Truth or dare with neighbour aunties turns wild

Hello ISS readers, so this is the continuation of my previous story, “Hot Desire To Fuck My Neighbour Aunty Devika”.

After our several encounters, my birthday arrived and Devika aunty gave me the best surprise birthday gift I ever expected.

Devika: Hey Sudip, can you come to Neelam aunty’s house? There’s a surprise waiting for you.

Me: Ok aunty, I will reach around 8 pm after the celebration of my birthday party with friends.

So, after my birthday celebration with friends, I straightly went to Neelam aunty’s house which is nearby Devika aunty’s house.

By the way, I forgot to tell you about Neelam aunty. She is a bombshell in her 40s with stats of 36-32-36. She is a mother of two children. But no one can say that as she looks like a woman in her early 30s.

I was excited and thought of what surprise was waiting for me. Then I knocked on the door after reaching Neelam aunty’s house. Both were in sarees and they welcomed me inside. Both women looked like angels at that moment. I got an instant boner just by looking at both of them!

There was a cake with my name and after looking at that cake, I got upset, as I thought the cake was my birthday surprise. Then I cut the cake and gave the cake bites to both of them one by one. After that, Neelam aunty bought a bottle of scotch and with loud cheers opened the bottle and served 3 pegs. I got very happy and thought it was going to be a special birthday celebration for me.

When I enquired about Neelam aunty’s kids, aunty told me they both had gone to their grandparents’ home with their dad as their grandma was sick. After having two pegs each, Devika aunty and Neelam aunty came up with the crazy idea of playing truth and dare. We all agreed to play the game as the scotch had started affecting us.

Then we made some rules of the game that we had to select an alternate option each time and cannot select truth or dare two times in a row. So we started the game and I spun the bottle at first and the bottle stopped towards Neelam aunty. she selected dare.

Devika aunty: Ok, the dare for you is to wear the sexiest nightdress.

Neelam aunty got to change her dress in front of us. I was shocked by her dare and I came to know both of them had some cruel idea in their minds. I had fucked Devika several times but I couldn’t show that to Neelam aunty, so I was just gulping my feelings.

As per the dare, she got Neelam aunty open her saree and blouse. She was in a bra and petticoat and wore a sexy night dress. She looked so amazing in that two-piece. I felt like banging her tight there but controlled myself.

So it was the second round and the bottle stopped at Devika aunty.

Neelam aunty: Ok, so the dare for you is to play the entire game in your innerwear.

The game was going to be steamy and hot and I got super excited. As per the dare, Devika aunty got half nude and was wearing only her innerwear. As expected by both of them, the bottle stopped at me next. I immediately selected dare and was expecting a challenging one. We already had three pegs each and were high on scotch.

Devika aunty gave me a shocking dare. She told me to suck and lick Neelam aunty’s entire body and lick her pussy until she cummed!

I got super excited at the dare I got and immediately went near Neelam aunty.

Me: I am ready for the dare.

Then I asked Neelam aunty: Are you ready for the dare?

As soon as I asked Neelam aunty, she lifted her night suit and her petticoat. She wasn’t even wearing her panty, as if she was ready to be fucked. I went and kissed and licked the entire body of Neelam aunty. Then I undressed her nightdress and even threw away her bra and started sucking her boobs like a pro. On the other hand, I saw Devika aunty fingering herself and looking at us. I knew it was going to be an awesome threesome that night.

After sucking her boobs, I went down to Neelam aunty’s pussy and started licking her shaved pussy. I got a wicked idea and I applied the chocolate-flavored cake to the pussy and started eating the cake from her pussy. Neelam aunty started moaning like hell and was saying, “Umm fuck me, lick me, motherfucker, sisterfucker!”

Neelam aunty got wild and was enjoying my licking session a lot. Her hips got bent and I knew she was gonna cum soon. Then she let out a loud moan and released all her liquid in my mouth and filled my mouth. It was just yummy along with the cake. On the other side, I saw Devika aunty was completely nude and was fingering herself with three fingers.

After that, Devika aunty said it was her turn now and ordered me to lick her pussy and make her cum too. She caught my hand, pulled me to Neelam aunty’s bedroom, pushed me into the bed and made me completely nude. She knew what I liked most, so she came and sat on my mouth and made me lick her pussy.

Suddenly, I felt someone sucking my dick vigorously! Neelam aunty was sucking my dick after applying cake on my dick. She was eating the cake and said she was very hungry that day and would feed on my dick!

On one hand, Devika aunty was rubbing her pussy on my mouth, and on the other hand, Neelam aunty was sucking my dick like a pro.

Then Devika aunty took the cake and applied it to her pussy and was pushing me to eat her pussy completely. As I was doing so, Devika aunty ordered Neelam aunty to tie my hands and legs to the bed. I got scared hearing all this and was also very excited about the new experience I was gonna get.

I will continue the story in the next part.

Wait for the steamy sex threesome sessions and how both ladies used me the whole night as a sex toy.

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