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The next 2-3 days were spent with normal sex. We would talk for some time and gradually get into embrace and finally having sex standard positions (missionary and rear entry). But I wanted her to first feel fully comfortable and break out of her shy shackles before I ask her for something different. By fifth day I thought she was.

All the guests had gone and I had prepared mentally for the actions that night. Once in the bedroom, she changed into a black satin nighty (has to be a sexy one). Once we both sat together I gave her a gift. It was blue sexy nighty set. (I had picked up from paris just before marriage) it was a knee length semi-transparent v neck low cut nighty with shoulder string and just a string tied in front. And a teeny weeny transparent bra with a g-string panties. Saw a gleam in her eyes. Along with it an erotic perfume and nipple erection cream. I could see a shy look on her face. And she asked me “ye sab shaadi se pehle khareed liya tha” I said “ya for my gorgeous sexy wife” and I asked her to wear next day (as it was valentines day)

We laid down, she was resting on my arm and facing me.

I slowly asked her, “sweetu today shall we try some different poses” and she asked “like what” I said “sweetheart have you seen a porn movie” “what, never” “sorry dear don’t feel bad but some are good and educative, want to see today” after a long wait she agreed to. I pulled out my tab (I had downloaded some kamasutra sex education movies). Lying side by side we saw some kamasutra movies explaining different sexual positions. On showing girl on top cowgirl position I stopped and said “dear we’ll try this today” there was a quite hmm from her. After that I told her “jaanu see something more” and I showed her some proper xxx english sex movies. I was watching the anxiousness on her face watching the same. She seem to have enjoyed it. Once we were over I poked her “how was the movies” and there was a low voice “ok it was good” she then got up and went to toilet, I kept away the tab prepared for the next move.

I hid behind the curtain (the room had a dim light) as she came out and stood in front of mirror to adjust her hairs or so, not seeing me on bed she quietly called out “kahaan ho” I sneaked out and held her from behind. There was a surprise ooh from her. I was holding her from the waist and said “I love my sweet darling” love you too. And I started moving my hand up, she tried to resist but not forcefully. Finally my hands cupped her breasts over the night gown and squeezed them. There was loud ohh. I moved the glim lamp in front of the mirror and held her again. I wanted to see her image in the mirror. I gradually parted the gown and held her breast over the flimsy nighty. Her nipples were hard and erect.

I was massaging them from over and she was just moaning. Her hand came back and held my head from above. All this while we watching ourselves in the mirror. She softly said “ashu, I am the most lucky one in the world today to have a loving hubby like” I slowly opened her gown belt and removed the gown. My gorgeous hot wife was there in silk black nighty, my hands cupping her boobies, her moistened cleavage. She forced to turn towards me and buried her face in my chest. I asked if we can take some fotos here. On her yes, we took some hot selfies of ourself. Kissing each other, hands on boobs, biting ears and more like that. We kept standing like that for a while and she started to lift my t shirt. I helped her to remove my t shirt and she kissed my naked chest. I lifted her face and said I luv you and planted my lips on hers.

She responded with sucking my lips and soon it was a deep lip lock. Our tongues exploring each other and we both were moaning. In between we would part and kiss each other on face neck and ears and again lip kiss. All this while we were standing and started to move towards the bed. We gradually climbed up the bed and wriggling to keep the kiss intact. Her nighty was hiked up at times. We were kneeling for some time and kissing furiously. She asked me “aaj kyaa ho gaya, movie ka asar hai” I said “kyu tumhe nahi hai kyaa, tum bhi to” I gradually started lowering the strap, she had her eyes closed and seem to just enjoy. I held out one boob and went down to kiss it and slowly start sucking.

