College Ragging – Part 1

Note: Ragging is an offence under penal code and is against law. We do not support ragging.

Hi all,

This is Shalini. I have met a guy on an online sex chat website and we have been chatting since quite some time. This story is the role play we did on the chat and is completely fictitious. The story excited me so much and I thought I will let you all enjoy it.

This story contains series of episodes which I will be posting whenever I can. This involves humiliation, seduction etc. So, if you against such stories, please don’t proceed. Without wasting any time, let me proceed with the story. Please excuse me if my grammar is wrong.

It was my first day at the college. I was so excited about new college, making new friends and learning a lot of things. Being from a conservative family, I wore a Kurti and Pajama to the college along with my Duppatta. The day went very well till I went to the canteen after the classes got over. I was sipping coffee when I saw one fair and tall guy sitting on the chair in front of me. Since it is a common table, I dint bother about him. But, he started talking to me (his name is Vicky, name changed of course).

Vicky: Are you new to the college?

Me: Yes, and you?

Vicky: I am your senior. Tell me your name.

Me: Shalini

Vicky: Hi Shalini. This is Vicky. So, how do you like the campus? Have you seen the whole campus properly?

Me: Yes, the campus is very beautiful. It is too big. I will get familiarized soon.

Vicky: Let me show you around. I am sure there are a lot of places which you will miss out. They are kind of secret (haha)

Me: Secret? What kind of secrets?

Vicky: Let me show you, come with me.

We walked around the campus. He showed me the football and basketball grounds. Library, hostels and lot many places. Then, he took me to an almost secluded place in between some trees and there was a bench covered by trees and bushes on all sides. By now, it was getting slightly dark and there was no body around except us two. Vicky goes and sits on the bench and I follow him.

Vicky: So Shalini, I think its the time to welcome you properly. Tonight I will conduct your ragging here. Don’t worry, you will be fine as long as you take things in the right spirit.

He asked me to sing a song and I started singing some random Bollywood song. Then, he asked me to dance to which I said I cannot. “Let me teach you”, he said and stood behind me, close to my body. His chest touching my back and crotch touching my ass. He puts his left hand on my stomach and the right on my shoulder. Moves back and forward, says – “Do something like this, understand?” to which I nodded my head. He made me sway my hips a bit and goes back to sit on the bench. Now, I started dancing swaying my hips and moving my legs front and back. Within no time, I burst into laughter and said – “I can’t do this, I don’t know how to dance”

Vicky: Alright, no problem. Tell me, have you ever kissed a guy?

Me: No, I am not that type of a girl. I dint.

Vicky: Ok, so do you always dress like this? (Holds the bottom of my kurti and starts caressing my things a bit)

Me: Yes (tries to take his hands off my body)

He keeps his hand back on my thighs and says – “Now you are in a college. You should be showing some skin too”. I tried to get rid of his hands and I said “I think I should go now, it is getting late”. He replied – “Your ragging is not over, you are not going anywhere. Moreover, this is a new place to you, you might get lost. Now, stop arguing and give me a lap dance”

Me: What? This is ridiculous. This is going beyond limits.

Vicky: Nothing is beyond limits. Ask your senior girls, they have done all this.

Me: May be, but I am not of that type. I come from a decent family

Vicky: Do you think we are not? Shut up and give me a lap dance or else, I will make your stay in the campus hell. (He was angry by this time and I was a little scared with the last lines)

I said – “I swear I don’t know how to give a lap dance”. He then pulled me onto his lap, put his hands on my hips and whispered in my ears “Move your ass on my laps slowly and sexily. That’s all you need to do”. I slowly started doing as he asked me to, moving my ass on his hips. By now, he slowly started moving his hands from my hips to my things. I started feeling his erection touching my ass. Then he took my hands and suddenly put it on his penis. I suddenly got up in shock.

Vicky: What happened, Shalini?

Me: I don’t like all this, let us go now, please

“No going anywhere, I am not done with you yet!”, he said and pulled me back onto his lap. This time, he took my hands and started rubbing on his erection, “Shalini, what is this?”. I tried to take my hands off but in vain, he was strong. “What is this? Say it, Shalini!” he repeated. I said “its your penis”.

