Aunty’s Darker Side Exposed – 3

A quick recap : Sushant gets the revelations about his aunty’s different tiered dominant natures. Sushant’s aunty doesn’t comes to know about his knowledge on her female led relationship with her husband but still manages to turn him into her slave when Sushant’s interest started to fade away from his academics and studies.

* * * * * *

Chapter 3

Aunty was home late in the night and I went to sleep right after she was arrived. I was much tired after studying for the entire day. Aunty’s domination was getting in my head now.

As soon as the clock hit 6, I heard the alarm ringing. I was very freaked out to go to the window, but managed to get there after gulping down my fear under the throat. I was there 10 minutes late.

Aunty had uncle between her ass, worshiping it in the wettest manner possible. She was placed in the bed on all fours, while uncle was drowned in her ass from behind. She held his head and pushed it inside of her ass. After few minutes of licking, she made uncle lie on his knees to mount on him and piss inside his mouth.

Doing that, she started to get dressed for the jog while I moved to my room to run away from the jeopardy of getting caught. Aunty knocked on my room door after getting at it. I started shivering as soon as I heard the knock on the door.

I managed to go through the door and open it for aunty. She was there standing tall at the door steps with her 5’9 structure in her black adidas leggings. My head was facing the floor and she entered the room. Her reactions changed as she saw all of the books messing the table at the side of the room. She smiled a little.

“Good morning beta!” She started with a smile and took her hand on my waist.

“Good morning masi!” I tried to step back.

“Did my nephew slept well?” She started to come forward.

“Tried to, aunty!” I still faced the floor and was still shivering lightly.

“Could you please read that time table out for me loudly son?” She slide her hand and placed it just above my ass and came more forward.

I managed to take my head upwards and my eyes at the back of the door. I started to read that out,“Monday – AllotmentTuesday – House bitchWednesday – Oral dayThursday – ReportingFriday – CorrectionsSaturday – Punishments.”

“Lovely!” She tapped at the top of my ass with appreciation. “Now tell me son, what day is it today?” She added.

“Tuesday, aunty!” I answered.

“So according to the list umm… you would be a house bitch today son.” Saying that she came closest to me and grabbed my inner waist tightly, her tight boobs from the T-shirt bruised my chest, I could feel my index finger’s tip sized nipples of hers on my chest. I was freaked out by her gesture. My heart beated at the very worst.

“I feel very shameful right now aunty, please get away.” I began to defend my credibility.

“I was the first to carry you in the arms when you came to this world out of your mother, son. You fucked your darling aunty two nights ago. So don’t I hold the possession to even hold you in my arms now?” She spoke softly. I didn’t said anything in return but just went with the flow.“Can you do me a favour son?” She killed the silence.

“Yes aunty.” I was frightened to a very low voice.

Undoing her hand from my waist she turned around. I faced her back now and her open wavy black hairs were just before my eyes.

“Would you care to tie your aunty’s mess on the head, son?” Handling the rubber band to me, she said.

“Sure aunty.” I started to adjust her hairs.

As soon as she turned around to make her hairs face me, her ass hit my dick and was now lying on a safe distance from my dick. Aunty didn’t liked the distance and she came a step back and made my dick touch her fleshy ass through the her leggings. I had an erection in an instance.

She fit my erect dick into her butt crack through the pants and started rubbing her ass on it. I started to get total discomfort, while continued to tie her hairs. I finished tieng her hairs to a low looped bun. Aunty teased me very well in this less than a minute. I felt some pre-cum on my tip.

She turned around again and placed her one hand on my ass properly and other one on the cheek. She came closer and kissed me lightly on both the cheeks.

“I have such a proud nephew, who is good at almost everything. He is just not good at some things and those would be fixed by aunty. Prepare the tea for the morning son, while aunty return from the little jog and workout. Your uncle is securely placed in his room, so you should be out of concerned of him catching you red handed.”

“You start to trust your aunty from today onwards son. You are the house bitch for this day, that means to do all the chores of the house. I would still allow you some time off in your school time, but you need to continue working till night after coming back once from school. As far as your study time is concerned, you have to help yourself on your own.” She threw all of it on me with ease. She squeezed my ass in her palms couple of times when saying this.

I had a hard time saying anything in return after hearing all that from aunty. I stayed mum in her arms for one long minute. I gulped down the spit from my throat and said,

“Okay aunty I would start from here onwards.” I tried to free myself from her hold and she kept her grip still”Not this easy son. You are expected to keep yourself out of the clothes, then only you would be able to understand the value of quality chores. You would do all the cleanings today from the curtains to the sheets and also wiping away the dry leaves of the garden.”

“Here is a robe for the emergencies such as going to clean the garden or when you have a visitor to attend, but remember ‘ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES’.” saying that she handed me a robe and kissed my forehead.

She left the room while I prepared to get to the chores done. I removed all the clothes and left myself completely naked. I left the room. I started to do the cleanings of the house. I swiped on every corner of the house for half an hour and then went to get the breakfast ready.

I got the tea ready in 10 minutes and was almost done with all of the chores. As soon as I prepared the table, I heard the bell ringing. I put on the robe and went to open it. It was the old aunty from the neighborhood asking for a plate of sugar. I helped her with it and she was gone in a minute.

I went to get the table ready. As soon as I reached the table, aunty unlocked the door from the key that she always carried. I lately relaised, that the robe was still on me. I was caught. I started shivering and pissed some drops in the robe out of fear. Aunty didn’t looked pleased with the sight before her eyes.

She smiled at me, “My nephew is so kind that he didn’t understood what I said to him at the very first place.” Saying that she made a hand gesture for me to follow her. She entered my room and so did I, following her. She pulled the string of the robe and undid it from my body, leaving it naked again. She took out a handcuff from my drawer and secured my hands in it.

I didn’t knew still if my drawer had a handcuff in it. I was shivering very hardly now. “I’m sorry aunty, I was about to take it out but you arrived in the meantime, it’s not my fault believe me.” I went down on my knees asking for forgiveness.

“I don’t know whether you are right or not beta. I found you accused of breaking the laws of the house son.” She held my hands and took me up from the ground, she dragged me to the bathroom. I was in the state to defend myself physically but I didn’t, as she was controlling my brain now.

I was placed on the toilet seat with my hands cuffed in the metal bangles. She left me seated on the toilet seat and left the bathroom to get something. She returned in five minutes with another set of handcuffs. Both my legs were bound to the toilet seat by the either handcuffs. I was in no state to move even a bit. I had tears out of fear as if, what was going to happen.

“I already pooped in the morning masi, I don’t need to do it again.” I argued.

“Shhhhhhh” saying that she kissed my cheeks once. “Just look in your aunt’s eyes and go with the flow son.” She added. She stepped back and went for the steel jet valve of anus cleansing and started rotating it. I felt some water jet out of the water nozzle hitting my asshole.

It was very cool water and it felt nice at first on my anus. She took the toothpaste out of the bathroom closet. She stopped the jet by the valve and pressed the toothpaste cylinder towards my ass and dropped some heap of paste on my asshole. It felt very cold at first and I released a big moan out of my mouth.

“What is the sense in cleaning an already cleaned asshole son, right son?” She held my head tightly and brought it upwards to face her. “Right son?” She expanded her pitch.