She went back and lied down and pulled my head towards her. I had her nipples in my mouth and was sucking it wild. Minutes later lowered the other strap and sucked the other nipple. And then removed the nighty fully. She was lying in a black thong panties. I got over her parted her panties and kissed her cunt. Looked at her as she was lying eyes closed and I started licking her wet pussy. I was trying to stick my tongue as deep as possible. She would at times place her fingers at her pussy and part them to let me lick deep. Once I finished she climbed over me and removed my shorts and came up to suck and bite my nipples. Once done I removed my boxers and out sprang my hard cock. I asked her “will you do it” she refused softly “aaj nahi” ok and I asked her if I can come up and after a haan, I climbed up and rubbed my cock against her wet cunt.

She was moaning loud now and thrusting up her waist. She was ready and I positioned my cock at the love gate and started to push in. She was getting wild and soon I was fully in. I lay motionless for a while waiting for her response till she said “karo naa please” and I started pumping slowly gradually increasing the pace. It was a lot of oooh and aah from both of us. I gathered some courage and said in a soft voice “ohh fuck you sweetheart” she heard with eyes wide, smiled and I continued my chants of “my sexy sweetheart, I’ll fuckk and fuck you”. Minutes later I withdrew and lied besides her. All this while I was visualising her on top of me. Sometime later I said “darling come over me now. My cock had gone soft and I asked her to harden it again. She wriggled up and come over and sat on top. Her pussy rubbing my cock and it was hard again. She asked coyly “hoga kyaa” I said “try to karo hoga kyu nahi. Akhir movie me bhi to hua”

She got up a bit positioned her cunt against my rod and tried to take my cock in but slipped and again and slipped again. I said “apne haath se hold kar ke daalo” she held my cock with one hand and tried to guide it in but failed. She was getting frustrated but I said “ek baar fir dekh lo video” sitting there I handed her the tab and she had a brief look at the video and handed back and settled again to retry. Once again she hardened my cock with her handed and positioned her pussy near it. She lifted herself and with one hand positioned my cock at her love hole. And gradually lowered her. It was going in slowly. I could see pain and satisfaction on her face. Finally my whole rod was in. Her eyes were closed and she was just rocking forward and back slowly with moans.

I said “sweetie do it now”. She supported her hands on my chest and started a slow up and down strokes. My cock was going in and out her pussy. She asked me “is it ok” I replied “sweetu , doing good, now do fast” she increased her strokes gradually and longer strokes. She was in full joy and was enjoying the hump. She was now jumping up and down on me with deeper strokes. She was moaning rather loud with a lot of aah aah oh god. I was saying softly “oh fuckkk me, kyu jaanu maza aa raha hai” she was quite. I asked her to try and arch back. She removed her hands and arched back resting her hands on my knees. And then started rocking front and back. It was a great sight. Her body was tight in the position. Her body arched, boobs taught and nipples erect. She laid her head back.

She was crying now in joy “ohh aah,” iasked again “kyu jaanu maza aa raha hai”. This time she said “haan” my hands were exploring her breasts and I would pinch her nipples or squeeze her boobies. She would respond with a loud aaahhh. She was also shaking her head forward and back causing her hairs to fall back and front. She was enjoying it thoroughly. Soon she got back in front pose and said “I am tired I said “jaan rest for a while and do it reverse way” we had some water in that pose and after a while she turned around and got into reverse. I said “dear this is reverse cowgirl position” she joked “sab pata hai aapko” anyway she once again struggled to get my cock in. But after some attempts, she managed to get it in.

This time she rested her hand on my knees bent forward and started stroking up and down. Wooow. I managed to get up a bit and hold her boobs from behind. Again she increased her pace gradually and then long vigorous strokes. Soon she was tired again and just collapsed on me. I asked her what next sweetu. She said “dear I am tired now you do it” I said “no dear you do it I am about to cum” she quickly turned towards me and straight took my cock in and started stroking long and deep instantly. As we were nearing climax, our mix voices of ooh aah were echoing in the room. In between I would chant “fuckk me dear, do it hard”. She increased her pace and soon I shot all my cumm in her. She continued over my slippery cock till we both were done. And then we lay side ways and I asked “how was it sweetu” she just said softly “great experience”

The next day was valentines day and by night as we retired to our bedroom, we kissed and wished each other. She went in the toilet to change. Meanwhile while glancing at her mobile I noticed she had downloaded some kamasutra sex poses and porn clips. She was more than ready today after last night’s experience. (I had also smuggled a piece of pastry in our room) as she came out, she was a goddess of beauty. The blue see through nighty was flowing over her body just till her thighs.

