Awesome Fun With Neighbour In Hyderabad


I’m regular reader of iss .. I would like to narrate story which happened this february and with the permission of anitha(name changed).


Coming to the story anitha 34 is married hyderabadi with good assets and fair. She has two children one ukg and the other 4th standard.


Both husband and wife are software professionals. Mithun , anitha’s hubby is good person but due to his work pressure he was not able to take care of anitha sexually.


Anitha is not a talkative , calm going..We used to just stare in the lift while going and coming office.. Her kid some times used to come to our flat and play.Just like any kid does.


Later on she use dto be close with us and started talking and wishing here and there when ever we meet.


Mean while mithun was very busy due to his release. One day her kid was not feeling well and mithun was not home yet usually he should be home by 8. Anitha dont know what to do and she kept trying to mithun and there is no response from muthin as he is busy in some other meeting.


When I m passing through the varanda I noticed she is in tension and asked what happened ..She being conservative didnt tell any thing and I told her if any problem she can call me and left to my flat..


It seems she tried fr mithun and his response must be negative.. So after few minutes she came to me asked about the kid’s hospital near by and I told her the address and I know she may not reach the hospital in time as she dont know the exact location..

I told her that I will be coming with her and she readily accepted .

We came back after checkup was completed and went to ours flats as usual. Next day morning I enquired about her kid , she thanked me fr my help and told he is fine..


From that day she used to be little close and talkative ..She is nice and I dont know when the intention came to my mind.. I was falling for her day by day..


One saturday it was off for her and mithun is working. I m planning to movie with my wife and she enquired about that she told that she is also planning and requested to take tickets fr her and kids also. So I alone went fr tickets and by the time of movie my wife and anitha reached the theatre. After finished we just went home and I texted her how s the movie.. She told its good and enquired about my version

Anitha: how about you ? You didn’t like.

Me: of course its good.


Anitha: I thought you were enjoying movie

Me: (slipped.. I dont know why) my wife is there how could I enjoy..

Anitha: what..

Me : mistake nothing..

Chat ended that day.


Next day text came frm her

Anitha: hii

Me: hii

Anitha: could you tell what you mean yesterday

Me: about what ( acting as if I dont know)

Anitha: about the movie

Me: nothing..


Anitha: will you tell are not

Me: nothing ..I thought your asking about something so I told..

Anitha: something else??,,what is it

Me: nothing ,leave it..

Anitha: k.. Will chat with you later.. Bye.


Next day mrng she just glared at me and didnt speak and while she is back im getting down..She didnt speak and I also did the same.

She didn’t text me.. I also didn’t.. Next day I try to talk to her in the lift and she didn’t speak and told we will chat later..

That night she texted me.. If I would tell her why I have texted that way..


Me: nothing yaar. Just a mistake.

Anitha: no, is there any prob with your wife

Me: no..

Anitha: why did you text that..

Me: I just want to flirt and thought you may take in different way

Anitha: what do you want to tell..

Me: I just wanted to tell “My wife is there between you and me how could I enjoy”….


Anitha: what

Me: just flirt.

Anitha: hmm

Me: hey dont take it serious ..

Anitha: are you mad..


Me: why

Anitha: how could you flirt that way..

Me: whats there in that..Take it easyy..

No reply.. From her..

Next two days I was busy and I dont want to text as I felt shy that she felt bad of me..

She also didnt text me..


After 2 days I saw her in ground floor while going out ..She just stared but didnt talk

Later on she texted me

Anitha: what happened no text not talking..

Me: I thought you would text me but didnt so..


Anitha: so…

Me: I thought you have taken my comment seriously.. and thought bad of me..

Anitha: hmm

Me: why didnt you text..

Anitha: im not feeling well yesterday..


Me: even me too..

Anitha: what happened??

Me: thinking of you..

Anitha: thinking of me..???

Me: yeah how would you take my flirt blah blah..


Anitha: nothing like that..

