We Live In Adam’s Family

Hi, all.First of all thank you all so much for you overwhelming response for my previous stories. You people are the only motivating factor which keeps me writing.

For the people who don’t know about me, hi.. I am Kavitha aged 34, mother of 2 and happily married for a decade now. Kindly read my previous stories at indiansexstories2.net/author/kavi-teddy21. Hope you all enjoy this one too.

It was a cool day. The monsoon have just got over. Greenery ever where. The dew on the surface of the leaves would have looked lovely on another day. But for me it looked as if the leaves were crying.

I was travelling in our car to a place which will change my life. I’m wearing a beautiful expensive saree, done with my make up which took 4 hours to complete.

Every other person said that I m looking like an angle in that dress. But when I looked myself in the mirror, I saw a girl whose dresses were ripped open and standing as if she is rapped by many.I don’t know how my life is going to be like here after. Whether it will be enjoyable or horrible. Whether my conscience will kill me or I will get used to it.

Every moment I just ask only one question to the one who created me. Why I had my birth in this family?But no one can save me from this. It’s my marriage.

I was born as 5th child to my dad and only girl child to him which made me special. The girl child are treated like a queen in my family since they are the one who are going to take the lineage forward. So no girl will leave the family after marriage but the man will come and live with her.

We live as a joint family in a very big house, the biggest in the town. Everyone in the town knows us and respect us. Our family owns the maximum land around that area. Every rich man around our town love to get an alliance with our family. But this is the family were weird things happen which no outsiders knows.Today I m also going to experience that weird thing.I don’t know whether my brothers where excited about my marriage or sad or nervous. But many are waiting for this day.As expected the marriage was grand enough. Entire town was treated, flowers and gifts piled up to mountain. Music and dance everywhere. The town people turned shy on seeing my brothers’ and cousins’ friends’ coming from the city wearing clothes which questions their modesty. They too brought a different flavour to the festive time with their stylish moves.

I felt pity for the good looking guy standing near me. He will surely have no idea about what will happen after that.The energy slowly reduced as ever hour past. People started to move towards dinning area and then to their home. At around 10, no other people other than the people from outstation were there.My dad did separate arrangements for them in a neat hotel which is in outskirts of the town.

So they all left in the vehicle provided to them after some dirty jokes on me about the subh mukurth.

So it was only our family in the marriage hall now.We together as a family had the dinner. Since it was late, my dad asked everyone except my brothers and their wife’s along with me and my husband to stay in the marriage hall itself.Subh mukurth must happen in our house only, and this is the tradition which was followed for generations now.So all my brother’s and their wife’s got into the vehicle and my dad occupied the front seat.

No one spoke to each other till we reached our place after half an hour journey.My dad asked everyone to freshen up soon. Since the next event must start by 11:30.

I was not so willing but I can’t change my fate so went into the bathroom and had a nice bath in the bath tub. On seeing myself in the mirror after the bath, I realised how good the beauticians were. My skin was glowing like a diamond. Perfectly waxed all over my body. After that I felt good for travelling miles to get it done. The Brazilian wax had made the privates look so cute. I started to praise myself as I never did before. The cold water had made my nipples on my 34c breast to point. The sensation was so romantic.I went out from the bathroom and started wearing my traditional saree for my first night. The cream coloured saree with violet coloured blouse made me look more beautiful. After which I wore slight make up, lipstick and lip glows. And some eyeliner. My hair was set loose.

As I went outside my dad was waiting for me. He asked me to take the plate filled with sweets along with me and wait in the room on the left side.I did the same.

The room can hold 6 king sized bed in it was well decorated with all the flowers possible. The dim light in the room was also was so romantic. Any other girl would have loved this kind of set up.. but I was still in a dilemma, cursing my family and my god. Because how can I share my bed with my brothers???

In my family, still they follow the tradition which they were following ages back. To maintain a lineage and to get the next generation from the same blood, the girl should carry kids who holds same blood as his father. They believe that by this only the next generation will get the sane leadership skills, knowledge, courage and attitude which his father possessed.