“Yes right aunty!” was all I could spit out in that state. She did the valve again and the jet came out from the nozzle on my asshole in a descent flow. It almost freeze my anal region, leaving me partially sore there at some regions. I just kept my eyes closed and accepted all of it in ease.

After a certain point of time the paste was completely wiped away from my anus, but it coolness didn’t, she stopped the jet flow. She went to my back to check on something. She placed her hands on both of my ass cheeks and spread it wide to get a clear view of my anus. She touched it from one of her fingers and I stayed still because I was not in the state to move even a bit.

“This thing is already much clean son. I don’t know what do next. I just have the urge to poop right now after such a long jog and I have to do it right here. There is still some space behind your little asset, I would find my way son.”

It was shocking and vile to hear that she was going to shit right behind me, sharing the same toilet seat with me. I had a tough time believing what was just said. She stood at her words and slide down her leggings and then her panties, leaving herself completely bottomless. Her giant ass was hanging under her T-shirt.

She mounted on the toilet seat just behind me and made our back facing each other. I still didn’t believed what aunty was going to do. I kept my eyes closed to save my eyes from any of those sights. I heard aunty peeing at first and then heard something dropping inside of the toilet seat. I knew what it was; I tried not to breathe to stay away from the airs hitting my nostrils.

I managed to get away from the smell. I sensed aunty’s ass cheeks touching my back, and she made a step backward. She was adjusting a position for few seconds. She started again, and I felt my ass crack getting hit by something soft exactly from the middle. I couldn’t believe she was shitting on my ass crack. All of the aunty’s actions doesn’t seemed normal at all.

She did just a round of it and then displaced herself from the seat. She took out a big piece of toilet paper from the roll at the side and handed it to me.

“You know what to do of it son!” Saying that she turned around with her ass facing my face. I was in agony, and I closed my eyes in grief and started doing the thing. I felt her inner thighs first and started to take the paper upwards till her pussy lips. After reaching the pussy lips, I made my way more upwards.

I just sensed her asshole inside the crack and rubbed the paper on it from all the sides making it get clean. I only wished if it was clean, as I was not seeing anything. She ordered me to throw the paper inside the seat and she flushed it afterwards. Aunty turned around and kissed my forehead”What about your anus son?” I was left clueless as if what was going to happen now.

“What about it aunty?”

“It still has my goo on it, I think the jet should be let to do it’s job now.” Saying that she did the valve again and the water jet started to hit my anus out of the nozzle. The water speed was at it’s fullest, after she rotated the valve to the very end. I felt my ass getting cleaned in few seconds but the jet still had no stopping to it. Aunty had a phone to attend so she left in an instance leaving me alone there with the jet still on.

The water jet speed was much higher than normal now, the pace of the jet started to hurt me now. I cried of the pain it inflicted with the very sharp jet of water on my anus. “Masi masi!” was all I could cry off, but she didn’t arrived at the scene. The jet continued to bruise my asshole, while I was involved in too much cry now. I moaned and cried of the pain for more than five minutes.

The jet of the water was sharp and was also too big in radius that it covered more than my anus on my butt crack. I was fading of the pain, while aunty arrived finally to my rescue and undid the valve once entering the bathroom.

“Oh I’m sorry, is my nephew hurt?” She inquired as I still struggled of the pain. She undid the handcuffs from my hands and legs and set me free finally. I had difficulties in standing properly as my anus was still hurting. I was taken to the room by aunty, carefully in that rare stamina level.

“Why are you doing this to me aunty? I have not done any wrong till date in the boyhood and also in the teenage.” I protested harder.

“I hate to torture you either son, but this thing is vital from the bigger picture. I found your academics’ progress slipping away and that is when I decided to enslave you one day ento this shit.” She cleared the air.

“What is the story behind uncle?” I took that moment to make all of the mysteries come alive.

“He had a well paid job 2 years ago. He used to make more money in the family because of his dominant post in the corporate sector. But he was a natural submissive. He used to give me pedicures every night in our 9 years of marriage. He even kissed and licked my toe sometimes. Two years from now after Ananya came, on one fine day he expressed his views upon his submissive nature. I researched about it for a week, and after that we were ready because of my dominant instincts already present.” She informed me all of it.

“It must have been hard for both of you to get into this thing.” I interrogated.

“Yes it was very hard at first but then our natural selves eased all of the X-factors in this relationship.” She answered.

“Has he gone through all of it that you made me go through right now?” She laughed hard on my question and I knew why.

“He has gone through worst son, you couldn’t even think of some.”


“Like, he had been cuckolded with more than 15 guys in this time duration and has tested each of their cums. You have met Rajiv who was one of them. Many of them are millionaires or high profile attorneys whom I meet on daily basis. I have been proposed to marriage by many of them, and still get proposed in this age, but I know who deserves me as a wife and whom I love. Anmol had broken his skin several times while getting whipped out of his mistakes in the form of the punishments. He takes my pee down her throat twice every day, or even more than twice sometimes. He has also cleaned my asshole several times like you did today, the only difference comes that you were given the paper and he had to use his tongue.” She laughed while saying that.

“Geez aunty, am I going to go through all that?” I sounded freaked out.

“Nope, you are my dear nephew not my husband. My husband is my responsibility but you have to go through many responsibilities in the future and for that you have to be a strong person. I would punish you on your wrong doings, worse the mistake harder the punishments.”

“Your aunty is here to help you get through that phase of being the most self dependent person of the world, unlike your uncle. I mean, we share the same blood, you have my nature. I love Anmol very much, but his submissive nature makes me fall for him more and more. I want you to make people fall for yourself by your dominance and not the other way. I would love to be the head mistress for this master’s slaves.” She pointed her fingers towards me while saying that.

“I’m so lucky to have you aunty.” I went down to kiss her legs. She offered her feet to me and I licked on all of it. I was much motivated after hearing all of that from my mistress. I took her thumb in my mouth and gave her a good sucking on the feet.

“I’m also proud to have you son. I want to reward you for your right doings so far.” Saying that she took me up and off the floor. She held my dick in her hand while made me follow her again to the bathroom. She stood behind, and started jerking off my dick. She had a heavenly touch and I was getting to cum quickly.

She turned my head with her other hand and glued her lips with mine. She licked my tongue while continued to stroke on my dick. I came in full flow which dirtied all of the aunty’s palm. Unlike uncle, she went towards the wash basin to clean her hands. I stopped her on her way.

“I want to lick and clean my waste aunty.” I said.

“Only good slaves get that pleasure.” She chuckled in the sexiest voice on the earth. I was jealous of uncle now. I was totally trapped in aunty’s slavery.

“Now help yourself and get ready for the school son, or should I say ‘SLAVE’?” She gave a bright smile.

“Okay mistress, start counting.” I smiled back.

“Better!” saying that she kissed my cheeks and left the room. I jerked off again after she was gone by thinking of my mistress aunty. I was out soon after bathing myself and got ready for the school.

Aunty put on her uniform and was out ready to go. She kissed uncle and Ananya to good bye. She took the wheels and dropped me to school. Aunty kissed my cheeks to bade me a good day. It was a great start to the dayI took the usual cab and was dropped home by it. I still feared of getting caught by uncle, on being naked the entire day. As I entered the house, I found it completely empty. I went to aunty’s room and peeped inside from the window. I found nobody inside and that is when I had the biggest sigh of relief.

