Wonderful Journey With Bhabhi Part – 12

Again hi to all, so how was your day, don’t worry if it goes bad because it happens to all and worry if it is good because you will get ugly day after good day so don’t get confuse to my statement. All I want to tell is every day is urs weather it is good or bad and you can always do learn and grow with good/bad day.

Ok first I seriously want to thank the readers and guys who mailed me to appreciate my story and etc. Coming back to story, after unexpected sex in kitchen with bhabhi and almost we caught and bhabhi saved us again, I didn’t know bhabhi is going to a marriage today with bro and his son manu (2years old now) that’s why she was looking gorgeous in sari I should I guessed it.

Bro: why you making breakfast anyway we are going to have in marriage.

Bhabhi: for Pradeep…!

Bro: ok.

Bro: and listen Pradeep I forgot to say we are going to her friend marriage & after that we are going to Shimoga where my friend marriage is there and we return 2 days from today, so eat breakfast I will drop you at the home and go.

Shit, I came to have fun with bhabhi and had in kitchen and that’s it god!, I was thinking to myself.

Bhabhi: Pradeep you there, what you thinking, you had your fun right.

And she smiled seeing my face.

Me: uhh! Bro I love Shimoga please take me with u.

Bhabhi: no!!!

Bro: ya Rohini we can take him with us, you have any problem with it?

Bhabhi: uhh… No noo its long journey and he will get tied because he just now finished his exam and got early in morning and came here.

Bro: ya your right he should take rest.

Oh no.

To the reader: guys here I cant convince my bro because female has all power here and you know its difficult to go opposite to your wife especially if your wife is well educated, beautiful women.

So I have to convince my bhabhi now so I asked bhabhi to serve breakfast to me so I can leave and said her to bring to my room.

After half an hour she brought breakfast, as she came inside I locked the door and asked.

Me: bhabhi y?

Bhabhi: oh what you want you had everything know. Now you want to come with us to do what. Well, I know what but you cant wait for few days.

Me: ahh I see you women’s will have all fun and get satisfied and you can be without sex for few days and when you return I should fuck you and again you win.

Bhabhi: what are you speaking.

Me: what am I speaking, come on bhabhi we had sex in morning that’s why you don’t want me to come with you because you had what you want and you can live without sex for few days.

Bhabhi: oh come on you only forced me, even I said to stop.

Me: oh don’t act bhabhi. If you leave me here I will never come to see you again and never touch you ok.

Bhabhi: with smiling ok good.

And she started leaving and got confused and said to stop.

Bhabhi: what! I agreed to your terms.

Me: at least give me your panty your wearing and I can live with it for few days.

Bhabhi: uff. No.

Please bhabhi I begging u. Again she said no, I went down and held her leg and asked please bhabhi, she said first get up,

Me: not until you agree to give me your panty which your wearing now.

Bhabhi: oh god, first get up Pradeep.

Me: no first I need your panty.

Bhabhi: ok,,…

Me: no, not until you agree to take me to marriage with u.

Bhabhi: urg! What the hell. Ok, whatever you want.

Me: yes!. Bhabhi?

Bhabhi: what now!.

Me: love you.

Bhabhi: ok whatever now come with me its already late.

We all got into car and bro driving and bhabhi seating beside him and I sat with manu in back seat. It was tough to seat at back seat but I managed to sit and spend time. We all reached marriage and finished all greetings and back to car for long journey to shimoga. Again same sitting but at one toll point at afternoon my bro stopped car to went out to buy ice cream for his son.

So I am alone with my sexy hot bhabhi in a car, so my devil started coming alive.

Bhabhi: so I didn’t teach you will hold my leg for my panty.

Me: ya so nice feeling.

Bhabhi: idiot boys all are same.

Me: oh poor girls.

Bhabhi: ok enough.

We both are silent for a while and bhabhi asked, you not trying things now, anyway your bro is out.

