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Hello everybody, I am Rudradutt Sisodiya with a original tale with my social science teacher.

So first a brief intro of mine, I live in Vadodara a city in Gujarat. The best thing here is there are many hot and young girls are seen here, especially in schools and universities. I was in 12th std. when this incident happens with me and my teacher. At that time I was a tall a guy among all other students and was a little cute and I had sharp hairstyles and looks.

Actually I was not good in Social Science since 9th and my 1st term result in SS was also not good, so I was in search of a social science tutor. I was asking my friends about any tuitions they know for Social Science. In the search I asked one of my old friend, Humayun , who was a good scorer in previous exams. He told me about his Social Science tutor, she was a widow woman with a 2 year small girl child but with a good command in Social Science. All this was just the info about the teacher but the most exciting thing about the her was that her name was Sappna and Humayun had sex with her. I was in total shock hearing this and the fact is that Humayun was my 1 of the best friends so he shared this thing after few days of informing about Sappna madame.

He said the whole experience with his widow teacher after which I made decision to join Sappna madam’s tuition.

Let me tell his sex experience. Humayun is most handsome boy of the school, he has a good figure and is a good ranker. He had joined the tuitions of Sappna madam in starting of 10th std. He was the first student of Sappna madam. He knew the condition of Sappna madam, after the death off her husband she was left alone with her child, she have earn to keep her house running so she used too write some articles for Vadodara Khabar . She used to earn quite well for writing articles but due sudden clash in marketing of Vadodara Khabar she was left unemployed and had to find a new job to earn. So she started to make some handicrafts at home and selling them. But it didn’t earned her much so she decided to take tuitions for Social Science and so came Humayun to her tuitions.

Humayun used to go for tuitions everyday at night 9 o’clock .For first 2 months all went right and Sappna madam was good at her job and Humayun enjoyed studying with her. But one day in-between the class Humayun asked for a little brake and as usual they were having a break in class with chatting and having sips of coffee, the 2 year child off Sappna madam was asleep in her bedroom.

Humayun was having exam of Social Science the very next day so they soon completed their brake time and continued the studying thing. After a long class that day Humayun said to Sappna madam, “Madam at last we completed our revision and I am very tired and nervous about tomorrows exam” .Sappna Madame replied,” oh dear, don’t be nervous you have prepared so good since now for your exams you definitely score good in exams.”Humayun,”Madam I am still worried”. Sappna madam broke his sentence in between and said, “Don’t worry Humayun I have something for you with which you will get refresh and will be not afraid of tomorrow’s exam.”

Wondering what would be that thing Humayun asked ,” what’s that teacher? Please tell quickly”.

Without saying a word that time she stood off sofa and started removing her salwar kameez quickly.

Humayun was shocked seeing that and exclaimed,” what are doing madam? Why are you removing your cloths off? What happened?” many such questions. But Sappna madam didn’t stopped striping herself.

Now she was in her yellow bra and black panty only. Sappna madam asked,” Humayun, main kese lag rahi hun? (How am I looking Now?).”

Humayun was in total confusion sort of thing and answered ,”Madame app aisa kyu kar rahi hain.”He was saying this but had his evil mind on and this was seen by madam by seeing his growing bulge in his track pant. Sappna madame said ,”Ruk tuje aur dekha ti hun.” Saying this Sappna got her hand back and slowly unclipped her yellow bra.”

Wait a min I want you to know about Sappna madams naked body with my experience so I am dropping Humayun Story will tell my erotic tale with Sappna Madame.

I have said that Humayun my friend had already had sex with her; it was her gift to him for getting relief from exam stress before exam.

Now Humayun have left her tution because he felt guilty and shame after that night. He was not able to concentrate on studies anymore in her tuition. So he left giving me opportunity to join madam tuition and fuck her.

So the very next I got the address of Sappna madams home and visited it. When I reach there I saw the house was not that big and wealthy but still a house to stay. Then I rang the bell and after 2 minutes the door opened. I saw Sappna madam standing there. She looks like women of 32-35 having figure somewhat 36-28-34. She was in a loose top without chunni so I can see her big cleavage.

Seeing her, my Dick started growing under pants but somehow I leave it and I was talking to Sappna madam. The reply was yes and I was super excited. She asked for what reason I was there. I replied,”Madam I am Friend of Humayun he suggested me about your personal tuitions for Social Science. Hearing Homerun’s name the glow on her face]e was diminished but then she offered me to come inside.

When I got inside I saw her child was sleeping in sofa and the T.V. was on.

She put off the TV and gave me chair to sit. I sat and we talked for half an hour about my studying performance and which area i found difficult in SS. After those talk she offered me coffee. While giving me the cup of coffee she bend a little I was able to see her cleavage clearly and her blue colour bra.

She noticed that because while that time I was continuously staring her boobs. She then instead kept cup aside on table and move back to her place. Then I don’t know what happened to me that I suddenly said,” Humayun was lucky to play with your body”. She was certainly shocked and scolded me badly. But now I wanted to be clear so I said,

“See madam Humayun have said me all things that happened between you and him, so I am going to join your tuition only if you give that thing which you gave to Humayun.

Sappna madam was in a total shock she said, “that’s never possible, what did with Humayun was just an incident i still regret for it i can never do it again”.

Then I cleverly replied, “Okay madam then I have to leave, but Humayun said me about your financial problems and lack students and job, if you agree to what I said then I will join our tuition.”First of all she denied clearly.

But then I said, “Madam before having any decision just think of your child and financial problems, my tuition fees will solve all that”. She then took some time to think and answered,”Okay! But I will do with you only after you join my tuition and that only for time if you request more I will complain your parents”. Hearing this I was no seven cloud and I readily accepted the deal. I said with lust, “Oh madam! So kind of you. It will be fun to study with you”. She replied nothing but couldn’t make any eye contact with me.

Then moved closer to her and kept my hands on her shoulders and said ,” madam I am giving the advance today, So take it and give me something in return”. She in her low voice,”okay, but what you want?” I was bit afraid but finally said, “take this cash madam and give me in return a kiss on lips, I mean smooch”. Madam was shock and with her wide eyes she said,” What are you asking are you crazy or what?” I replied,” Madam have you forget the deal, this is just first step of our deal”. Sappna madam was again sad and take while was going to

Say something but I interrupted,” the smooch should be a long one say 10 minutes”. She said,” That’s not good Rudra you still are young child” To which I replied,” Please madam I don’t want to hear any nuisance, thats the deal and you have to do it”. She said,” Okay you can me”. Hearing this without any delay I moved more closer to her and put my lips on her, she was doing nothing but just kept her eyes closed.

First I kissed her lower lip slowly for 30 seconds; it sexy and her juices were yum. Then I slowly switched to her upper lips and tasted it. This all did go on for 5 minutes. This was all mine pleasure and Sappna madam was still standing there keeping her eyes closed.

Then Sappna madam opened her lips slightly I again moved on and this time I took my tongue inside her mouth and French kissed her to my surprise she was also reacting back positively. For about next 3 minutes we continued it. Then I was aroused. I put my hand on her breast and pressed a little but suddenly pushed me back. She said ,” thats enough for now”. And moved back. I said,” Okay thanks a lot for it Madam here is your advance and I am joining this Saturday. She replied okay and then I leaved.

To know more about what happened next stay tuned for next part.

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