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Hi, this is Banty (my nick name) and Stuti. We are married for 09 years and have a son. This story dates back to our honeymoon in beautiful PortBlair island. It’s always to try out something new and adventurous.

It was our Honeymoon in Lovely Andaman. Our entire week was enjoyable and full of adventure and sex. We wanted to make the trip a memorable one. We had sex in a lot of places (in open too, sea side) We saw a lot of porn movies in the room (specially Kamasutra) to try out new sex positions. Once while watching sleazy Hindi porn movie, I asked her that for once I’d like to have sex in Hindi, saying all those hindi sex words. But she refused and said that she doesn’t like those yucky hindi fuck words. And I forgot about my wish. And continued our normal activities. And yes, ….She often shares smoke with me.This happened in Havelock island. Apart from strolling freely on the beaches, One day we decided to go for a trek in the woods. The island is all dense forest and hardly inhabited. Lots of trekking tracks inside. And there was no fear of any wild animals.

The weather was great that day as it had rained a bit and was still cloudy. We took a trek in the jungle. She wore a short tight skirt and a tube floral bra and a tight see through white short shirt with just a button. I was in shorts and tshirt. We were walking hand in hand on the track till we spotted a small water body. A beautiful little spot with green soft area around with few rocks. We sat down besides on the soft grass admiring the nature and were having a soft drink and smoke. Suddenly it started drizzling and we decided to stay on. We got wet and her shirt was clinging to her body showing her flowery bra. She opened her shirt and I took off my tshirt and both of us lied down on grass feeling and enjoying the rain. The grass was tickling our body and we were enjoying the same. Suddenly she came over me and said “jaanu Kiss me now” And we got into a passionate long kiss on the grass. It was raining and I lifted her skirt. No panties underneath, I started licking her pussy.

Despite the rain they were hot. She was moaning loudly. Few minutes later she was over me, sucking my cock wildly. The rain was light but continuous. She removed her bra and wore back the shirt. Today she was looking really sexy in a wet shirt tied in front and clinging to her body (sometimes girls look sexy with clothes on). Her skirt was hiked up and I said “I wanna fuck you here” She said “ready for you dear” and I climbed on her and straight away pushed in and started stroking.

We wanted some more variety and got up and went to the rocks. It was merely drizzling now. Her shirt was open now and we moved to a spot which was muddy and with a fallen tree. She wanted some wild sex and said “lets get wilder” I gathered some wet mud from ground and started rubbing over her boobies and her tummy. She enjoyed that, some more on her back & legs, and she also put lot of mud on my face, hairs and stomach. After some mud Holi we were looking junglees. She rested on the tree and looking at me said “sweetu my monkey, I wanna be fucked like a wild monkey” (my parents call me monkey at times out of love and so teases me too) “yes I will my wild cat” And then next she bent forward on the tree and I entered her from behind and this time pumping her strongly. My butts hitting her ass and I was holding her breasts tightly, almost squeezing her nipples. She was crying “jaanu its hurting” but I overheard and increased my strokes with jerks. She was shouting “fuck me harder don’t stop and fuck me wild, Oh my monkey fuck me”.

We stopped for some breadth sitting on a rock. Admiring each other’s muddy naked body. I said “dear I never ever expected this kind of wild sex. She pointed at my cock and said “jaanu what all names you call this” surprised bit , but I said in joke “why dear its call penis, cock, meat rod or so, but why” she smiled and said “why what about calling it Lund and mine a choot” I was taken aback, till she said “wanna hear something strange” I said what. She said “Jaanu I don’t want to have sex anymore” I was surprised “why…”. She said “No I don’t want to get fucked now, instead ….” I asked “What “she said coyly “Aaj main is Jungle mein CHUDNA chahti hoon” I was zapped to hear that and asked “kyaa bol rahi hai”, till she said again “kyaa dekh rahe ho ?? mujhe chodna nahi chaahte??” And held my cock and with a naughty wink said “meri jaan, aaj ye lund mera hai, mujhe ye lund abhi mooh mein lekar choosna hai”

It was a wild surprise, she continued “Yehi sunna chahte the naa.. laiye apna lund mere muh me daliye mujhe abhi choosna hai” wow, I wanted to hear this. She went down and started sucking my cock, occasionally saying “kyaa kadak lund hai ”. As she stood up & fingered her cunt I asked “Aur ye” she replied “meri choot ab aapki jubaan ki pyaasi hai”. I said “Ab meri baari, aapki choot ka swaad lene ki” as I licked her cunt” I was licking wildly and said “aa meri chikni choot” and she was moaning “aur andar jubaan daalo, aur jor se chaato yaar, saara ras chaat lo aaj” She said again “choot hee chatenge ya chudai ka bhi iraada hai” I said “agar teri choot fadak rahi hai to mera lund bhi farfada hai” she ordered “Jaan meri, main chudne ko taiyaar hoo, laaiye apna lund meri choot me daaliye aur chudai kariye… Aaj bujha dijiye meri pyaas”

