A Day With Home Nurse In My Home

Hi, this is Raja again. Am 25years old boy. My native is erode & working in Coimbatore. Last year my father has a stroke attack & under treatment. So we appointed a home nurse to take care of him. Her name is kalaiarasi from southern part of Tamilnadu. Her age is 24. I hired her through a home service providing agency. I ask them to send kalai to my home & I direct the way to my home through phone itself and she will be stay in my home. I will go to my home on Saturday & Sunday.

She is good looking with 34-32-34 status. I went to my home on Saturday from my work. In my home I was welcomed by kalai, as my mom is looking after our shop. I was stunned of her structure. She served me a tea and I had it. While am talking with my dad, kalai came with the food to feed my dad. She bend to feed my father. As she wear low cut nighty, I get a glimpse of her breast inside the red bra. Still I can’t forget that moment. Till she finishes her feeding I sat there and watched her boobs.

After she finished I went to bathroom and masturbate thinking of fucking her. Sunday morning she finished duties for my father and she went to bath and came out. Next I went to bath as I want to go out for a work. There I saw her used bra and panty. Again I got erection and masturbated on her bra and panty, cummed on them. This is went for next one week. One day before she going to wash clothes, I masturbate on her bra and cummed in it.

As it is black colour my cum was clearly visible. She took it for washing and found something fishy. But she didn’t talk about it. As my father is paralyzed he will be in bedroom only. Kalai and me use to sleep in hall, my mom and dad in bedroom.

That day while sleeping I removed my shorts and masturbated, she seen it in the dark. Then I slept. After this incident her behaviour towards me completely changed. She used to how her cleavage and boobs without bra. Next day after my mom went to shop, I started to watch porn in my laptop. Kalai was working, but she had an eye on my laptop. I noticed it and behaved normal. She went to prepare coffee for me.

I went inside kitchen and started to talk with her. She has a perfect round ass which made me mad. I hugged he from backside, she was shocked of my sudden move. Initially as all girls she protested, but later she submitted herself to me. I started to smooch her boobs over her nighty and my penis is hitting her ass crack. I made her nighty zip open and inserted my hand inside her nighty and pressed her boobs she started to mourn. I turned her towards me and removed her nighty. She was standing only with panty on her body bcoz she didn’t wear bra inside. Am in shorts, usually I won’t wear brief inside, she saw my erected penis over my shorts and she caught it and stroked it.

I started to suck her boobs. Man what boobs it is, it is firm and perfect shape. I continued to eat it for 15 mins. Later she removed my shorts and took my bare dick in her hands and applied some saliva and masturbated me. I made her kneel down and pushed my dick inside her mouth. She took it voluntarily and started to suck my dick. I pounded her mouth for 5 mins and cummed inside her mouth.

Then I made her to stand and removed her panty and made her to sit on the kitchen slab. I saw her hairless pussy. Immediately I started to lick it. She started to mourn loudly. In order avoid consequences, I locked my kitchen door bcoz my father might hear the voice from kitchen. Then I continued my act. I licked her inner side of pussy. As I already had an experience with sarojini aunt in Coimbatore. I pleased my kalai with my sucking and licking. I licked her pussy for 15 mins and made her to release her lovely juices and drank it all.

Now it is time for real game. She again suck my dick and made it erect. She is a virgin, even though her pussy is lubricated with her juices, I applied Vaseline to reduce the pain. Slowly I inserted my dick inside her pussy. She screamed lightly and tears started to flow from her eyes. I kept her panty inside her mouth in order to reduce the sound.

After 4 to 5 strokes it went inside completely. She was catching for her breath. I smooched her till she gets calm. And then I started to fuck her in standing position.

As it is first time for her she felt pain in that position, so I made her to lie on the floor and fucked her in missionary position. After 15 mins I cum inside her. I won’t tell as other I fucked her for half an hour, one hour. Frankly I fucked her 15 mins only. She took my cum inside her cunt. I lay on her till my dich gets limp and it comes out. Then we kissed each other and parted. We cleaned our self and came out the kitchen.

After this incident she used give naughty smile always towards me. It has been regular for us to have sex in Sunday morning and Saturday evening once I returned from Coimbatore. Even we tried in terrace. To wash our clothes she has to go to terrace. In terrace washing place is surrounded by walls in three sides. One side opened and it will be covered by washed clothes which are put for drying. There I fucked by lifting her night bcoz I don’t want to take risk by get caught by neighbours.

She stayed with us for three months, in those three months we fucked whenever we get chance. Now she left the job, we stopped our shop and my mom itself taking care of my dad. Now she is working in Coimbatore. Once we went to movie in Coimbatore like lovers and fondled. But I never get chance of fucking her. I planning to take to ooty for three days and fuck her.

After these incident she introduced her boss (home care service agent) swetha into our relationship. I fucked her once. I will tell in next story. Friends it is hundred percent true story. Girls, aunties from Coimbatore & erode can contact me through [email protected]

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