I went to my room and took a bath. I jerked off yet again, thinking of aunty’s touch on my dick in the morning. I came out of the shower in some time. I remained undressed as commanded by my mistress aunt. I started to do my room.

It took me 1 full hour just to clean my room. I did all the curtains and bed sheet of the room. I was very tired by that only, but then I checked on the clock. It was just 3 hours to aunty’s arrival back in the house. I had to get all of the chores done in order to tackle any brutal consequences.

I went through all of the rooms except aunty’s in the next hour. All of it didn’t had much chores to get done as they were the unused ones. I put on the robe and went outside to clean the garden area. It took me another 30 minutes to do some while I was just left with aunty’s room now.

I went to aunty’s room next, which was the last thing left to do in the remaining one and an half hour. As soon as I put my footsteps in, I could feel all of aunty’s power in the fragrance of the room. I turned my head towards the bed and there was the hallucinatory perception of all of the uncle’s pain and sufferings as his wife’s slave on it.

I started doing the sheets, I went forward to take it out and replace it with the new one. I smelled on the sheets, and sensed aunty’s fragrance on some of it. I got an erection as soon as aunty’s naked image on the bed floated inside of my mind. Aunty was getting in my head so hardly, that it was being uncontrollable now.

I went to the bathroom to put the sheets in cleaning. I was done with the dry cleaning of it in half an hour. The next half an hour I spent shopping away the dusts from the entire room. I was done with the full cleaning of it in an hour. I used some room fragrance spray, and sprayed it in every corner of the room. I was proud of my work.

I didn’t intended to leave the room so early. I explored the entire room in the next 5 minutes. The room was furnished very well to aunty’s comforts. I went to the closet and slide it open to scout inside of it. I saw some 3 pairs of the same coloured khakhee uniforms hanging at the very front. There was some of her workout clothes also hanging next to it.

I took her leggings out safely from the drawer. I pulled it closer to my nose, and smelled the briefs of the leggings. I could clearly sense aunty’s sweat on the leggings. I closed my eyes, and felt the fragrance close to my heart. I was lost in the sweet aroma of aunty’s on the leggings.

I searched deeper inside the closet and took out auntie’s big waistline panties out of it. There was aunty’s lingerie hanging at the side of the drawer. I pulled out the thong and the high cut brief panties hanging from the rod at the side of closet.

Looking carefully, I found every panties having aunty’s juices on it in dried form. All of them had dried cum’s white smudges on the inner walls of the panties. I brought it near to my nose and felt it’s beautiful scent. I massaged my dick by getting in the scents deeper and deeper. I held it upwards by stretching it further, up and before my face.

I loved aunty’s ass and wanted to drown in it someday. I started kissing and licking the back side of her panties while still massaged my dick more. I tasted aunty’s cum on it, and it was a sweet one just like the aroma of it.

I jerked off for some more minutes, while continued to sniff on the panties. Aunty was the most beautiful smelled woman in the world. I put on the high cut brief on my waist. It fit my waist but my ass still needed twice the flesh it had to fit inside of those panties. I tried the thong as well and it depicted the same story – the ass was left loose.

I was brought to my senses after a minute and realised what my role was. I feared if aunty caught me abusing her under garments like this, she might just break my skin as well like uncle’s back in the day. I looked at the clock, and I found out still some plenty of breathing space of 25 minutes. I opened the closet to put it back the way they wereWhen inside, I checked on the drawers. I found aunty’s police profile file in one of the drawers. I opened the file. Aunty’s full sized photo in the khakhee uniform was there laminated at the introductory page. The first page showed her physique that was 5’9 and 151 pounds with a body structure of 38-29-40 inches. The numbers only made her hotness a transparency. I was proud of her being my mistress.

After some pages there was a section called ‘ENCOUNTERS’. I found it quite intimidating to the fact that aunty would have pulled out any, as she was more of peace loving natured out of the house. I went through the section and I started shivering after reading through it. It was stated that Aunty was directly involved in 11 encounters till date. The most recent one was 3 months back.

There were 9 criminals and 2 businessman involved in crime, in the list. I didn’t really believed the numbers but if it was given by the government itself, it could have made some sense. My heartbeat was left beating at its worst while I held myself still.

There were some more stories, the most creepy one was when aunty beat a criminal so hard that there was a ban on her for a month. The criminal was left with a fractured nose and broken ribs. There were more than 60 beating stories in which aunty was directly or indirectly involved. I wondered if a two years old’s mother and a wife can be this creepy in her jobWhen inside, I checked on the drawers. I found aunty’s police profile file in one of the drawers. I opened the file. Aunty’s full sized photo in the khakhee uniform was there laminated at the introductory page. The first page showed her physique that was 5’9 and 151 pounds with a body structure of 38-29-40 inches. The numbers only made her hotness a transparency. I was proud of her being my mistress.

After some pages there was a section called ‘ENCOUNTERS’. I found it quite intimidating to the fact that aunty would have pulled out any, as she was more of peace loving natured out of the house. I went through the section and I started shivering after reading through it. It was stated that Aunty was directly involved in 11 encounters till date. The most recent one was 3 months back.

There were 9 criminals and 2 businessman involved in crime, in the list. I didn’t really believed the numbers but if it was given by the government itself, it could have made some sense. My heartbeat was left beating at its worst while I held myself still.

There were some more stories, the most creepy one was when aunty beat a criminal so hard that there was a ban on her for a month. The criminal was left with a fractured nose and broken ribs. There were more than 60 beating stories in which aunty was directly or indirectly involved. I wondered if a two years old’s mother and a wife can be this creepy in her job.

I put the file back as more of it could have swung my mind to insanity. I found a photo album in the neighboring drawer. It was the best thing out of all. The album had all of aunty’s pictures since her marriage till the present time in the section of years. The album began with aunty and uncle’s vacation in all smiles at Andaman in their early marriage days. These could have been the time before their female led relationship.

The album came forward to some explict pictures of aunty and uncle in the bed. Aunty used to be a bit fat then in the photos, unlike the goddess she was at present. The photos had some glorious pictures of their married life. There was another album next to it and I saw through that too.

It was aunty’s vacation in the United States, the previous year. Aunty was seen in the white single string bikini posing like a super model in the first picture. I looked at that photo for more than two minutes, as the attire was a shock. More than half of her bust was revealed under her bikini top. She was then joined by a muscular white guy in the next whom held her waist and ass tightly, then two different white guys in the next, posing in the same manner.

Aunty had a perfect body shape in the bikini that could have melted any guy in the world. In the next set of pictures she was kissing and smooching random guys followed by some absurd body touching. I had an erection seeing this but I was still looking for uncle.

In the next set, she was seen with a group of ladies, a black and two white blondes. Then all of the guys and the ladies posing together in a group photo with aunty being in the center held by two guys on each side from her ass. After few more pictures, I finally found Uncle’s. The first one, he was holding Ananya and making her have the bottle milk.

The next picture, he was taking out the underwear of a white muscular fella. He gave him a blowjob while aunty held his head from behind. Aunty was then fucked by the same white guy. It was all captured in the album.