In olden days, parents give birth to boys and girls and they get married to give birth to next generation. This was continuing. After years, rules against marriage within families have been set.Due to this slight change in our tradition was done. Boys and girls will get married to outsiders but they don’t mate with their counterpart but mate with their siblings and the siblings’ counterpart will be allowed to mate with their better half. Even if a child born to that intercourse they are not allowed to take the reins. Only a child born to a brother and sister can be called as the next generation kids.It was about 4 years since my oldest brother got married, but he controlled his sexual desire till this day since he respect the tradition and my dad’s words.

From my childhood I was seeing him as my brother and I don’t know how I m going to touch him today.Just then I heard the door opening.

All my brother’s entered inside with a smile on their face. All my brother’s are handsome, definitely dream guys for many girls. They compete with each other during workouts which made them muscular. Tall and fair all are. Except the youngest brother no one had any hair on their body since they are into body building. The youngest one Ravi had bearded and long hair.Me: Vishnu.. seriously?? Are you going to have me today?? I m ur sister.Vishnu: Kavi, you are my sister and sister’s are our wife too. That’s our tradition.

Me: how can u speak like this?Raj: Kavi, touch ur heart and say u have not seen us in any bad way till now..

Me: just because I heard about this stupid tradition I dreamt abt u once or twice with it didn’t mean I must have u people.Vishnu: So u saw us and also dreamt abt us..ah niceMe: stop Vishnu, guys listen.. why dont we stay as a sister and brothers till death. That is a good relationship. We have our better halves we can have with them and live life as everyone does.Ravi: that’s not what our parents want, it’s better to follow them. If they came to know about it, then sure we ll face an exile.

Me: ok we don’t want to have with them. At least we can stay the way we were right.. happy bro n sis?

Raj: Kavitha! Don’t joke ok.. we are not Rishies to have that much control and all. Vishnu is waiting for this day since 4 years and Varun and I waited for 2 years.. Kavi you are newly wed. You don’t know the pain of a bee which is locked in a bottle near a honey pot.We can’t stay like this life long.

Me: Guys plz!!Varun: Bro’s she ll not agree. Better we start..On saying that they removed their shirts and dhoti.And pounded on me.

Vishnu started to kiss me madly on my lips and all over my face where as Raj and Varun started to undress me using their teeth.Ravi already went into my petticoat and started to bit my underwear. His moustache gave a very different feeling. I started to plead them to atleast do it slow. Bit when ever I opened my mouth vishnu start to smooch me.

Raj and Varun removed my blouse and was stunned to see my beauty.They became more hungry now.

Raj said. “Kavitha no one change ur fate, why not accept it and give a dance for us. You are good at dance right?”For a moment they all stopped and asked me to stand up and dance.I thought about it for a while…I knew that nothing can be done here after, so at least feel relaxed and enjoy that moment.

I agreed to their proposal and I started to shake my hips slowly and slowly. I removed my blouse completely which was already unhooked. Then slowly I got rid of the saree. My brothers gone mad on seeing me in inners. Then I turned back and unhooked my bra… and stood still for a while… they went un controllable and bounced on me. Two taking my either side of breast one taking my mouth and one went down.

I was thinking what a whore I was to have with 4 guys on the first night.At that point in time, I got an idea. To check out what’s happening on next door…So I stopped them abruptly and said about the plan.Initially, they were not happy but then it sounded great.Because non of my brothers have seen their wife nude in these years.

I went to my cupboard and took a transparent shawl and a Lewis short which I bought when I was in the city.I tied the shall around my breast and wore the shorts.I asked them to come in the boxers only.

We went near the room and thought of knowing it but found that it was already open. So just pushed the door open.As instructed my brothers hide behind the door. I started to shout at him.Me: what the hell are you doing Kumar??Kumar: Kavitha, they only started.

Me: so u opened or what?On day 1 u cheated on me. I am going to let ur parents know abt it and file a divorce as soon as possible.

Kumar: please Kavitha don’t do it.They only said that it was a custom. I ll not have sex with u at all but have to have them only.

Me: ho!! Since u r getting 4 women after marriage instead of 1 you nodded to what every lie they said?? Fine then enjoy.

