Booking A Car And Getting Additional Benefit

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This is Mathew here from Bangalore. This is my second story which happened last week in Bangalore. About me, I am 5’9. 31 year old. Working as manager in a recruiting firm.

Coming back to the incident. One of my family friend’s son got job in bangalore after his studies and he came to bangalore two weeks back. Since he never gone out from his native and he is new to bangalore, his parents were very scared and called me to help him in his stay and all his needs in bangalore. I told ok and asked him abt his office place and he told his company is in jayanagar.

Since I am staying in j p nagar I arranged one house near to my home. Coming to the story, last week my friend told he wants to take a car for travelling to office and going out. So his parents called and asked me to help him. First day we went maruthi showroom, ford showroom and nissan showroom and seen many cars.But he was in confusion.

So I told him, let’s check hundai also. It was afternoon 12: 30 and due to the hot climate I was not in the mood to drive to anywhere. So we called one of the hundai showrooms in bangalore and asked about the price. The receptionist told she will arrange for test drive if we are interested. So we asked for hundai I 20 test drive.

After 1 hour I got a call from a girl telling that the car is ready for test drive and it is in front of my friend’s house. We went to out and I saw a guy of age 25 looking like a driver and a girl jeans and top. She came to me age greeted me and told she is one executive and she came for test drive. She was looking very cute and I was looking at her body all time.

Her name was swathi and she was from kerala. She was 5’6, medium size. Whitish colour wath structure 34, 28,32. She told we can have the test drive. First I told my friend to test the car. So he and the driver sat on the front seat and me and swathi sat on the back seat. While driving he was jumping the car on the gutters and humps. I was seeing her boobs vibrating. I was in heaven.

Meanwhile she got a call from her friend and she was told she is at a customer place and she has to close 5 deals that month and only 4 is done and she hope our deal will be done so that she will be safe in target. So I thought she will give good discount for us and I can bargain.

Once the test drive is over she started explaining about the car features and the price. She quoted 9.5 for the model we asked and she told its after discount. Later we told our budget is not that much. It is only 6 lakhs maximum. So it ok we will check for some model in maruthi.

She started talking to my friend and was trying to convince him to go for hundai. My friend told the last decision is mine as I am his caretaker in bangalore. She told she will call in the evening. Please thing abt the model. She can try for some more discount. I told ok and they left. By 5:30 I got a call for her and asked wat we decided. I told the same that our budget is only 6 lakhs.

She then offered me i10 grand for the price I told. She then asked about our details and I told we are from kerala and she was surprised. She told she thought we are from north.

Then we discussed about the car for some time and I told will think about it and she started talk very softly to me. I understood was wants our case as its last week of april and her target issue. I told her I already got a quote for 5.95 l from other showroom and I am planning to go there. She told she will make sure to get a good deal from her and wait till morning. She will come with I 10 grand for test drive and will discuss. I told ok and then we talked about our details and about job and all for 10 mins.

I understood from her that it is her second job and she joined two months back and if she dont achieve her target then she may lose her job.

After the call she messaged me not to take any decision till morning so that she will give a good price, I replied I will see the best deal you give then only I will decide and sent a naughty smile. She didn’t reply at all I send again a message telling if I get a good deal with her she will get more deals from me as my two other friends are planning to take car. There was no reply and I thought she understood my intension and she will never call or give a deal.

Morning by 10 sunday she called me and told she is at my friend’s house and waiting. I told her to wait and went there in 20 mins. Immediately I saw her I was melted. She was wearing a formal pants and a white shirt. She was looking very professional but sexy in too. My friend was waiting for me and by the time I reached she convinced my friend somehow.

He started telling me we will go for this model and I understood she was trying to take him in hand than me. So I told him will see and asked her to come home and will discuss about the price.

Me, my friend and she came to the drawing room and she started telling about the price and other offers. I told my friend to go and have a test drive and see how’s the car and told her let him test drive and mean time I will check the price with other showroom. She was little disappointed and she was sitting there in sofa and my friend left for test drive. I acted like I am calling the other showroom and pretended to talk to a lady representative.

