Chennai to Kerala Bus Fun

Hi guys, this is my first time writing to iss. I am a regular reader of iss and have found quite a few interesting stories. I am a 6’1 guy based out of south india with an 8-9′ tool. I keep travelling all over the country for my work, so don’t hesitate to contact me for some really fun times.

For any feedback or if any girls are interested to know more about me, please contact me at [email protected]

Back to the story now, I had found one of my school friends (hot chick studying to be a doctor) studying in chennai. Her name is rose (name changed), her measurements were 36-28-34. She was one of the attractive girls in our school. She was fair and her skin was so smooth (I got to know after I met her n fucked her multiple times).

So we started messaging as usual, like old friends catching up and over the weeks of getting to know each other, I found out that she was already in a relationship. But she was not at all happy with it. It was one of her college friends and she never wanted to have sex with him. She was in a dilemma.

So I got into the picture and got close to rose, soon we were sending each other nude photos and started sexting and having phone sex. So she was always looking forward to having sex for the first time. So one weekend we decided to meet up and head back to kerala together, so we bought bus tickets to return, and we got only semi sleeper a/c bus seats together. But I was still happy about it.

So now the interesting part, we had already made out in the auto on the way to the bus stop and we were both very much turned on. We could not get enough of each other. She said she was feeling cold, so I gave her my hoodie. She was happy to get it. So we got into the bus, and we started watching a movie together, it was just 5 pm at the time. So we knew people will be watching us and it just got both of us turned on more. So we got under one blanket with the laptop still playing and we were using headphones.

So under the blanket, I started caressing her breasts and massaging them. They were so soft and she kept letting out small moans that were silent enough for just me to hear. So then I felt her nipples getting harder, and her nipples drove her crazy and we were somehow hoping it would be night soon. I never let her nipples go away from my hand. I then put my hand through her churidar and started feeling her breasts through her bra. After that she thought its a good idea to remove her bra and keep it in the bag, which she did without anyone noticing. Now I could feel her bare breasts, it was good to feel it in my hand. I could feel how sensitive her skin was, she kept getting turned on and goosebumps all over her body.

At that time, she just removed my zipper and took my cock out n started massaging. I was oozing so much pre-cum and that made the blanket wet. I was super hard and fully turned on. But to my amazement, I was able to hold on without coming. But then she did something every man would love, she just went under the blanket and started kissing my 8.5′ tool and sucking it so well. I felt like I was in heaven. I could still remember the slutty look she gave me while she was sucking my dick. By then I reached out my hands into her stomach and started going down to her pussy and I could feel it was drenched and super wet. I started rubbing her clit slowly and taking my fingers out and showing her by licking my fingers. Man, she tasted so good.

So she kept sucking me like there is no tomorrow and I was enjoying it like crazy. I kept rubbing her clit while she was sucking me. There were people sleeping all around and we were having oral sex. I kept rubbing her clit and fingering her tight pussy and that made her cum multiple times, each time I had to shove my tongue deep inside her mouth to prevent any loud moans from her. That was the time she started sucking me harder and harder, she really wanted me to cum. So I whispered into her ear that I will cum. I was not having any tissue paper either. To which she replied, cum in my mouth. That turned me on a lot.

So then she continued taking my dick deep inside her throat moving faster and harder wrapping her lips tightly around my dick and going hardcore. I knew I could not hold on much longer and I gave her a nice load of cum in her mouth. She swallowed it and gave me a good kiss.

She could not let my dick go like that. So she started massaging it again rubbing my balls and kissing my neck n lips. She was so excited about the entire thing and I could feel how wet she was. The entire bus smelled of her juices and my cum. She ended up giving me another blowjob and I let out one more load of cum in her mouth, this time she showed me the cum she had in her mouth and swallowed it happily and smiled at me.

That bus journey was one of my favorite bus journeys. There are so many more stories (all real) that I have to share with you guys.

I also take in requests of any specific type of stories you guys and girls are looking forward to.

This is my first story, I would be glad to share more depending on the feedback I receive from my lovely readers here.

So for any feedback please contact me on [email protected]

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