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Hi guys this is akash here. I’m pursuing my final year B.Com. I’m 20 have a good physique and can give pleasure to anyone needed.My cock is big enough to satisfy any girl..Young girls or auntys anyone i’m ready.

Because i’m still a virgin and I want to experience pleasure..Interested girls or aunty’s can mail me.My email is [email protected].I have been reading iss stories from past one year. This is my first story on indian sex stories. So I wanna share my story here. There was girl called ranjitha(name changed) who stays just back of my of house. She was three years elder to me.She was not that beautiful but she was a ok type girl. She had round shaped boobs nicely shaped which attracted me when I saw her the first time in my street

Then I was in 2nd puc I joined tuitions, nearby my home to my luck even she was studying in that tution.The first time I saw her my eyes directly fell onto to her boobs which nice round in shape…I still remember the scene. After that I just controlled my emotions and sat in where the boys were made to sit.She was the elder girl to.Everyone in tht tuition,she used to teach us when our tution aunty had some other work. Like on one day my tution aunty had kept a test for me which had more mistakes. Tution aunty shouted at me for writing so badly,after that she made to sit beside ranjitha so that ranjitha would teach me. From that day I was sittin beside ranjitha,she started teaching me very good after that we both stopped tutions and I was going to her house to study.

As I was younger to ranjitha, her mom and dad wuldnt say anythng coming home we used to go inside her room to study. Days passed by when I was feeling very feverish the next day as my exam. I need to.Learn so I had come to her house,that day her parents had gone to some function they were not there at home.

We went inside her room and sat down.She started teaching me slowly I was feeling very low nd sleepy she found out that I was not well nd made me to sleep on her lap. I slept for a while,slowly I felt getting warmth of her and started moving near to her boobs which was big. She was writing somethng and I was turned on as my lips were touching her boobs. I.Put my hands around her hip nd tightly hugged her,slowly even she responded nd pushed me more closer to her boobs as even she was turned on she was pressing her boobs aginst my face focefully which made me more horny. I was tightly hugging her she pushed me took my face up kissed me on my forehead, cheecks nd on my lips which gave me a signal to move forward. She was wearin a top, I took the it up I saw her.

Beautiful navel it was soo juicy… I kissed it nd she was like ummmm..’ those sounds made me very horny. I sllowly put my hands inside her top went near boobs it was so hot inside I touched her down layer at the same time sucking her navel like an ice cream …She was in cloud nine. Her tummy was stiff and her breathing was heavy…She was pushing me into heself…She removed her top nd oly her petticoat was there in her body

She slowly put her hands into my shirt and played with my nipples pinching it…I was totally out the world..Thn slwly I started licking her down part of her boobs. She was feeling the pleasure which could be seen in her face …I put my ful face inside the petticoat nd was licking…She was sounding like ..Ummmmm…Ahhhhhh…Ummmmmm…Hhhhhhh.Nd all….This went on for some 10 minutes. After rhat she sllowly pushed her hands inside my shorts and was playing with my tool …We both were in a rythm..Of pleasure..I made my mind to fuck.

I came out of her petticoat and removed it . I saw her fresh boobs with pointing nipples..Which was waitin for me. I sarted my foreplay by putting my finger in her middle of her boobs slowly dragged it till her navel and pushed it inside her navel.She was like ummmmm…And was biting her lips..

Slowly I statred kissing her left boobs and then right..She was in cloudnine..Thn I started sucking her nipple just like a baby sucking it….She was fully horny pulling hair with one hand and playing with my cock in other hand. My cick was oozing out cum and was leaking. I was licking her nipple with my tio of my toungue which made her go crazy…She pulled me up and we both liplocked and started kissing each other…For 15minutes. I put my hand inside her shorts and was fondling with her round ass.She was fondling with my cock. Bothe were in crazy mood for some 20mins…I slowly started kissing her forehead and her neck she was just licking my neck like hell with made me more horny…I pulled her shorts.She was wearin a pink undies.. I was kissing and sucking her thighs which was wow…To seeSuddenly I heard the main door knocking we came to our senses . I got up and sat on the prpoperly and she wore her top made her hair petticoat everything proper and opened the door.

Her mom had come…I felt very bad that I coudnt make up for a good sex after that I went off home in dissapointmnt…Next day she felt very bad and said we shldnt have done that. And from that day she maintained a disatance from me which made me very sad. From that day im still a virgin…. And my left virgin till now. I just masturbate to take pleasure…

Even now I think about her boobs nd her navel and mastrubate at night times…This my story any feedbacks or comments email me at the above email ….

Thank you

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