The bra was visible through the see thru nighty. The tiny blue bra was just enough to cover her nipples. And below was a g string pantie. She was feeling shy while I was smiling as she asked “kyaa ghoor rahe ho” I said “sweetu, my shopping in paris has paid off. You are looking gorgeous” she came forward and hid her face in my chest and was in tears “darling aaj main sabse zyada khusnaseeb hoon, I had never imagined I would ever wear french lingeries” she was smelling of the erotic perfume. I led her near the mirror and made her look in the dressing mirror. And I said “jaanu even aaj main bhi khushnaseeb hoon, ki duniya ki sabse hot aur khoobsoorat aur sexy girl aaj meri hai” I asked her if we can take some selfies, and then we took a lot of fotos of ourselves. Kissing and holding each other. I turned her towards me asked her to close her eyes. A she did I popped a mint chocolate in my mouth and then planted my lips on her and she felt the taste of it as she sucked my lips. It was a surprise. She held me tight and started kissing me and sucking lips. I turned her back again and held her boobs from back. My hands were exploring her pussy down and I was feeling its smooth today.

She had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. Gradually we moved to the bed. We wriggled on the bed kissing and fondling each other. I lifted her nighty and kissed her on the tummy and I took off my t shirt as I admired her and I slowly opened her front strap. I said “give me my mangoes” and she lifted the tiny bra off her tits and offered me in my mouth. I licked and sucked on her mangoes and then lifted the other side and sucked like mad. In between she was rubbing my cock over my lowers. Once finished, I sat up kneeling and she lowered my boxers. As my cock sprang out I said “sweetu lick it today and suck it” after some hesitation she agreed and came forward and slowly kissed on the tip and looked at me. I said “take it in yaar, you’ll enjoy it”. She asked me to get up on knees and as I got up my cock was erect at her face level and she again kissed it and took the tip only in her mouth. She was licking my tip with her tongue. I was getting hyper now.

Her warmth was burning my tip. Slowly she started taking whole shaft in. She waited for some time and then started making movements. Today she was having my cock fully in and out. In between she was using her hands to tickle my balls and rod (probably she saw few videos today) she was like more experienced today. I was feeling the heat of her lips on my rod and it was smeared with pink lipstick. I was moaning loud as I was enjoying the suck. In between I was saying “aah suck me baby, suck me hard and deep” while she was just ooohs and aaah. I applied some pastry cream on my cock and asked her to suck it again then I said “main kuchh karoo” and on her yes I held her head from behind and started stroking slowly in her mouth. Next I held her hairs and stroked her mouth in and out mouth fucking her. She seemed to be satisfied and enjoyed with this act.

We took a break and I asked her if she wanted to see some more videos. There was a gleeful yes. While lying we saw kamasutra and some hardcore porn clips again. And then it was her turn and she pushed me down on the bed and came over sitting on my tummy. There was a lust in her eyes today and was being more seductive. She kept sitting there for a while. Looking great and hot in the nighty. She was wearing a mini panties with side strings. I asked her to first stand up over me and she stood up over me, legs apart. I enjoyed the sight of her cunt as she asked “kya dekh rahe ho” I said “baby you are looking hot like this. I opened the strings of her panties and as I removed I found a clean shaven smoth cunt. It was freshly shaved and I looked at her smiled and she smiled back and said “jaanu this is for you” it was like a fresh creamy wet pussy. I moved towards her pussy and after a kiss started to lick it.

