Two Nights Of Sex Showers In Otherwise Dry & Boring Sharjah

Hi Friends. This is Arun. I’m 27 years old and I’m here to share with you my unforgettable experience on bed with a mallu babe Jiphy at Sharjah, which is otherwise a dry and boring business trip. I wanted to share this for the last 7 months but for want of time and to convince Jiphy to share our relationship in public rolled 7 months over.


So this incident between me and Jiphy happened back in February 2016 where me and my colleague were on a business trip to work with a company in Sharjah. My colleague went there by beginning of January 2016 and I reached Sharjah by mid January 2016. We were given accommodation in a labour camp where we had a small room with no windows, no TV but a room with only walls on all 4 sides with an attached bathroom. There was no entertainment for us neither in the room nor outside as it was like a desert outside with full of muddy roads and hardly one shop in each street.

We met Jiphy in the company’s factory, where she works in the quality control department. She was the only woman we could see in the entire organization. Me and my colleague were actually fed up with our work and accommodation environment as it was too dry and boring.


Jiphy, however, was a friendly woman. From the very first time we met her, she was very friendly and would greet us with a broad smile and speak well with us. She is also 27 years old, married woman, with brownish complexion and sexy oval face, almost everytime wrapped in a white coat and a head cap working in the quality control department.


When we saw her for the first time, I think, on 26th January, me and my colleague said to each other that she is the only source for excitement for us in Sharjah, but once she told us that she is married, my colleague lost interest. But I made up my mind that if I need to spend my days in that dry place, its not worth to think if she is married or single and not think anything beyond Jiphy.

We exchanged numbers on the second day of work and started chatting over whatsapp. I used to compliment her looks, especially her smile and slowly started flirting with her. She never took anything I said seriously and kept giggling, winking and laughing at whatever I said and our chats used to go till close to midnight right from Day 1.


I gradually started revealing my intentions to her and once went on to tell her “I’m actually getting bored here in Sharjah, there is no fun and importantly no girls. You are the only woman I know here.” She replied “Ha Ha.. What would have you done if there are more girls in the organization?” I said “Coming to a foreign country, anyone would want to go an extra mile right? That is what I also would have done.” She immediately asked “ Extra mile? How far? Lol”. I replied “To any extent”. She asked “Any extent means, you would even go on to…….with her?” I said “If she is ok with it, I will” She then finally riddled me asking “What if all other girls are also married?” and laughed. I felt I got a big chance to hit at her and said “I don’t mind sleeping with them even if they are married.” She replied with a winking smiley.


It was about 11:45pm in the night and I had a doubt and so I asked her “Does your husband go to bed very early? Because, for the last 4 days or so we have been chatting till late night and he doesn’t say anything?” She replied “He went to India on 16th January 2016 for some family related work and will be back by 3rd February”. I got really excited and asked her “So, you are alone at home?” She said “No. Rent is too expensive here. So we are sharing our apartment with his colleague’s family. So me, my husband’s colleague and his wife stay here.” I felt let down and replied “Ohh..” She immediately replied “Ha ha. I understand your emotions. But cant help with a winking smiley”. For a second I felt she is also interested in me but then I felt she was anyways taking everything easily.


A couple of days passed by. My colleague had got a one month visa which was expiring by mid-night of 1st February 2016. He tried getting an employment visa from UAE but couldn’t do it and had to exit from UAE, get a fresh visa and come back. On February 1st he had to leave by afternoon to take his late evening flight to India as he had to exit from India before mid-night. During lunch, me him and Jiphy were sitting together where he told Jiphy that he is leaving for India after lunch and will be back in a week to 10 days time. Jiphy, on hearing that, immediately turned and smiled at me. I also smiled at her normally.


Post lunch, as we went back to our places, Jiphy whatsapped me asking “Your friend is leaving today?” I said “Yes. I will be alone in that labour camp from today for the next 10 days. Don’t know how days are going to pass.” She asked “So you are alone in your room?” I said “Yes”. She again asked “So..?” I got a strong feeling that she was hinting something to me but was not sure if that is what she wants. I thought for a minute and told her “I get a strong sense of something but a bit hesitant to ask you. Not sure if you would agree.” She immediately replied “No probs.. Ask”. My body got really heated up and without thinking further I asked her “Can we have sex tonight?” She replied in no time “Yes” with a blushing smiley.


Seeing her reply I got too excited that I started smiling wide starring at my mobile. My colleague noticed me, asked me what happened? and tried to peep into my mobile. I lifted my mobile up away from him and said “Nothing”. She then messaged me asking “Do you by any chance have condom with you?” I said “No” She replied “Buy one before night. Else we need to postpone our program”. I did not know what to do. The place where I’m staying hardly had any shops and where would I get condom. I replied her “Done” and she also gave a thumbs up.


I thought for a while and as my colleague left for the airport at about 4pm, I took permission from my department head and asked him if he could drop me into the city. He agreed and I took a cab and after driving a few kilometres into the city, I found a big pharmacy, where I asked the driver to stop and got down. My colleague immediately asked me “Where are you going here?” Luckily, I found an Indian restaurant opposite to the pharmacy and told him “I just want to have some Indian food. Bored of this rotis and kuboos we get in the labour camp”. He giggled and said “Have fun” and left. I did not know what did he mean by saying “Have fun” but after he left I replied him within myself “That’s exactly why I’m here”.


