Feast of Sex Part – 1

Hi guys and girls, I am Siddharth Anand from Cochin, and please forgive me for the mistakes. I have given my best efforts to make you people like this story, and you know, leak your juices :)The narrative is in third person perspective for the comfortable reading.

And read yourself and it is up to you to judge it as real or not.

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Siddarth – Of course, that would be me :P. 24 years old, 175cm tall, and weighs 73kg with an athletic body, and fair complexion.

Others are Anu and Irene. You will know about them along the reading. Happy reading.

Anu couldn’t sleep that night, and it was not tension alone, but the deep excitement of what lies ahead. Even in the deepest of her sanctum, she had yearned for it, there was something else that pushed her to think that she could wanted to say “No”. She just looked walked to the hall and looked at the room of Irene- her cousin- which was closed but not bolted, and there was sounds of moans coming from there. She came back to her room, plugged the earphone and started listening to random songs, but her mind was whirling over the happenings since that day noon.

When Anu joined the new college in Cochin, she didn’t knew much people and nor the place. Born and brought up in Australia, she compelled her parents to study at her homeland, for which she had no acquaintance, except for the family visits, once in two years. Her parents were in no mind to send her to Kerala, but sooner they gave upto her compulsion and she was sent to Kerala, and she was put up to stay. The reason for her to live the awesome Australia was her urge to live an independent life. All her life, she was strangled with the family knots, doing everything to appease family, now she has turned 20, and wanted to try her life out. She joined a college in Cochin, and she was accommodated with her cousin, Irene who was teaching in the same college.

Irene is 25 years old and a teacher by profession.(in the same college Anu joined). She married Roshan, a young businessman last year but got divorced 5 months into it. She gave no explanation to such an unfortunate decision either to her friends nor her family. She quickly reverted back to her jovial life, and no characteristics of a divorcee pulled her back from making her life incredible. She refused for a remarriage and was living alone in a 3BHK flat. She was always engaged, with a great writing talent inside her, she was working on a novel, and she dedicated herself in yoga, which she taught as well.

Now with Anu, an equally vibrant girl to share the adventures, Irene was more happy and cheerful. They got along really well, Anu and Irene. Their life was going pretty well with both having a jovial attitude. They along with their friends went to movies, pubs, restaurants and also made a trip to Pondicherry once in Irene’s friend’s car. Everything was just fine when things took a turn, fortunate for the third person in the story, Siddharth.

One weekend, Anu said she will visit her family house, 20 km from their flat. She had planned to stay over there till next Monday. Anu compelled Irene a lot to stay.Irene made herself clear that she wish she could stay, but can’t miss on the yoga class she has agreed to take in.

Anu stayed the night with her grandparents, but felt so boring as there wasn’t much fun in there. So by Saturday noon, she thought of going back to the flat. She thought against calling Irene to pick her and decided to get an auto there to give Irene a small shock.

While getting out of auto, and walking to the apartments, she could see a sea of eyes trailing her body, especially her booty. She was quite accustomed to it, since last few years. Turning to be 21 soon, her body was meant to be a feast to the eyes of men. She was 165cm tall, with measurements of 32-26-34. Her body was slim, with white complexion and hazel eyes, and dark black hair with a golden tinge gave her a real diva look. All through her life, at least a dozen has proposed her. She didn’t love anyone, but was infatuated to an Australian during her school days, and eventually lost her virginity to him. It wasn’t planned, but a late night party, and alcohol let her inner desires take on her. She don’t remember everything about it, only some kisses, and her mind was conquered by alcohol.

Since she joined college all the boys from her college has ogled her, and it is a great confirmity that all might have wished for her body. Her booty was really curvy and big. Who could resist a sexy looking milky white body, with decent boobs, shaped body, and a big ass to supplement it. This young doll was a fuck feast. She didn’t had eye for anyone in college except for Siddharth, her senior. He was gentle looking, with over 170cm height and had an athletic body and handsome face. College legend has it that he can make any girl fall for him with just his talks, and he had many girl admirers as well.

She entered the elevator, and it rised into the tenth floor where they stayed. Her mind was playing over a few horny scenes from the movie “Passengers” which she saw that morning. She compared herself to Jennifer Lawrence and she thought they had something in common with both having a similar structured body with big butts. She was feeling wet, and thought she may give her fingers some work when she get into the flat.

She had additional keys to the flat, and she opened it and saw Irene’s high-heels inside. Anu admired Irene’s fashion sense, and her love for high-heels. She might have half a dozen of it, at least. Anu walked a couple of feet and was shocked to see a pair of shoes alongside it. She was confused and looked inside.

