A Hot And Sensational Sex Before Training Session

Once again KK here with another true incident with my staff Anamika. You can read my previous encounters in the topic of “Training session with staff”, “hot ass licked by KK” and this is another encounter with the same anamika. Apart from these two more stories are “Sanjana in pune”, first experience with girlfriend”. Whatever i narrate here are genuinely true incidents happened in my life which i have penned down, no false …… please send in your feedback to [email protected]…

Coming to the story, this happened when i was in the same place which i have mentioned in my previous episodes. The third world country and anamika there. This happened when i was in the training class just checking for the updates before the team comes in. It was 7:30 am ….and the door opened slightly….and i just turned my face to see, it was Anamika, wow was looking fresh and a sexy angel…neatly done hair, limited make up, lipstick…she was gorgeous, seeing her my dick has arisen in its full.. but so many feelings did not show her but continuing my job.

She wished “Good morning jaane man”…i wished her back and continued my work. She sat and asked “Busy ho”, kya karre ho….I replied, time pass”…she came behind me and stood, and was watching what i was doing and she kept her elbows on my shoulder and kept her chin on my head….i was still working seriously, but insde i just want to do everything to her. Slowly she slid her head on my shoulders and whispered in my ears “mera kaam bhi hai”…slowly she started to kiss my ears, and my neck, and it was turning me on…her boobs were pressing and crushing on my back. Slowly kissing she removed one button on top and slid her hands inside and started rubbing my bare chest..

I was not able to control, just caught hold her hands and pulled her in front and made her sit on my lap, and started to kiss her lips, and put my tongue inside, it was a flash and quick, where she did not expect. i held her by her waist, she was wearing a top and skirt, she was totally immersed in my kiss. She started to kiss me as soon as she came in senses. closed her eyes, and started to put her tongue inside my lips, and mouth and i was holding her tongue and chewing her lips…wow that was wonderful…

Now one hand was holding from her back, one hand was on her left boob pressing on top of her dress and kissing her as she was sitting on my lap..That was awesome. Slowly i slid my hands inside her top and caught her breast on her slip. She was wearing a slip, tugged inside her skirt. i was pressing her both breasts together and also in turns, but still the smooch was on..Now left her lips, started kissing her neck, and licking, she tilted her head to give me full access of her neck, to lick and kiss…and was moaning “hhhhaaa akkk aaaaah sshhhh”…her moaning made me still wild and was pressing her breast more.

Now i started to pull her slip from her skirt, and darted my hand inside and caught hold of her breast fully…and with my hand lifted her top and slip together pulled it on top of her breast and directly started kissing her breast..took her right breast fully in my mouth how much ever it can go in my mouth, was like a soft and silky ball, too soft, wow…she was moaning high OOhhhh…i was squeezing and sucking like a mad man, her entire nipples and half of the breast in my mouth, …that was so hot and and her moans was loud in the entire room….was sucking as though air inside the balloon

Now i slid my hands from breast to her skirt and lifted her skirt till knees and put my hands inside, caressing her thighs, in the meantime, i took her right breast in my mouth to do a justification….i was reaching her panty through her inner thighs, and reached the panty, her hot spot…my dick was already hard. Slowly I was caressing her Vegina through her panty with my fingers, and I did not leave her breast from my mouth, she was bending her head from my thighs and moaning oooh ahhahsh shshsh hshahha …. kkkk … pls pls pls

My hand slowly moved her pantys to the side and started to rub her cunt slowly, and touching it like a feather, she cooed a bit and shattered in my first touch, slowly entered her cunt, it was already so wet and slippery that my fingr went inside as a slft butter…..wow was a great feeling for both of them….

And now after some slight fingering, pulled her panty down, and she lifted her bums to remove her panty, only one leg was removed and the panty was hanging on her second leg. And now I put my entire palm on her honey pot..and slowly inserted my middle finger isdie her cunt and was feeling her cunt, touched the G spot and started to feel it, she was oozing her fluid and moaning loader,,, hahaah aaaaa ashhhh hhhh sshhhh haaaa

I locked her lips with mune, as her moaning was louder, and she tightened her cunt around my fingers and I can realize that she has already crossed one and two back to back orgasms….and then she released her cunt from my fingers. And she opened her eyes with a great relief. I saw her and then made her lie on the floor, which was carpeted, while lying she told in my ears, “KK please complete me”…

I slowly lifted her skirt and went down and saw her chooth…which was glittering with her juices. I lay myself there and held her thighs and put it around my shoulders and started to smell, wow was smelling fresh and intoxicating, slowly went near and blew air in her cunt, and slowly took out my tongue and with the tip I felt her cunt first she shattered in my first touch and pulled my head with her hands, now I myself as not able to control, kept mu full mouth on her cunt, and started to lap like a hungry cat for milk…..she held my face tightly,, and was moaning, haaaaaaa haaaa haaaa haaahhh wwowookk too gggoogogd ..

I drank her juices continuously that came from her cunt, and in the meantime, I licked her ass hole as well, she had at least 4 orgasms in a row and continuously,, she was not able to control the pleasure…I started from her ass hole, till her tip of her pussy in one stroke which was long… and tight…when crossing her middle pussy, tightened it and inserted inside her cunt, fully and then loosened and continued my journey, she had a big shattering orgasm… and the time I released, she was haaahaaaa… we were sweating…..and I just went on top of her and smelt sweat in between her breast and licked it, simultaneously one hand was inserting my rock hard dick inside her cunt and slowly went inside…. oooohhh …. aaaaaa ….. was her moaning that she did not expect this…and slowly started to stroke her, I did not remove my pant, just removed the zip and took my hard on out and inserted, even my shirt was on…

Then slowly started with huge and deep strokes, she was enjoying my strokes and equalizing her movement as well…and my finger went down from behind and touched her ass hole and caressing it, on hand took her hand above her head and started to lick her armpit, which was with sweat,,,she went crazy where all three places she was getting pleasure after pleasure, was not able to control and had another orgasms….back to back 3 , her juices made her cunt still slippery, and moaning…. plskkk comlete ….wow .. I asked her in the middle…. was this good… still shall I do……her reply was mmm closing her eyes…

At last came with a shattering orgasms and I too splashed my sperms inside her cunt and filled her with a final long and deep stroke and was so tired and fell on her breast, sweating and she as well, with heavy breathe

Hope you enjoyed this part and there are many coming up eah time I had intercourse with her in a different environment and situation and will share all my encounters, that one year there I enjoyed her so much and she as well….Please send me your valuable feed back to [email protected]

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