Accident In Rajkot And Its Remedy

Hi everyone…This is rahul, a delhi guy who moved to gujju land (rajkot) some time back. After my last story (, I got some really nice feedback and I even got to enjoy with one of my readers!

Please note: I know this story is really long, as I wanted to describe the whole scenario in which things actually developed that particular day. So please read only if you want to get the full picture. In case you are looking for a story having only the words like tits/ boobs/ pussy/ dick/ fuck/ cum/ oohhh/ aaahh, etc. Then this story might disappoint you!.

Going ahead with the story…

When I moved to rajkot, I found it quite strange to see that almost 80% of people riding two wheelers drive while talking on mobile. They either have their mobile between ear and shoulders, or they drive with one hand holding the phone with another. Luckily they usually dont drive too fast!

One evening, after office I went to have dinner with my collegues, and it was about 11 when I was returning back. I usually walk down to my home and this day also, I was walking while listening to songs on my phone. And suddenly I am hit hard by something on myback and right arm. Before I could understand what or how I got hit, I lost my balance and fell on the ground and I saw a rider jump off an activa and it fell in front of me!!

Well I forgot to mention…Here in rajkot people do drive on footpaths and on wrong sides! Anyways, luckily for me and the rider…No one got any serious injury. But I sure was in a bit of shock! Usually a lot of people would have gathered, but then it was late and no one was around. I just sat up on the ground for a minute and was talking deep breaths to calm my nerves and understand what was going on!

While I was helping myself with deep breaths, a girl jumped over saying…”Sorry sorry sorry sorry….I was just driving and I …….” and she kept blabbering for some time and for some time I didnt pay attention to who was speaking to me,,,and then when I did, I still couldnt pay attention to her words! Well maybe it was a method to comfort me, or it was due to her jumping off from a moving activa…But top two buttons of her shirt were ripped off….And what I was seeing….Was a feast!

In sometime I realized that am staring too much and maybe even she realized. But then I dont know what got into me and I pointed it to her, that her shirts buttons were off. I cursed myself for saying that, but then she seemed cool about it and said, “Not a problem, first lets see if you are alright!”

This girl seemed to be in early twenties…Dusky complexion, a little bit chubby…Tall…An awesome figure! And in figure I had just seen her boobs in that black lacy bra till that time.

Anyways, I got up and she asked if I needed to go to hospital and then again apologized like for another hundred times! She then insisted on dropping me and asked where I lived. Coincidently she was living in a building next to mine. She came to my building and insisted on accompanying me till my flat. I felt for a second that this is my chance and once we reached my flat…I invited her in. And man…That was the naughtiest possible smile she gave…As if she understood what I wanted. But then she said that its late and she will head back to her place…As her parents would be waiting! But before leaving she asked for my number.

Within no time, I received a whatsapp message from her asking if I was feeling alright. To which I responded that I am good, but would have been better if she stayed back for some time! And with this we were not talking anymore about the accident. Slowly the topic moved to relationships and we both confessed that we were seeing someone, but still within no time we both were flirting with each other. At about 2 in the night, we went off to sleep.

Next day was saturday, so I was in bed till late. I got up at about 11, freshened up and was wondering what to eat when I heard a knock on my door. When I opened the door, there she was…Holding a box. And yes she looked hot. I had a look at her…From top to bottom, and I made it very evident that I was checking her out. She was wearing a black top, which looked tight at the right places, and a skirt. After checking her out for about 30 seconds, I said “Hot!”. To this she replied “Yes it is…And if I don’t keep this box, my hands will be steaming” she said that she made pasta for me and when I asked if she was in hurry today also, she indicated that her parents were off visiting some relative and so she had all the time!

She: so, do you like pasta?

Me: yes offcourse I love it and I am starving.

She: well so am I . Lets finish it off before it gets cold.

Me: yeah, you should eat when things are hot!

She (while eating): so what else do you like to eat hot?

Me: you!

She: one thing at a time! By the way, you do know that you were staring at my boobs yesterday!

Me: they sure are worth admiring!

She: so you always stare at a nice set of boobs you see?

Me: no, I do a lot more than that, if given a chance!

She: like what?

And to this question, I replied by giving a little squeeze to her right boob.

She: this is what you call a lot more?