Me: any ways what wrong in that.. You are such a nice how would some one wont flirt that way(again slipped unknowingly.. After sending text thinking why I have texted)

Anitha: what..

Me: no no.. I mean you are such a beautiful girl why in the world some one like me wont flirt..

Anitha: I didnt get you..


Here I will give the conversation in telugu..

Me: emi ledhu antha andhamaina ammayini pettukoni ..Evaraina anakunda vunte vadu waste..( nothing. One who doesnt flirt keeping such a beautiful girl is waste)

Anitha: ha..Enti..(what)


Me: emiledhu .Just cheptunna nenu annadhanilo tappemundhi ani( nothing ..I wsa just saying that there is nothing wrong in flirting)

Anitha: ye vudhesham to antunnaro ardham kavatledhu( in what way you are telling I dont understand)

Me: emiledhu.. (nothing)


No text frm her.. Next day she called me while im in office.. and told that she wanted to talk..I told her she talk talk in mobile as im free..

Anitha: miremantunnaro naku ardham kavatledhu..

Endhukantunnaro kuda( I dont understand what ur talking and why)

Me: emiledhu endhukantha serious ga tisukuntunnaru.Just joke ga annanu( nothing why are you taking seriously.. Im just joking.. Thats it)


I dont know why im doing this ..But I kept talking to her and slipped

Me: aina nenu annadhilo tappemundhi.. Nenu eppudu advantage tisukoledhu ga .. Just mamuluga antunna( whats wrong in my expression ,,I have never taken advantage of you since ur close.. I just telling you casually)


Anitha: ok.. I dont understand ..Bye.. Will talk to you later


Almost 4 days I was busy she didnt text me.. I didnt text her and no calls..N mean while mithun went out of town for client and my wife went to marriage..


Saturday while I was passing she came out and I just enquired what happened .. She told nothing..Just she is not feeling well..

I advised her to go to hospital and told kids were there and mithun is not there..


I told ok I will take care you go take doctor’s appointmnet..

She told ok.. And again she cant go alone now and asked me to bring medicines so that she will go to doctor after 1 day..

I brought medicines, fruits , cocnut water etc.. and enquired about food to kids etc..


By next day she is feeling well and she asked me to come to lunch to their flat..

I said ok.. I told her that I will help her as she is not feeling well.. She didnt say anything..

While helping her we had conversation and I asked

Me: aroju nunchi call cheyyaledhu,,text kuda ledhu( from that day you didnt even call me..N not even a text)

Anitha : emiledhu(nothing)


Me:mikemaina natho problem vunte cheppandi..Nenu matladanu( if you have any problem with me please tell me.. I wont talk)

Anitha: miru ye vudhesham to antunnaru naku ippatiki ardham kavatledhu.. Aina na tensions nakunnayi ( I dont know what way you are talink and I have my own pressures)


Me: ( emotionally slipped)..Nenu emi analedhu ..Aina mirante naku istam.. Ala ani nenu cheppana..Emaina annanana ( I told nothing.. Any ways I like you.. But I never told you that and I never asked you anything)..


Anitha: silent… Didnt speak for few minutes.


Me: its ok adhem ledhu.. Mi pressures enti.. Emaina problem aa( its ok nothing.. Whats ur pressure.. Any prob??0

Anitha: emiledhu..Adhi andariki cheppukunevi kavu..Nothing..( nothing ..I cant say to every one else.. Nothing)


Me: mi istam natho cheppatam istam lekapothe leave it .. Cooking aipoindi


Naku koncham panundhi nenu malli vasthanu ( ur wish..If you dont want to tell leave it.. Cooking finished.. I have some work ..I ill b back)

But I didnt go.. She called me two times .. I didnt pick the call.. In the evening she was waiting fr me in the varanda.. Little conversation about why I didnt pick call ,etc..