Vicky: Good girl! How do you like it?

Me: Its awkward. Please let me go

Vicky: No baby! By the way, don’t you think it is so hot right now? Look at you, you are sweating already. Why don’t you take off your top?

Me: No way! I don’t want to get undressed in front of a stranger

He started taking off his shirt revealing his bare chest. I closed my eyes with my hands in shy. Taking this as an opportunity, he lifted my top to my tummy and started tickling to distract me. He finally managed to take off my top and I was dumbstruck. Covering myself with my hands,

Me: Hey! What are you doing? Please give my top back!

Vicky: (throws my top at a distance) You wear a bra too?

I started walking to get my top back but he pulled me and made me sit on his lap – “you look great without your top, you won’t be needing it for a while”. I started begging him to leave me. He then pointed at his phone which I never noticed he kept on recording and said – “You see the phone there? All what you have done has been recorded. Behave yourself and I will make sure that it wont reach anyone.”

Me: What the hell? Why did you record? Why are you doing this to me? (tried to snatch the mobile phone to which he slapped my hand)

Vicky: Shhh, don’t worry, just do as I say and I will leave you soon (and kissed my cheek)

Tears started rolling my cheeks and I started crying. “Shh Shalini! Don’t cry. Trust me, I will delete it if you do as I say” he said, wiped my tears and gave another kiss on my cheek. He started caressing my thighs with one hand and turned my face towards his with his other hand to give me a kiss on my lips. Being in a helpless situation, I do not show any resistance. He started rubbing my inner thighs as he kissed and licked my lips. My panties started getting wetter by then.

Vicky: (breaking the kiss) Stand in front of me Shalini

Me: Vicky, please let us go now, its getting late (and looking at him pointing at his mobile, I just obey him)

He suddenly pulled the thread of my pajama and lets is fall down. “Get out of your pajama, NOW!. Being scared at his tone, I just get out of his pajama. “Isn’t unfair making you stand in your underwear and I am still wearing my pants?” he said and started unzipping his pant. I covered my face with my hands.

Within no time, he got out of his pant and pulled me to sit on the bench. He took my hands on his dick and started rubbing , asking me if I liked it. I remained silent for a while and then said, “Vicky, please, leave me now. I am begging you now”.

Vicky: Alright, one last thing. Get on your knees and satisfy me (pointing at his penis)

Me: No way! I am not going to do that.

Vicky: You are forgetting something again and again Shalini (pointing at the mobile phone)

Being helpless, I sat on the floor on my knees and started kissing his penis over his underwear. He then slowly came out of his underwear and said – “Now, lick it and suck on it”. I started licking his penis along his length and took it in my mouth. I sucked it for a few seconds and took his penis out of my mouth.

Vicky: No, don’t stop. Suck it till I cum

Me: No, please! not in my mouth please

Vicky: Shut up and suck it Shalini

I continued to suck his penis and after sometime, his legs shivered, shot twice in my mouth and took it out of my mouth to shoot two more times on my face. When I was about to spit it out, he kept his hand on my mouth and forced me to swallow. Once he was done, he gave my top and pajama back and asked me to wipe the cum on my face with my top. I used the inner part of the top to clean myself. We then got dressed and he dropped me at my hostel.

Me: Now, please delete the video you recorded

Vicky: Alright, you did as I said, so, I will delete it. (Took his mobile and deleted it from the folder)

Later in the night, I received a message from him with a screenshot of me sucking his penis. I messaged him back,

Me: You dint delete the video? Why did you cheat?

Vicky: LOL! The video gets synced to my Drive and only I know its password

Me: Hey! Please don’t do this to me. I did what all you asked me to

Vicky: Don’t worry Shalini, this video will stay with me. Unless you don’t meet me tomorrow evening at the canteen. This time, wear something sexy. If you don’t come tomorrow, I will upload the video in internet and forward it to your classmates and parents too.

I started crying and I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was very scared that he will upload the video if I don’t obey him. I decided to wear a shirt and jeans (since that is the sexiest dress that I owned till then) to meet him the next evening.

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