I went into the pharmacy and luckily there was no other customer. I asked the chemist in a feeble voice for condom. He started showing me different brands and flavours and I told him “Sir, please give me the best. I honestly have no clue and with these many I’m also confused now”. He gave a broad smile at me and gave me a pack of 6 condoms for 29.75 Dirhams and said “This is light transparent with extra lube for heightened sensitivity” I felt he was repeating the same thing which was written on the cover. He then said “I feel this is the first time for you. So use this. It is so thin that you won’t feel like you are wearing a condom when you are having sex”. I felt a bit awkward with his lengthy explanation for a condom. I paid him 30 dirhams and left the place immediately.


I took a cab back to the labour camp. On the way back, I whatsapp’ed her stating “Got condoms babe. Waiting for the night.” She replied “Babe? How quickly things change. Remember, I’m someone else’s wife, with a winking smiley”. I replied with a smiley with stretched out tongue winking with one eye. After sometime, as I was almost close to my labour camp she messaged me asking “ You have had sex before?” I replied “No” She immediately asked “Oh.. You are a virgin?” I said “Yes” She then said “Anyways, send me the pics of your dick.” I asked her “Why?” She said “I just want to see it”. I said “Anyways you are going to see it tonight know?” She said “Ya but just anxious to see your dick”. I then said “Ok”, got back to my room, took a couple of pics of my tiny and soft dick with my outer skin pulled down, wagged it for sometime thinking of Jiphy and as it grew big and hard took a few more pics of my long and hard dick and whatsapp’ed it to her.



She immediately replied “Your dick is really thick but doesn’t seem to be really long. How big it is? I said “Its 5.5 inches”. She replied “Oh. That’s fine. So your dick is circumcised? I like the mouth of your dick especially.” I said “No. I have pulled the outer skin down. That’s how I leave my dick normally”. She replied “Oh ok. Great. Leaving office now. I’ll meet you close to mid night when there is no one out on the streets or your labour camp.” I said “ok” and was waiting for mid night.


It was about 6pm when she last messaged me and it took really one full day for the next 4 hours to pass. It was about 10pm when she whatsapped me her pic wrapped in a towel from the bathroom saying “About to take bath”. I got really horny and wanting to look at her assets asked her “Are you going to bath with the towel?” She winked again and in a minute she sent a pic fully nude with one hand on her head standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I literally felt red hot from inside and looked at her from top to bottom zooming her pic. Immediately after that she messaged saying “See you in an hour” and went offline. Her boobs looked broad cup shaped with a large dark brown mammae and big pointed nipples. There was a bush of hair over her pussy but nothing around it. Her pussy was not completely visible in the standing pose she was in.


Her underarms looked a bit rough with little black spots of underarm hair over it. After looking at her pic top to bottom for sometime, I slowly started to get things ready by bringing both the single beds together and made it into a double bed. It was about 11:30pm, she whatsapp’ed me asking “Check outside your room if anyone is visible. I’m at the lane opposite to your street. I immediately rushed to the door, opened it, looked to my left, looked to my right and there were no signs of anyone outside except the cold breeze blowing. January and February were really cold periods in UAE. I replied her “No one is visible outside”. After a few seconds, I saw a woman coming inside the main gate and walked straight to my room. I guessed it should be Jiphy as there were no signs of any other women in and around the labour camp for the last 15 days since I landed in UAE. As she came closer, I could see only her eyes. She was wearing a blue top, a white tight legging and had covered her face with a white dupatta.


As she reached my room, we rushed into the room and closed the door. She smiled at me and slowly removed the dupatta from her face and dropped it on the floor. I wanted to kiss her tight and straight away wanted to lower my pants and her leggings and put my dick into her pussy. She smiled at me and asked “What are you looking at?” I got really close to her, put my hands on her waist as she rolled her arms around my neck, got really close and with my nose across her nose, rubbed my lips over her lips. She slowly opened her mouth and sucked my lips. I rolled my arms around her waist and started to suck her lower lips.


After a few seconds of mild kissing, she withdrew her lips from mine and asked me “is this your first kiss?” I nodded my head saying yes. She gave a narrow smile at me and then slowly lowered her hands down my chest, my belly, lifted my T-shirt, removed my T-shirt as I raised my arms for her and threw it on the floor. She slowly rubbed her hands on my chest, went down and kissed and sucked my nipples.


I grabbed her back head, pulled her up, unbuttoned her top two buttons on her tops, opened it wide exposing her body above her breasts, rolled my arms around her and started smooching sloppily over her neck and her body. I then lowered my hands on her back, caught the bottom part of her tops and lifted it up. She responded by raising her arms and I lifted it up, removed her tops and threw it right besides my T-Shirt on the floor. She was wearing a hot translucent red bra. For the first time I was able to see beyond her white coat. She had a slim figure, a bit plumy arms and a big cup shaped boobs. I hugged her tight, rubbed her back and slowly unhooked her bra, slid her bra strap down her arms, removed her bra and threw it over her tops.


Her boobs were too tempting that I rolled one arm around her waist, grabbed her boobs with the other hand and slowly started to suck her nipples. Her boobs were too soft and spongy that I started to squeeze her boobs and engulf her boobs into my mouth. As I continued to suck her nipples, lick and engulf her boobs, we slowly moved back inside the room and she gradually sat on the bed pulling my head up from her boobs. As I took my mouth from her boobs, she slowly rubbed her hands over my pant. My dick was already long and hard.


After rubbing it for a few seconds, she pulled my tracks and my underwear down together, put her hands in and pulled my dick out.

She then pulled my tracks and underwear fully down as I stepped out of it and kick it besides my T-Shirt getting me fully nude. She grabbed my dick with her right hand, shook it for a few seconds, rubbed and tapped my balls from underneath and slowly looked up at me and asked “Where is the condom” I told her “Its underneath the pillow”. She took the condom box, looked and smiled at me and asked “You dint even open the seal?” I shied and said “No”. She then dropped my dick from her hand, opened the box took one condom out, rubbed it for a few seconds, blew air into it and then placed the condom on the mouth of my dick and slowly rolled it down my dick.


