A Married Lady At Westside Bangalore

Hello readers this is my second story. I’m Aryan and you can email me [email protected] and thanks for your emails regarding my last story. I stay in Bangalore.I’m 5’8 having an athletic body.

So this had happened couple of months ago. I had been to Westside for shopping at Garuda mall and I was just checking out chicks from the girls section and there was one hot beauty who had a mangalsutra in her neck . So I got to know she was married but she was damn hot. Her figure was 32-28-32. She didn’t look married.She was wearing a black top and a grey jeans. She was trying dresses and crop tops. So I was behaving as if I was trying to buy a gift for my friend. So I just waited for the right time and once she was beside me my conversation with her started.

Me: excuse me

Sheetal: yes

Me: Actually I was trying to buy a gift for my friend can you help me?

Sheetal: umm…., ya sure.

So she agreed to help I started giving her clothes in which I wanted to see her and then I gave a crop top and I saw that she had a very flat stomach and I gave an expression of shock to her and she asked me about my expression and then I told her she looked very hot. She smiled and thanked me. Then I introduced myself and she told me her name and all. After sometime I told I didn’t like anything and then she asked me what do I do and I told her I’m doing my engineering and then the interesting conversation starts.

Me: what do you do?

Sheetal: well I’m a housewife.

Me: oh, you don’t look like you are married. What does your husband do?

Sheetal: well, he handles his family business and presently he’s on a business tour for two weeks.

Then my hopes turned high and I was determined to make it.

Me: oh nice, seems like I’m going to be lucky.

Sheetal:what?(with a sign of shock)

Me: chill chill I was just kidding and I wouldn’t mind if you take it seriously.

Sheetal: she just laughed it off.

Me: If you are free let’s go to socials .

**Socials is a pub in Bangalore church street**

She thought for a while and then

Sheetal: umm if it’s just going to be between us then I’m in.

Me: ya, ya sure why not. Let’s just go Sheetal it’ll be fun.

Sheetal: ok let’s go

I was about to book a cab then she told she had her car and then she asked me to drive and she handed the key and it was an I20. So I knew the route so we went there and I’m pretty good at driving so she appreciated it. Then we went to socials it was a Wednesday so it’s not too crowded.

We went Sat in a corner and ordered. She took an LIIT and I love beer so I ordered beer. Then we smoked cigarettes too. At the end she was 2 LIITs down and I was 6pints down. She was high and even I was a bit high. Now she’s high it was impossible for her to drive safely so I offered her to drive back and she agreed on it . Then we went and her house was in jaynagar. It was a very nice house and I took her their and she asked me to come in.

This was the moment for which I had waited. Then I went there and I told her you really look hot Sheetal. Then She told that I had made her day and thanked me for that. Then I had to get a bit touchy to induce some heat into her. So when we were on sofa I told her it was tiring I think you need a massage and then she agreed to it. So I went behind her and started from shoulders and back she was saying it’s really good again and again. Then slowly I pulled her top from one side as she was wearing jeans and a top .

Then I started rolling my nails and then I told her it would be a better massage if in room so we went to room and she told she wanted to change and she came back changing. So once she was back she was wearing a purple gown . Words in my mind were like “holy fuck she so damn fucking hot”. Then I went and played a thousand years song in my phone and pulled her waist tight and started dancing. She was enjoying it then she kissed my neck and it all started there.

Then I started squeezing her buttocks and it was all soft and smooth. We were completely into it there was so much heat in between us even after putting on the ac we were sweating and then I spanked her pretty hard and she choked and told what is this? And I asked her do you like it? And she told it’s amazing just keep doing it. Then I kept spanking her again and again and the sound of her choking and moaning was amazing and every spank made me get scratches on by body. Then she we got nude and she took my 6inches cock in her mouth. The blow job she gave was so damn amazing.

Then pulled her up and put on bed I started squeezing and sucking her boobs licked them and her moaning gave me so many vibes then I slowly inserted my fingers on her clean pussy which was already very damp fingered it and again started spanking for the bites and scratches she left on my back and chest then she told just fuck me now and then I fucked her for 20-25minutes and ejaculated and cleaned and I was getting ready to go back she asked me stay and she wanted to sleep on my chest so I stayed next morning I got some great breakfast and left back with a hug and a kiss.

After this also we met where she gifted me things and had some encounters.

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