She looked directly in my eyes and said “Jaan this was your desire and today is your day, lets have sex in Hindi, pehli aur akhri baar. Aaj jo kehna hai keh lo, kar lo. Dobara nahi hoga. I won’t mind. Main to dil bhar ke sunaoongi chillaoongi, tum bhi aaj mann bhar lo”I had one chance and I wanted to let out all those dirty yucky sex words. I positioned and started rubbing my cock at her pussy, she was getting despo crying “Chodo naa please, mujhe chodo naa, kyaa kar rahe ho, la de naa apna lund, daalo na” I pushed half in and again stopped. (I wanted her desperate cries and wanted her to beg for sex) She again shouted “kyu tadpa rahe ho, meri choot aur gehri hai, poora ghusedo na, bujha de naa meri choot ki pyaas” I said jokingly “bahut fadak rahi hai choot teri, kyu tharki ho rahi hai”

This time she cried “Ab Sataao mat , jaanu maro dhakka and pel do andar,” I said “ye le” and rammed my cock in her choot as fast as I could and there was a loud aaah from her. Her tone changed suddenly and she started moaning loud “Aa chod mujhe, aur jor se chod mujhe, Oh mere Bandar, la apna mota lund aur andar daal, please jaanu jor se chodo” and then it was “Aa mere kaminey, aur jor se chod mujhe” and further “chod kaminey chod, pel mere kaminey ” I was surprised with this sudden outburst (we’d been seeing some erotic Hindi movies) We realized that the Hindi words were giving us some different arousing kicks.

Her nails digging into my back, My cock was in and I was trying to be as wild as possible with deep strong strokes and responded by “Kyu nahi, Meri jangli billi, mast lag rahi hai aaj too, tujhe Bandar ki tarah hi chodoonga, La apni choot, aur le is Bandar ka lauda, le meri jaan, Aa teri choot ki pyaas bujha doo, kyaa tight hai teri choot, aaj faad doonga” It was getting wilder, she asked “kaisa lag raha hai” and I replied “ye jangli chudai special rahegi” As I asked her to turn back as she smiled “Saale gaand maroge kyaa”. Zapped to hear that from her, I called yes “Haan Saali ab teri gaand chodta hoon, ghoom ja, ghodi ban” I started by licking her ass and then her throbbing fuckhole from behind. She was crying “gaand me muh mat mar, lund maar, peechhe se chhod mujhe, jaldi” I positioned behind and pushed my cock in one move through her cunt. I was fucking her from behind; she was wildy fingering her cunt and crying loudly. I said “Bahut chudaasi hai aaj, kyaa mast gaand hai teri” and started spanking her ass lightly. She said “jaan aur jor se maaro” and I spanked her hard, she was crying “mere mamme pakdo, meri choochi jor se daba, aur jor” I bent forward and held her boobs, squeezing & pinching them hard “teri choochi bhi kyaa tight hai, kaho to choos ke sukha doon”. She poured some water over her breasts to clean off mud and said “Aa choos le meri jaan, ye mamme sookhege nahi, poori zindagi pilaati rahoongi, choosna saale, par aaj ki pyaas to bujhaa le apni” I was sucking them wildly as if I was thirsty.

She was coaxing me to say bad words as she was saying but I was hesitant as I loved her very much and couldn’t. As I stopped she said jokingly ”kyaa mere chodu Bandar, bas itna hee dam hai tere lund mein, Meri poori pyaas bhi nahi bujhi aur Dekh saala murjhaa gaya, aur meri choot, abhi bhi pyaasi hai, tight bhi hai, aur chud sakti hai, chodega aur? Chodega ?? I said “jaan, mera lund bhi abhi kadak hai, jee bhar ke chudna, thakunga nahi” She smiled and said “Kaash doosra wala lund bhi hota, Mazaa aa jaata, Aaj main double chudna chahti hoon” She was inciting me this time and hesitatingly I said “kyu meri jaan, randi banna chahti hai aaj” She gave me a light slap and shouted “ab samjha mere chuddakkad, aaj mujhe randi bana de. Aur tu kya hua mere chodu. Samajh le main teri private Randi hoon. Bahut kam logo ko personal randi naseeb hoti hai. Aaj mann bhar le kamine, phaad de meri choot, Bujha de meri pyaas. Aaj meri choot gaand mamme aur Muh sab tera hai. Sab jagah chod…. Jo bhi kar bas chod mujhe jaldi, har jagah chod”