It ended with a photo of aunty, uncle and Ananya in aunty’s arms in all smiles. It was a lovely end to the album. The album said it all about their marriage. I packed her room after then and went for my roomI was in my room learning the allotted chapters for the week; I did it for half an hour. The clock ticked 7:30, and there by I heard aunty’s car getting parked outside. She was 30 minutes late, and it was none of my concern. My heartbeats automatically was set at its worst. I went to my room window, and started peeping outside of it after fitting an eye. I couldn’t go out being naked.

I saw uncle with numerous shopping bags in his arms. He started to come upstairs. As soon as he finished the stairs, aunty entered the house from behind. She was still in her green and yellow khakhee uniform, with little Ananya slept in her arms. She always had this respect for her uniform, by keeping the shirt inside of the pant. I have seen very less police officers doing this.

She started climbing the stairs but before she could come on the floor, I rushed to get back on my table to start studying. Aunty undid my window, to peep inside for my activity. I turned my head backwards, and our eyes meet. I started shivering after our eyes met.

“Your time of being the house bitch elapses now, son. You can get dressed from here on.” Saying that she headed forward towards her room. I was just waiting for their reactions after seeing the cleaning inside. I dressed quickly and hurried to their room window.

Aunty was sitted on the bed with her legs extended to uncle’s one bent knee on the floor, while the other was on which he was sitted. He was helping her get out of the shoes. He took out her other shoe as well of the other leg. Aunty left the bed while uncle was still on the floor on his knees.

Aunty turned around and made her ass face him. He undid the belt from her waist while unbuttoned her pant. He slide the pant down her waist and left her with just the underwear, he did the same to her shirt and she was left in just her bra and underwear.

She slide her underwear down her waist only a bit; bared her pussy and partial ass crack. She mounted on his head and pissed inside of his mouth. Uncle left for bathroom to get a mouth wash while aunty got dressed in her loose outfits – shorts and T-shirt in the meantime. Their relationship was very enjoyable in some manner.

Aunty got off to get some files from the drawer at the bed side. She sat on the chair while started doing the files in her shorts. Uncle was on the floor again, undoing her nail polish. Aunty continued to do the files for few minutes, and uncle was done with her nail polish.

Uncle brought the cigarette from the closet and put it in her mouth. Aunty’s attention was still in her files as she stared at it with all of her interests. Uncle lit the cigarette, and came back in his position on the floor. He started massaging her feet, while aunty held the cigarette between her fingers and puffed on it.

Aunty made some calls in between of her case studying. She used the name ‘Don L’ several times in the conversation on the phone. I didn’t bated much eye on that and left for my room. I started studying again. Aunty called me outside for the dinner which she ordered later. We were done with the dinner in half an hour. She treated me like her normal nephew in all fairness.

She hugged and kissed on my cheeks for a goodnight. I returned the honours with all the bravery. I studied for another hour after coming in the room. I heard a car getting parked outside, and I knew this was the time of action. I started peeping from the window and found aunty already on the door to welcome her guest.

This was a different guy and not Rajiv from last week, but he had the same physique as him. He had a fair skin and was dressed in normal corporal attire like he just returned from the work.

He hugged aunty hardly and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips by holding her butt. They talked while still on their feet for less than a minute before getting into kissing again.

He dropped aunty on the couch while started to kiss her neck harder. Aunty spread her legs wide and held his waist between it. She kissed him harder while still being at the bottom. He pulled aunty’s tongue out of her mouth by his teeth, and started licking her tongue with his. He took her tongue inside his mouth, while sticked their lips again.

Aunty had his saliva running on her chin. Aunty didn’t wiped her mouth and got off the couch to leave for her room. He held and pressed her ass from behind and followed her to the room. I was very ready to get on the window now.

I took my place and started to peep inside. Aunty and the stranger still kissed harder, while uncle was placed on one of the edge of the bed. Aunty stood the ground with the guy whilst they continued to eat each other’s lips. Aunty dragged uncle to the guy’s side by his hairs. Uncle knew what he had to do.

Uncle unbuttoned his pants and slide it down. He held the stranger’s almost 9 inched dick and started to suck on it. Aunty continued to kiss on his lips. Uncle licked the top and then on the entire dick. The guy slide her T-shirts and removed her bra on the follow up. Uncle kissed his balls and took it in his mouth as well for sucking. The guy bared aunty’s boobs and drew it between his teethThe stranger kissed each of her nipples and slurped on them. He lactate on her breast milk, after sucking on it more. Uncle still had the dick in his mouth. Aunty went down and kissed on uncle’s forehead in appreciation and took the dick out of his mouth.

The guy drew aunty towards the ground by her boobs as a leash before uncle’s face. He held her boobs and pressed on it harder, to make it leak. Once it started leaking, he brought her nipples to uncle’s mouth and made him drink a half glass of aunty’s breast milk. The guy slide the shorts and panties out of the waist and left aunty completely naked.

Aunty was drawn on the bed by the stranger. He took his dick in his hand, penetrated it in her pussy. Aunty was drawn to a helpless massive moan. The guy stretched her legs wide and held her inner thighs. He started to thrust his dick inside of her pussy with some massive strength. Aunty had tears in her eyes after he hit her cervix wall with his full size. I was enjoying the vieUncle was there helpless on his knees with a small tear in his eyes, watching his wife getting fucked so hard. The guy continued to fuck her in the classic missionary. Aunty pushed him inside from his bare ass and made him come more and more deeper in her pussy. Aunty kissed the guy much wetly; She sucked on his tongue, continued kissing him. He then reversed her on her stomach and entered her from behind.

The guy turned aunty’s head backwards and planted a very cruel kiss on her lips. She was crying harder moans each time his hips struck hers and penetrated inside more. He bite her back while continued to fuck her harder from behind. Aunty had trouble in breathing with the cruel treatment the guy was instilling on her.

He brought aunty on her all fours and got inside of her in the classic doggy style. He fucked her harder from behind, while holding her hairs cruelly. She was treated like a tea bag. He continued to work her pussy roughly from behind. He held her stomach from behind while still fucked her pussy harder.

Aunty left the bed in between of her fucking and brought the stranger out of the bed as well. She made him stand right before uncle’s face. She held his dick and started to jerk it off to full throttle. She did it for some seconds before calling for uncle’s mouth and placing the dick inside of it. The guy ejaculated inside of his mouth. The stranger, aunty and uncle laughed on the act. I thought uncle enjoyed this treatment.

The guy got dressed in the meantime and aunty as well put some clothes on. The guy kissed uncle on his cheeks and gave him a light hug. He held aunty by her waist before uncle while set to leave the room with her. I ran to my room before they reached their door. I saw the guy kissing aunty on her lips for some minutes before leaving the house from the main door.

Aunty started to climb the stairs, and I rushed to the bed to let her know that I was asleep. Aunty opened the windows and peeped inside the room. She found me asleep on the bed. She had a light laughter after watching me laid on the bed. She moaned in lighter tone,

“Sleep well son, because I know your comfortable stage is going to end very soon. My sister would be so proud of you once you leave my house and go back to her. We love you so much.” Saying that she gave a flying kiss to me and left.

