Wild Fuck With A Slutty Lady

Hi ISS readers, myself Vijay am here to share a experience that I had with a lady in my colony , actually better than calling her lady we can call her a wild slut. Now on to the story..

My name is Vijay I completed my studies and had started working in an MNC in Hyderabad. I lived in a company flat on the same city. It was a colony which consists of more than 3000 families. In my next apartment there lived a lady name Revathi with her hubby.

Revathi ‘s family was a well-known prestigious family in our colony. Everyone in the colony respected them. But actually my Revathi was a hi-fi slut. I had even once seen her kissing a unknown person in the elevator. Revathi has a well shaped body her shape was 34 30 34 she was around 34 years old. She had a creamy white body and an huge hanging boobs.  She used to smile at me whenever we get cross each other and I used to return a smile back. This continued for days..

This incident happened on the day of oru annual meeting in our colony. I was also a well known member of the colony and  also had given the incharge of cultural activities.I had already arranged everything neat and had given it to the coordinators. The first program was the dance of the ladies of our colony Revathi was their teacher and also the main dancer of the troop. At the end of the dance Revathi gaved a glance at me asking me to get back of the stage.. When I reached their she asked me to accompany her to her apartment as she was afraid to go alone in dark and her hubby had another program. so I accompanied her.

Once we reached near the steps Revathi jumped on me and started kissing me on my lips. I was stunned for a moment but got back to sense and pushed her back. But this act made my dick to grow up. She noticed that and came closer to me and started opening my sip of my pants. she made my underwear down, and soon my dick jumped out. She at once caught hold of my meet and draged me by my dick to the public toilet down the apartment.

Revathi closed the door and came closer to me and removed my shirt and pants at once and then my underwears. I said

‘Mam , what are you do…’.

before I could complete, she put her hand on my mouth and said

“I am not your mam, am a slut and I want your dick and you should treat me as a bitch today, if you don’t then I would call everyone and say that you tried to rape me.”

On saying this she bend down and took my dick on her mouth, she started to chew my dick in her mouth up and down after few min she pulled my meat out of the mouth and made my foreskin down and gave a bit on it, ko God I was dying out of pain the she moved my meat again and continued eating it. She also put on finger on my ass hole and started entering me on back. I was feeling like I was at cloudnine. after few min she turned me around and started to lick my ass hole.. She licked deep in my ass. After few min she removed her mouth out and said your ass tasted like masala from your shit.

I was now at my extream mood by all this I had no more control and caught her up and pulled her saree down and started to bite her neck hardly she started to cry and but hold my head tight I teared her blouse and bra at  a pull and let her boobs free, I pushed her to the wall and started to lick her left boobs like an wild animal at the same time I moved my left and and pinched her right boobs hardly she was crying in pain and excitement.

Then I started to bite her nipple like a wild cat. I can sense the pain from her face. I then pulled of her petticoat which she was wearing and I also tored her panty. Now both of use where nude. I pushed her and she fall down I started to suck her pussy I made my mouth in her pussy and started to eat it. I started to suck her deep. Then I entered my one finger on her ass and started to fuck her ass at the same time. As I removed my hand I found a small amount of her shit in it. I licked and eat it like an animal.

Then I turned her out and saw her huge butts started to slap her on her butts it was soft but bouncing on my every hit. I said ” you fucking slut this is the punishment for your desir “and started to hit her butts hard. she was moaning loudly out of pleasure and was also crying by pain. again I turned her back and I started to enter my 7 inch meat on her. Revathi’s pussy was little tight but i made it in few push I started to fuck her vigorously she started to cry and said.” ahhhh fuck me ahhh fukkk me deep, hard make me cryyyy, your bittch is too hotahhh burn her pussy out” I started to hit her hammer her hard..

After 15 min we changed out position an she was now riding my dick as a horse.. she jumped again and again in my dick.i started to squeeze her boobs with my hand.. I spit on my hand and applied it on her boobs and gave few slap on her boobs .. after few min we again changed our position and started to ramp her pussy hard by taking her in my laps in air.. I spit on her face and she also did that to me.  the I made her lie down on the floor and licked what I have spitted on the face.. she also licked me back and out lips angaged again.. but this time the kiss lasted up to 15 min I spit on her mouth and she deinked it and she also dit that to me..

I again started to fuck her hard.. ” You sluty bitch I wanna fuccck you in front of her fucking hus.. you are mind blowing bitch… ahhhh…” shee was also crying in pain ahhh fuck dear tear your bitch out ..i am your bitch tear me out ajhhh”. I was nearing my cum as well as Revathi was. soon I poured my cum on revathi’s face and boobs.. she was all wet by that at the same time she collected her juice and poured it to my face. I dranked every drop of it she also licked every drop of my sperm.

We were exhausted and lied there for half an hour and she stand up and and was going for a pee. I placed my mouth under her collected it on my mouth I then kissed Revathi on her lips and exchanged her pee to her then she asked me to give her mine.  so I also pee on Revathi’s mouth and we exchanged that also.

We where hott again I made Revathi stand and put her on leg on the wallrob their and got back of her and started to enter her from back.. I found a cleaning brush in the toilet I took it and inserted it on her pussy and started to enter on her from both the holes.. she was moaning in pleasure..” ahhh fuccck mee tear it out from both ends ahhh you areee really a bitchhhh fuckerrr … and am loved to beee your bitchhh fuck hard ummaaa”.. I was also hitting her hard and slaped her hanging mellon with my free hand as one was ramping her pussy with cleaning brush ..” you bitch will die out today of my fuckkk ,I want you slut you are a dirty pros…”

I ramped her hard and was agian to cum.. and now I released my complete load on her pussy. she also had her orgsum by then.  my load was driving out of her pussy and she collected it on her hand and drinked it completely.

we lied down their for few more min , and again she was getting her pee and now she made it all over my body.. Then she moved above me and hugged me.. and we both where wet out by her pee. and the smell was awesome.

After an hour.. I slowly opened the bathroom door their was no one seen out so we started to move to our respective flats with out even a single piece of dress on our body as we where dirty with the pee.. we where slow because Revathi found it hard to walk… As we reached the flat I kissed My Revathi again and pinched her nipples hard .. and I went to my flat.. I had my bath and left for the annual function… Revathi was already there when I go. But Now she looked even more gorgeous and I even touched her private parts when ever I got chance in between the function… I found she was very hard to even walk but she also played with me when ever she got chance too..

After that we had many such wild sessions.. but even now the smell of her first urin bath of me had not goan from our bodies.. and we fuck like wild cats even now..

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