Me am not idiot bhabhi, how much time do you think they will take to buy an ice cream and return.

Bhabhi: very little time.

Me: then I cant do anything with that time, even people are watching you from outside.

Bhabhi: ya that is a nice feeling.

Me: are you virgin before marriage bhabhi.

Bhabhi: of course! Y? Oh, wait a couple of times I had some moments with my boyfriends but did not lose virginity.

Me: boyfriends??

Bhabhi: ya…., look your bro is coming.

After 5 hours of journey, we reached Shimoga and the place where we stayed which was arranged by my bro friend. Marriage arrangements are going nicely and getting along time with bhabhi was difficult I tried a lot of things didn’t work. In fact, she was working with other women’s he makes marriage arrangements look good.

I was going wherever she goes and watching her, sometimes when few people around her, she used to drop her sari accidently so I can see her melons. And sometimes she used to show her navel too. That day I didn’t get much a chance to have her so next day its morning marriage so we have to get ready early morning.

And we got separate rooms one for us, yes me, bro, bhabhi and her son. Actually there was no much rooms available so.. I was sleeping on a couch and bhabhi awaked me @ 4am in morning and asked to bring hot water to take bath. There is a place outside we have to go and take hot water from there, actually everyone as to take from there only.

So I went there and carried 2 buckets of hot water and reached room and bhabhi asked to keep in bathroom, and I did, when she entered into bath room I grabbed her by keeping my hand on her waist, she made a sound like ahh! now her breasts is crushing on my chest now I moved my other hand down to her ass and pressed hard.

Again she mounds ah. As her face was close to my eyes, her lips are looking sexy, and her nose too so I kissed her nose and her lips 2 times each.

Bhabhi: ok you got want you want now let me go from your arms.

Me: just one more thing,

Bhabhi: ugh! Always same with u, not letting go till you get fully huh. Today is not the day, your bro is not more than 10 meters from here and it’s not even completed 24 hours before our last encounter.

Me: you talk much bhabhi if you remain silent I can finish it fast otherwise I can go more than I think by listening to your voice always sexy voice.

I just pulled her pallu down and kissed on her blouse and pulled her blouse down along her left shoulder and kissed her bra strip and pulled it down, now I see her half brown nipples with erected one and kissed that half covered nipple.

Bhabhi: it was ….So so hot. Pradeep you know what?

Me: what?

Bhabhi: I think when you always do some cheap moves on my body but when your finishing it, god I like it and I wanted to give you anything you ask me.

I said thank you to her and moved my hands down to her navel and pressing all over her stomach and put my finger in her navel and started making circles she was making low noises by seeing ceiling of bath room and I moved my face near her neck and opened my tongue and licking her neck, so after a short licking session.

She said oh Pradeep so nice, then I moved my hand which was making circles in her navel inside her panty with force so it rubbed her pussy lips hard so she shouted loudly ah!. For a sec I stopped and came out of bathroom to check weather my bro is awake or not because she made big noise.

And when I am getting into the bathroom she saw and started to close the bathroom door.

Me: (in low voice) bhabhi let me in, why your closing door

Bhabhi: (in low voice) I cant I have to take bath now, anyway thanks for early morning breakfast.

Me: (in low voice) oh no I think breakfast is incomplete.

Bhabhi: (in low voice) really! you want to fight now, at least give up now.

Me: no.

So she let me in and I removed all her cloths and went down and started licking her pussy. She couldn’t control herself so she held a rod which is there in the bathroom for hanging cloths and started lifting her legs up and down. I put my tongue in between her pussy lips and making circles. She was so moaning and she was begging to stop.

I stopped and came out and slept, the morning we had nice function and food and said goodbye to all and reached home.

That’s it for now I know its more explaining things so if you want me to cut few I can do, so wait for next part just sit tight and wait or if you like my story want to talk with me mail me

[email protected] its 11p’s after e in mail id. Bye bye.

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