I wondered what she just said, but I was already much tired from the day so I went to sleep directly after she left the window. The alarm clock rang at 6 but I didn’t bothered to wake up as I knew what could be happening there. I woke up directly at 6:30 am. I came out of the room in my boxers. Uncle was in the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen counter and the gas chulah.

I went back to the room and used the bathroom. I bathe and came out of the bathroom after long 45 minutes. It was the oral day according to the time table and I didn’t knew what it meant. I got ready for school and waited for aunty to come finishing her jog. I was ready very early and aunty arrived home finally.

Aunty came in and she held uncle up close instantly after coming in. She said to him something in the kitchen. Uncle put on his slippers and left the house from the door. Now it was just me and aunty in the hallway, all alone.

“So, oral day?” She chuckled.

“Yes aunty, kill the enthusiasm and please tell me more of it.” I said.

“You are always so curious little fellow. Follow me to the room son, we would get to know about it.” Saying that she started walking to the room quickly. I followed her sluggishly to the room. She waited for me at the front door. She held my waist tightly and brought me closer to her,

“If you want to do it neatly, then learn to keep pace with me son.” Saying that she pushed me inside the room. The push was not an easy one and I sensed her anger in it.

She stood before me and fired, “Undress me.”

I was brought to an erection hearing that. I still made my way forwards, and took her T-shirt and bra off, then followed by her tight leggings and thong in the very end. She did her thing and undid all of my school uniform and then the underwear from my body leaving me naked.

“Come on in, son. This is your first oral day training.” Aunty stepped inside the bathroom and then in the bath tub. I saw her full naked posture lied naked before me”Give me the oral satisfactions son, use your tongue in my pussy.” I was stunned after hearing that but this was something I was looking forward to do since a very long.

I placed myself in her bottom, in the bathtub. She started to pour the water inside and I started licking her pussy. She spread her pussy lips for me while allowed me to get my tongue deeper. I tasted her sweet cum, and it was much delicate to what I thought. Aunty used her hands to push my head inside and I was forced to go inside of her. I did it for more than 5 minutes and she stopped me in the end.

“Use the shower nozzle son, and bath your aunty. It is your duty today to leave your aunty untidy.” I did as told and spread water on all of her body. Starting from the top, I cleaned her boobs and the stomach. I soaped on her dark nipples and washed them. I made my way downwards, and cleaned her legs with all the care required. I flipped her on the stomach, to clean her muscular back and the big ass.

I was done in 30 minutes and dried her with a towel. I explored all of her body parts with the towel, from the boobs to her wonderful ass. Aunty also got dressed by me. It felt like getting your big police inspector daughter ready for her work and now that I knew what work exactly she carried out in the uniform, my honours were raised.

I dressed myself as well and we were ready in some minutes. She dropped me to school and kissed me to a good bye as usual. This thing didn’t get awkward at allI was asked to give an hour long oral service in the evening in my room. Aunty made full use of mine in the day. I loved to be her bitch at times. Aunty made me taste her cum, as she was drawn to 7 total orgasms. It was the same old with uncle, and the day end to the same guy from the previous night. He kissed and fucked aunty like the previous day. I jerked off to the scenes of aunty getting fucked.

I woke up in the morning and I followed the same schedule. I woke up to peep at uncle and aunty and they got the same old routine, but there was one change to it. She tied uncle on the entire bed on his stomach.

The hands to both of the front ends and the legs to the bottom ends. She held a thick leather belt in her hand. Uncle’s ass was exposed. She blindfolded his eyes and opened the room door. After a very long there were no welts visible on his ass skin but I thought that was going to change and I was right.

Aunty stepped back and delivered her first blow on uncle’s bare bottom. Uncle cried in pain loudly. Aunty looked towards the door and delivered a blow again. It was an intense one and uncle screamed harder now. She again looked towards the room door. Before she delivered the third, I went on the door steps.

She smiled evilly when our eyes met. She continued to spank uncle and he cried harder. Uncle’s ass cheeks got swollen due to the dozen high intensity thrusts on it with the thick belt. She looked at me everytime before delivering a spank. I felt really bad for uncle now but it was what he opted for so feeling sorry was not relevant.

Uncle had tears inside his blind fold that wetted all of the ribbon by which his eyes were secured. She kissed on uncle’s welt covered ass and kissed his back neck. She picked up a blue strap on dildo which was put at the sides.

She signalled me to come inside and commanded me to stay shush. I made my way inside the room. She took her panties down the ass and just hanged the dildo on her waist. I gird the strap from between her pussy and on the butt crack like a microkini string. She mounted on uncle’s back, while he was still tied on the bed from all four sides. She looked at me and pointed towards the dildo and yelled, “Suck, now!” and also put her thumb and fingers at uncle’s lips’ opening.

I bent to take the dildo in my mouth. Uncle sucked on her fingers and thumb at the same time. She was controlling two men at the very same time. I bowed down to her power and kept sucking at it. After two minutes she announced out loud again,

“It’s enough now. Leave!” She pointed her fingers out of the room and I knew it was clearly for me. Uncle stopped licking and she pushed her fingers out of his mouth. As soon as I reached the door, I heard uncle screaming. I turned around to watch. Aunty penetrated her plastic dick in his asshole. Aunty deployed her body on his back and turned her head backwards. Aunty sealed her eyes with mine and she showed me the way outside. Aunty turned her head forward and started to fuck his ass. I left the room as stated.

Uncle screamed again after I went outside. His cries got louder and louder with each of my footsteps getting away from the room. I wanted to jerk off. I got inside the bathroom of my room, I jerked off very hard to all the scenes that I went through.

We were both ready by 8. Aunty dropped me to school in her police SUV. En route, the environment remained very quite. Aunty killed the silence finally just when we were about to reach the school, “Report me with the chapters by 8 son. I love you.” She stopped the car, I replied mildly with a, “Hmm.” I went inside school gate with my head facing the groundI studied very hard once getting back home. I was still left with some part of a chapter. The clock ticked 7 and aunty was home. I studied for the remaining hour. Aunty knocked my door right at 8. I closed my books once she entered the room.

“Done son?” She interrogated graciously.

“Yes aunty, you may start.” I cleared my throat saying that.

“Take your seat on the floor. I don’t allow clothes in my class son. You have 5 minutes to settle down.” I undressed myself quickly and prepared myself. I didn’t felt awkward anymore to get naked before aunty. Aunty took out the long wooden cane from outside the room door and locked the door. I wondered she carried it along with her. “I was in trouble”, I gasped to myself. She came closer to me and explored her fingers in my pubic hairs. She pulled out one of the hairs, It felt like stingy painful. I moaned in pain.

“Clear this mess out son, if you don’t intend to double the no. of hairs getting pulled out with each passing day.” She ordered me.

“Okay masi.” Was all I could speak. Aunty was in her shorts and she took the chair. She showed me the spot where I was supposed to sit. It was right next to her feet. I sat on her feet and aunty started by offering her slender legs to me. I gave it the massage that she was looking for. Aunty started with her first question,

“Okay, so these are the rules. One wrong answer, two cane strokes on both the hands. And the number would go on getting double with every wrong answer. Shall we began son?” She announced.

“Yes aunty.” I continued to do her feet.

“What is viscosity?” She asked. I knew the answer of this one but was not sure.

