Anju Bhabhi And Me – My First Sexperience

Holla! This is Sam.. I’m from Goa.. This is the first time I ‘m writing on ISS.. Hope you all like it.. This is my first sex experience.. This incident happened 2years ago.. I was studying engineering in pune.. Me and a couple of my friends had rented an apartment nearby the college.. There was a lady, anju, in our building who used to run a tiffin service.. Since it was just on the next floor we used to go to her flat for food.. During holidays we even used to help her in the kitchen.. I like cooking so I usually spent more time with her..

In the month of January my friends had gone to their natives so I was all alone in the apartment.. So I rather used to spend time with anju chatting and gossiping.. She was a divorcee.. She had a 7year old son.. Only a few people used to come down to her place to have food rest of the members used to take away tiffins.. Because of keen interest in cooking me and anju had come really close..

We used to share almost everything with each other.. I had many girlfriends but never had the courage to have sex.. One evening just as we were chatting in their balcony somehow the topic arose.. She asked me whether I was dating more than one girl at the same time.. I wasn’t actually so I replied no! She than asked me whether I was in a serious relation.. I said no.. There was a long silence after that.. Suddenly anju had a call so she went to the drawing room.. Once she hung up, I called her outside and asked her why she wanted to know if I was serious or not.. She suddenly had watery eyes! I was shocked.. I thought I had offended her in some way.. So I went to her and placed my hand on her shoulder..

She suddenly burst into tears and hugged me tightly.. I was shocked.. She then told me the whole story of her separation with her hubby.. I knew she wanted to get satisfied.. So I purposely asked her if I could be of any help to her.. She said yes and hugged me tightly.. I could feel her warm breath on my neck.. Her tears touching neck.. I was really aroused.. But then again I was scared too.. I was still a virgin.. I hesitantly told her so.. She laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I ‘ll take good care of you!” and winked at me with a naughty smile..

She kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to go to the bedroom and turn on the ac.. She locked the main door, locked the door of her son’s room who was sleeping and came inside.. I was waiting on the bed.. She sat next to me on the bed.. We smiled and I directly hugged her.. Hugs than turned to kisses and than to smooches.. Anju is a plump lady so her body was soft all over.. While kissing she took my hands and placed on her boobs and signed me to squeeze them.. She then slid her hands on pan pants.. Where my dick was hard and ready to roll.. Slowly we totally leaned on the bed.. She was wearing a top and legging.. I was in my tee and shorts..

She took off my tee and started kissing me on my chest with her hands still on my dick inside the shorts.. She then took off the shorts too in a single go.. I was completely naked on the bed.. I was a bit shy.. She then pulled me up made me stand and asked me to undress her starting with her legging.. I did as she told me.. Then took her top.. Then came out her bra and at last her panty.. I grabbed her boobs and sucked and squeezed them for almost 10 min.. She then took me to the bathroom were we had a quick shower together.. We wiped ourselves and came back to the bed..

She had very small hair near her pussy.. She asked me whether I would like to lick her pussy.. I hesitated first but later agreed.. First I thought it to be very disgusting but I liked it so much.. I spread her legs with my hands.. First kissed her pussy lips and then inserted my tongue inside.. She was enjoying it.. She asked me to go deeper and suck her pussy.. My moves made her moan loudly due to which it was really hard for me to control my hard-on! I told her that my dick will blast if I don’t shag it right away.. I laughed and asked me to come in 69 where she gave me an amazing blowjob.. I hardly lasted for 5min.. She had cum almost twice by now.. I turned and we started kissing.. I was squeezing her boobs and rubbing her pussy turn by turn while kissing her… And she was jerking me to make it hard again for round two!

It was time for round two.. She spread her legs, asked me to come in between them and place my dick on her pussy.. I did so and slowly started rubbing it on her pussy lips.. Due to pre-cum my dick was slipping again and again.. Finally she helped me get inside her.. I started pounding her.. Her moans were getting louder and louder.. She was enjoying it.. She wanted me to go harder and faster.. I was pounding her with all the strength I could.. I felt like I was in cloud nine! My hips were aching very badly.. It was my first time..

We then changed our positions after about 10 min and she came on top of me and started riding me.. Her boobs were bouncing in front of me.. I was squeezing them, pinching her nipples.. After about 5 min I was about to cum.. I told her… Even she was about to cum so she increased her pace.. We finished together and she fell on me.. We were really tired.. When she got down I saw some blood on her thighs.. It was from my dick skin that was torn.. It was paining a bit.. But I could control it.. After 15min rest we cleaned ourselves and dressed up and went to the balcony..

After that day we had such sessions many times.. I even had her ass later that year.. Sometimes she even sent her boy to their native place and I used to go to her place to spend a really wild night.. I would soon write about those stories too..

Thanks for your time.. Mail me for any feedbacks or friendship on [email protected].. Ciao! Enjoy being sexy! Take care!

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