The A.C. was working inside Irene’s room and she didn’t knew what to do. She was shell-shocked and walked to the room. The door was partially closed and she saw two bodies inside the blanket. There was Irene’s panties and her nightgown torn into pieces and lying at the door.In the bed, the long curly hair of Irene was out and Anu was sure it was her cousin sleeping off after a wild sex session with someone.

Anu was utterly confused on what to do. She quickly walked back to the hall and sat on the couch with sheer disbelief. Anu haven’t asked about the divorce ever to Irene, and may be it was because Irene’s ex saw this guy fucking the brains out of his wife. Or may be Irene found this guy to quench her sexual appetite after the divorce. Anu couldn’t decide for herself, and she thought over it for some more time. She again looked at the door and torn clothes are lying near it. Suddenly Anu felt little horny seeing it. There was also a T shirt lying near the couch. Anu took it and smelled it. A nice manly perfume mixed with smell of sweat. Anu inhaled that manly aroma.

She thought that she would go somewhere and call Irene to let her know that she is coming so that Irene and her boyfriend, or whoever it is will get a chance to clear this.

Anu raised, and it happened like a fast picture. When Anu get up from the couch, she saw Anu coming from her bedroom, stark nude except for the high heels she was wearing, in such a hot posture, trying to bun her hair. She made her hair into a bun, and walked to the refrigerator with not a single thread covering the awesome light-dusky fuckable body of Irene. Sweat was glittering from her body in the sunlight. She drank water and turned around and saw Anu. She shrieked with water inside her mouth, and there wasn’t much sound, but the water was reverted back and it flowed through her sexy body. She was shameful to the core.

“What’s this Irene?” Anu couldn’t help but ask. She waited and Irene didn’t knew what to say. But with the horny mind Anu had, she was just looking at the hotness of Irene, from toe to head. “Who doesn’t want to fuck this sexy muffin?” Anu thought through.

“Why are you here now. You said you will only come on Monday”? Irene knew that if she became too defensive, she don’t have a chance to save the situation.

“Why? Are you worried so that your time with whoever you were fucking ends early? Is that it? Is this your yoga exercise? Getting fucked for the whole weekend?”

“What’s the big issue?” A decently built body, nude came out of the bedroom. The dick was semi hard, and Anu looked at it before seeing the face.

“Oh holy fuck, that’s Siddharth”

Irene’s wedding was a grand one, and the very next day, she and her husband Martin went to Europe for honey moon. He was 26 years old, just 2 years more than Irene, and was really good-looking. She was happy that she got a rich, hot husband. Even after two days in Europe, Martin didn’t make an attempt to fuck Irene, though there was only kisses. Irene shaved her pussy and used lotions to make her dusky body looks shiny and fragrant. She wore no inners and used a shiffon gown to cover herself during the nights, but Steve only touched her for sometime and kissed her, only to make Irene more horny, but not enough to satisfy her. Irene had already lost her virginity to her ex boyfriend, and has been tasted and fucked by him plenty of times, though his body was only average looking. But here was her husband, hot and rich, but not touching her other than showering lovely caring words and gentle touches. With the chilling climate, and inexplicable thirst to get drilled. She didn’t want love then, she wanted someone to tear her pussy and fuck her like a bitch.

“I am sorry Irene, I don’t think I will be able to do that”, Martin spoke that day with his head hung low.

“What are you saying?” Irene was so sad hearing it.

“I am sorry” and then Martin wimped like a loser.

Martin had a very small dick, and erectile dysfunction. Hee showed her it and Irene smirked out of scorn seeing that pathetic excuse for a dick. It was so small, smaller than her pinky finger, and it looked like not of a man of his age, but of a 10year old.

“Please don’t leave me, Irene, I will do whatever you want, I will suck your pussy and will finger you..”

He went on saying and their trip was short cut. Martin promised her that he will undergo some treatment to get it bigger. The next three months, he went on clinic after clinic, and nothing good for him happened. Irene waited, because she loved him, but love can never fill her pussy and make her a toy in hands of her man. So after five months, the got separated, and Irene kept the promise that she won’t let anyone know the real reason.

And then she happened to get close with his student Siddharth who really knew how to treat a girl off and on the bed. He took her out and cared for her along with naughty words and mischievous actions to keep Irene remember that he is not only interested in her company, but in her sexy body as well.

“Siddharth, what do you think of me”? She asked the question ome day during a coffee date to know how he felt for him as a friend, but his answer made her leak her juice then and there.

“You are a sex feast, like choco cream every man wants to taste. Don’t know, but I think there will be women as well who wants to enjoy your awesome body”

Irene’s jaw fell down with the answer and she knew he had hots for her but didn’t know he was so eager to fuck her.

