Seducing My Mama (Uncle) – Part 2

Hi everyone. This is Maya back again with another hot steamy story. For those who don’t know me, you can read my story ‘Seducing my mama’. Thank you for the feedbacks for my first story. I really appreciate all those feedbacks and because of that I am writing another story. Well, what I am about to narrate is the sequel of the first part. Please bear with me because it’s a lengthy one.

My company has organized a trip to Bangkok for 5 days and 4 nights. There were around 20 people from the same department. Only 2 girls and rest are men. Most of the men are single and good looking with good physique. As we board the flight, I was so happy to be seated next to my mama and next to my mama is another guy with the name of Arjun. Arjun is 30 years old and slightly resembles actor Vishal.

Since from the airport, I have been noticing Arjun was staring at me. When I asked what the matter is, he says nothing. Then I noticed he was looking at my boobs. So I went up to him and asked him boldly, ‘You wanna suck and play with my boobs is it?’ His face went red due to embarrassment. So, I walked back and was waiting to board the flight. In the flight, we looked at each other and smiled. I had no idea of having sex with him at first.

Then after a while, I wake up from my seat and wanted to go to toilet. The moment I came out from toilet, I slipped and about to fell and Arjun caught me. His one hand was at my ass squeezing it and another hand was at my waist. My god, the touching starting to make me feel aroused. Moreover his strong physique is making me want more. I said thank you and left to my seat. As I was resting, Sanjay(mama) asked me what is your fantasy in sex. I told him having threesome. He asked you prefer 2 men or 2 girls. I said I always prefer 2 men and I winked my eyes and continued, ‘ Its nice to have 2 men sucking, licking and drilling my pussy.’ We both laughed. Below is our conversation in the flight.

S: It seems Arjun wants to fuck you.

M: Maybe.

S: I saw him staring at your boobs and ass at airport. Moreover, I saw him squeezing your ass just now. I think he will be a perfect for the threesome you wanted.

M: Do you think so? But I am afraid he is not a trustworthy and will spoil my name.

S: Come on my dear. I know him very well since I started working in this company. He is a nice guy and I know he have few experiences in making out.

M: If you say so mama, then I am ok with it. But please you ask him.

S: Ok baby. Anything for you.

I was feeling so excited and waiting for the real fun to begin. After few hours, the flight landed at Bangkok Airport. Four cars were waiting to pick us up to the hotel. We checked into the hotel almost 4pm and we were allowed to choose the rooms we want and to stay with whom. All my colleagues knew that I and Sanjay are relatives so they did not make it a big fuss about it. As I expected, both of us stayed together and to our surprise the bed was queen size and the room was so beautiful and romantic enough to make us horny. As we were feeling tired, we decided to take rest for a while because later at night there will be dinner and outing.

During our outing, Arjun walked next to me. His hands was brushing to my boobs and at times to my ass. The excitement of having sex with him increasing in me. I teased him while we walk. When no one was looking at us, I kissed on his lips and rub his dick over his jeans. I know what I was doing because Sanjay already told the threesome plan. All of my colleague went in different directions. Arjun brought me into a shopping complex. We were walking and walking until he dragged me into a lingerie shop. ‘Hey what you are doing here’? Arjun replied, ‘I wanted to gift you something hot and sexy.’ He bought me a red transparent above the knee nighty. I love red and thanked him. ‘I want you to wear this tonight and just panty underneath and no bra.’ I said ok.

After dinner and outing, all of us went back to our rooms. After changing into a nighty and walked out of the bathroom, I saw Arjun and Sanjay were talking. Both of them were in their boxers and I saw little bulge in their boxers due to seeing me in a sexy nighty.

As I walked towards them, I knew it will be an unforgettable night for me. Arjun held me by waist and kissed me passionately on my lips while Sanjay was pressing my boobs over my nighty. Sanjay removed my nighty in one go and I was just in my panty. Then, Arjun make me lie down and sucked my boobs and licking it. My nipples were erected due to attention given by him. I was letting out slight moans in between. Sanjay was kissing was belly and went down to my pussy and take out my panty. He parted my legs and licked my pussy. I go crazy when Sanjay lick my pussy. I moaned, ‘Aaaahh!!! Hmmm ..Yes mama. Keep licking my pussy.’ After few minutes, I reached orgasm and was all over Sanjay mouth and bed sheet.

Then, I made Sanjay and Arjun naked. Wow….Arjun’s dick was so awesome. I took turns sucking and licking their dicks and balls. Both of them enjoyed very much. Arjun was moaning heavily, ‘Oh baby, you are really a cock sucker. Damn!!! Everyday my dick will want your mouth.’ Then my mama continued, ‘Her pussy is much hotter than her mouth. Then you will want it every day.’ Hearing this, I was getting more hornier and hornier. Then I lie down. Arjun spread my legs, licked my pussy madly and inserted his cock into my pussy. ‘Ahhh!!!’ I moaned.

While Arjun fucking me, I am sucking Sanjay’s cock. Oh man! Arjun’s thrust was so deep and good. ‘Oh Arjun. You fucker. Make me your bitch. Fuck me harder. After 15 minutes of a good fucking, Arjun ejaculated his sperms on my stomach. Sanjay did not even let me to clean myself and make me into fours and fucked me in doggy style. For each strokes, ‘Taaapp !!! Taaapp !!!’ The room was filled with our moaning sounds. Arjun was watching Sanjay fucking me and seeing my reactions.

After 20 minutes, Sanjay loaded his sperm on my back. My body fell on bed and then only I went to clean myself. My body was covered with semen, my pussy liquid and sweat. Sweating in the air conditioner room because of our hot sex.

While I was in the bathroom, both of them came in and we had shower together. They even tried ass fucking me but I strictly said no because I do not like ass fucking. In bathroom, we went for second round. After all the fucking sessions, three of us sleep together naked and this threesome continues until the end of our trip. This trip was an unforgettable and memorable one.

On my next story I will narrate how this threesome went into a gang bang. Thank you for reading my story.

I will not entertain anyone asking me for sex and sexchat. Your feedbacks are welcome to [email protected]

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