What better could I get to hear than this! Without wasting any more time I pulled her towards me and removed her top. Wow, she was in a pink lace bra, and it looked sort of transparent! She said that she specially wore that bra for me.

As I moved forward to unhook her bra, she stopped me and said one thing at a time and winked at me! She then leand forward and pulled my lower down! To her surprise I was not wearing any underwear and I could see the shock on her face! Due to all this, my cock was already hard and was oozing some precum. To this I said, “And now you are staring!” and for the first time, I saw her blush!

She quickly regained her senses and bent down and took my cock in her mouth! And man, she had a nice warm mouth! I could feel her tongue do the magic on my cock. She was moving her mouth and tongue in a rhythm and in speed and with her hand she was playing with lower end of my shaft and with my balls. It felt like she was an expert and I could feel cum building up in my balls.

Meanwhile I was playing with her boobs. I moved my hand to unhook her bra and shit…That bitch bit me! She didn’t stop sucking though, but with her hands she signaled a no! Well, I understood that right now, she was the boss and if I want my cock to be intact, I better listen to what she says! With her another hand, she then pushed me down, and now I was lying on my back and she was giving me a blowjob. Within next 10 minutes, I came in her mouth and she gulped it all! This was the first time for me to cum so quickly!

She then started removing my t-shirt and said, ” I never expected you to last so long!” and after getting rid of my t-shirt, she started kissing my chest. I was completely naked and she was still in her skirt and bra. I thought that it’s time for me to take charge, and I pulled her up, and started kissing on her bra and now this time, with one movement of my hand, her bra flipped open and she was topless, I started kissing those big pink nipples. Her boobs with exactly like half globe with a pink mountain on top of it!

While I was sucking her nipples, she moved down and pushed her boobs on my face! Wow that was heavenly!!! A pair of boobs pushing against my face and only thing I could do was lick and bite and kiss them. While my mouth was busy with her boobs, my hands wandered down to her ass! I pinched her ass and started feeling her round ass. I moved my finger on her crack over that skirt. I could hear her moans as I felt her.

Suddenly she stood up on my bed, moved forward, lifted her skirt and sat on my face! Well, and now it was my turn to be surprised! Even she was not wearing any panties! And her shaved pussy was on my face! My face, which was under her skirt! I knew what to do! And I started licking her pussy! My hands were on her hips and within no time her hips started moving as if she was fucking my mouth!

After licking for some time, I held her tightly and turned over! Now she was lying on her back with legs in air and I was still licking her cunt. Her skirt had now fallen to her waist. I was still licking and kissing her cunt, while my hands started rolling her nipples between my fingers!

While licking her, I inserted one finger in her pussy and she let out a cry! I was surprised to find that she was a virgin! I never thought that such an expert would be a virgin! I didn’t push my finger deep and continued licking her and moving my finger in and out the cunt. Within next few minutes, she had her orgasm and then she asked me stop!

We both were exhausted and had to catch our breaths! After resting for about 5 minutes, she started playing with my cock, which was again hard by now! I asked her, if she is ready to get fucked and she said, not now! She could feel a sense of disappointment come over my face. She said that she will have to leave soon but she will definitely take care of me before leaving. And with this she sucked me again for some time and then she got on her knees and held her boobs together.

She then asked me to fuck her boobs! I had seen this thing in porn so many times, but I never knew that I would get to do that! I fucked her boobs for some time and right when I said I was about to cum, she took my cock in her mouth and I shot my load right in her throat! After I was done, she said, that she just had bath before coming to her, so she was not in a mood to have cum all over her boobs and chest!

Saying this she got up and said, “I need to rush home as her sister would be returning anytime now!” and she started getting dressed! I said that why are you always in such a hurry! There is so much more to do! She replied back “Yes, there is a lot more to do and we will be doing all that and a lot more! And maybe next time we will even kiss!!” as she said that, I realized, that we did so much, but we didn’t kiss yet!”

As she was about to leave, I asked her how does her sister look…And to this she replied “Hotter than me! And maybe you will get to see her soon” and winked at me!

I will share the story of when I fucked her and even when I met her sister!

Your feedback is welcome at [email protected] and of course, any girls and ladies in rajkot or around can get in touch with me on mentioned email id!

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