My First Sex Experience With My Cousin Brother’s Wife

Hi, this is Kiran from Visakhapatnam. Like all other readers, I am also an ardent reader of Indian Sex Stories from a long time and thought to share my story.

I am an Indian guy with a height of 5ft 11inch. I had just celebrated my 30th Birthday. Please keep me posted at truelover1502 any girls, aunties and unsatisfied house wife’s are welcome to have a little fun. Privacy is my first priority.

There was a time when I joined in my first job, I had a Bhabhi who was 2 years elder than me. Her name is Kumari (Name Changed). She has an asset of 34 36 34 with very sexy figure and whitish skin.

We both were very close and shared everything. Whenever there was a function in our family, we both used to help each other and tease everybody. The story I am going to narrate happened during the time of my uncle’s daughter marriage. I observed that she is becoming more close to me even though I asked her many times.

On the day of the occasion, she opened to me and said that her husband is not taking her responsibility. And he is enjoying with his friends and he is coming in the late night, she told she is not at all happy with him.

On the same day, my uncle and everybody went to function hall. As they forgot some items in the home itself, they requested me & my bhabhi to get the item. So, we both went on a bike as there was nobody there in the home.

After reaching home I opened the lock and asked my bhabhi to get the item. I sat on the sofa after few minutes and babhi got the items. She sat beside me on the sofa and we both were having the conversation. Suddenly she got crying keeping her head on my shoulder, as we both were very close.

Then I calmed her and asked her to stop crying. She suddenly hugged me and asked me that not to share it with anybody. Then I whispered in her ears that everything will be cool and will get set, nothing to worry. And reminded her to move to the function hall.

Then immediately she said that will start in 5 minutes, as she was not feeling comfortable in this position. We both were in the same position for next 5 minutes and after then she gently gave a kiss on my cheek. I gave a smile after that and we started on the bike. I asked her why she given a kiss and she replied she liked me. Also said she feels very happy when I am there with her.

After that, things got changed. She used to spend more time with me and wherever we go she used to take care of me. And same from my side aswel. After my uncle’s daughter marriage, everybody left to their respective homes. But I, my sister and my bhabhi went to my brother’s house. There were two rooms, where my sister and I slept in one room.

My bhabhi went to her bedroom, after 5 mins she came to wake me up and said that fan isn’t working in her room. I went to see. then I just checked it and was doing some lose connections. Suddenly I looked down where she was just laying on the bed and her pallu was tied in the centre both of her boobs were visible in the blouse and she was giving a smile.

After that, I repaired the fan and about to leave she asked me whether I will sleep in her room. I said I will sleep in other room, then she shows a feeling on her face and her body language got changed she is giving a signal to me that she wants me very badly.

I understood and went near to her and gave a kiss on her cheeks, then immediately she got hold of me tightly and given a kiss on my lips. We both played with our tongues and in between, I went to other room and I slept.

Nothing was happened, after that every day we talk on the phone and we share the feelings and evenly our talks went into sex discussion. We used to share the feelings positions and waiting for the day to full fill our thoughts, one fine day we had a function and same like everybody went to function hall me and my dream girl both went to function hall as well.

There she forgot the gift in her home and she insists everybody that we both will go and get that. For that everybody were pushing me to go with her to get that, so I started immediately. She also said that she have some shopping to do, then we both started on my bike and she placed her hand on my thigh and she leaned on me while on driving she whispered in my ears that days has come to full fill our dreams then immediately we both laughed and went to my home where there were nobody at home.

That was a total bouncer for me. We just sat on the bed and having our conversation, I kept my hold on her from the back side and gave a kiss on her cheeks. She smiled and given a kiss on my cheeks as well. My body temperature was getting high and I placed a kiss on her lips and started kissing vigorously. She responded very well and we both were had a kiss and our tongues are rolling.

I kept my hands on her left boobs, oh god it was really superb. It was very fleshy and felt like a milk packet, she had two children. Slowly I kept my other hand also on other boobs and she was moaning slowly.

I felt like it was like stress massage for me, gently I pressed her both boobs and started opening her saree and kissed all over her face and neck. Coming down to her neck and down to her cleavage her breathing was getting high and she placed her hand on my head and pressed towards her boobs.

After that, I slowly opened her blouse and she was in her bra and lower with petticoat. She started open my shirt and kissing my body and nipples after that I started sucking her boobs from the bra and her breath was getting high.

I kissed all over her body and opened her bra from the back side. Oh god! she got huge boobs came out from her bra and I started sucking like a beast. She was feeling like she was in heaven and I opened lifted her petticoat to kiss her thighs and the finally I went to heaven hole and I placed a kiss.

She was moaning slowly and the odour of pre-cum was very nice. I started with my tongue in her pussy to taste the precum and it was very tasty. She is mad of that and I vigorously started sucking.

She released her cum after that and I licked that as well because I liked the pussy and its the odour of the pre-cum. Then she caught hold of my dick which is 6-inch height and very thick, she tried to hold in one hand and she started sucking my cock like an ice cream. I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed all.

Then I said I don’t have a condom, to that she gave me a condom which she brought that from her home. I placed a condom on my dick and placed in her pussy and started stroking slowly and my babhi was feeling horny and she was getting mad at that moment.

And after about 15 mins we were done with fucking and I finally ejaculated. We slept like that for 10 mins and then got dressed up to go to the function hall like nothing has happened. From that onwards we use to have sex frequently, now they left the town and went very far way.

Please do right me at [email protected] . Since I am staying in Visakhapatnam, girls, aunties and bhabis are welcomed to have a little fun. Privacy is my first priority.

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