She then slowly rolled back on the bed and signalled me saying “Come”. As I stepped on the bed, she spread her legs with one leg on either side of me and lifted her legs signalling me to remove her leggings. I grabbed her leggings around her waist and pulled it down. It was so tight and sticking on to her legs that it curled over as it pulled it down. I then slowly managed to remove her leggings, threw it over her tops and bra and boy, her panty was also red with the bottom part being opaque and the top part of the panty a bit translucent. She had her legs raised and I slowly kissed her feet, her toe her legs, her knees her fleshy thighs and slowly got down and grabbed her panty.


She raised her buttocks up allowing me to remove her panty and I immediately pulled her panty down her legs, removed it and again threw right over her clothes on the floor. Her pussy looked a simple straight line with no pussy lips visible outside.


She lied down on the bed fully nude and as I saw her from head to toe, she slowly spread her legs letting me between her legs, grabbed my hands and slowly pulled me over her. I slept over her tight with my chest pressing her boobs, my dick wandering into her pussy hair and my face right over her at kissing distance. I got a bit nervous and started breathing a bit heavily. She smiled at me, rubbed my cheeks and asked “So, ready to lose your virginity?” I did not know what to say yet replied “I feel I already have”. She again smiled and said “Your dick is nowhere into me” saying that she grabbed my dick rubbed it over her pussy, stuck my dick right over her pussyhole and said “Now. Push it in”.


I grabbed her shoulders around her underarms and forced my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight that just the tip of the mouth of my dick could penetrate into her pussy in the first attempt. I already felt the heat inside her pussy just with the tip of the mouth of my dick inside her. I gradually pushed my dick harder into her pussy and with some difficulty as the mouth of my dick penetrated into her pussy, both of us gasped aaaahhhhhhh hhhmmmmmm. I then slowly penetrated my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was really tight and wet inside that the inner walls of her pussy was gripping my dick. With every push into her I started feeling the increasing heat over her body and felt some tiny sweat spots seeping out all over our body.


With every push as I penetrated my dick deeper into her pussy she closed her eyes and started to moan Hmmmmmmnn aaaaahhhhhhh haaaannnnnn Mmmmmmmmm. Her moaning made me feel really horny and as I penetrated half my dick inside her, I lifted my upper body a bit, pressed my thumbs over her sweaty underarms and started to move my dick back and forth inside her pussy. As I kept fucking her by moving my dick back and chucking it back in she started to moan louder aaahhhhhhhh hhhhhhaaaaaannn hhhhhhooooo and in a few seconds I felt a really strong tickling sensation from my balls to the mouth of my dick and I ejaculated heavily splashing my semen into the condom. As I ejaculated, I fell over her, grabbed her tight and started to moan hhhhaaaaaa SSsss hhhhhhoooooo hhhhhhaaaaaaa and randomly kissed her cheeks, her jaws, her lips, her nose.


After I ejaculated, my dick started to shrink in size and became softer and slowly oozed out of her pussy and I rolled besides her and slept on the bed. She got up, slowly removed the loaded condom from my dick, kept it under the bed, took a blanket, rolled it over us, slept besides me and asked “So how did you feel your first intercourse”. I was still breathing a bit heavy and told her “I felt like I want it once more or even many more times tonight”. She raised her eyebrows and said “Really? Men think their job is done once they ejaculate and you wanna do it again?” I said “Yes. Right now.” She replied “Great. I thought this being the first time for you, you are bound to ejaculate very soon and the fun for the night is short lived”.


I got up, placed my hands on her neck and not able to control my excitement proposed her “I love you babe. I love you so much” and sucked her lips gently. She responded by sucking my lips a couple of times and said “I love you too but only as long as I’m with you on this bed and once I step out of here I’m someone else’s wife.” Both of us giggled around it. She slowly grabbed my dick and started shaking it. The outer skin had covered the mouth of the dick as my dick shrunk after the ejaculation.


As she kept shaking my dick, I asked her “Do you like the outer skin of my dick pulled down or you would want it up?” She said “It feels more horny if the skin is down”. I said “Then better pull the skin down now itself when my dick is soft. Once I start feeling horny again and my dick grows long and hard it will be hard to pull the skin down”. She gushed and slowly lowered the blanket below our thighs, got up and gently pulled the outer skin of my dick down allowing the inner flesh to peep out. She then continued to shake my dick, rubbed my balls and started kissing my belly. I noticed her boobs hanging down and slowly pinched and squeezed her nipples.


Both our bodies were a bit moist with sweat. I slowly got up and as she was busy squeezing my balls and shaking my dick, I grabbed her boobs and licked the sweat spots on her back. Holding my dick in her hand she slowly got up kissing my chest, my neck gently licked my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue deep into my mouth. That deep and sensual kiss arose me again as my dick grew long and hard in her hands. She wrapped her other hand around my neck and continued to rub her lips over mine and secreted some saliva asking me to take it from her lips which I licked it into my mouth. She then took the second condom and similar to the first one blew air into it, rubbed it a few times, placed it on the mouth of my dick and slowly rolled it down my dick.


