7 Aurto Ko Milke Choda

Hi, my name is amit and i live in kolkata. Ekdin bada maja aya jab maine 9 aurto ko milke ek sath choda. wo din toh life time yaad rahega. hope you all enjoyed this story. this is a total real story. let apko bore na karte hue direct story pe ata hu.

Mai pehle kolkata me rehta hai and ye story 2006 ki hai as 2006 me mai kolkata chodke apni padhai ke liye bangalore chala gaya tha leaving all my friends behild. uske sath after completing my studies i came back in 2009 and i went to meet my frnd at the nearst playing ground and i as it was aroung 4 pm evening and the cold season so i remembered that all my frnds will 100% be playing there.

There i met my friend gaurav and all the rest. as mai unlogo se milke milke bahut khush hua. uske badh they all asked me to play with them and then gaurav was going to his house to bring football, i too told him that i will also go with himand after reachinh his house i came to know that his mom had gone to village and will be returning after 4-5 days but his aunt was also tooooooooooo sexy. then i entered his house and i came to know that no one was there in his house except his aunt who was bathing with the bathroom door closed. then i asked gaurav to bring a glass of water for me. then gaurav took the ball and asked me to leave then we both came out and i noticed that gaurav had not locked the door and my mind was creating very big big ideas. then i told gaurav that you go to ground i will be joing you soon i had some work.

Then without wasting time i ran towards gaurav house, opened the door and took my place under the bed. after a moment his aunt came naked as she was thinking that no one in house and she locked the main door. after that she came to her room for changing her dress. she was standing infront of he mirror and from behind the bed i was looking towards her. she has recently cleaned the black hairs of the vagina so her whittish vagina was clearly visible. i was unable to control myself but i still hold to see what she will be doing next. and the thing which i saw i remain shuttered.

She was inserting her fingers inside her vagina and was enjoying herself. and after this i was unable to control myself i came out of the bed and she was shocked seeing me infront of her eyes and after a soundless moment she put her hands to cover her vagina and loudly asked:-

Gaurav aunt- “how did you get inside my house and what are you doing here?”

Me- “i was just watching what were you doing with your fingers”

After a while she asked me what do u want, i answered Nothing!!! just some nights with you, even my penis instead of your fingers in your vagina. and she agreed, after that i opened my dress and i went upon her like an animal and i started eating her, she was shouting, aaaahhhhaaahhhh amit slowly. but without listening to her i inserted my 7 inches penis hardly in her vagina. she was about to shout but before i covered her moth with my hand. then she kissed my penis and after that she took it into her mouth and asked me to drop all my sperm into her mouth. i did the same that time.

After that she came to me and kissed all my body and the same i did. and then as time passed i had to leave otherwise all will arrived now… she was not in a mood to leave me and she asked me to come in after all had slept that is after 11 pm.

And i went to her house at night and we did whole night and even 4 times i dispatched my penis inside her vagina. in morning i was upon her and my full night was really amazing. before everyone waked i went out of her house. then the same goes for continious 4 days. i fucked her rarely 6 times a day till 4 days. then Gaurav mom had arrived from village and then gaurav aunt and me unable to meet up. then the next day gaurav aunt ringed me on my cell and told” Amit please come, i want you please…” then i replied” See, its impossible until gaurav mom but there is an idea” She asked within no time I replied” if you could asked gaurav mom that is she agree to join us, iam 70% confirm she will as she is just 42 with a charming body and she will also love to have a sex with a 23 year guy” and then she told ok i will try and the call disconnected.

After 2 days she ranged me” Amit there is a happy news my darling!!!”

ME:- what gaurav mom agreed

G AUNT-” ya but how did you guessed”

ME – “i knew as in present there is nothing good for you except our sex dear”

G AUNT” ok be sure to come today by 11 pm”

ME- “ok”

Then i went to her house at night right 11 pm. gaurav mom opened the door. she was wearing a nighty and she was looking a sex bomb which was going to blast soon. then she hold my hand and took my fingers to her pussy vagina and asked me to crouch that and i did the same.

And then we went to the room, we three opened our clothes nad went to the bed and the night sex began, the night was great, and the same in morning i found myself between their bodies. and day by day it continued. i daily many times went to her house sometimef for kissing, sometimes they kissed my penis etc etc.

One day in morning i went to her house and we then we three went to her bathroom for bath and we three bathed together, that was really a amazing bath, i was standing between them, gaurav aunt was playing with my penis and gaurav mom with my buttock, that day i planned to fuck there ass,

At first they did agreed but later on force they did. they i asked gaurav mom to slept on the floos then i asked gaurav aunt to bent on her legs and to kiss gaurav mom breast and they did the same, and then i slowly inserted my penis inside gaurav aunt back and they she started shouting then i asked gaurav mom to kiss her so that she cant shout, and then i inserted my full penis inside het back and after wen i tokk it out it was bledding and then we quit that day… gaurav aunt next day told me amit i am unable to waalk properly dear!! do something….i replied, “dont be tense, everything will be clear within a couple of days.

Then after a day we again planned to have sex time, i went there in morning and went to her room… that time no one was there at home except we three.

And now this time gaurav mom turn was to take the penis in her back, and same way gaurav aunt slept on the bed and then gaurav mom upon her, then making the position i fucked her tightly and then she shouted in full voice….. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa

We tried to make her silent after a while but it was late… by listening the sound her neighbour RENU auntie entered and unfortunately we forget to lock the main door. she just entered and found s three naked,

RENU- ” O shit, whats all happening here, USHA, ARPITA, AMIT what are you all doing”

ME- i slowly went towards RENU auntie and tried to convince her, i let her seat on bed and tried to make everything clear,

while i was making her to convince she looked towards my penis and hold her saying

RENU- “i want this amit please favour”

As renu auntie was old i.e 56 years with his two 24 yearsold daughter, i was unable to ignore her and i agreed,

After that USHA and ARPITA went to bathroom to get wash leaving me and renu behild in a room closing the door from outside.

Renu auntie vagina was very dull seems inactive from many years, i faced many problem in inserting but finally as i love sex i succeeded.

Renu was kissing my penis and after a while i took her to the bed and i slept upon her, i tried to insert but failed as her vagina was inactive as i explained above, then i asked USHA to bring a carrot from kitchen, then i called both USHA and ARPITA to enter the room,

They both startd kissing on the 36″ breast and i first tried to insert carrot in RENU vagina then after makig her vagina active i inserted the penis, after inserting i realised that her vaginal area is not bad as it was tight and satisfieng, she asked me to kiss her vagina but i ignored, then i forced USHA and ARPITA to kiss.

I put my penis near RENU vagina and asked USHA and ARPITA to kiss my penis and RENU vagina simoultaneously, then after a while when i was on a way to over out my sperm, then three of them together started AMIT in my vagina…in my vagina…

Then i told not possible simply come and take in your mouth…then i first in RENU, second in ARPITA, thirdly in USHA dispatched my sperm, then USHA asked ARPITA and RENU to leave the room, first they both didnt agreed but at last they went out,

USHA who was gaurav aunt told me “AMIT please dont do sex with RENU and ARPITA”

ME:- “why what happened”

USHA” i dont like, i feel jeolous when you sleep upon there bodie, my heart start burning seeing this seens”

ME:- “but why, all four of us just like sex, so we are doing”

USHA:- “AMIT i had start loving you, i just want you with me, i cant see you with anyone, please for me forget all that, i promise everymoment of time i will be there with you, everytime i will fullfill your sex,”

AMIT:- “OK but they all will not agree if i try to leave them then also……leaving the sentence incomplaete i left the room”

story to be continued…….

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