“It is the kind of a pressure unit measurement, used to measure the thickness of a fluid.” Aunty had a distinctive reactions on her face.

“You still deserve one, these answers can expose you in your examinations.” She swung the cane in the air and dropped it tightly on my left palm. I experienced a shock in my entire body with the impact of the cane on the hand. The palm burned for an entire minute.

“Stop rubbing your palm, here is the second one. What is the RMS value based upon?”

I had a hard time thinking of the answer and finally came with one, “Is it on the root of average?”

“You still deserve one son, you are not supposed to ask, bring the same one again.” I brought my left palm to her again. She brought it down even tighter this time on my palm. I was shaking of the pain now, it was uncontrollably bad.

“What does Kirchhoff’s law explains?”

“Same voltage passing through a circuit.” I sounded straight now and she was happy with my right answer. No caning this time out, I built on the confidence.

“What is the resistance inversely proportional to?”

“Voltage!” I was not sure but still answered. Aunty started laughing at my answer and called me a bimbo.

“I would burn your skin son if you gave a stupid answer again.” Saying that she held the cane tightly. I brought both the hands to her and she went through it. She caned on my left with even higher intensity, while the right one was treated in a mild manner. I was caned several times again after going through more questions. My left palm was on fire and was red with caning.

“Your overall performance was not more than 65%. I want a 100 tomorrow after corrections or it is your ass in jeopardy son. Now get on the bed, aunty want to return the favour to you.” I didn’t knew what she was talking about but still laid on the bed. Aunty touched my dick and rubbed on it. She started licking it’s top and I was drawn to a massive moan.

“You were quite a performer today and the rewards are essential to improve your performances.” She sucked on my dick and massaged my balls. She held my dick up, started licking on the inner skin of my balls. Aunty got her thumb inside of my mouth and sucked on my dick with her full throttle. I sucked on her thumb in all the affection. Aunty took the dick out of her mouth.

Aunty started rubbing my cock with the both the hands. As soon as my moan began to raise she knew I was drawing close to an orgasm. She released my dick in the climax leaving it to release cum alone without any supports. I wanted someone to touch my dick, when it was leaking cum, but I was going through as they say – ruined orgasms. I was left unsatisfied. I loved aunty for every bit of her domination.

The evening went ahead, I didn’t saw any guy coming today. Aunty was also drawn to sleep early. I also slept early with no real purpose of staying up as it was already a pathetic day the next one.”

I woke up in the morning and was out of any chores. Aunty and Uncle had a normal start to the day. The day went by and it was evening. I was made to sit naked on the floor again. Aunty began questioning and I was guilty of 2 wrong answers. As stated by aunty, it was now my ass on less than 100%. I stayed at the side of the bed, bent at the edge of it.

Aunty rubbed the cane on my cheeks at first. She stepped back a little and dropped the first cane on my ass cheek. I closed my eyes, inhaling all the pain. It gave an agonizing vibration on my whole body, I shook in pain. She came down again and again, raised her intensity after every stroke. I had tears flowing down the cheeks by itself due to the pain. Aunty stopped at the 16th stroke. I had a hard time in walking and sitting properly for some hour afterwards.

The clock showed 7:30 and we were sitted on the couch before the TV. Aunty gazed at me after every 10 minutes, followed by my ass. She noticed my discomfort in movements, while turned her head towards the screen. The news channels cried the same name ‘Don L’, which aunty used several times on the phone. He was on TV, with his erect photo with few smudges on the cheeks.

It was shown there on every channel that ‘Don L’ has escaped the jail and was running away from the police now. The evening floated in the lighten pace and we got away to sleep. Aunty had sex with uncle after getting in the room. I saw all of it from the window. I had a tough time sleeping with the sore ass at the bottom.

I woke up early in the morning. It was my punishment day; I remembered it because I woke up with a light pain on the ass. I brought myself before the mirror with naked ass, checked my ass in the mirror. It had some creepy red lines on all of it. The ass swelled vertically from every part of the welt. I was much tired to see what was happening with uncle, I went off to take the shower.

My mind was on figuring out my punishment for the week. I remembered the clips of uncle’s punishments. I was already in pain so I was in no fear as if what worse I could go through. It was a half day at school, I dressed in my uniform. I stepped out; Aunty walked past my door and we met at it.

“Wow, my son looks bright as ever.” She spread my cheeks saying that.

“I guess, aunty.” I didn’t faced her and kept looking at the floor.

“What day it is, son?” She asked to me.

“It’s an Saturday, followed by my punishment day Aunty!” I answered politely.

“So get prepared for the punishment after coming back from the school son.” She held my chin and made me forcibly face her. She kissed my cheeks, we went off to the car outside. She dropped me to school and I prepared to get inside. I started to feel much safer with my aunty lately. She smiled at me before driving away from the premises. I felt like a 3 years old with the shelter on my head of a parent that could cause me no harm. I walked away from the safe cloud of hers and entered in school.

I was home in the early noon. I prayed for mercy from god for my punishments; I entered inside. I made my way upwards, entered my room. There was an IPhone placed on the table with a note at its side saying, “Tap the call button after reading this. This should be done by 12:35 or….” I checked the time and it was 12:28, I still had 7 minutes. I changed myself to something comfortable and tapped the button on 12:33.

The call was a video call that connected me directly to Aunty. She was in her office placed on a big chair. She had two male constables in the triangular cap on her sideways in the live scenes. She signed them to go out, and they went out in the next minute. I was left alone with her.

“How was the school beta?” She asked.

“It was fine aunty, Thank you!” I replied with all the decency.

“Can you see the little red box at the side, son?”

I rolled my eyes and found a red box at the end of the table. It was a mashed red chilly box. I took the box in my hand and brought it befoe the camera saying, “Yes aunty, I found one.”

“Okay now get your hands by the spoon next to the bottle and take out a spoon of it.” I did as I was told and filled the spoon with it; I brought the spoon before the camera.

“Now pour it on your ass welts son. I know you would have got the creepier one now. This powder has the healing from all of your sufferings. It would help you take the larger tier pain, which I may inflict you in the future. Have a good time son, I would sign off after I see you drop Atleast two spoon of it. I love you son, have a nice day.” She said all of it in a single breathe. I was left stunned, my hands shivered to do the next step. I prepared to pour it on my ass.

I brought my shorts down. I held a spoon of powder; I poured it on my ass. As soon as the single sprinkle of it reach my ass cheeks, I cried in pain. The ass was burning of the pain. I did the other spoon as well, and I lost my balance on the feet due to pain. I fell on the bed due to pain, my eyes started to get shut. My ass felt like getting stung after laid on the bonfire. I fainted by the pain in a minute. I just heard aunty’s giggles in my last conscious sensesI woke up at the early evening, aunty was sat on my feet. She made me get laid on her knees without saying anything. She rubbed some Vaseline and some soothing cool ointment on my ass cheeks. The welts hurt a bit after her touch on it, but felt nice afterwards. She kissed my back and released me.

“It was a great week son, I’m very proud of you. You are free to go by yourself in the remaining period of the week until Monday again. You won’t be forced to study. Go out Hangout with your friends, I would give you my credit card and you can have all of the fun in the world.” She said with very delightful smile.