She then looked up at me kissed my cheeks and said “Lets see for how long you can do this time”, saying that she pulled the blanket up to her breasts and slept on the bed with a starring smile at me. I felt so horny that I immediately pulled the blanket at my side also up, hugged her tight and as I was about to kiss her, she stopped me and said “But I won’t spoon-feed your dick this time” and laughed. I felt she was hurting my ego, my sexual emotions hit the roof hearing that and I immediately held her back around her underarms and kissed her tight. She also got a bit erotic and pulled me over her. I slept over her and kissed her with passion all over her face, her neck, her shoulder and with the blanket wrapped over us, we started sweating heavily.


Kissing her randomly all over her body, I tried to squeeze in between her legs and she herself opened her legs wide letting me between them. I did not waste any time and immediately with one hand rolled behind her shoulder, grabbed my dick with the other hand, rubbed it over her pussy and as my dick got stuck on her pussyhole, I forcedly chucked it inside her and she again gasped Aaaahhhhhh. Her pussy was still tight and gripping and it was as wet as we were getting drenched in sweat. I just loved the felling of sex and felt like literally crushing her pussy this time. I grabbed both her shoulders around her underarms and started fucking her hard moving my dick hard and wild inside her pussy. She rolled her arms around my neck and everytime I chucked my dick deeper inside her pussy she kept moaning loud aaaaahhhhhaaaaa hhhhaaaaaaaannn hhhhhooooooaahhhaaannn Mmmmmaaahhhhhhhhh.


As I kept fucking her hard, she closed her eyes, slowly raised her arms and held the top of the headrest tight and kept moaning loud aaahhh hhhaaa hhhhaaannnn ooohhhhhhhhh Mmmmmmmmaahhhh hhhhaaaaammmmm oooohhooohhhooohhhh. I felt so erotic as I was crushing her pussy and even the bed was shaking making some screaming noise every time I banged my waist against her waist. We were literally bathing in sweat with the blanket sticking to my back and with her arms raised holding the top of the headrest I could see her sweat literally flowing down her underarms.


After some seriously intense sex, my dick erupted again and as I felt my semen gushing out of my dick, I could not control myself, fell over her and screamed for the first few splashes into the condom hhhhhaaaaaaaa ssssss hhhhaappppaaaaa hhhhhhhhaaaannn and unable to stop myself, chewed her flesh just below the shoulder.

After the ejaculation, I felt drained and rolled besides her and conked off.By the time I woke up, it was about 8am and I searched for Jiphy but she was gone. The door was closed but not locked and my dress were hanging in the coat stand. I texted her “Where are you?” She replied saying “At home. Left at 3:30am before anyone wakes up both at your place and here. Tried waking you up but you were completely down. So thought even if someone opens the door and finds you nude, they can assume that this is how you sleep every day, that’s why hung your clothes in the coat stand.” I said “Ok” and immediately she replied “Getting ready for office. We’ll talk later. Bye.”


I was too tired to work that day at office. The day just dragged on. I did not even feel like having lunch but I wanted to talk to Jiphy. I went to the lunch area and found her sitting with a couple of her department colleagues. So came back to my seat. I somehow pushed the day upto 5pm beyond which I could not continue. I took an hour’s permission and left the office. On the way back I whatsapp’ed her saying “Hey I have taken an hour’s permission and on my way back.” She replied “Ok. Take some rest now. That will help.” I asked her “So you did not tell me how I did without your spoon-feeding?” with a winking smiley. She replied “ha ha.. I felt so good that I want it again tonight. That’s why I’m saying, have some rest. We’ll meet tonight, same time” with a kissing smiley.


I got really excited seeing her message that we are going to have sex again tonight. I came to my labour camp room by about 5:30pm and dozed off immediately. I was too tired that I had a very deep sleep and woke up suddenly as my mobile beeped twice back to back. As I woke up and saw the time, it was about 10:40pm and it was Jiphy who had messaged me saying “Will start in another half an hour. Should reach there by 11:30pm”. I immediately got up, had a couple of slices of bread with butter and had a shower and as I stepped out of the bathroom, I felt I might again ejaculate early tonight in the first intercourse. So, I immediately rushed back to the bathroom and started to masturbate thinking of anything and everything that happened last night.


After trying really hard I managed to ejaculate.

I then stepped out of the bathroom thinking this should help in having a longer intercourse tonight. I did not want to dress up, anyways I’m going to remove them again and so wrapped myself in a towel and was waiting for her. With 5 minutes to 11:30pm, she whatsapp’ed me saying “Open the door. I’m almost there”. I opened the door and stood behind it without stepping out. She came in, closed the door in a flash, looked at me and started laughing and asked “What is this?” I replied “All set to roll” and grabbed her waist, pulled her closer to me and as she looked down at my lips, I jammed my lips over her’s kissing her sloppily and she also started sucking and licking all over my lips, my nose, my chin and my cheeks.

She was sexier tonight with a full black short sleeve shirt and a three-fourth jeans covering her head and face with a red scarf. As we kept licking and sucking each other’s lips, I slowly lowered the scarf from her head and pulled it back as it fell down on the ground by itself.


My dick grew long and hard posing out of the towel as we kept slurping each other’s lips. We slowly moved inside the room kissing each other and as I pushed her on the bed, she stopped me and said “Wait. This bed is making too much of noise especially as we start getting a bit intense. And when I used the bathroom early in the morning, the door was also open and there is an open ventilator there and the sound might go out if someone passes by. That too not just the screaming sound of the bed but also all the moaning and shouting we did last night might be audible outside”. As I was thinking what to do, she asked “Can we put the mattress on the floor and sleep on that? We can at least control that big noise even if not we control ourselves during sex. I feel we can’t help our moaning. I mean, as we feel the emotions, we start moaning automatically”. I smiled at her and said “I agree”, and we closed the bathroom door, pulled both the mattresses down on the floor, sat on it, hugged each other and rolled over from one end to the other smelling, kissing and licking each other.