She asked to come inside.. And


Anitha: nenu emi cheppaledhani..Feel ayyinatunnaru..But mirem alochistunnaro nakaithe cheppaledhu ( you are feeling bcoz I didnt tell you but what are you thinking that your not telling clearily.. I dont understand)

Me: ok,, mirante naku istam..End

huko teliyadhu..Naku teliyakundane aipoindi..But adhi miku cheppi miru ela tisukuntaro teliyadu..Andhuke cheppalekapotunna..Ala ani nenu mimmalni ibbandhi pettanu.. Miku istamaithene..

( ok. I like you.. I dont know why. Unknowingly I felt that.I just dont want to trouble you, and I dont want you to think of me negatively.. So only I didnt express.. If ur interested its ok.. If not not a prob)


Anitha: naku chala problems vunnai..Even mithun sarriga vudatledhu.. Miru friendly ga vunnaru but ila enti..Miku wife vundhi.. Naku husband enti idhi.. Alochiste chirakuga vundhi..Koncham kallu sad ga petti( I have somany probls..Even mithun is not proper. I thought you are friendly.. Now you are telling this..You have wife and I have husband.. Thinking of these issues im going mad)


Me: istamaithene annanu ga.. Nakem problem ledhu.. Aina tappemundhi.. Mithun nitho sarriga vundatledhani naku ardhamaindhi.. Naku nuvvante istam ..So adiga.. Aina athani cheat chayyamani cheppatledhu.. Nenu na wife ni vodhileyatledhu.. Thats its..Alochinchi. Cheppandi..


Problem ledhu..Niku istamainthe evening dinner ki na flat ki randi.. Vochemundhu dinner ki vastha ani text cheste chalu..

( I told you.. Its your wish.. I dont want to trouble you.. I understood that you are satisfied with mithun.. and im not leaving/ cheating my wife.. Since I like I just want to be with you.. That too ur wish..

Think of it ..N if you are interested come for dinner o my flat..Just text me before you come)


No text .. Nothing.. I thought she wont come..But prepared dinner for he also.. I just want to take some alcohol.. So I started with a peg and door bell rang..I dont know who it is.. I opened the door .. And she is there.. I told her to come inside..

Anitha: pillalu podukovatam late aindhi so.. Endhukule ani staright ga vocha..( it took time for the kids to sleep.. So I thought its getting late.. So came straight..)

Me.. Its ok..


Anitha: koncham matladali.. Tinta matladukundhama..( I want to talk to you.. Shall we talk white having dinner)


Me: no ..Just ippude koncham alcohol tisukkan ..Naku koncham time padutundhi.. Jiri tinandi not a prob( no.. I just took alcohol..It takes time for me.. No problem you can eat)

Anitha: adendi alcohol…( why alcohol)


Me: emiledhu just ..

Anitha: nenu vellana..( k please carry on I will leave)

Me: tinesi vellandi.. Matladali annaru ga.. Not a prob matladandi..( you can go after having dinner.. You wanted to talke to right… Please tell me)


Anitha: ippudu vodhule..( not now)

Me.. Emikadhu.. Mirem amatladalanukuntunnaro..Matladandi nenenmi anukonu( nothing will happen.. What ever you want to ask , you can ask.. Dont worry)


Anitha: ilanti relantions valla chala problems vasthayi and evaraikaina telisina chala ibbandi..So naku endhuko tappanupistundi( this type of relatioships cause serious problems.. Im feeling that this is wrong)

Me: problem emundhu.. Mirante nakistam.. Miku kuda istamaithene cheddam..Ledante ledhu.. And evariki teliyakunda chedham..Adhi kuda iddarariki kudirinappudu..Inka mi istam ( I dont think there is problem.. I like you.. If you like me .. We will go ahead ..If not not a prob.. We will do when we both wanted to do with out knowing any one.. And respecting one’s privacy.. If ur interested we will carry on)


After 10 min of silence she told ok.. Kids may wake up so.. Shall we finish dinner..

I understood..


Will write the fun session in part -ii

Waiting for your response..

Any women in hyderabad interested can mail [email protected]..


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