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Hi everyone, this is Vansh, this is my first story for the ISS, to write is my passion for very long time, getting on this section is completely new to me. On the feedback about my words and presentation. I am interested to touch the readers deepest fantasy. This is story completely a piece of imagination with no reference to any real incidence or person.

A small town boy out of his hometown to the city for further academics is common trend these days. I too got to pune this year earlier for mba classes after my graduation. Since early age and due to village background I was never exposed to the freeness for the opposite gender. Being part of new city culture, I was not adapted enough. In my kind of middle class family studies are given priority. So I was arranged 1 bhk flat with maid to work for my food and daily chores. This was first time I came around the youth where either you should hv a gf or get along a group which has both girls and boys in it.

After lot of attempts I would still find it awkward to get along any group or female environment. As of a typical nature to be friendly in neighborhood I got friendly with guard, maid, neighboring families especially aunties from the apartment. So due to such balance a got adapted a bit to pune and my stay here but still the lifestyle kept on bothering me now and then.

One fine afternoon of july when I was returning from the classes, I was in the lift getting on 3rd floor, I was accompanied by renuka bhabhi and payal bhabhi. I greeted them hello, and ignored as I was preoccupied with classes thoughts and not getting alonged stuff. And payal bhabhi interupted thought process

Payal: vansh kya hua hai, bahot stressed lag rahe ho?

Me: nothing bhabhi just classes and stuff.

Payal: itna kya tension leta h smarty pants .. You are waise hi too studious.. Thoda chill mara kr

Me: yeah ty bhabhi I shall work on it .

That was all we talked, but that moments grabbed my mind with her care and the sweet voice she spoke in. I was sp naive that for a moment I thought her like a elder sister who can help me adjust in this culture.

Speaking of her as a female, she was in her late 20s, wheatish,tall and slender with not too big boobs to carve for but enough to slip for, she use to sport western wears most of the time making it easy to know the details. She was married to harish bhaiya who use to work at some mnc in the city he was kind too. They didnt had any child untill now.So she was happy go lucky with ample amount of time to spare on herr lifestyle.

I started with getting them the different food I try many a times being a foody, initially there was hesitation from them but it got well when I started helping harish bhaiya for his projects and getting along with them both. I was glad to have the so called didi and jiju around me . I also got involved with them in festivities and customs or short trips.

I was virgin tough age was quite embarrasing to be so of 24 yrs still the thought of something else never came to my mind for them. Until one night my flat fuse was tripped late night. I asked harish bhaiya for help, after trying to fix it for some time, we could get it done, he said get your stuff to sleep at our place we will contact electrician in morning. I had no other option as it was already late and was cold because of rain outside. I was made a bed in hall to sleep in the 1 bhk flat.

We waved gn and he went to his room, I made myself comfortable, but due to the new place I couldn’t sleep well. I dozed off sometime later and got up early, out of nowhere I saw door of their bedroom open around 5 in morning the payal bhabhi in half sleepy walked from corridor to bathroom she was is short translucent nighty and messy hair and way show walked from bedroom to toilet all widen my eyes and had huge bulge in my boxers before I could get myself out of it toilet door opened and she was walking back to her room I covered myself to not get caught and peeped through the blanket her one side of nighty was drooped down the shoulder and bra strip was visible from behind. That picture got my nerves and had to get back soon to my flat and masterbated twice. All the dirty thoughts and I could imagine for her were getting me mad.

Meanwhile it was 8 in morning time to maid to arrive, due to lack of sleep and heavy masturbation I decided not to go to classes that day and went to bed to leave the door open for maid. As I slept in boxer I wasn’t aware of the hard cock bulge due to payal dreams. I was sp intensely bounded by the pervertness that I couldnt think anything else. Maid walked in with broom to clean the room, she called me once ‘vansh bhaiya utho class nahi jana kya’ I replied in half sleep ‘ nahi aaj chuuti hai, aap kaam krk darwaja khich lena ‘ and closed my eyes but all I could see was the payal walking in the corridor.

For the instance I thought of checking my maid out and her reaction to my erection, so I removed my blanket purposely as if I was in sleep to let her see my bulge and I observed that she ignored it all the way while I checked her out she was 34 30 36 busty fig and dusky complexion with payal bhabhi and now maid in saree fig got it cock even stiffer, I waited for her to notice but she completed her work in my room and went out pulling door behind her, I thought it didn’t work and when I finally decided to get up I saw her peeping from the gap of slightly opened door. And her widen eyes on my cock. Bang target was down. My heart jumped in anticipation

Being through iss before trap for getting maid into it wasn’t much difficult, I had one hour until she does rest of her work to seduce her. I got up as if I didn’t know anything she got aware and got into work but her expressions were changed. I removed my t shirt to let her have more to feed on and accidently touched her or went pass by to read her reactions she was almost caught in everyone of it. My last trap was about to come, I undressed myself in bedroom.