We then slowly got up kissing each other and I revolved around her, got behind her and slowly put my hands between her hands and grabbed her boobs. I squeezed her boobs a couple of times, kissing her cheeks and slowly unbuttoned her shirt one by one. As I unbuttoned the top 3 buttons in her shirt, I spread her shirt wide open and noticed that she was wearing a sexy rose colour bra. I slowly placed my hands on her shoulder, rubbed my hands down her body, squeezed her boobs and rubbed my hands further down her body, digging my middle finger into her belly button. She immediately raised her arms, held the back of my head, turned her face towards me and started licking all over my face sensually. I dug my finger as deep as possible into her navel and she started to moan as I rolled my finger inside her navel.


I then slowly took my hands off her shirt, unbuttoned the balance buttons and as she removed her hands from my head I pulled her shirt sleeves down her hand, removed it and threw it on the floor behind us. She was smelling so fresh and so pears as I rubbed my nose over her shoulder from behind and went down kissing her plumy arms. I grabbed her boobs with one hand and unhooked her bra with the other and slowly slid her bra straps down her arms, removed it and hung it on the bed handle. I grabbed her boobs, turned her towards me, kissed her neck, slowly went down and by resting both my hands on her back, pulling her towards me, I sucked her nipples as she slowly wrapped her legs around my waist and slowly laid back lying on the mattress.


Her boobs were too soft that I could not stop squeezing it and sucking and chewing her nipples really tight. After wetting her boobs completely, I slowly moved down her belly and this time dug my tongue into her navel. It was smelling a bit strong and tasted really sour. I somehow loved the taste and smell and dug my tongue deeper into her navel till it hit a small ball like thing inside. As I kept digging my tongue deeper and deeper, she grabbed my head and started to moan sensually, Haaaahhhhhhhhhh Hmmmmmmnnnn Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhho Mmmmmmmhhhhh. After licking her navel for a few seconds, my tongue started feeling a bit numb as I pulled my tongue out of her navel, sensually chewed her juicy belly putting my hands between her legs. She slowly spread her legs allowing me to rub her pussy over her jeans. With one hand poking her pussy, I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and slowly pulled it down. She raised her buttocks from the mattress allowing me to remove her jeans and I pulled it slowly down her fleshy thighs, removed it and threw it over her shirt.


I got so thrilled and horny looking at her light rose coloured panty, the same colour as her bra, and without wasting any time grabbed her panty over her waist, pulled it down, removed it in one stroke and dropped it over the mattress itself. Unlike last night, though her pussy looked almost the same like a straight line, I saw her pussy opened a bit right at the bottom with a small portion of her vagina flesh visible. It was wet and I got really tempted looking at her flesh, unlike last night where it looked like a straight black line, and slowly went up kissing her legs, her knees, the inner sides of her thighs and as I got closer to her pussy, I got a bit nervous not knowing what to do.


Her pussy was smelling a bit, but I loved the smell. With some hesitation not knowing, I again kissed her inner thighs really closing in on her pussy. She grabbed my head and I felt she would not mind if I suck her cunt. I then placed my hands by the side of her buttocks and slowly licked the opened flesh at the bottom of her pussy. It was so soft, slippery and tasted really salty. But I went on with the flow and dug my tongue into her flesh. As I dipped my tongue inside her cunt, she took a deep and loud breath, grabbing the hair at the back of my head tight. I engulfed her pussy with my mouth and dug my tongue deeper into her cunt. Her pussy was soft yet tight inside for my tongue to penetrate deep and it was really hot and wet inside.

My tongue was twisting and turning and I could not penetrate deeper after about an inch.


I loved the pricking sensation on my tongue as her pussy juice flowed over my tongue. I closed my eyes tight, engulfed her pussy with my mouth and started sucking her pussy really loud. As I sucked her pussy, she started to breath heavy and shouted with a heavy air filled voice haaaaaahhhhh hhaaa. After licking and sucking the juice out of her pussy, I slowly removed my mouth and my tongue from her pussy. As I lifted my face up a bit, I was really excited looking at the juicy pink flesh inside her pussy with a tiny little hole at the bottom. I was amazed for a second as to how my dick just penetrates into that little hole.


As I lifted my face and saw her, she was still breathing heavy with her eyes closed and arms spread wide across the mattress holding the edges of the mattress tight. Her body was heavily moist with a chilled watery texture as her sweat started to slightly ooze out of her body. I felt really horny looking at her lying on the mattress with her legs and arms spread wide across. I slowly went up kissing her belly, sucking her nipples and slowly slept over her as she was getting her breath back.


I was too excited that I immediately grabbed my dick, placed it over her pussy and dipped it inside her pussy. As I penetrated the mouth of my dick inside her pussy, she stopped me by placing her hands over my shoulder and pushed me back. I got up a bit and asked her “What happened? Did I do anything wrong?” She slowly whispered “Condom. Take the condom” and pointed her hands towards the bed where I had put the condoms. I felt like just getting on with her without using the condom but felt that she might stop me abruptly from having sex with her for the night if I don’t use the condom and so got up, picked up a condom and gave it to her. She, by just lying down on the mattress, opened the cover and as usual rubbed the condom, blew air into it, placed it on the mouth of my dick and slowly rolled it down my dick.


