All About Love And Romance! A Journey You Won’t Forget!

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For all the new readers, lemme introduce myself. I’m Rohan Sharma, 27 years old.. I’m a sex advisor, a masseur (therapist) by hobby.. I would love to help you in any way I could.. Guys feel free to write to me for any help, suggestions, or you wish to seek advice or you guys wish to have some fun on chat or wish to meet me.. I hope you guys know I’m straight..

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Coming to the story, it happened at a place which on holiday 365 days an year.. Your guess is right.. It’s GOA!!! Me and my few of my friends including girls planned a trip to Goa. We were a group 13.. 7 guys and 6 girls. Among them 2 were couples and the rest were just friends..

This wasn’t the our first visit to Goa, but this turned out to be a very romantic and lucky trip for me… We all 13 are very close to each other and we always used to hangout together for movies, clubs etc.. But we needed a break so we decided to go to Goa.. It was a 4 day trip and we had booked our hotels accordingly..

As we all know, the best way to explore Goa is on the Activa’s available on hire.. So we hired the few Activa’s there.. And started out trip by hitting Baga beach first 3pm.. We had a great time on the beach as we did all the water sports etc..

A girl named Sneha, Princess of this story had very little knowledge about riding a bike.. But she wanted to ride and as all of us knew that she isn’t good enough to ride a bike in public.. As we was very stubborn about it, we had to give her a try and I decided to be her guide..

As we were just done with our water sports, we all were drenched in water and our clothes were sticking to our body.. And girls in their sexy shorts and tops were looking even hotter than before.. Especially with those wet hair!!! You must know girls look gorgeous when their hair is wet after have just done with their shower.. Well it was almost the same, and Sneha looked looked gorgeous in that lovely weather as sun was just setting.

We clicked few clicks in group and I went to Sneha and asked her, can I have the pleasure to take a picture with a gorgeous lady?? She thought I was pulling her leg and hit me on shoulder saying kamina humesha mujhe chedte rahega.. I couldn’t say a word and I just gave her a smile and took opened the cam on my phone..

I placed my hand on her waist and went closed to her. This was not new to us, but this time it was very special. A feeling which cannot be expressed in words. She was all drenched with wet hair.. I clicked one of the most beautiful picture I ever could.. It might be just a picture for her, but it meant to be very special for me as I started to have a feeling which I had never had for her..

Then after the beach we decided to have some snacks, as u guys know no one can have dinner before you hit the disc and have some.. I guess u guys know what do I mean to say.. After the snacks, we went to our hotels and we took our shower and got ready for the disc..

And we guys got ready and were waiting for the girls in the hotel lobby.. And guys it was as if we are watching a fashion show.. The girls were coming and they looked absolutely stunning.. So gorgeous and so hot!!!  Each girl was wearing something trendy and something too hot!! Some in shorts and some in 1 piece gowns.. For a moment we guys forgot that these girls are our friends. We skipped a beat and looked at them with a surprise..

They must have loved to see us surprised.. As they made an effort to look so gorgeous.. We complimented them for their killer looks. We went to club cabana.. And for almost half an hour we friends had a great time dancing together and then slowly the couples parted from our group for some privacy and so did the other guys and girls for their own reasons like smoke, bar etc etc..

Now we were 4 people still on the dance floor and I had my eyes on my princess Sneha.. She was dancing like an actress in a movie, and looked gorgeous with her hair moving in rhythm.. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I went near her and said, dear aisa na dance karo, I might fall for you!!! Disc ke sare ladko ki nazar tumpe hi hai!!! She gave gave me a smile and said Rohan I don’t mind if u fall for me.. Tu itna bhi kamina nahi hai.. And we broke into a laughter and I asked her if she would like to dance with me? She said kamina already mujhpe line maar ne ki try kar raha hai?

I said kya karu, meri nazar hi tumse nahi hat rahi hai.. She blushed and gave her hand to me.. And we started dancing together.. Looking into her eyes was the biggest mistake of my life.. I was lost in those beautiful eyes and I forgot that I was in group and we are not a couple.. We danced for quite some time enjoying each others company..