“Dude, I am your teacher”

“Well give me a try, I will make you my bitch”

Irene like the way he talked, with complete dominance over her.

It was easy from there to Siddharth who fucked Irene every chance he got.

Then his chances got reduced after Anu joined Irene in the flat. Their meetings stopped once she moved in. Siddharth would yearn for a fuck, but Irene was enjoying him calling me all time for a fuck. She was desperate as well, but she liked the game. And readers, there will ne no girl in the world who don’t love to get men come back for her body, drooling :).

And the day came.“Come and have me, darling, Friday night. Anu will go to grandparents” Irene messaged Siddharth.

Siddharth had seen Anu, a bubbly first-year girl with a body to die for. He was just thinking about the bitchy cousins, and how they are good, equally matching in every columns. He wished one day, he would bite Anu’s ass so hard, while Irene was sucking his dick.

The evening came and as soon as opened the door, Siddharth jumped on her. She had just been completed yoga and was sweaty, but Siddharth lifted her and ripped her dress and started fucking her. They had it in so many positions, but not with her climbed on to the strong body of Siddharth. He fucked her to his extent and the climaxed. But still he didn’t let her down, and she was clinging to him with her shiny legs tangled across his waist.

“Bitch, how was that”? Siddharth asked between his heavy breathings.

“Awesome as ever. How did you manage to last this long without the taste of my body”?

“Well, I thought of you and my hand worked over my tool”Both laughed at it and Siddharth kissed her and licked his nose. She was still clinging to him and both were licking and kissing each other’s face, and tasting the sweat. He lifted her soft shiny dusky body further up and there were strands of hair resting between the 34B melons of Irene. He cupped the hair, moved it out of the sexy cleavage and sniffed the narrow trench of sexual awesomeness.

Siddharth used his trimmed face and tongue to make Irene arouse more and licked the sweat flowing down the channel between her love globes. Irene got tickled and bit his earlobe.

“What did you do all these days. With my love tool not between your honey pot”?

“Well, I thought of calling someone else”

Siddharth didn’t let her finish it and pulled her hair back to make her head go up. She was enjoying it through pain and laughing. He bit her neck and licked it until her chin and again bit there strong.

“You are mine. I won’t let anyone taste you. You are my bitch forever”

He then carried her to the bathroom and there was a tub, both lie about it on the hot water, with Irene sitting in front of Steve, and his hardening dick was brushing the big ass of Irene. They bathed massaging the body of each other. Siddharth was thanking his stars for getting such a piece-of-art sexy lady as his bitch. He slowly shoved foam on her soft, smooth body and he likes to drag his hand over his teacher’s hot body. She was only one year elder to him, and he liked elder chicks. Irene was kissing the strong chest of Siddharth. Irene liked to be crushed by his strong body and it made her feel more satisfied when he treated her like his bitch, doing whatever he wanted with her body.

That night Irene wore a gown and panties and high heels and stripes danced for Siddharth. He was drinking beer and loving the way his sultry bitch was dancing. After that, they fucked for 3 more rounds and it was around 4 O’clock when they slept after Irene getting rammed by the thick long dick of her boyfriend for the 5th time.

Irene woke up, and she was thirsty, she was still nude, with only the high heels and when she walked to the refrigerator, she saw the panties and night gown lying on the floor, torn. “Bastard doesn’t have a bit of patience”, she thought in her mind fondly, smiling at the memories of last night. She gulped the water and turned around to see the unexpected face of Anu looking at her.

Siddharth and his teacher Irene had a good friendship prior to the divorce she had. She didn’t talk with anyone for a few days, but only with a few students like Siddharth. But along with the friendship, Siddharth knew that he would get that chocolate body to be his own if he plays his card right. And that’s what he did. He acted like he cared for her, took her out, and made her forget the divorce, and he also sowed seeds of lust in his teacher with naughty jokes and praising her body like anything. He touched Irene occasionally, with a friendly gesture, and on her 25th Birthday he took her to a pub, made her drink and kissed her cheeks as a birthday gift. When Siddharth kissed her she enjoyed it more than he did as his trimmed face tickled and aroused her. He invited her to dance and they were slowly dancing with Siddharth holding her waist and turning and twisting her with the commanding nature and Irene liked it, someone using her curvy body the way he wished. He made her turn around and her ass was touched by the long dick of Siddharth very often. Irene turned back and was about to kiss Siddharth. He put his hands just before Irene’s sexy lips kissed his.

Siddharth knew the ball was in his court and he knew how to play with it.

