Virgin Chennai Bitch (FIRST BLOOD )

Friends this is my first sex story which I am gonna narrate my real life incident took place in 2015


Regularly me and my friend used to meet and chit chat in his terrace daily that was the time me and my GF broke up so regularly I meet my friend and tried to come out of that one day opposite to his home there is a big flat I guess more that 100 homes from his home we saw a movement of a lady walking so we were checking what she was doing our good time, she was changing her dress and was in front of the mirror for a long time nude, I guess she saw us but still she did not cover later she closed the screen .


I and my friend started talking about that and I said am bored without my Gf, he use to be in touch with my school’s friends always but I don’t do that I have limited friends, he gave me one of my school Friends no and asked me to try in her,

I started to message her at that time I was working and she was doing her pg and from day one we were chatting till late night as we know each other from 5th standard, she also had a break up at that time she said me all the stories about her love

LOVE ????hehe====SEX

If there is love there should be sex, so I asked her about her boyfriend and her, did they had sex but they did not mind, (OMG virgin ) I asked her how is that possible, u were in relationship but no intercourse for that she said he did not insert other than all done I was so happy that I am gonna fuck a virgin , suddenly she asked me how big is yours I did not understand at first then I understood that she was asking about my penis size I said my size 6.4 she was shocked to hear that and said Indian boys normally have less than 6 I said I don’t know about that where u read that but if u have doubt u can measure mine and to my surprise she said ok I’ll measure and she said if u loose u have to take me out for a move I was flying


As I said she was studying at that time, she bunked her college the next day and I took leave and the day before I got a viagra 100gm condom. I had a feeling am gonna fuck her just like I felt. I met her and said so where u gonna measure, she laughed at me and said u say the place.


I took her to my friends flat in ECR and now we both r alone, we entered the room she sat down and I hesitated because after 6 years we r meeting and directly into room Alone, she was in churidar, suddenly she spread her leg like how male use to suck the women in that pose. I was surprised by how she showed me the path to heaven


I went near her and just kept my face in her pussy without removing her dress I rubbed it nicely and started licking her in pants u won’t believe in less than two min her pants were WET and I forgot to say once we entered the room I took that viagra tablet as I don’t wanna miss my chance of fucking a virgin and slowly my penis stood so hard even in jeans it popped out and was visible to my surprise she put her hand inside my pants without removing and was touching my penis top layer slowly and was slowly rubbing in the penis hole

Later she removed my pants and she started to suck my penis and I was like where the hell u were for so many days and I undressed her fully and made her nude later I went to fridge and brought the ice tubes to have some foreplay in chatting she always said she love to do foreplay I remembered that so I slowly put the ice tubes in her stomach and she was jumping with shyness I guess she have a sensitive feel there then I put the tubes behind her neck and I started kissing her in neck and she closed her eyes and was enjoying Laredo tied her on the bed and I started putting the eyes inside her pussy and I was sucking her liquids and she was so excited and fingered her slowly as I wanna break her virginity with my penis, not my finger

Then we were in 69 positions she was sucking my cock like she will not get it again and I was doing the same with little extra work with fingers later I inserted my penis slowly it don’t go at all she said me to wait and she adjusted and said me to insert this time the top layer went inside just after that FIRST BLOOD came out pooping and I was like should I stop for my surprise she pushed me and it went fully with blood I was fucking her in full swing and we had this intercourse for 40 min and we took rest for some time by watching some porns and talked about our school friends


Then we had a nice bath while taking bath she said me one secret it was shocking to me she said she and my friend who I meet daily had already had foreplay many times it seems but unfortunately, them did not get chance to fuck as my friend that guy is afraid of going out as he is a very well know business person son. I thought I have planned and fucked to my surprise, she had planned and fucked me then I realised that I asked her why me she replied u r the one I can trust as u won’t say this out and my friend also said her the same thing so it was all planned but I taught I fucked her later we had a nice fuck in the toilet and returned home now she is married and having a good life still a good friend of mine we meet regularly and having a good time ………

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