I immediately wrapped my arms around her, kissed her and we fell on the mattress kissing. She slept over my hands as I wrapped it around her before we fell on the bed and as such I tried to place my dick over her pussyhole by rubbing it over her pussy and just as my dick got stuck over her pussyhole, I pushed it in with some force. This time my dick went in a bit smoothly unlike last night where her pussy was so tight for even the mouth of my dick to penetrate and Jiphy also did not gasp or shout this time but enjoyed it by closing her eyes tight and started to moan sensually Mmmmmmm hmmmmnnnn Mmmmmmhhhhhhhhh as I penetrated my dick deeper and deeper inside her pussy.


As three-fourth of my dick went inside her, I started to move it back and forth rubbing my lips over her jaws and her neck. She spread her arms wide across the mattress holding the corners tight, closed her eyes and with her legs also spread wide across the mattress kept moaning a bit louder MMMmmmmmmmm Haaaaaaannnnnn Aaaaannhhhhaannn every time I stroked my dick inside her and pulled it back.


I started feeling more and more horny listening to her sensual moaning and slowly removed my hands from her back, lifted my upper body a bit, pressed my thumbs over her wet and slippery underarms and started to fuck her harder by moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy more intensely. She started to moan really loud Aaaahhhhnnnnn hhhhaaaannnnn Ohhhhhhhooo Haaaannnnmmmmmm and in few seconds my dick erupted and as I dropped myself over Jiphy, she held my head, dipped her tongue into my mouth covering my mouth with her’s before I could start screaming as my dick literally flushed my semen out into the condom pouring and splashing my cum inside. I moved and also made her move like waves as my dick kept spitting my semen into the condom time and again.


She continued to cover my mouth with her’s for a few seconds even after I finished Cumming. I loved the feel of being wet all over, the tongue fight as I cummed and enjoyed her smell which was a mix of her body-spray, her sweat and her saliva. She slowly removed her tongue from my mouth. I still felt so horny that I held her shoulders by placing my hands underneath and continued to suck and lick her lips as my dick shrunk and slowly oozed out of her pussy. She stooped me by placing her hands on my chest, gently pushed me back, got up and slowly removed the condom from my dick. I could not control myself and placed my hands around her waist and started licking and sucking her sweat over her neck, her shoulders, her flesh just above her boobs and as she removed the condom from my dick, I kicked her hand by mistake with my knees and the condom fell over her belly and my semen flowed out of the condom, down her belly and drenched her pubic hair just over her pussy.

I just loved the sight as I saw my semen flowing down her belly into her pubic bush.


She got a bit edgy looking at that and immediately wiped the semen over her belly with her hands, got up and went inside the bathroom saying “Wait till I clean this up and come”. But watching her going into the bathroom, I got nasty idea and I immediately grabbed another condom and ran after her into the bathroom. She opened the tap and I hugged her from behind. She rolled herself inside my arms, raised her eyebrows and asked “What?” I placed the condom on the wash basin at the side, hugged her tight and said “Lets shower together”. She smiled at me, looked at the condom and asked “Which means we’ll take a shower, have some more sex and then I need to take another shower?” I said “This shower is just about we getting wet and not a regular shower”. She gave a naughty smile at me listening to that and I immediately pushed her to the wall and opened the shower.


As the water started to flow down her face, her lips, I grabbed her waist and just as my lips rubbed her lips, she stopped me, pointed at the ventilator and asked “There is a ventilator right over our head. What if someone hears us?” I peeped outside the bathroom, saw the time and said “Its about 12:40am and no one is going to pass by at this time to hear us. So please stop thinking too much”, saying that I got closer and we started kissing each other sensually with the shower water oiling our lips continuously.


I rubbed my hands all over her body as she wrapped her leg around mine, placed her hands over my waist and started rubbing her boobs over my body by moving up and down. We got fully soaked in the shower. I then slowly turned her with her back facing me and as she raised her arms behind and held the back of my neck, I rubbed my hands over her arms, went down, rubbed her rough underarms, grabbed and squeezed her boobs. As I squeezed her boobs she moaned sensually Mmmmmm Hhhmmmmmm and started moving up and down rubbing her buttocks over my dick. In a few seconds, my dick started to grow big and hard.


I squeezed her boobs with one hand, grabbed my dick with the other hand and tried to pierce it between her buttocks. I felt this is the only chance I could fuck her without a condom. But as I pressed my dick between her buttocks, she stopped me, turned towards me and asked “What are you doing?” and went on to take the condom from the wash basin. I stopped her by grabbing her hands and told her “I really want to fuck you once without the condom. I know that can’t happen with a regular intercourse”. She immediately looked at my eyes and asked “So? Then? What are you trying to say?” I replied “Can we have an anal sex, without a condom? No risks of pregnancy as well” She immediately said “No way.


That could cause some serious pain” pointing at my hard and big dick and said “That too yours is really thick, though not so long, even for the mouth of your dick to penetrate my asshole and I need to go to office tomorrow where it will be difficult for me going around”. I literally begged her for anal sex for a few minutes and finally she gave in to me and asked “Alright fine. But don’t try to get rough. And I can take it only once”. I accepted and said “That’s fine for me but once means till I ejaculate once”.


She gave a starring smile at me and said “Think you are taking advantage of me. Anyways, what should I do now?” I closed the toilet seat and asked her to place one of her leg over the toilet seat and one by the side of the commode. She turned to the wall and stood just as I said. I then slowly pulled her buttocks wide open and got really excited looking at her tiny dark butt hole. Her asshole looked like a small dot with wrinkling lines converging into that dot. For a second, I got nervous as to how I’m going to penetrate my dick inside her asshole. Holding her buttocks wide open with one hand, I opened the wash basin tap, collected some water, poured it over her asshole and slowly dipped my middle finger into it. Her flesh was soft inside but it was too tight that I felt my finger got stuck inside. As I dipped my finger into her asshole, she held the flush tank tight with both hands and slowly moaned Mmmmmm Hhmmmmmm. I felt even my finger was painful to her but at that moment, I was so excited and tempted to put my dick inside her without a condom and so did not pay heed to her pain.