Kumar: really really sry Kavitha. I also didn’t believe but ur father said that’s why I agreed. Plz, say what I need to do??

Me: ok. You must try having 4 girls right.. let me have their husbands’ first. watch me

On saying that I called my brothers in.

And I sat in the middle of the sofa opposite to him like a queen with my hands wide apart. Two of them occupied the seat on either side of me. One stood behind me and one sat on the floor with his face between my thighs. They again started to squeeze my breast kiss me, lick my arm pits and all around. I could find even my in-laws couldn’t take their eyes off from me. Then I removed Raj and Vishnu’s boxers which already have a volcanic-mountain ready to blast. I gave a nice and firm hand job. Then I went on knees 4 penis surrounded me.. gave hand job for 2 and sucking one with one on wait list. Since I was not able to hold the penis it was more like mouth fucking.. they enjoyed it very much.. after a while Raj who was mouth fucking me lay flat on the ground and asked me to sit on him.

I did the same.. Vishnu towards my right and Varun on the left gave their thing to hold when he was entering me.. even though I had soft sex during my college I maintained my virginity.. n it was Raj who broke it with blood pouring out.. Raj was happy but terrified to see it.. and everyone was stunned to realise that I was virgin. Then Vishnu came and took control. Vishnu was the tallest and strongest he carried me on his hip and entered me mid air. It was like a thrill ride for me. Then Ravi who was rubbing his penis with coconut oil said that.. Raj broke ur real virginity.. I ll break ur anal virginity. On saying that every other person started fighting.

I sat back and enjoyed for a while along with my real hubby.He was teasing me by that time.. after few min, I interrupted and said ok.. u have 4 girls here. pick ur girl and do something which seduces me. best work ll be rewarded.

Men will be men (lol) no men picked her own girl. And the girls are also happy to go with the man who picked her.

All men started planning so creatively since they are going to touch another woman.

But they know their limits. no one allowed to do intercourse with her.When the game started Vishnu who is powerful turned Anjali upside down. Anjali in fear screamed( my dad would have heard that lol)They did a 69 by standing.. it was so good to see it.. then Raj who came with a candle just started to insert into Asha. She too screamed like hell.. that candle was heated one.. he started to pump in and out.. she pleaded to stop. but after some time her vagina became numb and she started to love it. To compete with the heat, Ravi came with ice cubes.. took one into his mouth and slowly moved it all over Sushma’s body.. she moaned in pleasure… I thought she enjoyed so well.

Then Varun to Vishali.. he poured warm sugar syrup all over her body.. the started to moan. Varun slowly licked all the syrup. In between that he also gave the taste of the lemon and sugar combination added with salt from her body and his saliva to her by kissing her.. they enjoyed each others moves.. by the time they were enjoying I also went to her and kissed her… everyone were shocked to see me kissing her.. no one knows that I was Bisexual.I joined them… and each person enjoyed other person’s company.

I signaled Varun to enter me. he deserves that.. he applied lube and slowly entered into my ass. By that time I was bitting vishali’s beautiful juicy lips. I was sexually so happy that day… many fantasies which I had and thought that ll never happen, happened that day.

Rajeev, my hubby was so turned on seeing me getting ass fucked.. so he went to Anjali and kissed her neck with Vishnu already operating from the front. Rajeev, so seductively asked her for her ass in her ears.. Anjali, who was facing a drought when it comes to sex was more than happy to give.. she signaled yes with a shy smile… Rajeev started to make all arrangements to enter her. The sugary girl who was giving her pussy to me asked for a release and went to Rajeev. She was giving a good blow job and was ensuring everything going well and fine. Vishnu who was left alone came to me.

Lovely sister would you mind if I ask for a dp.I just smiled.

Vishnu sandwiched me… All the girls in the room were so turned on seeing me as well as they were jealous since they ‘ll never get a chance like that.

After few rounds, other two brothers came and took care of me…And the subh rathri came to an end by filling my tank with water from the different tap. Everyone had their wish satisfied. but everyone still wondering who’s spouse is who and that confusion will haunt till the death.

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