“I know we both want it, but I must make myself clear before we continue” He spoke in her ears, and continued pressing her towards him. His hands were across her waist with palm resting with sexiest ass in Cochin.

“I am all yours Siddarth, I am all for you. Just say anything and I will obey”.

He knew the bitch was in heat, and he could make her his private sex toy.

“You are my great friend rather than my teacher. I don’t want to tie the knot with you. I will love you, and your body. But never expect me to marry you.”

“Ha ha, who talked about marriage. I am all yours and you are all mine. Let us just play the game of fuck, or as it is called in movies, friends with sexy benefits”

She bit Siddharth’s hand and he liked it, the cat face Irene gave gave his dick the full strength.

“And, your body is mine. I will do whatever I want with it”.


He guided her out of the pub and took her inside her car and banged her hard. It was the first sex Siddharth and Irene had. She was savagely fucked by Siddharth inside the car three times that night.

They had rendezvous sexual encounters very often. She was a real hottie and bitch in bed and liked to do all. It was during the new year, Siddharth and Irene made a daring attempt.

They were just making out and Siddharth was teasing Irene with the foreplay in her pussy. He licked it slowly a lot of times and Irene was angry he is not riding her like a horse.

“Do you want to have extreme satisfaction?”

Irene was moaning like anything and she somehow said yes between those. She was not in the world when that sexy face of Siddharth played between her legs.

“We will call you ex, and make him know how to please a woman.”

Irene got the instantly ecstatic hearing it. It was around 12 am and it took a lot of rings before Martin attends the call.

“Hey Martin, you wanna hear something,” Siddharth asked as he raised from her pussy slowly up towards the boobs.

“Who is this?”

“Shut up and listen to you impotent pig,” Irene said through her moans before Siddharth spoke anything. They both laughed and continued their games.

“Irene, is that you”?

“Not the wife she was. Now she is my bitch”. Siddharth said.

“You wimp, you couldn’t satisfy me and hear how real men satisfy women” she spoke with real fury. And this was helping me as well, as I started more force on her in my actions. Especially my bites on her boobs and neck.

“Don’t disconnect the call or else the world will know about your unworkable small tool you call a dick”.

Siddharth fucked her hard, ramming with more and more force and she was moaning more and louder and Siddharth used his teeth to make her moan and cry harder for Martin to hear. It took 10 minutes for each of them to climax and it was the best they had. They intensively breathed after the sexy and Siddharth kissed hard on her lips again and made her lie on him, with her big boobs getting crushed to his hard body.

“Martin, are you still there?”

There was silence and Irene shouted for a reply. An instant yes came from the other end.

“Martin, I feel sorry for you. You had this awesome sex muffin for life and your dick didn’t even raise a bit. I hardly get mine down when this bitch is around. You’re a real loser man. And see how I enjoy her body all day throughout our life”

They cut the call and they both acknowledged that it was more satisfying when someone is listening to their hard fucking.

But after Anu came, Siddharth didn’t get a chance to be with her teacher bitch. He would try to smooch her and press her ass and boobs now and then when they are alone in college, but he was missing that incredible times, when he would get that chocolatey body all for him, to do whatever he want.

Then he saw Anu and thought of fucking her. He had Vanilla coloured body with the pure NRI look and a big ass to die for.

And he has seen Anu looking at him through the corner of her eyes, and she had caught him staring at her body, especially her ass and lips very often. He really wanted to make both those cousins his bitches.

Irene was 34-24-36, and you know how good that body will be. Yoga had done wonders in her body and there was no tinge of fat either. That was real chocolate, and Siddharth was more than satisfied with ruling that body as his doll. But since she saw Anu, he wanted to taste the mixture of Vanilla and Chocolate. But he didn’t know it would come soon.

So that day, Irene and Siddharth had five rounds of sex, as Anu was not around. They slept at 4’o clock and it was noon when Siddharth woke up to some sounds. Two girls were talking and Siddharth saw it was Anu and Irene. Two minutes and he got the idea to taste Anu along with Irene. He went to the hall nude and spoke “what’s the big issue”

Anu couldn’t get time to think before everyone knew she was mesmerized by the body and hard dick of Siddharth.

“We need to talk, but we need to dress first,” Siddharth spoke. “Bith of you chill and relax, we will talk this out”

He and Irene went into the bedroom to get dressed.

“What are you planning”? Irene asked. He pulled her by arm and kissed her on the lip, it was a small kiss but very juicy.

“Surprise” He spoke in her earlobes and licked it.

Hi guys, hope you all enjoyed the first part of the story. And feedbacks and welcomed to [email protected]

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Until the next part of the story, happy sex 🙂

Siddharth signing off. Thanks.

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