I usually take a long bath, so knew my maid.I went in leaving all my clothes on bed with the sexy cover magazines and lappy screen on porn site. Turned on the shower and waited by door gap for any attempt by maid but seeing no response for long time I called her to give me the shampoo from the cupboard. She came in and passed me it and now as she turned she got scared a bit as she got hint of my actions, she paused there for some time and left without touching anything. I got scared as plan was failing. So I quickly finished my bath and came out slowly without making noise and I peeped in kitchen to see whether she in angry.

Cherry on my luck, she was a bit sweaty standing in corner seeing one of the magazine with wide eyes and crossed legs and getting stiffened, I was already high, that was the peak moment to make my move, I dropped my towel and went behind her, grabbed her by her waist poking my cock in her ass cheek, she got scared and tried to push me away . I banged her against the wall keeping her mouth closed her eyes were fixed on my bare body and cock which was pulsating.

I said ” meeraaaa, mujhe pata hai tujhe kya chahiye and tujhe b pata hai, ya to jhagaad sakte h ya ek dusre ko poora kr skte hai, koi jabbardasti nahi h, bas koi icchya marne mt dena andar hi andar ” and I left her slowly and went to my room stood facing the mirror. Inside I was hell scared about the stunt I did, what if she told my parents, I closed my eyes and just stood there, I heard her payal sound coming closer it stopped when she came forward, she stood facing her face to me and took my hands and put it around her waist and teased my cock in her ass crack, I did it I did it, I was on cloud nine.

I removed her pallu and kissed her neck, removing her saree slowly. As I grabbed her navel she moaned ahhhh …. I was triggered, her saree was off .. I pushed her on bed and we made eye contact, she looked away and we smiled she was smelling sweaty but I was fresh I pulled her petticoat down, she had no panty on her pussy was covered with adequate hairs but she put her hands on it as soon as it was exposed. I was pissed a bit so I touched my cock on her hand she went crazy moaning and breathing hard .

I leaned on her to kiss her boobs on blouse, she didn’t want to remove the hands from between our thing so I torn her blouse . She got angry ” sahab main pahungi mat fado “I was is no mood to listen, I put my lips on hers before she could say anything I was too bad at kissing then, I kissed like a kid, grabbing her big boobs and removing her bra as she surrendered gradually, she got involved in kissing and I went passive, and she came on me putting me down, I felt offended a bit for not being dominant but she took it so well that her hand was still between our things and kiss was getting passionate,

Suddenly ” sale chote ustaad ko chut chahiye, hai na ?” I was so shocked how can she say like that but before I could say anything she went down kissing me and kissed my cock like a teenaged girl I blushed and shocked together she spit on it and licked the side while looking at me, hell of pro she was she again asked ” bolega kuch, chut chahiye ya chuche ” me like a child asking for a toffy said “Chut” in muffled voice. She said ” gali deke bol na, kyu dum nahi h ” and she squeezed my balls, I almost shouted ” randi chut de chut ” she laughed said ” tu hi hai mera sher “,with all her actions I was shocked weather I trapped her or she did all that, but before I could think more she came up and had her boobs near my mouth to lick and teased my cock with her pussy lips .

Her juice dripped on my cock and I went more crazy and I grabbed her ass and pull her pussy on my cock, she helped me guide it in her hairy cunt. I turned her down and pushed it in with all my power, she shouted in pleasure “Ahhhh, mar meri chut pura daal bc ahhhh”

By then I was sure that she was too experienced as non virgin but I didn’t care now and her words and pain cheered me up and I increased my rate and shot strength .

All room was filled with aroma and our pheromones, I loved the sounds the movements and the payal bhabhi too. I just went on until I bursted my pie in her pussy and fell on her all sweaty and smelly, when I got up all room was cleaned I was naked lying on bed she had left completing all her work with one on my lower and t shirt leaving her torn blouse in my room for me, I smiled and had lunch and the feeling of desperation and packed to go out for class,

Again in lift I was greeted by payal bhabhi and 2 others

Payal : ohho someone seems happy .. Kya baat hai

Me: umm baat to hai, credits goes to you

And left her there wondering “How.”

Hope you liked my story ….. Please give your valuable feedbacks on [email protected] … Boost me to write you more of such erotica … Thank you!!!

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