With My Gf’s Shy Bestie In Manali

Hello everyone.. I’m Raj 21;) from Bangalore , I’ve been reading here from a few years and now I’m writing down my 1st story .. This happened recently i,e on 26th of March

(And yeah this story is going to be a bit long so that you get that same exact feeling .. I’ll try to narrate wit all the details possible, so if you’re here for a quickie then I’m sorry buddy this story is not for you .. And if you want real pleasure stay tuned)


Without wasting anymore time on introduction I’ll come to the story.So the heroine of this story is Shreya she’s my gf’s bestie and my gf knew that I had a crush on her from a long time and she was ok with it …


Let I’m tell you about Shreya she’s 5’2” and she’s damnnnnnnn cute she has a smile to die for and her body wowwwwwwww 32 26 30 her perfectly sized boobs were her main attraction and that perfectly shaped ass uffff everyone in our college used to check her out .. Initially as she’s my gf’s best friend I had a friendly relation with her (until this happened ????)we used to meet everyday and greet each other with just a normal side hug .. I had a crush on her but never had a bad feeling .. My gf used to share every single detail with her so she knew everything about us


So we were in our final year of college and our college had organised a trip to Delhi Chandigarh and Himachal . We all were very excited , it was a 10 days trip .. So we took off from Bangalore , reached Delhi airport then sight seeing n all later day 2 Chandigarh day 3 Shimla and finally on day 5 my favourite destination Manali .. It was severely cold weather , in the night it was around -6 degree .. Coming back to the story – it had already been 5 days of travelling and sight seeing and to strike away our laziness our organisers planned up for a party in the evening in the basement of our hotel .. We finished our dinner by 7:30 and by 8:30 everyone reached the dance floor .. We were a group of 50 .. Dj started playing his tracks and everyone started dancing .. That cold weather… Loud music .. And as we were in Manali .. It was obvious for us to smoke manali’s special weed .. Few boys were already high and dancing crazy and even I took a few puffs and was dancing with my girlfriend ..smooching and dance and weed everything worked simultaneously and suddenly I realised Shreya is no where to be seen . I asked my gf (so our conversation was like this)


Me-babe where’s Shreya?

Gf-Oh I totally forgot to tell you, Shreya isn’t feeling good she has a really bad back ache due to traveling so much she asked me if you can go n help her ..


Me- yea ok! but where is she?

Gf-she’s in her room .. Listen she’s really in bad pain can you just go n giv her a massage if you don’t mind

Me – Y will I mind ? (With a naughty smile)

Gf – ayee she’s my best friend


Me – yea yea chill I’ll take care of her

Gf – she’s waiting for you from a long time now go ..!!

I gave her a kiss and left


I reached and knocked the door of her room .. Her voice came from inside ”come in Raj the door is open”


I entered her room and saw her lying on the bed with her back facing the ceiling.. And she had covered herself fully with a blanket

Me- hey Shreya what happened?


Shreya- uh just a bit of back pain

Me – a bit ?

Shreya- yea not much .. I know your gf must have exaggerated about it

Me – exactly !


Shreya- nothing much to worry.. Nothing serious but I just can’t bare the pain

Me – relax now I’m here to help. She said you need a massage

Shreya- yea I’ve heard from your girl that you give really good massage

Me – God’s gift you see ????


She – your such an ass and now giv I’m a massage .. I can’t bare this pain

So I sat next to her lifted her blanket and she was wearing a white t-shirt and tight fitting jeans .. I lifted her blanket and kept it below her ass just covering till her knees for once I just admired her body .. I said to myself this is such a great ass I wish I can have it in some point of my lyf


She said what are you waiting for go on ..

I was sitting beside her and I sat on my knees and starting massaging her shoulders 1st


Shreya- you seem to be nervous!

Me- not at all just that your t-shirt is coming in my way

There was complete silence for 5 mins i was still massaging her shoulders and back .. And she said – Raj is it difficult to massage wit this t shirt on?


