Cheating On Boyfriend With Online Friend

Hi, I am sibon limbu from Mumbai. And this is my first time here narrating one of the stories hope u guys will like it but its a bit long coz of all the description.

So not waste any time let me give u brief description of me, I am 25 years old, I am fair in color and my height is 5.4” a bit in the plump side. I have magnificent boobs frame size of ass and my body size is 38, 32, and 36.And I lost my virginity when I was at 16. And this story is about 4 to 5 years back and I will try to write every single think as I remember. It so starts that I used to hang out with my friends and my boyfriend used to be busy in his schedule and give less time for me, he used to visit me would meet me for only sex, beside that he never cares for me.

So this boy my online friend lets call him vodka. I met this guy from social networking site, we were from a different group. I and my group (all girls) were from Mumbai only and their groups were from Delhi (mostly boys). We happen to meet these guys from social networking site then among those boys I was attracted to this boy called vodka. We used to chat whole day, the whole night. He used to call me everyday and we had good chat. Once we all organized get-together party. That day we meet in person and he looks cute and I was more attracted to him. Days went bye they used to visit our state more regularly and we used to have a party every time they come. One day he asks me he will be visiting me alone and ask me to met him.We fixed the date and on date day he came to our state and stayed in a hotel then we talk on phone n made plan to meet in next day.On that day he asked me to meet him near his hotel and said we would go out. And I met him where he asked, everything we talked is in this conversation.

Vodka- where shall we go?Me – I said let’s go to some restaurant so that I could smoke.Vodka- okay, but I had worn slippers, and need to change.So he asked me to lets goes to his room while he changes his shoes you can smoke it will be privacy. Then we went to his roomVodka- where we will go?Me – I don’t know.

Vodka- let’s stay here for sometime and we will go. And ask me what I would like to drink (vodka) smilingly.Me- I said ok.

Then he orders full vodka and sprites and some cigarette. Then we started to drink n chat

After few rounds of vodka, I was feeling dizzy and we were chatting. Then he opens his laptop and played some nice song, and came near me and started to drink he again pour one more peg and came near me and hugged me by side. And I was feeling dizzy and telling him that my boyfriend didn’t give me much time and did care about her feelings and all. I put my head on his shoulder and we talked for some time. After some time his hands were touching me from my hands to shoulder and to the neck, lips. Then he started to kiss me and the effect of vodka was making me high, I wanted to stop him but I was so aroused and started to respond his kiss. We kissed for nearly 10 mins while kissing he was massaging my boobs. And I truly wanted to stop him but I was feeling aroused too due to the effect of vodka, I asked him to stop but he was no mood to stop and I was really enjoying his touch over my big soft boobs. So I though I will enjoy for some extend will ask him to stop.

At that moment I was really very wet coz the thought of cheating on my boyfriend made me aroused. Then he slowly places his hand over my pussy and begins to move his hands and finger me with my clothes on. Then he removes my staking and panty too. Now I was half naked and he came near me and started to kiss me again while fingering my pussy.

In my mind, I wanted to stop him and go but his hands on my pussy and boobs were really making me wet and he started to finger me deeper into my pussy and started to suck on my boobs over my cloth. Then he removes my clothes and I was lying on his bed only in the bar and with wet pussy which was being fingered furiously. He stops sucking my boobs and went down to lick my pussy. He licked all my wet juice and made my pussy dry. Slowly he inserted his one finger in my pussy and finger fucked me and playing with his tongue on my pussy. This is the thing my boyfriend never used to do and the thought of cheating on my boyfriend and his fingering and licking met my first orgasm. Then he sucked all the juice from my pussy and came near me with smiling face (like he has won the war) and asked me how it was.

I was really very aroused and asked him to fuck me, but he had other plans he asked me to suck his dick.(opened his shirt and he was half naked)

Me- no, I don’t lick to suck it.Vodka- plz, just for few mins and we can fuck after that.Me-(while playing with his dick over his trouser) I have not done anything like this with my boyfriend.

Vodka- come on, it will be fun just for few mins only I will stop if u don’t like it.

Then I started to undress his trouser and boxer too. I place my hand on his dick and started to stroke up and down. And it started to grow slightly bigger.

Vodka- now come on suck it (and he got up)

I didn’t want to suck but what made me kneel on my knee and started to suck his dick may be due to the effect of vodka.Vodka- wow, you are really good at this, is it your first time.Me- no, once or twice with my ex-boyfriend.Vodka- you told you didn’t have sucked before.

While sucking his dick taking it deep in side my mouthVodka- you are really good at this, I bet u had lots of practice.I sucked his dick for some times and he was making grunting soundMe- ok now come on fuck me I badly needed that dick in my pussy, I can’t control.

Then he kisses me and asked me to lie down on the bed. He came over me and started to fuck me with slow thrust (all the sucking made my pussy wet) and his dick slide in smoothly.

He was fucking me with slowly and I was really enjoying his dick in my pussy. I asked him to fuck me harder. He picked his rhythm and started fucking my pussy faster and faster he made me cry in pain and pleasure, I was moaning loudlyahhhh…..Ahhhhhh….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Plz, fuck me like that ….Ah ya, fuck me…ahhhhh. Fuck me harder ….Ahhh I reached my second orgasm. He fucked me for nearly 10 mins and withdraws his dick and asked me to be on my four legs so that he can fuck me from behind. He fucked me for sometime and was ready to cum I asked him not cum inside me and he withdraws and cum everywhere on my back and ass and bed. We were really tried and laid down for some time.I was really feeling guilty for cheating on boyfriend and remain silent for some time and he asked me

Vodka- what happen is everything alright?

Me- what if my boyfriend finds out, he will surely leave me. And our parents know about each other and we are getting married soon. What if he finds out and leaves me.

Vodka- who is going to tell him it will be secret. Nobody will know about this it’s up to you and me I promised.

Me- but I still feel bad for me and same for him

Vodka- let’s leave this, for now, we can talk later on about this. And he hugs me and planted a kiss on my forehead and promised me he will never tell anything about this to anyone.

Then again he started to kiss me and sucked my boobs and he again fucked me for 20 to 30 mins in a different position and I really loved getting fucked like that after that I went home and never talked about this until I meet my future husband. Then after that, we never talk to each other neither talked on the phone. Now I am married and a loving housewife for caring and a lovely husband. I did disclose all my past affairs to my husband and he really supported me till now. Hope you guys like my story and will give really good comments for my story and I will narrate another story of mine later.

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