Unexpected Sex Journey With Office Maid

Hello Everyone.. This is Sameer. I am reading stories in ISS from the past 2 Years. I want to share my own experience which is happened 1 year back. Myself sameer from Vijayawada, currently staying in Hyderabad.This is my first story kindly ignore of any spelling mistakes are there. I am having my own business here. I am 5.4” tall with good looking, can able to satisfy women.

The heroine of the story is our office maid Lakshmi ( Name changed) who is around 30 years of age with good looking and whitish complexion. She is from Godavari District, Settled in Hyderabad long back. Her husband is working in some shop and he is not giving physical satisfaction to her as I know it later when we involved in the relation. Her assets are mind blowing 34-30-36.

Coming to the story.. Lakshmi is our office maid will come to office in the evening time when everybody went off to clean the premises. In the early days I am staying in my cabin and she will come and finish her work. While leaving she will call intimate that she is leaving. I am not having any other intension on her. One day I went to have some water in the cafeteria, where everybody went away by that time. lakshmi is mopping the floor.

Suddenly, heard her voice and went there. She fell down by slipping her feet. I went towards her and enquired about any pain is there. She told me there is some pain at her knee and at her back. I have given support to her to stand and took her to sofa and asked her to sleep.

I went to downstairs to get some volin. But, I haven’t found any got one balm and asked her to apply by her own. But, she is in real pain she said please do it. I asked her to lift the saree. She lifted the saree up to the knee, I am massaging her knee. Then, the evil in me started to raise, by seeing the whitish legs and some visible thighs. Eventually I am massaging her thigh. She is not giving any objection. I got confidence then I am massaging her thighs for some time.

Later I remembered that she is having pain at her back. I Asked her to sleep on her belly and started massaging her back at spinal card. Slowly I have removed her pallu and while massaging I heard her moaning in low voice. Then I asked her to remove her jacket to get more contact. She said ok and removed it without wasting single second. I removed her bra which is in White color, started massaging her back.

After some time, she suddenly kissed me. We are in deep kiss about 5 minutes. I am pressing her boobs mean while. We broke the kiss and I have started to eat her neck and ear lobes while pressing her boobs.

I came down and started sucking her nipples and giving love bites. She is enjoying each and every moment and moaning like a bitch. I removed her saree and petticoat. I am really in shock after seeing her naked body. She is not wearing any panty. I hugged her and given a long kiss for about 10 minutes and we exchanged our saliva.

We broke kiss and she undressed me and took my tool in her mouth by bending on her knees, I am in cloud 9 at that time. She is giving a wonderful blow job and I am enjoying. I came to climax at about 5 minutes and told to her she is not in a mood to listen and I cummed in her mouth she drank each and every drop.

Now its my turn to satisfy her. I asked her to sit in the sofa and I went to pussy and started eating it. It is a good mixed taste of salt and some other one. I like the aroma of her pussy. I have eaten her about 10 minutes and she poured her juices on my face. I drank it.

In the meanwhile my manhood started raising it is in rock state I put it at her heaven entrance and gave a stroke. It is not moving in and I have given one more stroke half of the tool went in. started pumping her hole she is enjoying and asking to fuck hard( Dengu please chala rojulyndi nenu denginchukuni please ivala entha timena dengu). After some time I asked her to bend now she came into doggy style.

I started pumping her in that position around 15 minutes and released all my sperm in her hole. We hugged each other and I have asked about her sexual life with her husband then she told me that she is having sex 6 months back. She is having an eye on me from the past 3 months and she worked out now. I am in shock after listening that from her.I went to washroom to clean myself. She followed me to washroom and came in and started sucking my dick again in no time it came to its hard rock position.

She then asked me to fuck her again. Then I inserted my dick into her hole in standing position. But, it is not convenient for us in that position then we shifted to doggy again. I am riding her from behind mean while she is giving a hard moans like fuck me hard ( Dengu baga dengu). I reached climax in 15 minutes.

We hugged and had deep kiss there and cleaned ourself. I thanked her about the whole thing and thanked the water for slipping her. She given a naughty smile and gave a kiss and went off. This relation is continuing from the past one year we are having our fucking session at every 2 days. Will discuss about them in next stories..

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