Blackmailed And Fucked My Aunty – Part 1

Hi guys. My name is Arnold (name changed). I am 20 with not so good looking but very good in bed. I have sex with quite a number of girls for this only reason. Though I fucked many girls, I wished to have sex with aunties. I never got a chance to fuck any. But one day my wish came true in the form of my aunty(my uncles wife). This is my first story. So if there was any mistake, pls forgive me.

She is in her forties, but she looks very gorgeous. I never had such feelings towards her initially. One day when I was teaching her daughter, she came by. I didnt know how to teach her daughter so she helped her a bit. She bent down to teach her and thats when I first saw her deep cleavage. She doesnt have big boobs, but its perfect. I think it might be 32b. From that day onwards, I will try all me best to look at her at all angel which is possible. I decided to fuck her if I got chance.

One day when she was bathing, I decided to peep through a small space up the bathroom door where we used to put our towels. Oh my gosh. She has an amazing body for a lady of her age. She is not fat either. She is slim and has awesome figure. Her ass was so perfect too. I decide to record the scene. While I was recording, she turned towards me suddenly. I got down quickly. My heart was pounding very fast. I donno what gonna happen next. I thought she will tell my parents (we leave together) and I thought I am gonna die or thrown out of the house. But she didnt do anything. We merely look into each other after that incident, though I could sense she is worried about the video I took. We didnt talk much also. But after a few days we started to talk normally. She used to watch serial in my laptop even before the incident.

After we started to talk normally, one day she ask my laptop to watch serial. I usually accompany her last time(of course to enjoy touching her unintentionally and look at her). Today I tried my luck again by accompany her. She didnt say anything. But today she tend to bent where possible to show me her cleavage. I first make dont know to avoid problem. But I did tried touching her ass. All this while my heart was pounding what will happen of thinking will she shout and tell others about me. She didnt say anything. A few days passed just like this. She shows as much as possible her body to me.

One day she asked me to change her phone settings since she didnt know. After changing the settings, I simply go through her messages and call log. I was shocked to see her conversation with her sister. It was about me and the peeping I did. She told her sister I got the video of her bathing. Her sister told her to be careful and make sure I didn’t upload it in porn websites. So she asked my aunt to do whatever possible to make me delete the video. So I guessed thats the reason why my aunt act weirdly nowadays. But I didnt have the intention to upload that video, she is still my aunt. I just used to masturbate to that video.

I thought of fucking her somehow since I got to know she will do whatever for me to delete the video. Luck was by my side. The next morning, my parents had to go outstation, my uncle to work and my cousins and siblings to school. This is actually my semester break. So only I and my aunt was home. She was cleaning my room that time. I bent down to sweep under the bed. I saw that and try grabbing her ass. She was shocked and got up straight and shouted why I did that. I told her that I knew all what happened. I told her that I knew that she wanted to seduce me and make me delete the video.

I showed her the video and said I will delete it if you do what you supposed to do. She just stand over there. I then hugged her, she dropped the broom. I continued to smooch her, kiss her lips. We were reluctant all the while. I tore her nighty. She was not wearing any undies since she wont wear those when she goes to bed and she starts to do house chores after got up. My god. I got to see her body near. It was amazing figure. I pressed her boobs harder and kissed it, bite those nipples and sucked it. I heard her moans. I knew she likes the pleasure, but she was still reluctant. I then move towards her belly. I licked her belly button which made her moan more. I knew she was enjoying. I could feel stressing lesser now. I lay her on bed and turned her and kissed her all over her back.

I then kissed her ass. Its was so soft. I bit it and then licked her asshole. She was then no more reluctant. She enjoys it full heartedly. I turned her again and spread her legs. I kissed her pussy. It was hairy since she didnt shave. It was smelly too, but I love that smell. I started to lick it. She was moaning in pleasure. She started to moan my name and say lick it harder. I lick as hard as I could. I licked her clitoris while fingering her. She then cummed on my face.

We both then look into each other eyes. I could sense that she wants my dick in to her. I didnt insert it slowly since she is not a virgin. She trusted as hard as I can. I fucked her in missionary. She was moaning in both pleasure and pain. She yelled my name and asked me to fuck harder. I fucked her like that for about 5 mins then changed into doggie. We fucked like that for about 10 mins. I then made her kneel and ask her to suck my dick. She did suck like a pro, but it wasn’t enough for me. I grabbed her hair and started to mouth fuck her. I cummed in 2 mins. I cummed in her mouth and ask her to swallow it, she did as I said.

She then ask me to delete the video. I took my phone from my cupboard and said that I will delete that video, but I have a new one. A video of we both fucking. It was a shock for her. She cried. She asked me what else she want. I said I wanna fuck you with your sister too since she was the one who gave my aunt this idea. I said she couldn’t make her sister to fuck me. That’s okay. I just sent that video to your sister. Remaining part of the story will be written in my next part. Until then, it is a sign off from Arnold. Feedbacks wanted, send your feedback to [email protected]

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