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Hello everyone.My name is Rohit.please give me your valuable comments at [email protected]

Coming to me,l am 21 years old and good bult body that a women can attract well at me.

Her name is Divya .she’s a house wife with one adorable daughter of 1 year .coming to her stats …she has 38,28,38. She looks good and evry boy will be attracted to her.she has a witish complexion.

She is doing a gov job.she should travel daily leaving her child with a care taker.I used to live beside her house.One day all the people in our area heard a big scream of a lady coming from her home .

Me along with some friends rushed to that place.Her husband and she’s having a quarrel and their child was crying of hunger.Her husband moved to another country leaving them alone.I felt pity for that.After few days I saw her coming with her child asking me a help that her daughter is with ill health and she need’s a medical care immediately and she doesn’t know where to go as she’s new .We rushed to near by child care hospital and we became good friends.And I told that I just live beside her house.

We took the baby and headed to our house and she asked me to join for a coffee.I said no thanks next time.That night I went to my terrace and I saw her coming up with her child and trying to feed her .The baby is not eating and started to cry seeing that I joined her.We made the baby eat and made her sleep. Her the story starts.She:do you mind if I ask you something


She:will you join me for a sleep today because I don’t know how to take care of a child and u seems good in that

Me :but I have some work to do

She:please please please….

Me :okay ?

She :thank you so much and she kissed me on my cheek.

I was shocked !

We both had dinner and then I said that I’ll sleep in one bed room and you sleep with your baby.she said no problem we’ll sleep together and the baby will be with us only.i said ok to that .i slept down and she’s sleeping up.after sometime I felt something pressure is acting up on me and I found that she’s sleeping with me keeping two legs on me .i thought it’s weird and after some time she started to kiss me.I acted like I was sleeping,and she woke me up and said that she need some pleasure.I understood about that and said I’m good at that.we both started to kiss and did a lip lock for 10 minutes.

I slowly removed her sarry pallu and then I saw her deep navel wow mind blowing.I was biting her ears she’s in full mood now.i removed her full dress and made her nude .she started kissing me and even doing it harder.she removed my t shit and shorts and made me nude .started giving me a blow job.wow I was in heaven she’s looking dammmm good with that short hair and sexy body milky thighs.after some time I told to her that I’m about to come later I came in her mouth.she drank those alll.i moved towards her pussy and started to lick her ,I am biting her thighs now and she’s moaning now ahhhh ……ahhhh … umm …. ahhh….

I’m mad now and started to lick that hard and I kept my tounge in that after that she had an orgasm…

My boy was fully erected again and ready to play hard.slowly I kept my dick in her pussy she had given a large moan now ahhhh ……. umm…. come on….fuck me Rohit fuck me hard.As my dick is 7 inch nearly she’s having a lot of pain.Complete 2years she’s not having sex.her pussy is tight and I started to give good hard strokes.

Istarted to fuck hard and she’s shouting in pain and pleasure ammm ….. ahhhhh ….. ummm.ufff ….. fuck .fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck me harder Rohit fuck me .I’m more mad by that . She’s scratching my back with her nails it’s paining hard but I need to fuck her more..we both are sweating now.later I want to change my position suddenly we got a sound ,the baby woke up.she rushed there and made the child to sleep again.

We made a word that not to shout loud.And I asked her to be in doggy style and started to fuck her like that .I’m giving a really hard strokes that she is tearing the bead sheets with pain and pleasure.

After that we went to missionary position and she’s riding me like a good horse .as she cannot shout I started to kiss her hard .we both hugged and she started to scratch me again uffff it’s painful.I asked her to stand on her legs she did that and I started to fuck her like that .she liked that so much .later I lifted her with my hands and started to fuck!!!!she’s having more pain as she cannot shout she started kissing me …one side we are playing tounge game and another fucking her hard.

We are sweating like hell….as I’m about to cum now I asked for anal sex which she replied yes instantly.she was standing and bent a little by support of bed and I started to fuck her anal now.she moaned first ahhhh!! And she stopped again seeing her baby .i holded her hair and fucked real hard that her hole got cracks and started to bleed and I came in her anal hole…

Later she huged me and went to tears that her husband left her because of her baby .As they planed to have one after five years but she got it now and with ego both were completely divorced.She said I love you Rohit will you love me,I said I’m just 21 and I even can’t afford you.She replied that she has enough money for a good life .I said I need time to decide.She said ok ? and we both started living in one house now.

Give your comments please.

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