Unexpected Encounter At Bus Stop Lead To Erotic Session On Bed

Hello everyone…. This is Tarun Goyal from New Delhi…. This is my first story at ISS and the description is also about my first sexual encounter….. If there are any errors then please do inform me coz mistakes are the source of improvement….. Your feedbacks are appreciable to encourage me to write more stories….. My mail id is [email protected] … Any lady girl or woman interested in having some workout around Delhi NCr region can also mail me…. Now not boring uh i directly come to my story…. This story is going to be a bit long as i want to describe each and every detail

I am Tarun a student residing in Delhi… I am 20 years old with average body and fair colour and an attractive face cut…. The girl described here is Saloni ( Name changed as the girl wanted her name not to get disclosed)… She is fair enough Punjabi girl with fair colour and attractive stats…. ( I don’t know the exact stats sorry for that)

One fine day I was going to travel from Dehradoon to Delhi….. Wether was cloudy with cold breeze…. I was waiting for my bus at ISBT and suddenly i saw a beautiful girl coming towards me….. I thought she might be going somewhere else and ignored…..

Then to my surprise she called me… I was shocked!! She said that she has problem with her phone…. Neither she is able to receive calls nor dial them…. I said to make a phone call from my phone if it was urgent and she did the same….

Meanwhile i went through her cell phone and found that there was no balance and as she was in roaming she encountered such problem and told her so….. She thanked me and we parted…. Then after 5 minutes she told that i was right there was a balance issue and asked me about where i was going and sat beside me…. I said to Delhi and she said she also belongs to Delhi and was going near same locality where my flat is situated…..

So we waited for the bus together and after half an hour bus arrived…. We got into the bus and took adjacent seats….. We adjusted ourselves and got seated….. It was dark and AC temperature was very low….. And because of the weather outside we started feeling cold…. I took one of my shirts from my bag pack and asked her to wear as she was wearing sleeveless top….. She wore it….. I have a very bad habit of not sleeping while travelling….. So i was just surfing fb and watsapp….. And then the action began…..

Suddenly saloni kept her head on my shoulder and fell asleep…. I had something strange feeling and kept looking at her as i haven’t seen a woman before…… And then i casually saw time in my watch it was already 4 am and we were going to arrive Delhi by 5 am….. Suddenly she woke up and apologized for keeping her head to which i said it was ok…. Then we talked casually regarding hobbies studies and all and she asked for my number…. I gave it to her…. We arrived Delhi boarded same cab and went to our respective homes……

At night i got watsapp text from her…. We chatted normally….. Day by day it became in our habits to text each other….. Our bond got stronger each passing day….. And we were comfortable sharing everything with each other…… And soon we started talking about sex and she proposed me….. To which i readily accepted and we had phone sex every night……

One fine day she called me and said that she wanna meet me….. But she didn’t wanted to meet in any public place…. So i asked her to have a visit to my flat as i live alone there….. She agreed and came at decided time…..

As she entered…. I offered her water and cold drinks….. Then we started talking seating beside each other….. Our eyes met and we started kissing each other’s lips….. we explored each other’s tongues and smooched for an hour…. Then i moved my hands over her boobs over her top…. And undid her top in one go…. Now she was in her black push up bra…… I licked around her neck…. and then went to cleavage and then was about to unhook her bra she stopped me and removed my Shirt…. She played with my chest hairs for a while and then she took out chocolates from her purse…. Asked for a hair dryer from me and melted them all….

She completely undressed herself and applied chocolates over her boobs and pussy area and asked me to lick all chocolate without using my lips…. I followed her instructions and started licking her left boob…. She left a small moan….. Then i licked around her nipple…. She moaned and pressed my head more deeper…… and likewise l licked all the chocolate….

As i reached her pussy area and put my tongue inside…. She flooded my mouth with her orgasm…… I drank all of it but it tasted a bit salty …. Then she came over me…. Removed all my clothes and saw my cock for a while… asked her to suck it to which she refused ….. She adjusted her pussy towards my cock ….

I gave a push and entered my whole length inside her …. She screamed in pain ….. Aaahh i kept my penis in that position only and then slowly took it out and started going up and down… She was like mm aaahhh don’t stop baby fuck me like there’s no tomorrow …… Aaahhh … I increased my pace and felt like i was about to cum …. I told her she said to cum inside ….. I came. …. Then we had 4 more sessions that night and one in morning while taking shower …..

That’s all…. Thanks for patience for reading this story…. Thanks to ISS to give me such a platform…. Any suggestions queries are always welcome….. Any sex deprived girl woman or lady can approach me … Age is no bar… My mail id is [email protected]…. Bubyee take care…..

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