control over me. I want you to be a Sadist who can fuck me ruthlessly. You can do whatever you want to do with me. I am looking for a hundred per cent power exchange dynamic.

Me: Okay, great, at least you have an idea about want.

Me: I hope you have decided, as BDSM is completely different from vanilla life.

Cynthia: Yes, I am sure about this and ready for it.

Me: Okay, so let’s sign the contract.

The Contract:

I, Miss Cynthia, from today onwards, will be a Sub to Domtej. I will submit myself completely to Domtej. He will make decisions about my life, whether sexual or related to my normal life. I hear by signing this document with my full consent.

Me: So now, officially, we are Dom-Sub until next month. I will be training you to be a good Sub.

Cynthia: Yaa, I am so excited about this.

Me: So now tell me some basic rules you must follow.

The Rules:1. From today, you are my Sub. So you will address me as Sir, Dom, Master, or Daddy. Anything out of this, as a respect of gratitude towards me.

You are new to this. So we will do all kinds of plays at the end of our training. We can find your kinks and limits.

Kinks mean a particular thing that turns you on. Limits mean it is your boundary, and you can’t do that.

As you agreed to a complete power exchange, I will take full control over you.
I would be deciding what you will do, what you will eat, and everything.
You have to do whatever I will say to you. Whether you like it or not, you must do it because you have agreed.
As you are all alone here and one will come to disturb us, you will always be naked.
You must follow my rules and obey my orders. If you fail to do so, you will be punished for it.

Me: So, have I made it clear?

Cynthia: Yes, Daddy.

Me: So now let’s begin with our Inspection session.

Cynthia: Okay, Daddy.

The Inspection session begins.

Me: Come here and kneel in front of me.

Cynthia came and kneeled in front of me. I went closer to her and gave some small kisses on her lips, and then I started kissing her passionately, where I was busy sucking her juicy lips. After kissing her for a while, I stopped.

Me: Now, look at how deep you can take my dick inside your mouth.

I was already hard as a rock because of the kissing. So I quickly removed my jeans, and my dick sprang out of my pants. As soon as she saw it, she was shocked, as if seeing such a big dick for the first time.

Cynthia: I have sucked many dicks before, but still, this is the biggest dick I have ever seen.

Now let me tell you about Cynthia.

Cynthia is a twenty-six-year-old girl. About her body, she has a little brown skin tone. She has an amazing figure of 36-24-38. She has a height of 5’3 inches.

Coming back to the story.

Cynthia: Please, Daddy, let me worship this cock.

She then grabbed my dick with her soft hands and pulled my foreskin back while exposing my dick head. She pulled my foreskin back to the limit. I enjoyed this a lot.

“Just look at this big black monster cock of yours. With that pink shaft on it, it looks more delicious. Wow, and those balls are as huge as a size tennis ball,” she said sarcastically while admiring my dick.

She then grabbed my dick with both her hands and started stroking it while sucking the head of my dick. She then started licking my dick from top to bottom. She made it wet by licking it with her tongue.

Me: Playtime is over, my little Sub. It’s my turn to fuck your mouth and make you gag.

I touched her head and pushed my cock deep inside her mouth. Surprisingly she took more than half of my dick inside her mouth. No one had ever taken half of my dick inside her, so it was pleasurable.

She may seem small, but she has a horny slut inside her. I could see that desperation and horny glimpse on her face. She was trying to suck my dick as deep as possible, making herself gag. Even though her eyes wherein tears, she was drooling out of her mouth. I removed my cock from her mouth.

Me: This is all you wanted, isn’t it bitch.

Cynthia: Yes, Daddy.

My cock was soaked under Cynthia’s saliva. I grabbed my rock-hard dick and started slapping her face with my dick a few times.

Cynthia: Please fuck my mouth again, Daddy.

I grabbed her head while wrapping my finger around her neck and cheeks. I then inserted my penis inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth hard. I kept on deepthroating her for a good ten minutes or so. After I stopped, I could see her lipstick spread around her lips. The tears messed up her black eyeliner.

She was busy grasping some air and trying to return to normal. It was all because of my harsh fucking. I could see the satisfaction on her face. She enjoyed it a lot.

Cynthia (while coughing): Please, master, release your precious cum in my mouth.

Me: We have just begun. You have a long way to go, and you need to show me everything you can do. You need to earn it from me.

I paused for a while and said.

Me: Now show that beautiful body you have been hiding for me.

As soon as Cynthia heard this, she removed her dress. Now she was standing semi-nude in front of me while wearing a bra and panty. She was wearing a white netted bra and panty. I could see those erected nipples of her trying their hard to come out of it. I could see her blushing while my eyes scanned her body.

My eyes went down toward her crotch region. I saw that her panty was all wet with her pre-cum. So much that her lingerie was drenched with her cum, and it was dripping out of it.

Me: Look at that. You are all wet just by sucking my cock. Who knows what will happen when I will fuck you with it.

I then gave her a signal with my finger to remove her bra. She understood it and quickly removed her bra. Her huge tits popped out as if they were just waiting for this movement as she pulled out the bra.

Cynthia: My nipples are sensitive. Please be gentle, Daddy.

I grabbed her hard nipples and started playing with them with my finger while rolling my fingers on them and pinching them.

Cynthia: Ah, Daddy, yes, play with them, ah yes, oh fuck.

I knew she was enjoying it, so I stopped.

Me: Now turn around and bend down.

She did exactly what I said her to do. She turned and bent in front of me while her bubbly ass was in front of my face. I gave a powerful spank on her ass which made her asscheek turn red with just one hit.

Cynthia: Ahhhhhhh.

She moaned after I gave her that hit.

Cynthia: Yaa, Daddy, I am all yours.

I then pulled her lingerie down with one pull. I witnessed her gorgeous pussy with a light pink, brown texture, which was all wet, and a brown asshole.

Me: For now, I will leave that ass hole of yours. I will be exploring it nicely at night.

I heard a “phew” whispering from Cynthia’s mouth. But she wasn’t ready for the next thing. I pulled a butt plug from my back and placed it into her ass. She gave a loud moan.

Me: You weren’t expecting that, right?

Cynthia: Yes, Daddy, I wasn’t expecting it. It came out of nowhere and went inside my ass within one go.

I then placed my two fingers on her cunt and slowly pushed them inside her. She had a tight pussy. But still, my fingers went smoothly inside her as she was wet. I began to finger her at a moderate pace. Slowly and gradually, I increased the swiftness.

I started fingering her with my full strength. She came in no time by my fingering skills. She was bending without any support. So as soon as she had her orgasm, she trembled and fell on the floor trying to recover from the orgasm.  I gave a sign with my finger to come here.

She came crawling towards me like a cat on her fours. My fingers were drenched In her cum, a transparent thick sticky fluid that she had just released. I dug those fingers inside her mouth and made her suck them. She did it willingly, licking my hand nice and clean.

Cynthia: Thanks, Daddy. This is the first time I am tasting my cum. It tastes good. All thanks to you for making me do this.

Me: Welcome, my little Sub.

So this is the end of the first part. In the next part, we will see how Cynthia will be trained to be a good Sub. I will be starting her training sessions.

Please give your valuable feedback about the start of the BDSM story. Also, people interested in having BDSM chats or willing to try it can ping me at [email protected].

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