Aarti The Parnter Of Divorce

It’s been a long, I were busy in my hectic work schedule. And thanks for your kind support and request which inspire me for writing stories.

This is a whole new story,I am Ravi 47 year old banker, who had mange to be single for nearly some 7-8 years . I were in a good married life before being divorce, I have 2 son, both of them were in school know. My Ex wife is also a banker, After the divorce both of my son stay with her, though I pay there school fee and extra money regularly on monthly basis. I love them a lot.

It’s my new posting in a rural branch, I reach the place at afternoon, everything is new in the place, I don’t know anyone here personally. I met some of my staff, they were good to me. I accommodate myself in a hotel for few days, after 2 week in hotel I find a rented house and shifted myself to the new place. The rented house is of independent type, as the owner never stay there, they usually comes once or twice a year. Being manager of a reputed PSU bank I got the accommodation in a hassle free manner. In the campus there was an old man on late 60s who look over the premises, he is Daya, I called him Daya ji.

After shifting, I brought my household material by a packer and mover company, so I need someone to keep those things well. After a long enquiry of 2 weeks ( as there is less nos. maid in the area, i.e the clean maid) I got a maid who is of nearby area. The hawker near my bank find her for me, she is married women with a child, seems to the age of 30s, her name is Aarti. She start working in my premise from very next day, she agreed to work in a monthly basis, which include washing cloth, cooking, moping floor, dusting furniture and arranging the cloths etc.

She reach by 9 am morning alone, and start her works by cooking food for me and leave to her home by noon and again comes at evening prepare my dinner and leave by 6-7 pm. In that time her husband comes and chat with Daya ji. Things happen like this for a month, day by day we start chating, we talk about our life, family, way of living and lifestyle etc. As I have no one to talk, from those conversation I learn that, she is a intermediate passed out and married to her husband some year ago. Her husband is a labour in the industry which is situated in the district headquarter. He is a good man but is a sincere worker who has less time for family. His work shift changes time to time, presently he is early morning shift. And she too got to know about my family and divorce.since then she starts an extra care for me.

In the mean time, Aarti was found of learning computer basics, but couldn’t do it as it’s too expensive and she don’t have uniform time. I got to know about the matter, so I started to teach her basics as MS office, internet, simple hardware ideas in my off days. She was developing quit well. While teaching we seat together, and our body touches each others. With a sense of soft female skin my mind begin to change the approach towards her, for first 1 month she was just like maid, but its changing gradually, She might be ok, but I am unwell. Aarti respect me but I am unable for taking her normally. As my organs are not relaxed since 7 years, after sensing her skin my mind began to be naughty like a teenage who like to continue touching in any mean or any way, with there love ones or a female body.

I asked her for a bank account, did she have any, but she replied no. So I called her to my branch and open her one. Then I learn that she is 31 year now , I paid the opening amount from me, which was the 1st gift from me to her. She was happy for being an account holder and my amount to her.

Once she came me rushing to my bank that she have to leave to town as the her husband met an accident. I paid her some money and she left. In the evening, I too reach the hospital and found that he got some injury at his forehead and leg, I paid some money again, and after 2-3 day both they came to me and wish thank you for the help. And Arti thank me specially while her husband left. Since then her husband’s faith increase on me and nowadays he don’t escort her during Aarti’s evening work.

And when I taught her computer I rub her back in a compliment, which she ignore, I kept my hand on her back for a long after sometime she realise my bulge and she made a naughty smile pointing to my lungi ( the gents wrap) these happen for some day, one fine day (sunday) I repeat same action, I was shock to get such reaction. I pinch her back, for which in return she too pinched me. I caught her Boobs, she then surrender be by a moan. I pump her Boobs, she loose herself, I grab her pump her Boobs by both of my hands, she beings to moan.

I hold her in my arm and took her to bed. I pulled out her saree she is in petticoat and blouse now. I start to unhook her blouse and untie her petticoat, ohhh, she is damn looking like a pornstar. Her waist is wide it’s may be like 34″ her Boobs are 36± ” but her hips is small like 32±”, and little bit of belly fat which a typical Indian wife had. She was on a granny type blue panty with black bra, I complimented her which she reply with a naughty smile, I took her to bed and after a long foreplay , undressing her remaining dress one by one. I finally started to push my penis in her, which she scream sir it’s too big. I remain dumb and continuously fuck her for a long in various position, I make her to doggy which she ignore in 4-5 strokes.

But I stroke her in great position, which I thought my penis got a great treat after years. Her pussy is so tight that one will doubt whether she is a mother of a child. So finally I start to stroke her for cumming in her, I choose to fuck her pussy from back and I was above her, she tighten her pussy by pressing her legs with each others in straight. Ohhh that’s amazing, she had offer a great treat to my dry a thirsty penis after a long time. We slept for some time and she dress herself and left. She came by afternoon as it was sunday, I was not in my home, I went out and brought her some dress.

I came back and greet thanks for her sex and she convey me that she was feeling guilty for that as she was unable make eye contact with me and her husband. She weep and said she had commit a grevious crime , for which I convince her, she is grate, as she make my body relax after a long, it’s a service of humanity. She then praise me that I am grate, she surrender me as I am caring, loving and good person.

During her cooking I gave her the cloths and ask her to wear it and show me, and I look for cooking for a while, first she show her saree than a nightee and then a frock like short nightee for which she was very shy. I also gave her 2 pair of panty and bra red + black pair . And ask her to wear those nightee when she works in my home. She was happy for gifts. And kiss me in my cheeks.

With passing of days, She changed like a middle class wife know, she wears those nightee and looks so sexy and I ask not to wear anything below the nightee, I use to play with her when she cooks in kitchen like biting her neck, pumping/rubbing her boobs gently, stroking from back in dresses, we had great sex now, sometimes at night and sometimes at morning. She is great performer now, she perform great in doggy, when I stroke her in doggy, she pull her butt’s up suddenly and grip my penis tight by her pussy muscles.

When I stroke forward sometime she stroke backwards, she is great rider, previously she can’t even ride, but presently the rides good, she will perform and gives a heavenly pleasure, she can jump over for atleast 100-120 jump in one trip continuously. One physical change she acquire now is her big butt and fatty skin, which usually happen with the rich women’s.

During morning she comes and start sucking my dick, ride over me, when she rides her long hair touches her butt and looks like an angel. She knows the pussy tightening technique very well know, one thing to attract one sex partner is pussy tightening system, that is to tighten the pussy suddenly in between the strokes.

We are maintaining a regular sex life, I don’t cum out now, her pussy pumps my juice out. She inform me of her lapse periods but mange to get rid over it by tablets.

Once her husband leave to a long distant place for a some 2 weeks for his official purpose, she and her child shifted to my place for that period. In this period, she came to my bed for routine sex after her child slept daily.

We do it for an hour an she slept with me later, in the morning she wake me up by the blowjob, she gives an amazing blowjob, this age is an immense needy age for relax sex, which Aarti learned it, and nowadays she don’t allow me to work, she works it. Even I feel that, her husband knows our physical relation but she keeps quite, but don’t know why, May be he is unable to make her sexually happy. But I know that, she is sexually, mentally and socially happy with me. As the glue of love juice makes relation more healthy, basically when the glue is sensed from warmth muscle. This warmthness makes a relation healthy, makes a man mentally and physically happy.

Thank you, the next part will uploaded shortly. And please feel free to advice, feedback and make any query in my email [email protected]

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