Me-yea and I’m sitting in the wrong position also .. While I massage my gf I sit on her ass so that I can apply more pressure on the back and shoulders


Shreya- it’s ok you can you can sit on mine as well but I’m really feeling shy to take off my t-shirt

Me- it’s up to you


Shreya- is it ok if I put on the blanket on me after taking my top off and you can slide your hands inside .. Will that be fine ?

Me- as you command my highness (and I started laughing )

Shreya – just don’t start enjoying too much .. Ok now turn around and dare you turn back until I say


Me being a good guy turned around and let her take off her top

Shreya- raj come back I’m done


She was the lying on that bed all I could see was her ass in those tight fitting jeans and a thick blanket covering her bare back ..


I sat in her ass and I slide my hands inside and that feeling of me sitting on her ass was already a push to my manhood

I slide my hand in the blanket and and start massaging again and my hands go on her bra .. Her face turned red and she said fuck I forgot to remove it ( as we were just friends so it was not normal for her and she being a decent good girl all this was new ) I said her – it’s ok don’t feel shy just take it off .. She kept quite .. So I myself unhooked her bra .. She was shocked at first later she pulled it off her herself and threw it away .. It was a white colour bra .. Then I started with her lower back and wit good pressure kept massaging her ..

Then after an hour of good massage she was finally feeling good I was still sitting on her ass and then I ask her how you feeling .. she said .. Amazing .. your hands are like magic .. I can feel butterflies in my tummy .. I said I can massage your tummy as well she readily accepted and without informing me she turned around .. Now I was sitting on her thighs and my dick was almost near her pussy.. She still had her jeans on and at that blanket covering her boobs …


I started getting a hard on .. At 1st I held held her waist and looked in her eyes we both could see lust in our eyes .. I run my hands on her belly and play wit they belly button and without informing her I just moved forward and hold her boobs .. She was shocked and her eyes popped out she said rajjj what are yo…. and I started kissing her at 1st she was trying to oust me but within seconds even she gave up while kissing I took off the blanket and then took a closer look at those beautiful pair of tits … They were firm .. Tight and her nipples erect pinkish areoles for her fair skin tone .. I was going mad .. I started sucking one nipple and was pressing the other boob and then vice versa and in between I was pinching and biting her nipples she was going mad and to add up the ecstasy I started circling around her nipple and flicking it wit my tounge ..


She just kept mouning and held me by my face and was pushing me to suck it hard then then she came on my took of my tee and started kissing I’m like a wild wild chick and biting my nipples chest and neck .. I pushed her and pinned her down and opened her jeans it and her white panty was dripping wet I couldn’t control and started kicking it … It tasted really good I tore it then n there and inserted my tongue and she was like ahhhhhh unmmmmmmm ehhhhhh sssss yea …. Raj lick I’m lick I’m Raj suck my boobies .. I’m all yours


I took off my jeans and undies in one go and she was shocked to see my 7 inch dick .. And said – I’m a virgin plz be slow … Without wasting any time I started kissing her and was sucking her boobs and came down to her navel and then was licking her pussy she was going mad .. I thought of teasing her and just kept my dick on her pussy and was rubbing over it … She was in no mood to wait she started yelling .. Fuck I’m you basterd.. I can’t wait .. I slowing inserted my dick .. It’s head went it .. Her pussy was really tight .. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her so that she shouldn’t shout and I gave a str0ng push … She tried to scream but couldn’t and tears started rolling her eyes .. I kept kissing and waiting for some time .. After a few minutes she was good to go ..


And I started pumping her .. I could see blood all over the bed sheet and my dick she locked her legs on my waist and I fucked her then I lied down and she came on top and started riding I’m I was pressing her boobs she was like ahh ahh ahhh ahhh ahh yeah ohhhh yeah I’m loving it.. Harder press herder and she started bouncing.. And later we came to doggy style and she started screaming fuck I’m fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I’m hard ahhhhhh uhhhhhh yea fuck … Harder .. And I said I was about to cum she said cum in my pussy I want to feel your hot semen and we both came on the same time both were satisfied and exosted and slept until others came and woke us up in the morning .. you quickly wore clothes and came out ..

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Girls who want to have fun physically verbally or emotionally can’t contact me .. 🙂 girls privacy is my 1st priority.. So feel free and contact me 🙂


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