As I thrusted my tongue in hers, she started to moan and held my head and pushing it against her cunt. She was also parting her clit lips with her hands and forcing my lips in. I was really enjoying the smooth creamy puss. After a while she said “I can’t stand lie down plz” as I lied down she sat down over my crotch. And I asked what next she said you tell me. I asked her to move up. She did and inched further and further little and more and more. Finally she was over my face. Her legs over the sides and her cream fresh pussy near my lips. I wanted to hear her and asked “kyaa karoon” she moaned “do it” and again “do it” but I wanted to hear more and kept asking what. Finally in a soft voice she said “lick it” and I lifted my head and started to probe her clit with my lips.

She started to moan. She held my head up to her pussy and started to rock to and fro. Now she was mouth fucking me. Later she arched back her head and allowed me to lick her hard and moans grew loud and sh wa scring at times “do it more”. As she moved out I joked “jaanu that was great, movie asar kar rahi hai” she smiled and seemed satisfied and she slid down and she was ready for more action. Once again she held my cock making it hard and asked “karoo” I said “come over me baby” and she lifted herself and positioned her cunt over my cock and slowly started to lower herself. Slowly my entire cock was in. And she started to slide up and down over my cock. Her hands were resting over my chest. Later she moved her hands and was holding her head and rocking. She would hold her boobs and pinch herself at times in joy.

By now she was gyrating to and fro vigorously, she would at times hold my hands and guide it towards her boobies and I was massaging them over the nighty (she was looking so sexy with the nighty on, I had no intentions removing it) I asked as usual “ jaanu maza aa raha hai” this time she said “haan maza aa raha hai, it feels so good” I said “sweetu fuck me hard more” meanwhile she arched back resting her hands on my knees, continuing to rock. Her body was erect and tight with tight boobs visible thru the nighty. I opened the straps and parted her nighty. Her tight boobs and hard erect nipples staring at me. Her head and hairs were also falling back and she was enjoying the fuck. Soon she was tired and bit and took time to breathe.

I moved to adjust myself in front of the mirror and I asked her to turn back and she got into reverse cowgirl position. Her knees on my side and once again held my cock and guided slowly in her wet cunt. And she just sat down moving slowly. I asked her “c’mon baby do it , fuck me know” she turned a bit, smiled and started to increase her strokes. She was bending forward and stroking my cock in and out fast. I asked her to come back and she arched back resting her hands on my chest and continued to rock. I was holding her buttocks and she said “hold me” I asked where and after a pause she said “hold my breasts, hold my mangoes” I moved my hands to cupped her boobs and started to massage them and pinch the nipples. She was in extreme joy crying and her strokes were stronger and was moaning with pleasure “aah jaanu, its so good”.

As she was tired and finished fucking, she got down from me and I removed her nighty. She was total nude now. I wanted to enter her from behind and she got on her fours. I positioned behind held her bums and positioned my cock and rammed in straight away. A loud aah from her and she began to rock front and back. Well she was enjoying. I was stroking her with jerk force and we were making flapping sound as my crotch was hitting her buttocks. She put her head down on the pillow and I continued to fuck her. I was also at times bending forward and holding her boobies. We were tired but not ready to give up. I asked her to lie down and I got over her. She raised her legs up in a v shape exposing her pussy fully (she was getting flexible now). As I was holding her legs in v shape as wide as possible. I positioned and she held my cock and guided it in her pussy and straight away pushed my cock in a started to fuck her long and strong. She was holding her boobs as I was holding her legs up and wide and she was enjoying the strokes. She was moaning softly and trying to say something. All I heard was “do it hard baby, do it more, aaj zyada achha lag raha hai” well she was opening up. And I was obliging her by stronger strokes.

While stroking, I asked her “where do you want me to cum sweetu” and she said over the mangoes and she was massaging her boobies. I finished and she sat down half and I positioned my cock between her boobies and as she squeezed them close, I started to titty fuck her. Later she held my cock in her hand, kissed it on the tip and started to stroke, she was squeezing it hard while stroking and I was moaning load. While she was moaning softly “c’mon baby, give it to me” seconds later I sprayed my entire cum over her mangoes. She seems to enjoy it as I continued sitting like that for a while. Later we kissed each other and that was the end of another adventurous sexy night.

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