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Hi, Guys, this is mad maddy again here to share the sex story happened on my last visit to Chennai, as you know very well I am fond of some spicy moments in life which comes by the way. ok, let me take you to what really happened,

That day was a Friday and we had a get together party at one of my friends house at Alwarpet and it went on well, people started to move to their house and without me as I have been accompanying my friend and lost myself in the television, left his home around 11 pm and suddenly in that summer in Chennai I felt a chill breeze on my face, I felt so chill for that moment and was passing through that park where I use to wander with my friends early and that is the best hook up spot for gays, cherishing my ester-years.

I was passing through the park which is well maintained now that’s what I heard from my friend during a chat, I just made myself to walk on the side way of the road and park, I was feeling so good, there I found a twink was on his early 20’s gazing around and made a smile to me and touched me with his shoulders passing by, I just turned back where he just smiled at me where I can see his shining smile in the street light and stand there for a while, he came back and again passes me by giving a smile to my eyes and thus made me so horny and I followed his steps, all of a sudden he jumped the wall of the park and went inside.

I had a doubt whether to get in or not as the time was 11.15 pm (yes the park was closed), I selected to explore, saw near and far and took a jump to reach the ground on the other side, where here he made me with a great move of taking me towards the core of the park, where I took a U-turn and went towards the bushes as I was in an urge to pee, sooner within some time the guy arrived, standing near me and looking at my manhood, asked me a question are you Mylapore, yes ! I answered and he continued the conversation by touching my dick softly and gently, I asked him pudichirukka ? (do you like it), he said yes and turned towards me where I saw his face was glowing like a gold in the night light with rose lips.

He was clean shaven and lean sexy body, we kissed each other on the cheek, chin, nose, and lips locked thy for some time and the blood rushed to my head and I was feeling cold as his body was chilled and I was so warm, he said “you are so hot !’ I replied with a smile and pushed him towards the tree and took off his t-shirt to suck hi nipples and he had a small manly boobs which were so sexy and I sucked his nipple like a calf his reaction to my suck encouraged me to milk his manboobs more and more, that continued for some long time where then he came down on his knees and kissed my dick wholly and all over in the sides and kissed those balls like kissing the roses.

He then looked at me with a smile and made a move to down my foreskin and get the bud of my dick he sucked it like a lollipop and I can see the innocence there, my dick started growing in his mouth as his phase was increased and was sucking me with full speed and energy, I started to moan loudly and the feel of his body was so different the aura and the chillness driven me crazy, I stopped him from sucking my dick and asked him a question, “shall I fuck you ?” the moment he heard that moved his mouth from my dick holding it in his hand and came upward I understood, and we exchanged kisses for some time and I got the reply he said “anytime dear’.

Sooner we just moved towards the grass where the ground was so soft and covered with bushy trees, I made him naked and I was in my socks alone, I got shocked by having a look at his body, he was an angel by the look and body, his curves on body made me crazy and his ass my hell, it was jus like inviting me to explore it, I hugged him and we been hugging and kissing for some long time, then at that time I got a call from my home asking where am I I replied I am at friends place and shall reach by early morning and kept the call, the time was 12.00 midnight, he asked me “ are you going to fuck me the whole night?” I said, “if you would like to get”.

I asked him about his family, and don’t they search him, (usually I hate such kind of conversation while having fun but the question and time made me ask it) he said he stay nearby and they will not search, and suddenly he kissed me and we been on liplock for next some time my whole attention was on his ass and to fuck it, I just moved my hands towards his ass and been caressing while he was giving me an excellent blowjob, now we are in 69 where he is blowing my manhood and I am playing with my tongue in his asshole.

He was moaning like a hyena and It made me crazy to drill his asshole and to fit it and rip it, after some time, I made him lie down in a doggy position and was searching my wallet for condom, (I am a safe loving person who carries condoms always in my wallet as who knows when we get a hole to drill right !) he made a move here by asking me to fuck him bareback, I said no as it’s risky and he said he wanna enjoy it and wanna enjoy the flow, I said no and finally he agreed to fuck with condom and it just made him lie down again in doggy style and spit on the hole, no need of fingering as the exact amount been done.

I tried to push my black cobra into his hole and he was screaming as I stopped for some time and asked him to take a deep breath by then I inserted him fully and relaxed for some seconds and then started the action of fucking him and it was so good by enjoying his curves and fucking him, now he wished to see me while getting fucked as I turned him and asked him to lie on back, lifted his legs, resting them on my shoulders and inserted my manhood again and I started to fuck him on and on as he was smiling, his body was still chill as I touched him, he closed his eyes and was enjoying the fuck and me too, I was in my cloud nine fucking this your cute twink in an open park on the grass nude, my hell it was like a dream.

I started to increase my speed as he was screaming and smiling I been licking his nipples and all the time and sometimes kissing his lips, tears oozed out of his eyes and he was smiling with tears and I asked him “are you ok dear?” he said yes he is, still we been continuing the session and it was a long session of us longing for almost 35 minutes and though I was fully charged, I was about to cum and said the same to him as he moved towards my dick and removed the condom and started milking it, I was moaning like a hell and hell and hell that kind of moan.

I never did in my life and the pleasure was something different from what I felt earlier, my legs, ribs, and thighs got tightened sooner he also realized that we are reaching climax and he been milking his dick with his hand and mine with an awesome blow-job, it was just in a fraction of seconds the rush towards the climax loads of cum thrashed his mouth walls and he speeded up to the level and opened hi mouth in front of me showing the load in his mouth and drank everything.

He was still shaking his dick but not came, left his hand from his boner and started to suck mine for a longer time, sooner made it hard and done a second session which lasted till 4.00 am in the morning and we started to depart from the park and before he kissed my lips cheeks and chin and said thank you for everything and finally kissed me on my forehead and said bye, while departing we introduced to each other as I got his name as Raju and doing his 2nd year engineering.

Ached, we never exchanged number and I reached home early morning as promised and took a shower and went to sleep, he was in all my dreams and I was so much tensed and willing to fuck him my whole life, I again went to my friends house in Alwarpet and we went towards the park in the evening to have some bajji, there I was shocked to see a poster on the wall opposite, it was mentioned “1st year Death anniversary with all heartfelt condolences for Raju” I don’t know what is that happening and I am speechless as my body went chill, my friend was trying to hold my hand and asked me why my hand is chill like a dead body.

I asked him whether he know the guy, he said “yes machan I know him he died because of suicide – personal issues and people rumor that he was in a relationship with a guy and he ditched him’. I was all in a shock and was with fever for two days, even now sometimes I feel his aura around me. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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