After almost 40 mins my friends started teasing us that may be we are couple now and then we realised that it’s been a long time they have been noticing us. I kinda blushed and was telling them aisa kuch nahi hai.. Bus dance kar rahe the and all..

Then we started to dance in the group looking at each other all the time. The way she smiled at me all that while is something which I can never forget. Must be the best thing which could have ever happened to me.. After almost an hour I asked her if she’d come out with me for some time. And I took her out and headed towards the beach.. we started walking on the beach talking to each other and I took her hand and was holding her hand all the while when we were walking..

After sometime we sat on the beach and started to talk. Spending some time with such a special girl in that beautiful moonlight was something beyond words. A feeling which could be just experienced.. A moment which could never be forgotten..

Talking to her, I kinda was getting closed to her.. and then she asked me? Tera irada kya hai? Mera hath pakad k chal raha tha, ab mere najdeek aate ja raha hai.. And all I could say is Kya tumhe isse koi problem hai? She dint bother to even answer and she rested her face on my shoulder and held my hands near my elbow. We spend some quality time talking to each other.

Then suddenly she wanted to say something and looked towards me and I too looked at her and my lips accidently met with hers. We dint talk for almost 2 mins and just then I placed a kiss on her head with all the love I could show for her. She felt so good and she placed a kiss on my cheek and said ab toh tujhe kamina bhi nahi bol sakti.. Itna pyar a raha hai tujhpe.. I asked her kitna pyar a raha hai? And just then when she raised her hands may be to say bahut saara, I gave her the first kiss on her lips..

Guys there is no better feeling on the planet when you kiss your girl with all that love hidden in ya heart.. If you guys agree then please lemme know

I started kissing her ever so slowly and she too started to feel the love and started to respond to my kiss.. I slowly hugged her and she responded with the same and we started to kiss each other very passionately.. we almost kissed for 8 to 10 mins and she had her eyes closed all this while.. Which proved that she was enjoying this beautiful moment and I was lucky enough to be a part of it…

After almost 10 mins I broke the kiss and I asked her to open her eyes.. She looked into my eyes and I placed a kissed on her forehead and said kabhi socha nahi tha ki mujhe tumhara sath itna Acha lagega.. She just hugged me tight and we spoke for some time and I started to tease her by tickling her etc.. Doing so I accidently brushed my fingers on her boobs.

She must have felt the touch and we realised what magical feeling we are going through.. I again started to kiss and time I started to explore her back. Our body heat was rising in that romantic weather. And we started to feel where this was heading…

I slowly started to move down and started kissing her neck and then started kissing her shoulder.. The skin was so soft and her fragrance was making me go crazy.. Kissing her shoulder I moved to her back and started to kiss her back…

I placed 100’s of kisses on her back and now I started to cup her tits from behind.. She loved this feeling and closed her eyes.. And I realised I can’t go ahead in a public place.. So I asked her chale? She said haan..

We took our bike and headed towards the hotel.. Our room was a little messy as only guys were staying in that room.. But there was no stopping us now.. I locked the door and she started to smooch me.. after a long smooch I pushed her to the wall and started to kiss her shoulder and pushed her strap. And kissed all her shoulder..

I slowly moved down and started to kiss her thighs.. and I started to kiss her cunt over her dress.. Doing all this I was feeling her boobs with my hands.. She pushed me aside and went to the other corner.. I followed her and took her in my hands and placed on the bed..

I slowly started to remove her dress.. Now she was just in her bra and panties.. I kept admiring her hot figure and she blushed and closed her eyes with her hands.. I slowly removed her hands and kissed her eyes.. And said TU bahut hot yaar!!! She started to kiss me and I started to press her boobs on her bra..

Moving down to her neck, I gave her few love bites on her neck.. she was loving it.. And I then started to lick her cleavage with my tongue.. Slowly I took her boobs out of her bra and started to lick the bottom of her boobs teasing her while squeezing her other breast.. I started to lick her boob in circular moments.. Teasing her just next to her hard poky pink nipples..