Then I cut the call and told the other girl told 5000 less than what she told. Then she started begging me to give the case so that she will have safety in job. I told I look for good deal. The other girl is offering less and she is keep calling to meet outside and lot of other stuffs. She told she is not that kind and only serious about job.

I told ok you can decide and went to balcony. She again came near me and told sir, please think again. You will get good deals in her showroom and try to give additional tool kits and all. I told no use in extra tool kit. Then I went and sat on sofa and she sat next to me and told she will get only 2000 as commission apart from salary so she will reduce that also I was like not interested.

She caught my hand and told please. I just told ok but what about 3000 more which other showroom girl told. She told she will give me a good treat for that. I asked what treat. She told a party or a dinner with me. I told you know all these tactics will not work now a days in marketing. She was bit nervous and looking sad. I told her no issues I will try to take from you the car but I expect some benefit for me. I told I do things where I will get some benefit.

She asked what benefit. I told you know what I meant. She was silent and looking confused of what to do. I decided this is the right time and I just put my hands on her shoulder and told be cool you can close your target. I will get this case. She was happy but shivering as my hand was on her shoulder. By the time she told thanks to me I pulled her close to me and my hand reached her stomach area. She started sweating and I told be cool.

She told they will come now after the test-drive. I called my friend and asked him where they are for that he told in they are on the way and in 10 mins they will come. I told her the same and kissed on her cheek. She was surprised in my sudden move and tried to pull me back.

I told her if you want the car to be sold tell yes or no. She took her hand from pulling me and told yes. I said I will give the cheque today only and started to rub my hands on her nipples from outside. She was enjoying, at the same time in double mind to stop me.

I slowly opened her buttons one by one and she keep resisting. In no time I opened it and pulled her boobs out from her bra and started sucking it. She was out of mind and lied on the sofa and I started to bite her nipples. By that time my friend called and told he is down in the parking and I told her to dress properly and we both went down.

I told my friend I will go for a test drive and get cheque from my room also to give advance. I told her to join me and she first show little hesitant. I told my friend I will do test-drive and decide whether to go for hundai or not. She understood what I told and she told the driver to wait and came inside the car.

I drove the car to my place and in the journey she told she is not a girl of that type don’t take her in bad way. I told its ok I wont spoil your life and told her to come home for some time and I will give cheque and you can go. Once I reached home we both went inside the house as soon as she entered the house closed the door and hugged her from behind and told we have less time and you need the cheque. She was like not ready and I took her in my arms to my bed room and kissed her she didn’t respond first and I keep reminding her about cheque and she stop resisting.

Then I told her I need a kiss. She just gave a naughty smile and closed her eyes and gave a kiss on my hand. I hugged her and she also responded well. I told her to remove her dress and started removing my clothes. She was bit shy and I told time is less so be fast. She was shy and once I opened my jockey she felt shy and closed her eyes with hands. I asked her to open her eyes and she told she is shy. I started unbuttoning her shirt and caught the pants button. Suddenly she took her hand and try to cover her pants button.

I hugged her and opened her bar and threw to bed. She suddenly hidden her boobs. I pulled her to bed and starting kissing her body and she was enjoying. I slowly sucked her nipples and licked round on the nipples.

She was not able to control and mean time I opened her pants. In one shot I took her pants and panties and she took the bed sheet to cover it. I told her to remove it. She told not now. She has to go to office. I forcefully removed it and inserted by 7 inc cook inside her pussy. She was screaming in pain and I stroked her hard.

I continued the stroke and in 5 mins I cummed in her pussy. She was making the satisfied sound and I hugged her and we laid in bed for 5 mins. I asked is this the first time and she told no once her bf did. Now they are separated. I told her to hold mu cook and give a blow job. She don’t like it. I told it my order you have to obey it. She first did and gulped on the floor.

I forcefully inserted it in her mouth and made her to do blowing. I took my cook back before ejecting and told her I need her for more time. She told once I give whole amount she will come. We dressed ourself and left to my friend’s house. And I gave the cheque and had more sections with her tat night itself.

Hope you like the incident happened in my life. Please give the feedback at [email protected]. Anyone interested for good jobs in Bangalore can contact. I will publish two more stories which happened in my life. One with an airhostess from kingfisher for getting her a job in jet after kingfisher got closed. The other one with my friend in college time.

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