“I would let you know aunty. Thank you so much.” I dropped myself on the floor and kissed at her feet. “I love you mistress, please keep showering your domination on me. It would make me a better person someday. I love you again.” I licked her feet in affection.

“I love you too son. Aunty would be there for you in all of your difficult period son.” As she had a loud creepy voice, she also had a soft lovely voice that could even help a flower to grow. Saying that she brought me up and placed her head on my shoulders to a tight lovely hug. I felt her boobs squeezed on my chest but didn’t got an erection on it because this moment was all about love not lust.

Aunty kissed my cheeks and we got off to spend our evening. Aunty secured me in her arms on the couch, while we watched a movie including uncle on the other couch. She kissed my forehead in between the commercials and that reminded me of the great life I had lately.

We walked in a restaurant for the dinner like a real family. Aunty treated uncle like an actual husband and we dined with all the beautiful giggles. Aunty kissed and ate my lips after getting home and allowed me to fuck her again with uncle blindfolded. She fucked uncle as well after finishing with me. Uncle cleaned all of my penis and I slept in my room after coming back. I was in love with my life lately.

I woke up a bit late on Sunday, probably at 9. Aunty was in her mild transparent robe, when she greeted me with a morning hug. I washed myself after that and came outside dressed after a long shower. Aunty was inside of her room with uncle. I took my position on the window again.

Aunty was licked by uncle at first between her legs. After that, uncle pulled her panties up and started to do her feet. She lit up a cigarette in the meantime; She started to do some files and continued with the cigarette for another half an hour. Between this dominant role that she pursued, she always managed to keep her profession out of depravity.

It was mid afternoon, uncle got ready to go somewhere. Uncle went outside with Ananya while I was watching the TV. I switched the box off, as there was nothing fruitful in it to watch. I went to the kitchen to get something to fill my tummy. I opened up the fridge and took out a ham to eat. I placed the ham in the oven to get it baked before eating.

I was in my work, before I watched aunty coming downstairs in a wife beater top and a quite hot body hugging denim. She rushed to the door and opened it quickly. It opened up to a 5 person’s panel who were holding on to a average heightened guy between them. Three out of those five were dressed in a police outfit and the remaining two were ladies dressed in regular T-shirts and jeans. They had quite an athletic body just like aunty.

One of the lady was black and she reminded me of someone. It was the same lady who was posing with aunty in the bikini on her US tour. The second one was an Indian with the structure like a regular Indian college girl, but she was a cop, as said by the badge on her left hip.

The guy they were taking with them was close to 170 cms with some smudges on his face. I had a tingle in my stomach with a thought that I must have seen him somewhere. It was ‘Don L’, the guy about whom the whole media was moaning about recently. His hands were cuffed and was in a black hood on his hairs with just the face visible. It looked like he was brought there in the full hood away from everyone’s sight.

I had a hard time thinking, as if why a celebrity criminal was brought to our house.

“Get him inside before Sush can hear to this shit.” She hurriedly spoke. My ears raised after hearing my name from aunty’s lips. The team took the guy to aunty’s room. They locked it from inside. I gulped down the spit of fear down my throat and got off to the window to peep in.

I took my eyes in; I saw the guy being held by the entire team from all the sides leaving just aunty free. Aunty stood before her; she stood at few inches taller than him. Aunty stepped back a little and brought a tight kick on his balls. The guy bent his body in pain and his expressions went horrible. He was not relased by the team to fell on the ground.

Aunty slide his trouser down and left him completely naked before everyone. She grabbed his balls, and pinched on it by her massive nails. She abused him in quite pathetic Hindi language. Aunty stepped back a little and brought her knee on his balls, crushing him again. The criminal had a massive discomfort due to the pain. Aunty now held the guy, while made way for the black lady to present herself before him. She was an inch taller than aunty, and quite athletic. She kicked him six times in the balls.

The guy was crying from the torture it was experiencing. The team was instructed by the black lady to tie him on the bed. She had ‘FBI’ printed on her jacket, this cleared my doubts of her commands getting obeyed so earnestly. They cuffed his legs and the hands with the ends of the bed. It was more like uncle’s tie ups on the bed regularly. The three dressed policemen were preparing to leave now after aunty asked for their leave as they were going for ‘The ladies’ justice’ mode. While they they were about to Salute aunty to leave, I rushed to my room to hide myself. I was out once they were gone.

I started to peep in, once they were gone. The third lady who was an Indian looked an inch smaller than aunty, approached at first. She gripped his dick in her hand and started to slap his balls. The guy had some discomfort on his face with the treatment. Aunty grabbed his nipples with her fingers and pinched on it. The guy moaned mildly.

She yelled in a loud voice, “What about the pain of those who died in the blasts two years ago conducted by your group? You pimp!” Saying that she started slapping on his entire face. She slapped harder and harder, reddened his entire face. Aunty made the lady step backwards and mounted on the bed on her feet to aim her feet on his balls. She yelled some abuses again and started to kick his balls.

Aunty delivered more than ten kicks on his bare balls, they were quite blue after the abuse. Aunty took to the bathroom and brought her dirty panties from there. I could see the cum shining in her panties from outside. She held his testicles in her fingers, squeezed it harder. The guy screamed in pain. As soon as he opened his mouth, Aunty pushed the cum covered panties in his mouth.

She held it on his lips with her index finger and yelled at him.

“Come on lick it, pimp!” The guy didn’t responded and she squeezed on his testicles harder. He instantly started licking her cum from the panties with his tongue, aunty loosened her grip on his balls. The black lady was sitted in the chair, puffing on her cigarette in the meantime, watching all this. Aunty took the panties in his mouth deeper and gagged it inside. The guy had trouble in breathing, but he was brought before the three of the cruelest ladies in the world so there was no escape.

The other lady came in the middle again from the side ways and near the bed. She held his medium sized hard dick in her hands and said,

“Is it any good to get used?” and slapped on it. The guy closed his eyes in pain.

“Why don’t you check yourself Meera!” Aunty said. Aunty left his testicles aside and stepped back. She was quite a beautiful lady with the green meadow eyes. She was at the skinnier side of the body, much thinner then aunty and the black lady. She rubbed on his top, moved his skin back and forth. The guy moaned in pleasure. She bite very cruelly on his dick and sucked on it with all the energy she had.

The guy grope the cuff chains tightly and lifted his back in pain. He was unable to lift his back more than two inches and dropped himself on the back again. She continued to bite his penis, leaving some fearsome marks on it. I had a hard on but I considered it a taboo to jerk off on a judicial erotica.

The black FBI lady left her seat finally. She undid the belt from her waist; She stepped forward. Aunty stopped her from getting near to bed, “Any marks on his body and we could be drawn under investigatory situations Marca, try to understand.”

“How the fuck do you leave a horse shit like this pimp untidy, Anamika?” She couldn’t pronounce aunty’s name perfectly and I had a hard time catching her accent.

“Step back Marca, we could do it the cleaner way.” Saying that aunty came forward to the lady and grabbed on her medium sized bust. Aunty smiled and her face, she dropped the belt from her hands. The lady smiled and grope aunty’s ass from her denim. She began to kiss her lips and aunty returned the honours. They made out for yet another minute. The other lady – Meera started sliding her pants down and then her panties, leaving herself bottomless. Aunty and Marca laughed at her desperation.

