Affair With Watchman’s Son – Part 4

Hi friends, I am Sirisha..34 30 34…I am a exhibitionist..I am back with my past 2yrs experience..With a boy beside my house..

Coming to the story… This happened 2yrs ago… Actually we are living in a rented house then.. We came to that house in summer.So I have almost never opened my room windows because of ac.. When summer was almost completed I have opened my windows.. But we have mosquito mesh for window.. There was another apartment terrace and very cool breeze is coming night time…I loved it…

Days gone normally until 1 day when got up and saw outside normally.. A boy may be of 2 or 3 years younger than me was there on terrace and peeping downwards… I normally saw down nothing was there.. I observed him for some time.. Then he slowly opened his pant zip… He has no tension as if anyone could see him because behind him water tank was there..

For every 4 to 5 min he is getting down to see if anyone came up through gap between tank and terrace floor.. As he dont know that I am watching him he slowly rubbing his bat and watching downwards.. My hand also slowly gone to my hole without my permission he got his pant down… His total set wad in front of my eyes wooww… Mmm… It will be minimum 7 inches..He started stroking it… Then I got to know that he was watching one aunt in nighty washing some utensils in wash area in just flat down to terrace.. Now sooo many thoughts are getting in my mind…

Next day morning it was sunday I came to know that he is son of watchman..Now I was waiting for next day.. Next morning I switched on lights.. It was 6 and early morning… I have waited for him..After some time he came and watching here and there..Aunt was not there.. Then I removed my top and switched on my lights..

As suddenly lights were on he saw this side..I was roaming as doing some work while changing dress… But I was observing him with my corner eyes.. I was in spaghetti top as I dont were bra night time and track pant.. Now idea came I started skipping before him..Spaghetti top was going up and down to reveal my smooth tummy and hot navel.. After 10 min I have got more than enough sweat to show my body shape..

He was masturbating seriously as he got his balls on border wall and moving front to back and same time stroking wildly..But I dont want him to cum that quickly as it was Sunday and I have no work than this.. Then I gone to window suddenly and stood there and observed nature but he suddenly stopped stroking and got down with fear…. Hahaha…

He observed me by hiding down.. Now I got back and started some jumping and bending exercises… My cleavage was clearly shown to him… Now by turning to window I have removed my spaghetti.. My boobs got pop out I rubbed them for some time as im doing it normally..Shit he released… He cummed a lot that I have never seen… Mmm 🙁 I may have got that in my mouth :-* ..Yummyyy..

I switched of my lights as I thought he may go… But as without light he cant see me as mesh was there… I observed him.. He was still there and waiting for lights again…Naughty guy.. Haha… Now I removed my pant also and got totally nude.. I switched on lights now I have gone to toilet and took veet cream and sat down…Shit now he cant see me…Now I was thinking what to do…

I wanted to veet my pubic hair before him… When I am thinking suddenly I saw him sitting above tank and watching me…But I got bit fear that he may know that I know him watching me… So from now I didnt see him even once for atleast 10 min… But I am not getting satisfied like this… Devil in me wants to see him and tease him..

So I wanted to take a dare step to make him know that I am doing it purposefully… But I dont want him to run away… So now I widened my legs more and cleaned pussy for some time and got up and saw him little he again started stroking there itself by hardly covering..Now I cleaned hairs on floor by bending showing my butts to him..

Now I got near window.. As he was a bit up to me.. I acted like I didnt saw him..Now I purposefully saw downwards ( only downwards) I didnt raise my head even a bit.. And got my left leg up on bench beside me and started masturbating mmm folding my boobies… Mm lovely…Ahhh… Mmm wow licking fingers with my yummy juice… Ahhhaaa …. I cant control… Mmm

I suddenly gave him flying kiss by seeing directly towards him… But I know this before only… He stunned there like that only…. This time enough for me…

I showed him my middle finger and got that finger in me mouth and stroked to and fro.. As I want his dick in the place of my finger…He smiled and got down from tank and came behind it.. And removed his pant totally and giving me some stills by showing his super hot rod to me clearly… This made me even hot and stroked my pussy ahhaaaa I have cummed so many times but I want more… I slowly said him to come to my terrace.. As I am living in top floor terrace is just above me.. I have gone there no one is there… He came after some time.. It is not a problem for him as our watchman and his father are some relatives…

After steps there will be some place and then terrace door.. We could see whether anyone coming or not.. As soon as he came without a word I pulled him towards me and removed his pant and started sucking his balls… He got small hairs there (starting stage).. I sucked him for a while and got my top up above my boobs and he started sucking wildly and folding them mmm this made me even more wild.. I made my pant also down…

By seeing my pussy more closely now he was out of his senses and pushed me to wall and hugged me tightly and stroking his dick on my pussy and sucking my right boob by folding my left one…I was in clouds… I cant even give him rhythm strokes as he was stroking that hardly… I thought that he may cum… So I stopped him..

Gave him a long smooch… And removed his shirt and made his pant down totally… Woww…. Well built body with 7 inch cock before me… I have no words.. I only said please fuck me ra.. He said akka this is first time for me plz guide me akka.. Then I got idea..

I made him lie there and I sat above him and rubbed his cock with my pussy and inserted it into me.. He is pressing my boobs wildly… I was going up and down and grinding him round and round … As it is first time for him it is taking him much time to cum… I loved it…I fucked him by kissing him … He fingered my ass on same time while fucking…. Woow it was first time for me to get my both holes drilled at a time … It was awesome … I bit his lips and scratched his butts with my nails…At last he cummed in my pussy..

Then I cleaned his dick with my tongue.. And face-sit on him and he licked my cherry.. After I smooched him for atleast 5 min and enjoyed his sperm taste..And said love you ra giri (his name is giri)… We enjoyed a lot (next part) after that.. But only for 1 month 🙁 … After that his family got shifted to another area..

Hey friend I am getting so many mails..So you can understand me that I cant reply to each and every mail.. So you all can send me your hot pics of your yummy dicks and pussies… I will definitely see them.. And if I am interested I will contact you.. Bye ra… I will meet you in next part…. A sweet kiss on your yummy dick.. Ummaaah

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