I said “Kamini Aaj tu meri personal Randi hai, Bahut chudaasi ho rahi hai, bahut farak rahi hai teri phuddi, Do lund ki baat kar rahi hai…aa ab tujhe aisa se chodta hoon, mera ek lund hee do kaa mazaa dega, yahi teri pyaas bujhayega” she lifted one leg rested on a stone I thrusted in hard saying “le meri Randi saali, le mera lauda le” I took my hands behind and thrusted my finger in her ass. Finger fucking her ass. She was shouting loud “mazaa aa raha, mar jor se maar, thok saale”. Our legs were digging in wet mud and we were holding against the tree and fucking wildly. She said “Saale aaj meri ye farakti fuddi tera lund khatam kar degi” I replied “kaminee mera lauda aaj teri choot phad dega” her nails digging in my back, our muddy bodies rubbing with friction, she was chanting “jor se chod mujhe, aur andar pel kaminey, aur jor se jhatka maar, phaad de meri choot, aur andar pel, saale aise hi randi chodte hai kyaa” it was screaming vulgarity and aaah and ooohh in the jungle. She was screaming loud in the jungle. I was giving severe jerk in fucking her shouting “le meri jaan le mera lauda aur le”

Don’t know what took us over that day, we were extra wild and vulgar (words were just flowing out) and we were responding to each other’s dirty statements. Next she pushed me down on the mud and as she prepared to mount on me I said “Aaja meri private randi, tharki saali, baith mere lund par, tujhe chodoo, aaj ye lund faulad hai” She replied “kyu nahi mere chodu, par aaj main tujhe chodoongi. Aur ye tera lund hai ya sala loha, sookhta hi nahi. Par pehle meri choot chaat fir se”. She lowered her pussy over my mouth and I stuck my tongue in. She was gyrating over my face, her cunt was dripping and she was holding my head and pushing towards her cunt and moaning “Theek se chaat saale, aur andar jubaan daal. Poora choos kamine.

Biwi ka juice bahut piya hai na, aaj is jangli randi ka juice peele ,pee saale pee” I licked her dripping cunt juice, Gradually she lowered herself over my cock and started jumping on me and I was pinching her nipples hard. She looked like in pain and started slapping me saying “Kyu kaminey, mzaa aa raha hai, Ye le, meri gaand par jhapad marne ka inaam”. I was enjoying I said “Aaj to tu sach mein randi ho rakhi hai, Ye Sali teri kaminee choot, kitna chudegi, abhi tak kitni garam aur tight hai, jal rahi hai”. My back was in mud and so was her legs, she started jumping up and down my cock with loud cries “Le mere chodu, ye randi ki choot aaj tera fauladi lauda pighla kar khaa jayegi” and I was crying loud “aur andaar le mera lund, chod mujhe chod , chod saale aur le andar” Next she got up and I held her hairs, inserted my lund in her mouth “meri personal randi, ab tu mera lund choosegi,………. teri choot to chod li, ab tere muh ko chodunga, Saali aur andar daal ke choos”.

She opened her mouth wide enough and I was stroking my cock in and out. At times deep inside, hitting her throat. She was lapping it up madly, I asked her “Mere lund ka juice piyegi Jaanu” she gleefully replied “Aaj tera poora juice piyoongi, kyaa mast lund hai, saale abhi jharna nahi … aur mere muh ko chod” and continued sucking.Lastly she said “Aaja mere choochi ko chodo” I positioned my cock between her mud smeared boobs, she squeezed them and I started titty fucking her said “kyaa tane hue mamme hai, choochi bhi abhi tight hai. Saali kitna stamina hai chudne kaa”. I was feeling the heat of friction as my cock was rubbing against the mud, but the joy was more she was moaning softly now “Chod mere mamme chod, jhatka de kaminey, aur tej chod, aur jor, Aaj tere lund ka poora juice peena hai, daal mere muh mein daal”.

As I was about to climax, I stood up and she held me cock in her hand and started stroking it long and hard. Her mouth was open as if hungry to drink my cum. I was shouting “le mera juice pee, pee meri jaan” and cummed over her face and mouth. She drank up my cum and licked off my cock dry. I gave her boob massage again. It was a wild sex and she finally said “kamine, aaj mujhe Randi bana hi diya. Khush hai ?? aage kabhi mat mangna” I smiled “Baby next time I will fuck you hard wild but kabhi chodoonga nahi”. That was some wild vulgar sex

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