Meera climbed the bed on her knees. She spread herself on the lap of ‘Don L’; She started massaging his dick. She rubbed his top on her pussy lips and entered it inside her. She had a massive moan, once it entered in her pussy. Aunty and Marca touched each other briefly. Marca began to pull down aunty’s pants by her waist, Aunty returned the favour to her and both were left in just her panties.

Marca was an very athletic & attractive black lady with some massive curve, more than aunty I must say. Meera kept riding his cock. She took auntie’s panties out of his mouth, his spit lines were massively stretched on the panties. She held his chin and slapped on it with all the power in the world and continued to ride on him with her small waist. Aunty grabbed Marca’s waist to push her in the bed. Marca was pushed to the guy’s face by aunty.

Aunty asked Marca to push her ass deeper on his face. Marca started riding his face with her massive ass. The guy’s face was not even visible between her ass cheeks. Aunty came forward to take it upwards again, she stretched her ass crack to some millimetres and placed Marca’s dark asshole right on his nose. Aunty commanded her to start riding and she did in full throttle. The guy had tears flowing down his eyes after the suffocating facesitting he was going though.

Meera rode more than a minute on him, he came down with heavy loads in her pussy. She was also drawn to an orgasm in the meantime. As soon as Meera stepped a bit forward and sat on his stomach to start pinching his nipples, Aunty dropped a volley kick on his testicles. The guy screamed the loudest this time, I was also moved by her kick on his balls. It was very cruel. Marca smothered on his face for more than a minute down, the guy faded & stopped moving at all. Aunty picked up the glass of water from the side drawer and slammed the water from the glass on his face. He was up again, and opened his eyes.

“Don’t you dare close your eyes again you pimp.” Aunty shouted on him. She stepped back to kick him again on his balls. He shook in pain again and was wide awake. Marca continued to smother his face for another minute, she was tired now.

“I bet if he could take it anymore Anamika.” Marca said.

“It is just the time for you to give the end product mam. It would be a moment of pride for me to watch.” Meera said. Saying that Marca and Meera unmounted from his body. Aunty stepped forward. Meera came at her back, slide the panties from her waist, leaving her gigantic ass bared.

She mounted on the bed to get on his face. Marca and Meera arrived from both the sides to stretch her dark asshole and placed it on the guy’s nose. Aunty closed her eyes in triumph and started to ride his face. The guy’s hairs followed by the face were also drowned in aunty’s big ass. Aunty rode his face softly. He was just moving his legs in the hardships. Aunty picked the pace after few movements. The guy started moving his legs much harder now.

She began riding harder now and moaned in pleasure. The guy’s moans were killed under her ass. As soon as she entered the fifth minute of her smothering, the movements of the guy started slowing down; almost stopped in few seconds. Aunty continued to ride in pleasure, while Meera noticed him. She stopped aunty from moving. Aunty stopped moving, and prepared to unmounted from his face and the bed. She stood the ground still naked.

Marca checked on his nostrils, didn’t say a word. Aunty started to get dressed in the meantime like she knew her job was over now. Meera brought water in the glass from the bathroom; she dropped the water on his face and he didn’t moved or opened his eyes. She checked on his nerves and managed to speak in a low voice,

“We did it mam, he is dead.”

Marca sat down on the knees and pointed her fingers towards the sky to remember god. She was up in a minute. She made her way forward to hug aunty in celebration. Meera joined in afterwards and they hugged in victory. I wanted to show up on the scene and salute aunty for her erotic encounter. The criminal who was responsible for thousands of killings, was sent to hell by aunty. I was way too proud of her.

They called their police team afterwards. They saluted aunty to a big appreciation, she returned to all of them with a smile. They took the body away from the house. Marca and Meera prepared themselves to leave. They were out in some minutes. Aunty knocked on my door right after they were gone. I was not freaked out by her because I was so much proud of her after what she just did. I opened up the door.

“I’m on way towards the amusement park son where Anmol and Ananya are already having much playful times. If you need anything to eat or have to go outside somewhere, you just have to swipe the card son. I would have the meal with him.” She sounded way too normal.

“It’s okay masi, take care of yourself. Have a great time.” Saying that I went up to hug aunty. She hugged me back. I sat on my knees to lick clean her heels with my tongue. “I love you so much mistress, never take away your safe shade over me.” Aunty smiled delightedly”I love you too son.” Saying that she kissed on my forehead and left. As soon as she made her way out, I realised that it was just the last week of me with aunty from Monday, Mom-Dad would be back by then. I was saddened by it. I watched TV till the late evening. I switched to news channels at 9 and adding to my shock the news was, “Don L was found dead in the meadows at the side of the river away from the city area.” It was referred to as a tragic murder by the media. I was amazed at my aunty more and I smiled in pride. The night was a soft one later, with aunty getting fucked by yet another random guy. I jerked off to their scenes before sleeping.

The next week went quite roughly, with aunty hardening my studies’ chores. She was again in latex on Monday to paddle and cane uncle for his punishments. Aunty got fucked thrice by the same random guy in the week. I was caned severely at the weekend due to my errors in answering her. It was the Sunday, and mom-dad were finally here to take me away. Mom came to me and planted a hug on my body with,

“Did you missed us son?” Aunty was just behind us and replied in my behalf, “Yes ofcourse he did sister.” She smiled.

Aunty came forward to hug me, I grope her body tighter than anything. I had tears in my eyes leaving her, so did Aunty. “Take care of yourself son, I would miss you.” Saying that she wiped away my tears; I wiped hers as well. I hugged uncle as well to a goodbye, and kissed Ananya on her cheeks. I was finally taken in the car to leave. Aunty stood at the door until the car disappeared from the scene. I also kept looking at her until, she disappeared.

I reached home, and went to my room. I had a thought of caressing this place with full care, after getting back from aunty’s once, but it was not the same anymore. I woke up every morning for the school without any excuses. I cried evey day for the entire week remembering aunty. Every where I saw, every women that came before my eyes, had her face on them. I was seeing her everywhere. I was not getting watched or anymore which I missed.

It was a Sunday evening, when I was in my room studying. I had a knock on my room door, it was aunty for real on the other side of the room. I threw my body against her to hug her with all the happiness. I broke down to tears in her arms. Mom was watching all these with a smile. Aunty held me strongly in her arms. She took me out of the room and we sat on the couch.

She held me in her arms like a doll, while mom and aunty talked about their trip to the USA. She kissed my cheeks in between. I felt safer than ever. She took me in the car in the name of a long drive. She drove in the city area for ten minutes until I spoke, “Where are we going aunty?”

“Home, son.” saying that she bared her little hairy pussy.

“Come on son, be a fruitful past time for your mistress on the way towards home, and don’t get hard much because it’s school tomorrow. You have been away from a very long, so a lot of covering up of the syllabus is needed.” Saying that she invited me to her pussy. I knew what was going to happen now, I was filled with joy again. I got down under the seat, and started licking her pussy. She threw a jet of cum on my face after a minute. I loved my life again.


(Next part : Please tell me by your comments if a next part should be made. I want to write it with aunty’s narrative words. Aunty as a dominant structure in the law firm, also at her place, only if you say so again. Thank you.)

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