Amit And Me – Part I

Hi every one. I’ve been following ISS for the past 1 year now and feel to share my experiences with you. I will be narrating you what has transpired in my life for the past 2 years.

This story will be in different parts and across different appropriate categories. All the conversations happened in Telugu but for the benefit of viewers across the globe, I will be narrating this in English.

My name is Subhash and I currently am 29 years old. This incident happen a couple of years ago. I reside in Hyderabad and work as and IT professional in a reputed MNC. I have a lot of interest in sex and always keep watching porn.

During the process, I happened to watch some gay porn as well and somehow developed curiosity towards it but never thought of making a step towards it. Always fantasized being with a guy but never dared to do anything in reality.

I once had an accident and a leg fracture when the doctor advised me to have rest for a couple of months. I took leave from office and some of the important work has been handed over to a new joinee Amit. He used to call me for any doubts.

I used to explain how to move forward on the phone. One day there was an elaborate discussion needed and I suggested him to come home. He did and I explained him and I felt that he’d better have my laptop for understanding the codes and various links to it.

I mailed my office that I am handing over my laptop to Amit and will be collecting it back when I resume my duties.

Once I fully recovered, I reported back in office and started off with my work. After a few days, Amit called me and said that he needs to talk to me in private. We went to cafeteria and he asked me casual things about recovery, etc.

Then he told me that he has seen the browsing history in my laptop which has many porn links. He also told me that many of them are gay links asked me if I am interested in such stuff. I told him that I might have clicked them by mistake.

He then took his laptop and showed me the snapshot of the browsing history. He said “You see, more than 95% of this stuff is gay and this cannot be a mistake.

I am sure you are interested in this stuff. You made me too curious. There is no point in debating about obvious facts. I say, let’s give it a try”

Both of us returned to our desks and he kept pinging me in office that he stays alone and asked to think about paying a visit to his place that day. As he kept pinging me.

I too unknowingly got excited and finally thought “why not give it a try?” I told OK to him and we went to his place in the evening after office which is just a 10 minute drive.

10 minutes after reaching, he said going by the pages you’ve visited, the polls you’ve voted, I get that you are more inclined to play the female role in bed. I anyway want to play the male role. I was shocked by what he spoke but it was a fact.

I did not respond anything. He opened some porn clips of blowjobs going on and sat beside me. As the clips played on, both of us started getting horny and he took my hand and put it on his short. I felt his half hard dick and pulled away my hand immediately.

He said “you are here anyway, don’t feel shy” and opened his zip and put my hand inside. I was welcomed with pubic hair and he had a good grip on my hand not to let it go this time.

I further explored and touched his dick – that was a strange feeling touching someone else’s dick. I further explored and started rubbing it and in no time, it has become rock hard. He took out his trousers and undies and completely nude from waist down.

I started giving him a hand job and his dick started throbbing in my hand. I had a full view of it now and it approximately was 8 inches. My inhibitions seem to have vanished now as I could not take my eyes off it. He got up from the chair and stood in front of me with his dick facing me.

I lifted my head and looked into his eyes. He brought his dick close to my face and signalled me to suck it. I, without any hesitation pulled his shaft back and started sucking it. I made my mouth wet to avoid the friction and started sucking it like a pro.

He held my head by my hair and was controlling the speed.

Slowly he pushed his whole length into my mouth and I gagged as I could not take deep throat but he still had the grip on my head and I had no choice. It hurt a bit but I was enjoying every part of it. I almost surrendered myself to Amit and loved every moment of his dick in my mouth.

I became free in sucking, he let go off his grip on my hair and I was sucking the whole length of his cock. Took it out and licked the tip of it with my tongue and liked the length of it with my tongue’s tip. He was moaning with pleasure and so was I.

He then took his dick off my mouth and told suck my balls. I immediately obliged. I got down and started sucking his balls and during the process some of his pubic hair to went into my mouth. But I was not in a position to care.

His manliness completely took over me and I was just following his orders as I was sucking his balls, I automatically got away from the chair and knelt down in front of him.

I was looking into his eyes without shame and sucking his balls and he was looking into my eyes with a sense of satisfaction and triumph.

He then again put his dick in my mouth and I more than happily grabbed it and started sucking it like a hungry dog. I was so involved in sucking his cock that it appeared that there is nothing important in this world than sucking his mighty dick.

I never felt that I am satisfying his hunger but always felt privileged to have his cock and felt it worth of anything in this world. I kept on sucking the whole length of his cock and he started breathing heavily.

He then held my head and started stroking his cock in my mouth and mouth fucked me. I gagged on every punch of his stroke but was in seventh heaven as he was doing that. I never cared for what I was being hurt. He did so for 5 more minutes and finally shot his load of cum in my mouth.

He held my head so firmly to make sure that all of it goes into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it as he kept his dick stationed as deep throat. I swallowed it as I was gagging and after a couple of minutes.

He took his dick outside which has turned into semi-hard from hard. There was a little trace of cum on his dick which he rubbed over my face and I was happy to accept it with closed eyes and enjoying every moment of it.

He then sat on the chair and lit a cigarette and I was looking at him with a blush on my face. He asked me did you like it Subhash? To which I replied you should say. Did you like it?

He smiled at me with a sense of owning me and said “A lot dear. You will have to unload me every day.” I said “2 – 3 times a day”. He had a wild laugh on his face and I left his place after a bit of relaxing.

We did it 2 times a day – once before going to office and once after office at his place for a couple of days until he proposed a step further, which I will be narrating in the 2nd part of this story. Meanwhile, feedback and comments are welcome on [email protected]

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