I dipped my finger deep inside her asshole and as I slowly took my finger out, I pressed her asshole with just my nail inside, making a small gap for my dick, grabbed my dick with the other hand, placed it on the gap and slowly removed my finger with the tip of my dick stuck into her asshole. I immediately laid over her back wrapped my hand around her waist from behind and slowly pushed my dick a bit hard into her asshole. It was so tight that I somehow managed to penetrate the mouth of my dick inside her asshole and she breathed out gasping Aaaahhhhh. I then slowly placed one of my feet over the toilet seat just besides her foot and pressed my dick harder into her asshole. After a few seconds, as I kept trying to penetrate her asshole, my dick finally gushed into her asshole with some force and she immediately closed her mouth with one hand and made a quick gasp with a closed mouth Hmmmmm. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kept pushing my dick inside her asshole. With my dick almost three-fourth inside her asshole, I slowly started to fuck her by moving my dick back and forth inside her ass. Her anal was unimaginably tight as I had to literally hold her buttocks tight to pull my dick back and wrap my arms around her waist to push it inside again.


Every time I pulled my dick back and pushed it inside her asshole again, she kept screaming loud closing her mouth tight. I sensed that it was really painful for her and I’m exploiting her too much but at that moment, the kind of ecstasy that I was in with my dick tightly gripped between her flesh inside her asshole, I could not stop it. It was too tight and tough to pull my dick back and dig into her asshole again. As I literally kept forcing my dick back and forth inside her asshole, I felt it slowly easing out and smoothening but still she kept screaming the same way closing her mouth tight with one hand.

As I kept digging into her asshole and pulling my dick back, I suddenly started feeling the pinch all over my dick and in a flash my dick splashing my semen inside her asshole and I bent down completely over her back wrapping my arms tight around her belly from behind and started kissing and licking her upper back as my dick kept spitting my semen inside her asshole. After some serious ejaculation, my dick slowly shrunk in size and oozed out of her asshole and she slowly went down, grabbed the toilet seat and sat over it. As she turned around, I saw her eyes filled with tears. Seeing that, I felt bad and kneeling down on the floor I asked her “Did it pain too much?” She was still breathing heavy and slowly closing her eyes nodded her head saying “Yes”.


I felt really bad but she looked up to me and gave a narrow smile at me even with tears flowing down her eyes. I stepped closer to her and she leaned her head on my belly sitting on the toilet seat. I placed my hand on her head and after a few seconds she slowly pulled her head back from my belly. Her face for a second shrunk looking at my dick and she said “Yuck. Look at your dick. Its too dirty. This is one of the reason why you need to wear condom even if you have anal sex but right from yesterday I’m noticing you wanting to fuck me directly”. There were a large amount of small black and sticky particles all over my dick, which may be, stuck to my dick from her asshole. I was really not bothered about that but what amazed me was that she understood my intent to fuck her directly and purposefully she kept stopping me before every intercourse to cover my dick with a condom.


She immediately took the faucet shower besides the toilet seat, lifted my dick by holding the tip of its mouth and splashed water from the water all over my dick cleaning the dirt over it. The water was a bit warm and as she was cleaning my dick, I again started feeling horny and my dick grew thick and hard in her hand. She immediately looked up at my face, raised her eyebrows and asked “What is this? Are you not done yet?” I nodded my head saying “No” indicating that I want more sex. She starred at me for a second and said “You have too much of lust inside you” and slowly got up, picked up the condom from the washbasin, looked at me and nodded the head signalling me to go to the room.


I slowly got out of the bathroom, entered the room and looked back at her, she followed me walking slowly though she could walk normally. I asked her “If your asshole is still paining, can we fuck tomorrow?” She replied “Tomorrow is 3rd February and my husband is coming back by the afternoon flight”. She looked at the clock and it was ten minutes past 1am. She again looked at me and said “This is possibly our last one hour on bed, if you want to have more sex with me. Post that I need to leave before someone wakes up and then my husband would be back by tomorrow afternoon. In a few more days your colleague will also be back in UAE sharing this room with and we will have no place to hang out”, saying that she showed me the condom that she picked up from the bathroom and raised her eyebrows asking what would I want to do.


I got seriously horny and I jumped towards her, dragged her close to me, wrapped my arms around her waist and started kissing sloppily. As we kept kissing, she rolled one of her legs around my thighs and we slowly went down kissing, lied down on the mattress and cuddled around for sometime kissing each other randomly all over the face and the neck. I slipped my legs between her legs, took my dick on my hand, placed it over her pussy and as I was about to push it inside her, she stopped me saying “Wait” and she somehow managed to hold the condom all the way through our kissing and cuddling. As she tried to open the cover, I stopped her and asked “Is this really necessary now?” She smiled and said “Why? I don’t want to carry your baby. Who will answer my husband?”.


I looked at her for a second and as she went on to open the condom cover I again stopped her and said “See, anyways your husband is back tomorrow afternoon?” She replied “So?” I said “You guys are meeting each other after about 3 weeks and you guys will anyways get close to each other tomorrow or day after. Just push him to have sex with you. Tomorrow if you conceive, he will assume its his baby. I will take credit for tonight”.


