Wonderful Journey With Bhabhi – Part 8

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Most of the readers said to full fill swapna’s dream and thanks a lot for those you helped me to find a way because my bhabhi didn’t support me to have her, actually when we left ap in stayed with my bhabhi’s house so it is near to my college and she also said ok for me to stay with.

So me and bhabhi called swapna & informed that we are coming on friday night for dinner to her house. She was delighted & said thank you very much. So I planned to travel in ac bus to ap she was also said ok because she can go in plane or in bmw because her background is rich, but she looks & behave like simple lady.

We reached bus as per schedule and I tried to do some naughty things with her but she didn’t allow me.

Me: bhabhi why allow me to feel you.

Bhabhi: until you make my friend as mother no such things.

Me: are you kidding me I am coming with you for that purpose only.

Bhabhi: I know but you know me ryt I am very conscious about my work so until I fill swapna is satisfied with her dream is coming true I cant do it.

Me: I promise I will do that.

Bhabhi: let me see.

Guys she didn’t allow we to feel her till we reach swapna’ s house. We reached there at dinner time and had dinner we stayed in same rooms. After few mins swapna came to my room, nighty (sorry girls I don’t like nighty as a wear to women) & said

Swapna: I am ready.

Me: what now.

Swapna: then when.

Me: not today, please I want you to do one help to me.

Swapna: ok tell me you need anything rich.

Me: I don’t fuck for money, I just want you to tell that pradeep filled my dream to my bhabhi and send her to my room.

Swapna: why you want to do this.

Me: because she didn’t allow me to have sex with her.

Swapna: why.

Me: she will have after your dream is filled with my sperm.

Swapna: she laughed and said sry by holding my chin.

Swapna: ok I trust u.

She went and within few min bhabhi came and hugged me wow it’s so awesome to comprise my chest on her breast and I was in feel like meeting 2 lover after long years. She said I am happy for you pradu thank a lot.

She was wearing spaghetti and short thongs, I took a back step & said wow bhabhi you look damn hot in this dress, why don’t you wear in home.

Bhabhi: oh.. Pradu I cant wear in home because your bro don’t allow and I too hate to wear it as I am mother of a chid now.

Oh sorry guys I forgot to tell about manu we left him with my mother.

Me: omg bhabhi you look young still.

Bhabhi: thanks, so I leave now.

I held her hand & made her boobs to crush on my chest she said oocchh!

Me: come on bhabhi let me have you.I did what you want now give me what I want.

Bhabhi: do I look like a fool.

Me: what.

Bhabhi: I know you didn’t even touch her.

Oh she said that, I can understand form her face only she is disappointed again and acting in front of me. Bhabhi I don’t believe want you said. You stupid fellow I know how I felt when your pressing my breast and kissing my lips it was so thrilling to me to enjoy your hands on my breast & your lips on mine.

I said no your supporting your friend and convincing me to believe u. She held my t-shirt near chest by leaning towards me and said you know how I felt when you pulled my panty down in hospital it was difficult to me to expose my private rich clean pussy to other man except my husband & you sliced your finger in g spot and made me to squirt for first time.

Oh wait give a break. She said what you know about break I know how important it is when your inserting your thick cock strong as rod in my pussy in car did you gave me a break you stroked me like hell, I was feeling breathless, and you tied my hands and started licking my very inch of body.

She again said you bastard you know how my pussy lips feel when your air which is coming from your nose while you licking it. You making me crazy and I want to press your head in my clit and rub but you rascal you tied my hand, now tell me I don’t know about feeling.

Friends by listing to her my dick become red hot rod without waiting any sec I pressed my lips on her lips it tasted chocolate flavour I think she had some chocolate, her lips r making rough move than mines she was literally biting my lips and tongue. I did see her so wild.

Now I moved my hands on her ass cheeks over short thongs & parting apart now she slow down biting my lips and moaning ahh ahhh oh praduuu your hands makes to feel so good keep doing it. She took a piece of cloth from her pocket and tie around my eyes I couldn’t see anything now she went away and said to find me inside room within a sec I found her I pulled her short thong down and she removed it I made her to turn around so her back is facing my chest.

I pressed her boobs from behind it was bit larger & her nipples r bigger & stronger compared to previous encounter with rohini. Now my right hand was pressing breast & other one moved down at pussy & parted her lips and inserted my middle finger into pussy it was bit tight but started stroking hard.

After plenty strokes she cummed and groaning ohh ohh fuck! I didn’t take my finger out she was shaking her body her cum is dripping on flour now I inserted another finger in pussy and again started stroking hard, this time I made round in side pussy & rubbing on g spot.

This time she was screaming like ah ah yeah! Yes fuck oh fuck yess yes yes yes yes fuck fuck fuck don’t stop oh yes keep rubbing yes like that her legs was shivering and jumping and she squirted I thought she was peeing.

She was groaned during squirting & was trying to escape from me but I held her breast from behind & my 2 fingers in pussy I was in static position she was breathing heavily I took my tongue outside from my mouth and licked her neckline and biting her earlobe and kissing her shoulder I did this three moves for 3 mins.

Now I removed 2 fingers from pussy made her to bend in doggy style & removed my shorts my boy came outside I found difficult to find pussy hole she guided my dick into her pussy it was bit tight but I made it inside I made her legs to widen more.

I kept my dick in her pussy and held her hairs now I started to ram her faster she was not in rhythm with me but I learned how to take it inside by pushing her ass towards me this continued for 30 mins I was just ramming her and she was all screaming like yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yes fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck me harder fuck me ohh ohohhoh ah aha hhha ah ahah.

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