I finally licked the tip of her nipple with my tongue holding her boob in my hand.. After almost licking it for some 30 to 45 seconds I suddenly took it in my mouth and started to suck it as if I’m a hungry kid.. I was going crazy sucking her boobs and I started to pinch her other nipple..

While sucking her boobs I inserted my hands inside her panties and started to feel her pussy.. I started to again tease her, rubbing my fingers just next to her pussy spreading my both fingers.. You can imagine how magical would this be..

I moved to other breast and started sucking her boob.. Now I started to rub my fingers on her pussy and this time just feeling it. Not putting my finger in yet..

I got up from the bed and got ice cubes from the fridge.. And I slowly undid her panty.. and I placed a ice cube on her navel.. And started to kiss her navel with the ice cube in my mouth.. I slowly moved down with the ice cube still in my mouth and started to feel her pussy with my lips and ice cube. Can you imagine that magical feeling of my lips and that ice cube?? Would u love to try this??

I hope this surprise was worth reading..

I let her feel that ice cube on that horny pussy.. And the ice cube had become smaller in size. So I pushed the ice cube a little in her pussy.. and she suddenly couldn’t control that feeling and sat.. I made her lie down again I put my tongue on the ice cube and started to lick her theirs.. Girls love a tongue there. Imagine a tongue and a ice cube? Love juices started to flow from her wet pussy with cold water of that melting ice.. I now started to lick her pussy more wildly and realised that ice cube was not there.. it has melted due to the heat of her pussy and my tongue.

As my tongue was so cold coz of the tongue, she could feel my tongue exploring every inch of inner walls of her pussy.. I love doing this.. And I now started to fuck her with my tongue and in no time she cummed.. I drank all of her juices..

And now I realised it’s time for my thing to get into action.. So I undid my pants and undies in no time and I caressed her pussy with the tip of my thing!!! She couldn’t resist anymore and she said.. OH ROHAN, DON’T TEASE ME ANYMORE!! I CAN’T TAKE IT.. PLZ PLZ MAKE LOVE TO ME.. I NEED IT ME!!! PLZ PLZ MAKE LOVE TO ME ROHAN!! I’M WAITING!!!

Feeling the love and excitement in her voice I slid my thing in her.. It was too tight and only half of my thing was in her as she dint have sex for the last 2 years as she broke up with her guy.. I loved the tight pussy and with some force I pushed my thing in and finally it was all in her..

I could feel her pussy so tight on my thing.. I enjoyed it for a while not moving it at all.. Then she said, kya kar rahe ho Rohan?? Make love to me yaar.. Mujhe itna wait na karwa.. It was too much for me to resist and I slowly start to pump her.. Moving my thing in and out.. I love to do 1 thing. That is to take my thing completely out and put it in.. I love to make love this way.. So I started to do the same.. And at times I was even teasing her just putting the top of my thing.. feeling the start of her pussy. Guys trust me, u both will feel great.. try it..

After all this, she started to moan loudly and say.. Make me cum Rohan!! FUCK ME HARDER!! I’M LOVING IT!! DON’T STOP!! Going crazy with her words I started to drill her pussy and she loved every single moment of it.Because i was teasing her so much, she placed her feet on my calf muscles. And I was locked, all I can do now is to drill hard and harder.. and seeing her so crazy I started to fuck her as hard as i can..

And after intense fucking, we both finally cummed.. And she hugged me tight.. We lay hugging each other for some time and we fucked for 2 more times in my favorite doggie style and me fucking her from behind laying side wards..

Readers if you loved this experience then please do write to me. This story is dedicated to all you readers and all those who believe in love making than just having sex.. I hope u cud feel all the magic and I made all of you so horny and you are eagerly waiting for this kind of love.

Please share some love and gimme some if possible.. please make an effort and lemme know your thoughts and if I may be better than this.. All you naughty girls, there is a lot more what could think off!!

Do get in touch with me on [email protected] or even ping me on hangouts.You don’t need to share ya number for this..

This is Rohan Sharma singing off.. Stay blessed and hope you find your love. May be in me too.

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