She kept looking at me thinking of something and slowly started to smile at me. I used this opportunity and took the condom from her hands, threw it away, grabbed my dick again, placed it over her pussy and as she closed her eyes rolling her arms around my neck, pushed my dick into her pussy. As I penetrated the mouth of my dick into her pussy, she gasped blowing heavy air from her mouth Hhhaaaaaaaaaa. I placed my hands behind her shoulders, pressing both my thumbs on her rough and moist underarms and pushed my dick deeper into her cunt. Every time I pushed my dick deeper inside her, Jiphy kept moaning sensually Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmm Aaaahhhhhnnnn.


Her sensual moaning made me feel really horny and I raised my upper body a bit and started fucking her moving my dick back and forth inside her cunt, pressing her underarms tight with my thumbs. She slowly removed her arms from my neck and held my shoulders. Her pussy was still gripping and was really hot and wet inside.

As I kept fucking her hard and rough, I felt a heavy tickling sensation all over my dick and unable to control my emotions, I fell over her hugging her tight kissing and licking her cheeks her ears as my semen gushed out of my dick and splashed into her cunt. She grabbed my waist tight as I ejaculated inside her and slowly rubbed my back whispering “Its ok its ok yeah that’s it.”


I slept over her for a while and she slowly dragged herself out of me making me sleep besides her. I woke up as I landed on the mattress and saw her getting up looking something onto her pussy. I slowly whispered “What happened?” and she immediately turned back saw me, smiled and said “Your semen particles are all over my pussy lips.” I felt a bit naughty and asked “Oh so I did not drop my semen inside you?” and giggled. She starred at me with a smile and said “There is much more load of yours inside me than this. Better shut up. I do not have any more energy.” I giggled again and said “I’m also drained out.” She said “Thank God.” And slowly got up and walked towards the bathroom. I asked her “What are you going to do?” She said “I’m going to have plain bath.” I did not understand what was a plain bath and slowly got up and went right after her. She stopped me and asked “Where are you coming?” I said “After all that we did together for the last two nights what is going to happen if we bath together?” She looked at me for a couple of seconds, took her hands off my chest and went inside. I followed her into the bathroom.


As we entered the bathroom, she turned at me and said “I only need a plain bath.” I asked “What do you mean by plain bath?” She said “Its shower without soap and shampoo i.e. neither do I carry this sweat stink nor I smell fresh after the bath.” We smiled at each other, I got close to her under the shower, opened the shower and as we got drenched in the water, I wrapped my hands around her waist and asked her “Would she mind a kiss?” She replied “Not so tight that we start sweating again.” and smiled at me. We kissed each other sensually and rubbed the sweat down each others’ body under the shower. We had long sensual bath. After sometime Jiphy slowly she closed the tap and as the water stopped, I pulled the towel from the hanger and swept her body thoroughly from top to bottom. She then took the towel from me and swept my body.


We came out of the bathroom and saw the time. It was about 2:20am. She said “Its already late. I need to be at home by 3am.” and started dressing urgently. I wrapped myself with the towel, sat on the bed and saw her dressing up. As she got herself dressed up, I got up went close to her and smiled. She also smiled and hugged me. I looked at her and asked her “What about one final sip?” She smiled at me agreeing to it and both of us opened our mouth a bit wide in desperation knowing that it’s the last kiss for a long time. After looking at each other with open mouth for a couple of seconds, we locked lips as I sucked her upper lips deep into my mouth for a few seconds and then went on to suck her lower lips as well deep upto her enamel. As we withdrew our lips from each others’ we had a really broad smile looking at each other and slowly distanced ourselves. She then nodded her head and said in a mild voice “Bye” and I bid her Bye as she turned, wrapped her face with her scarf, opened the door and silently left the place.


I then closed the door, fell on the bed dead tired and slept with the towel on. Next morning as I woke up, it was about 11am and I told myself no point going to office today. I saw my whatsapp and there was a message from Jiphy at 2:55am saying “Reached home safely.” I replied saying “Don’t forget two things. One, to have sex with your husband so that we don’t get caught and second, not to forget to give me the good news once you get pregnant.” She replied immediately with a thumbs-up and a Hi-Fi to which I responded again with a Hi-Fi.


About a month and a half later around the 20thof March 2016, Jiphy called me and said “I’m pregnant.” I got excited for second but then asked “Its not entirely my baby right?” She said “I feel it is.” I did not understand and asked “How?” She said “A couple of days after my husband came, when I fell over him and pulled him over for sex, he surprised me by taking out a condom just before we hit the bed. I was wondering what to do if I get pregnant even after this. And it was my good time that as he pulled his dick out of me, we noticed that the condom had broken though his load was still inside the condom. I raised a doubt asking him what if few drops had leaked out of it? He thought for a while and said lets see what happens as the condom had broken a few centimetres above the level upto which his semen was filled inside it. Now that I’m pregnant he feels that few drops of his semen had indeed spilled inside me that night but only I know what the reality is.” I could not control my excitement hearing that and started jumping inside my room. She then calmed me down and said “See, no one should know about this.


We had a narrow escape. I was seriously afraid till we noticed the torn off condom but I’m pretty sure that this is entirely your kid I’m carrying inside me.” I told her “I won’t say a word though I feel like screaming out loud that I’m going to become a father.”


I then asked her “Could I at least write and share this in some forum where no one knows either me or you?” She refused to accept even that. And after pestering her for close to a year now she finally agreed to share this with all of you here at Indian Sex Stories. Friends, this is my real life sex story with my colleague Jiphy and we are blessed with a baby girl on January 4th 2017 and have named our child Arusi. With a hope that this excitement and joy of mine that I have shared with all of you here does not get caught with the wrong eyes, I thank you all for reading my real life sex story with Jiphy. Your comments are most welcome.

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